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7. feb. 2021

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get me to 100 subs
get me to 100 subs Pred 6 dnevi
There are 420 fucks left to give an you ain't getting shit
Sharyn Valarie
Sharyn Valarie Pred 12 dnevi
vThe Unholy
Rosenda Jolanda
Rosenda Jolanda Pred 13 dnevi
Red Sox
Glitcheed Pred 14 dnevi
Dude, I just got fired from Minx’s personality department, and I just got coronavirus so you know what, f*ck it. 🔪 🩸
maciejl20 Pred 17 dnevi
uhm having nice boobs as a female is a part of their personalities in fact...
Jurkblot Pred 24 dnevi
Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller Pred 25 dnevi
i dont know who any of these people are but im entertained
Tildith Pred 25 dnevi
Poor Minx
Just Bryn
Just Bryn Pred 28 dnevi
Minx has a personality 😳
Kirst en
Kirst en Pred mesecem
I like how half of these videos on this channel is just Minx annoyed at Schlatt
LofiWackPainting Pred mesecem
Not the tits and arse?
Polymer BLAST
Polymer BLAST Pred mesecem
I found out about minx by accident during an acid trip 3 days ago and I am obsessed.
Jiří Svoboda
Jiří Svoboda Pred mesecem
The s at end stands for: so wise schlatt
XxReaperxX42 Pred mesecem
Big man spitin facts
Sour Cream
Sour Cream Pred mesecem
big guy
Trey Smillie-Mattock
She has a big nose
Tweets Pred mesecem
oddly specific
Praise The Sun
Praise The Sun Pred mesecem
.siht ekil gnitsugsid gnihtemos od dluow elpoep emos taht ,elbirroh ylurT
Jessy Pred mesecem
о, дочь Бояршинова
taylor not platt
taylor not platt Pred mesecem
one of the best roasts ive ever heard
Rocky10Cat Pred mesecem
Book Pred mesecem
Truly disgusting that some "Minx" would do such a horrible act.
M P Pred mesecem
Oh no its dead now. Move on😔🤙
randomhalofan292 Pred 2 meseci
0:09 sounds like she was gon drop a hot beat
Karter ren
Karter ren Pred 2 meseci
Dawn Arowdite
Dawn Arowdite Pred 2 meseci
Wake up, Schlatt. You’ve been in a coma since the incident of 1999, and we’ve been trying to wake you up ever since. This “copypasta” is the only way the doctor said we could communicate to you. Come home, We love you. Schlatt.
Cognition Pred 2 meseci
This is the only time at which she ever looked hot
Charles Waitt
Charles Waitt Pred 2 meseci
tit streamer absolutely DESTROYED with facts and logic
bob bobb
bob bobb Pred 2 meseci
i only want them dating because of the agruing
Evie McMillan
Evie McMillan Pred 2 meseci
please please fix your hair
《• Kånashī ネコ
Grilled cheese.
meriwether Pred 2 meseci
TheDetective Pred 2 meseci
Truly disgusted, that some “people” would do such a horrible thing.
KenpaiUwU Pred 2 meseci
Can I stab my whiteclaw? AHHHHHHHHH
G G Pred 2 meseci
Jesus christ you fucking killed her
Ybysa Pred 2 meseci
He's got his priorities straight
IcyBarbecue253 Pred 2 meseci
I'm just glad the reign of the "truly" comments is over
Mad Martian
Mad Martian Pred 2 meseci
Ah, negging. The pathetic art of trying to lower a woman's self-esteem so that she might forget she's too good for you. Classic.
Aaron McClelland
Aaron McClelland Pred 2 meseci
Truly disgusting that “some” people do this
ZingNova VODS
ZingNova VODS Pred 2 meseci
Truly people, that some “disgusting” would do this horrible thing.
Gyzen Pred 2 meseci
Minx never had personality
Side Dish
Side Dish Pred 2 meseci
Do you ever look at someone and wonder: what is going on inside their head?
Etan Grant
Etan Grant Pred 2 meseci
With all these clips it confuses me, do they love each other or legit hate each other?
Sir Lad
Sir Lad Pred mesecem
No they don’t hate each other, they’re good friends. The ‘hating’ each other thing is just a bit.
TYT Fluxx
TYT Fluxx Pred 2 meseci
I’ll be streaming every day on twitch @FluxxTYT I stream Terraria, Minecraft, Genshin Impact, Fortnite(br and stw) and a bunch of horror games I’m trying to get affiliated and have a community if you have the time hit me with a follow and recommend some games. Also I have a discord server and a SMP called toilet boy hop in my stream to find info!
Bueno48 Pred 2 meseci
Truly disgusting
Ty Simpso
Ty Simpso Pred 2 meseci
Minxs broke the cycle
Gregor David
Gregor David Pred 2 meseci
no personality
Danny hmm
Danny hmm Pred 2 meseci
Shut up
Noneofurbuisness Pp
Noneofurbuisness Pp Pred 2 meseci
Bradley Pred 2 meseci
You’re looking through the comments and u don’t see any of those comments... Instead you see comments about not finding those comments... Now you’re reading a comment about those comments about not reading those comments... Damn...
SANX Pred 2 meseci
Her personality just screams the same energy as my friend, Now i get why they call me and my bestie yin and yang, Im the quiet kid and shes all the energy
Orange Flaws
Orange Flaws Pred 2 meseci
Truly Minx that some “schlagg” would a thing.
aresqc Pred 2 meseci
Truly people, that some “disgusting” would do such a horrible thing.
ICOOLDIAMOND Pred 2 meseci
i like that this is an official jschlatt channel
Me Pred 2 meseci
Minx’s personality is being able to laugh while being absolutely trashed by some guy on stream, and all the simps watching think Minx and him are secretly fucking, but really it’s all fake and it’s all for the donos and subs, and they’re both dating other people, and they’re both just playing characters when the camera is on.
Random person
Random person Pred 2 meseci
*seems legit*
•Hxn3y Bee5•
•Hxn3y Bee5• Pred 2 meseci
Can we just look at the fact that Minx's sub goals literally "12/3"
_The_True_Dragonborn _
lol he just gave a giant total of 0 f*cks in other words 0 Fs givin
Russian spy
Russian spy Pred 2 meseci
Well bro now she has no self esteem either.
Fighter Lm
Fighter Lm Pred 2 meseci
Red Led
Red Led Pred 2 meseci
It is very baffling, that some ''human beings'' would commit such a horrible crime.
Red Led
Red Led Pred 2 meseci
what personallity?
Pendji Pred 2 meseci
Too bad she ditched Jschlatt to farm clout
CoveredInRice Pred 2 meseci
It’s truly disgusting that some people would do this horrible thing
MakaMaka Pred 2 meseci
there's barely any more copypastas in this comment section you're just early shut up
Les Koopmann
Les Koopmann Pred 2 meseci
Cool video, you should collab with the actual jschlatt, you guys would make a fantastic duo!
blujayblujay Pred 2 meseci
I would date her not simping but she's cute
Tom JJ
Tom JJ Pred 2 meseci
Virgin shh
Hasib Saif
Hasib Saif Pred 2 meseci
Truly people, that some “disgusting” would do such a horrible thing.
Blaine Pred 2 meseci
Wait what minx is this? Now I have to differentiate between who TF this is and RPGminx....
Bob Yvnd
Bob Yvnd Pred 2 meseci
BIG man
TheGamingT-Rex Pred 2 meseci
You really are one of those rust players aren't you
Tom JJ
Tom JJ Pred 2 meseci
BatCatDickBabsJayTimSteph CassDukeKateLukeHarlHel
My shit has more personality than Minx
Popelo Pred 2 meseci
Big gay
Tom JJ
Tom JJ Pred 2 meseci
Look at u
Yeisnel Argote
Yeisnel Argote Pred 2 meseci
That entire rambling on from schlatt is a good example of what personality is
Red Led
Red Led Pred 2 meseci
@Tom JJ how???? thats literally not how that works??? and if you ''woosh'' me i swear to fuck
Tom JJ
Tom JJ Pred 2 meseci
Red Led
Red Led Pred 2 meseci
is this one of the cutaways where you get to be smart
Michael Haflich
Michael Haflich Pred 2 meseci
This man: Man no titties or ass? Women: Ig you don’t care about her personality? This man: Well now we have another issue..
It'sMeBlue Pred 2 meseci
you are very crazy shlatt
CAPstickytreeco Pred 2 meseci
I actually think minx is cute
Tom JJ
Tom JJ Pred mesecem
@CAPstickytreeco Shush shut up you’re so bad at the game be quiet and go to the Amazon store and get a life they’re very cheap on Amazon and hopefully you can afford it but wait you’re very poor oh I forgot maybe work can’t afford it hopefully within the next three months you can afford it otherwise you will have to take a loan out of your bank and then you’ll be able to afford it thank you for your time
Tom JJ
Tom JJ Pred 2 meseci
@CAPstickytreeco ur probs 10
CAPstickytreeco Pred 2 meseci
@Tom JJ i dont simp there people in this world i hate and i tolerate and some people I actually wouldn’t mind to sit and chat
CAPstickytreeco Pred 2 meseci
@Tom JJ lmao you say that i bet your old enough to say you know someone you did the tide pod challenge wana do it to because id watch it
Tom JJ
Tom JJ Pred 2 meseci
hieno mies
hieno mies Pred 2 meseci
Those roasts must be at least 1000 degrees
Devin Lambert
Devin Lambert Pred 2 meseci
Large guy
Raiom Pred 2 meseci
Yes people, make even more comments complaining about the other comments that appear too much. What a hypocrisy am I right.
Raiom Pred 2 meseci
@Tom JJ what is wrong with my wrong?
Tom JJ
Tom JJ Pred 2 meseci
Ur wrong
bewiseopeneyes Pred 2 meseci
She lost her body parts at goodwill
TheStranger Pred 2 meseci
I can’t even tell if these people are friends. They hang out quite a lot but I don’t see why Schlatt just dunks on her all day long.
Nikita Singh
Nikita Singh Pred 2 meseci
@TheStranger right. I feel like schlatt is a little misogynistic. He even recently called a girl "big" and next day did apologise, but thoughts dont come from an empty mind you know?
TheStranger Pred 2 meseci
@Nikita Singh that’s good. Schlatt just really doesn’t pull punches.
Nikita Singh
Nikita Singh Pred 2 meseci
They both are just doing it for the views. It’s all a bit and nothing serious. Both have publicly said this
ShadowRealmZ Pred 2 meseci
idk what this is but k
Mark Wither
Mark Wither Pred 2 meseci
lol how come there are people with so many likes
Chill_im_pro11 OwO
Chill_im_pro11 OwO Pred 2 meseci
The Irish accent is still there and that’s the best part idk what y’all are talking about
Jaxon Cole
Jaxon Cole Pred 2 meseci
I just got one of those free turbotax ads right before the vid started. That was great
Nathan Michael
Nathan Michael Pred 2 meseci
If this isn’t romance I don’t know what is
DrunkTruck Pred 2 meseci
this is the most akward converstaion i ever herd not to think he just kept going with the joke all tho it wasn't even funny
Sven Björn
Sven Björn Pred 2 meseci
owenhs3 Pred 2 meseci
owenhs3 Pred 2 meseci
Sebby 324
Sebby 324 Pred 2 meseci
Slimstarstudios Pred 2 meseci
The "truly disgusting" comments have no value of any sort. Kinda like minx's personality department
infinityHeart TM
infinityHeart TM Pred mesecem
Much like all twitch thots, she is a 3/10 on a good day.
Boymicin Pred mesecem
Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing.
Aazora Pred mesecem
you know life will change joker from persona 5 for the microsoft playswitch 3
meli_lemon Pred 2 meseci
Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this horrible thing.
Power pug
Power pug Pred 2 meseci
Truly disgusting that some "people" would do this horrible thing.
Subliminal Pred 2 meseci
horrible Truly, that “people” disgusting would a do such thing some.
J Cerv
J Cerv Pred 2 meseci
@Norway gangster Jallabrur It's no stolen,it's a meme.
Norway gangster Jallabrur
And also stolen
Norway gangster Jallabrur
U talking bout the grl right?
Sticky Socks
Sticky Socks Pred 2 meseci
This is just me and my best friend
SupSup Pred 2 meseci
J T Pred 2 meseci
But... There's obviously still tits there?
Spotpuppiess M
Spotpuppiess M Pred 2 meseci
Shut the tf up
leoberget Pred 2 meseci
Minx gets roasted*
Amber Gomez
Amber Gomez Pred 2 meseci
Truly disgusting that some “people” would do this disgusting thing.
schlatt hangs baby yuto
shut up minx
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