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19. dec. 2020

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Fletcher Briley
Fletcher Briley Pred 22 urami
Mum: go play with the neighbours kid: The neighbours kid: 8:15
Nathanael Jose
Nathanael Jose Pred dnevom
Guys josh is really fucking shit in as a goalkeeper I talking josh Toby and jj and Ethan and Harry out and vikk call Simon out as well am way better that all of you guys
Paul Holban
Paul Holban Pred dnevom
3rd best chanel they have and its still so good
Vvvg Gggg
Vvvg Gggg Pred dnevom
Ethan is insane
My Sexy Booty Here: myvdeos•com
Alex Abrahams
Alex Abrahams Pred 2 dnevi
How gassed they all get when vik gets a good shot off
TheBoy Sebas
TheBoy Sebas Pred 3 dnevi
Every time I see JJ running in the past football videos in my head I’m hearing “ I’m not fat I’m bulking”
Madison Vergo
Madison Vergo Pred 3 dnevi
I am SO fucking proud of Vik!!!
Fear Us
Fear Us Pred 3 dnevi
10:27 every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes
magysu88 Pred 3 dnevi
Bruh Simon 19:56✈️🏢🏢
Swoopity Scoop
Swoopity Scoop Pred 4 dnevi
Someone tell vik to swing his leg instead of kicking with his knees 😮 I feel bad for him but if he could get his form right his shots would be strong asf
Mike Lavia
Mike Lavia Pred 4 dnevi
This video makes me so angry
BicMacAndChips1 Pred 4 dnevi
Never seen someone so consistently strike the ball as vanilla as Josh. Same power, same angle, middle of the goal every time lol
footballskillz_10 Pred 4 dnevi
8:15 did Harry even speak English at that point?
Jake Soldat
Jake Soldat Pred 4 dnevi
The mighty turtle elderly scream because mark subjectively fry below a jagged route. belligerent, lazy paint
Jacob__55 Pred 5 dnevi
Harry reminds me of sterling when he makes that noise at 7:54
Syntember Pred 6 dnevi
Harry turned into Donny from the Wild Thornberries
Riwanto Hutabarat
Riwanto Hutabarat Pred 6 dnevi
pause it, and you'll see josh proposing ethan in 0:09
Shea 2HD
Shea 2HD Pred 6 dnevi
Vik: Can’t score Supports Sheffield United Football is just not Viks sport
samw00dside Games
samw00dside Games Pred 7 dnevi
Bruh why is Josh always bullying Harry lmao in golf and here
ToXic -_
ToXic -_ Pred 7 dnevi
0:54 song title please?
CrossYs Pred 8 dnevi
Sports Life
Sports Life Pred 8 dnevi
I love how tobi helps vik respect
XGM VIBEZZ Pred 8 dnevi
Fut Hydro
Fut Hydro Pred 8 dnevi
Does any one know the name of the song at the start
Imad Rahman
Imad Rahman Pred 9 dnevi
Huz khalifa
Huz khalifa Pred 10 dnevi
3:02 song title please
Sam Clifford
Sam Clifford Pred 11 dnevi
Great get sidemen to 5m please
David Nikolić
David Nikolić Pred 11 dnevi
0:55 song please
Mantvydas Kačerauskas
what is song when simon shoot when zerka been keeper ?
B1GZ Pred 13 dnevi
Any1 remember ‘Black Goalie’ ???
Shayden Swiftwolfe
Shayden Swiftwolfe Pred 14 dnevi
Ahh Vikk Sucks at Sports
Mr Ashraf
Mr Ashraf Pred 15 dnevi
What did JJ say at 22:34?
Filip Norling
Filip Norling Pred 16 dnevi
Vik the king
Mister Avacado
Mister Avacado Pred 17 dnevi
Toby says to jj with that shot not today little boy a a
Armaan Qaisar
Armaan Qaisar Pred 18 dnevi
I respect the love they give to vikk during football challenges and vik takes the luv and play amazing in challenges and matches
Hunter Conner
Hunter Conner Pred 19 dnevi
JJ hugging vik that's something I thought I would never see
Johannes van der Stuyvebode
Lads there's a zebra on the pitch
Johannes van der Stuyvebode
Why is JJ wearing toiletpaper?
Muhammad Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad Pred 21 dnevom
Ethan in goal stands so far to one side, yet the Sidemen still hit it straight at him 🤦🏽‍♂️
Kapitan_SeekJ Pred 21 dnevom
21:21 Man of the match
A A Pred 21 dnevom
The stiff fan thermodynamically interfere because dress secondarily release across a measly sausage. peaceful, near fact
Alfred Steven
Alfred Steven Pred 23 dnevi
Ethan always is copying Harry for example his technique
Mini Ninja
Mini Ninja Pred 25 dnevi
Toby should be a professional goalie
Tony H. Lin
Tony H. Lin Pred 25 dnevi
yo why everyone so lazy in goalie bro. I bet i could catch em all
D0raem0ndo_ YT
D0raem0ndo_ YT Pred 26 dnevi
vik was in goal in the original crossing challenge ho remembers??
Ewan Grey
Ewan Grey Pred 26 dnevi
7:00 what the song name
GH0ST Blackout
GH0ST Blackout Pred 27 dnevi
I bet Ethan could be a great GK for West Ham
Safiyyah H
Safiyyah H Pred 27 dnevi
U can literally hear Jj saying Astaghfirullah 22:34
Okay Dre
Okay Dre Pred 27 dnevi
6:54 there’s a rat in the stands behind KSI
Jay Khan
Jay Khan Pred 29 dnevi
8:18 Aliens have came to earth the noise lol
Kingsley Bridgforth
Kingsley Bridgforth Pred mesecem
The outstanding bail beautifully file because violin macropharmacologically hover amidst a depressed refund. dark, like judge
Arkhalis Pred mesecem
Vik is pretty good for Vik, if that makes sense. The only thing that Vik has to work on is on his technique and shot height.
JQZ Pred mesecem
3:44 what song?
Tidalwave Warrior
Tidalwave Warrior Pred mesecem
Moment of silence for Harry’s phone please .
ImThe Csong
ImThe Csong Pred mesecem
When Simon was counting he said 3 4 7 7 9/11 :D
Jake Bell
Jake Bell Pred mesecem
vik is the only person i've seen that can consistently have absolutely no one laugh at his jokes
Melior Pred mesecem
You know vikk is a gamer when he talks abt people lagging and losing their connection irl
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Pred mesecem
tobi is sooo good
Food Reacts
Food Reacts Pred mesecem
joshes technique is so bad he always curls them to the left and they go in the middle never a knuckleball or laces
CoNny Rissne
CoNny Rissne Pred mesecem
Whats The name of The song being played at 15.24 when Toby scores on Harry?
Kingsley Otisi
Kingsley Otisi Pred mesecem
Ethan is better than Kepa bruh
Liam Toal
Liam Toal Pred mesecem
How has Harry dropped the C-bomb 3 times and the videos monetised aha
Dylan Nelson
Dylan Nelson Pred mesecem
Ksi went on a boxing journey Behzinga went on a weight loss journey Let's get Vik on a football journey!
nyxa _0702
nyxa _0702 Pred mesecem
Sidemen idea maybe train vik for a week and see results he would be cracked
J4SONX_ 10
J4SONX_ 10 Pred mesecem
Y’all are shit 😂
Gamer Blazer
Gamer Blazer Pred mesecem
You will never race this lol
Gamer Blazer
Gamer Blazer Pred mesecem
Recycled jokes uno
Daniel Collett
Daniel Collett Pred mesecem
Music at 6:59?
Mr Chäpz
Mr Chäpz Pred mesecem
4:46 name of song please?
Tom Gane
Tom Gane Pred mesecem
Kepa Harryzabilaga
Hassan Shafeer
Hassan Shafeer Pred mesecem
Song at 6:57?
joshua Villatte
joshua Villatte Pred mesecem
0:54 what's the the name of the song?
Eoin Pred mesecem
Hi sidemen I love your content but if you do another goalkeeper challenge try land on you side not your stomach ❤️❤️❤️❤️
L 2 6
L 2 6 Pred mesecem
song at 4:08?
A A Pred mesecem
The future futuristic mallet pertinently march because print modestly pass beside a yielding mercury. elderly, handy sock
A A Pred mesecem
The unnatural jaw phongsaly groan because marimba empirically knit absent a spooky oven. common, possessive card
shahida chowdhury
shahida chowdhury Pred mesecem
8:18 harry acts like a baby
Carter Grundy
Carter Grundy Pred mesecem
just me who think harry looked a bit fat hes my favorite sidemen but u know what i mean
Ahmad Football
Ahmad Football Pred mesecem
Josh is shit in goal
Alena Visnovsky
Alena Visnovsky Pred mesecem
8:17 to 8:19
Killer_Legacy _23
Killer_Legacy _23 Pred mesecem
16:42 When they Hugged Vik just melted my stone cold heart
normal dog
normal dog Pred mesecem
Vik had really weird energy in this video
Tabrez Pred mesecem
harry is too out of shape his shots looks weak
Gaxah Pred mesecem
5:44 Ethan: Goblin-boy 😂
69 69
69 69 Pred mesecem
I feel bad for vik you can see on his face he wants to be good like everyone else
Idioy Johnathon
Idioy Johnathon Pred 26 dnevi
Cant be good at everything
69 69
69 69 Pred mesecem
@Liam Ward ok...wdym it’s cool?
Liam Ward
Liam Ward Pred mesecem
Omg that’s so cool
Neno27 Pred mesecem
Why did jj sound lie ocean dub vegeta when he said "save this tobi"
Louay Jhair
Louay Jhair Pred mesecem
Josh: smashes phone Harry: angry unga bunga
Jack Osborne
Jack Osborne Pred mesecem
I feel bad for Vik cuz they saying it’s guaranteed to save his shots
Ehi Pred 4 dnevi
Idioy Johnathon
Idioy Johnathon Pred 26 dnevi
It is
ArQunine Pred mesecem
he said it himself
Liam Ward
Liam Ward Pred mesecem
Iduama Pred mesecem
19:57 911😂
Yagiz Tastekin
Yagiz Tastekin Pred mesecem
Sponsored by Adidas i guess
Milk Asteroid
Milk Asteroid Pred mesecem
Bruh jj was just bullying josh
Alex Faamita
Alex Faamita Pred mesecem
Since 2016 I thought Ethan and kon were brothers
A K Pred mesecem
22:34 استغفرالله هههههههههه
musa raza
musa raza Pred mesecem
ksi becomes muslim on 22:34 saying astagrafillah
The WILD Pred mesecem
The WILD Pred mesecem
Now I took the L jesos
The WILD Pred mesecem
It’s actually around 20:42
sourced podcast
sourced podcast Pred mesecem
The ancient priest actually reproduce because racing conspicuously list save a piquant melody. modern, normal explanation
Nawwaf Husain
Nawwaf Husain Pred mesecem
as a professional goalkeeper, this hurt to watch
Idioy Johnathon
Idioy Johnathon Pred 26 dnevi
11:16 you can save that?
FD 77
FD 77 Pred mesecem
I was outside this stadium at this time
Νικόλας Κιφνίδης
Josh after lockdown will be worst than vik imp
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