Perseverance Mars Rover Landing- Inside Story 

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This will be cooler than the Super Bowl. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Read the 2021 Annual Letter, here: gatesnot.es/3cfnMF6
Watch the live stream- sltv.info/label/ndBjyMDKopORgIg/video&ab_channel=NASA
Main rover landing page- mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/
Cool rover interactive animation of the 7 mins of terror- eyes.nasa.gov/apps/mars2020/#/home?id=surface_operations&time=2021-02-18T12:44:05.006-08:00&rate=0
Spin the rover around in 3D- mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/spacecraft/rover/
Here is the video about why we should explore space even with problems here on Earth- sltv.info/label/oqSF1rqRpnuJq2c/video
Music for the montage-
Explosions in the Sky
(Post-rock, four-member band from Texas.)
First Breath After Coma
Your Hand In Mine
Song at 11:21- Bottles by A Shell in the Pit- open.spotify.com/track/0m6GMysIDx3gcQc6TF6HEX?si=FhjTlbBbQKayFrYtrw0dlg

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14. feb. 2021

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Mark Rober
Mark Rober Pred 2 meseci
TOUCHDOWN CONFIRMED!! WE ARE SAFE ON MARS! Congratulations to @NASA and humanity.
Zxne ZX
Zxne ZX Pred 12 dnevi
here b4 500 replies
Franc D
Franc D Pred 13 dnevi
Bavnoop D
Bavnoop D Pred 19 dnevi
@Tomboii123 I’m last
Tomboii123 Pred 19 dnevi
Ychinh Hdok
Ychinh Hdok Pred 26 dnevi
Mantavya Vyas
Mantavya Vyas Pred 18 urami
Imagine marvel casting him as Tony stark🤗😍🤩
spidey boy
spidey boy Pred dnevom
Didn't expect to cry on this video
or other freakin planet
TTV.nikolaj Pred dnevom
I don't know why but whenever i watch the fottage of the opportunity landing and when they say "Touchdown confirmed we're safe on Mars" it always gives me chills
Matthew Studio
Matthew Studio Pred dnevom
Build a cubesat
BABITA JAIN Pred dnevom
Washington Guns
Washington Guns Pred 2 dnevi
15 x mach 2 (5.56 nato bullet) = mach 30. WHAAAAAAA
ITZSQUISHY_YT Pred 2 dnevi
Me: I want to learn new things *Watched Mark Rober* I learned that Mark started at NASA before SLtv *Tells my mom*
the turtle guy
the turtle guy Pred 2 dnevi
i am watching this when this has 10777777 views
hello Pred 2 dnevi
can i ask you a question what is universes inside of?
GV - 05OA 801316 Somerset Drive PS
one thing it's not red it's orange
king_parx restersad
king_parx restersad Pred 2 dnevi
Imagine NASA got destroyed
Frederik Henderson
Frederik Henderson Pred 2 dnevi
That ending scene seriously, like actually brought me to tears, that was beautiful.
AlexPlayz Pred 3 dnevi
A true fan can remember when this was titled "4 days before Landing!" (or something like that)
Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee Pred 3 dnevi
Amazing and so informative.
Jamie Koch
Jamie Koch Pred 3 dnevi
Are you going to meet Joe Biden next?
Kiowa arsh alamsyah
Kiowa arsh alamsyah Pred 3 dnevi
Yea we did it yaaaaaay is on mars yes you did it
Priyesh Pulikkal
Priyesh Pulikkal Pred 4 dnevi
My brain hurts hearing all this. Mark is really the smart, you got big brain
FallenReaper Pred 4 dnevi
turnin co2 to o2 nice finally
Foxy0401 Pred 4 dnevi
thanks you just helped my science grades bye the way your the best
Sunil Kharate
Sunil Kharate Pred 4 dnevi
Mark rober in 2050: building my home on Mars 😂 BTW great video 💜
Purenial Pred 4 dnevi
why di u work at nasa?
Parkour kid
Parkour kid Pred 4 dnevi
Fun fact:opertnary got offline 2 years ago
Captainzoom Pred 18 urami
3 years ago
Lern to english
Lern to english Pred 4 dnevi
Lern to english
Lern to english Pred 4 dnevi
Mark is such a fool lol
Amit Sarker
Amit Sarker Pred 5 dnevi
Mark used to work at NASA. *Mars Rover* *Mark Rober* cue the x-files sound.
Gargi Baynthe
Gargi Baynthe Pred 5 dnevi
You are great
SirDeploy Pred 5 dnevi
Any of you just listen to the video having 0% what he talking about XD
Blazin Bayne
Blazin Bayne Pred 5 dnevi
go mark rober
Grayson M
Grayson M Pred 5 dnevi
:) what a happy landing :)
topmex70 Pred 5 dnevi
Mark rober more like Mars rover
B McG Pred 5 dnevi
That’s a lovely picture with your mum Mark. 🕊🙏🏻🇮🇪
Chubby israel
Chubby israel Pred 5 dnevi
Mars roverrr hhhhhhmmmmm.......... Nah its mark rober
Chubby israel
Chubby israel Pred 5 dnevi
They have like one single letter Off of the words each word is one letter off from the other
N102 HD
N102 HD Pred 5 dnevi
Mark Rover or Mars Rover Coincidence
Neha Shrestha
Neha Shrestha Pred 5 dnevi
Mark is so smart and cool ♥️
Ebbe Vadelius
Ebbe Vadelius Pred 5 dnevi
Här ifrån Olof 👍
Nasa Jo
Nasa Jo Pred 5 dnevi
I lovel
Xzoblanko Pred 6 dnevi
Mark says it could be one of us who lands on Mars, dibs. Imma do it guys hopefully no one does it first
Rover: im the first person to step on mars
Rama Al zoubi
Rama Al zoubi Pred 6 dnevi
Azwa Fitri
Azwa Fitri Pred 6 dnevi
Just imagine what he’ll come up with for his kid’s science project.
BOI CHEDDAR Pred 6 dnevi
Sorry bout your mom dude
福チャンネル Pred 7 dnevi
Who else read “Perseverance Mark Rober”? 🙋‍♂️
Potassium _
Potassium _ Pred 7 dnevi
Imagine if someone showed up with a sledgehammer before it was launched
Mahish Tupsy
Mahish Tupsy Pred 7 dnevi
Now NASA will find how a tornado will start and go by
Adam Haspel
Adam Haspel Pred 6 dnevi
they did, OVER 3 DECADES AGO
Gogy The George
Gogy The George Pred 7 dnevi
the next mars rover will meet the old one
Nomsa Matemera
Nomsa Matemera Pred 7 dnevi
I like it
MADagain Pred 7 dnevi
Hmmmm that livestream was of a simulation... and NOT ACTUAL FOOTAGE OF THE LANDING. What a disappointment
Adam Haspel
Adam Haspel Pred 5 dnevi
@MADagain but how would they film it from the outside of the rover?
MADagain Pred 5 dnevi
@Adam Haspel there's over 20 cameras on the Rover... use some common sense pal
Adam Haspel
Adam Haspel Pred 6 dnevi
how are they supposed to film it, a dude was just vibin on mars or somethin? like where do they film it from, if you're saying get curiosity over, they're most likely miles away.
Subtle Entity
Subtle Entity Pred 8 dnevi
Mark's wife looks like The Waitress of IASIP
O10frogboy Pred 8 dnevi
Could you slow down the pic i can barely see what s going on
lavbliss Pred 8 dnevi
So a 1 year old may be the first person on Mars? Wow cool. 😂🤣
Mikrokosmos Pred 8 dnevi
Bro this man never fails to make me emotional over his videos that just bring some beauty into everyone‘s lives. I love this guy and what he does. And how he thinks. Cause that’s dope
Dylan Saypol
Dylan Saypol Pred 8 dnevi
Captainzoom Pred 18 urami
Mars Lost most of it's magnetic field which caused the sun to destroy most of the atmosphere and without the atmosphere mars cooled down and the water became ice so the water is not gone just frozen
Mellisa Marsh
Mellisa Marsh Pred 8 dnevi
Mellisa Marsh
Mellisa Marsh Pred 8 dnevi
Reaperthe One
Reaperthe One Pred 9 dnevi
2012 back then 2021 present year
fortnitelegend Pred 9 dnevi
Not a hatter but how dose the parshut work theres no air
Adam Haspel
Adam Haspel Pred 6 dnevi
*hate *parachute also there is a little so they just tinkered the parachute to work
82.196.23w .17
82.196.23w .17 Pred 9 dnevi
Mark, he don''t like you 4:07
Huy Pred 9 dnevi
Mark Rober Mars Rover HES MADE FOR THIS!!
gamer gang
gamer gang Pred 9 dnevi
Mark you’re the best you tuber on the planet
alex _thedestroyer
alex _thedestroyer Pred 9 dnevi
RIP jetpack. he did a great job
Captainzoom Pred 18 urami
Bodh A.
Bodh A. Pred 9 dnevi
even 3 months after seeing perserverance land, i still get tense when i see this.
noobpro gaming
noobpro gaming Pred 9 dnevi
My dad made parts for this
790 Pred 10 dnevi
why not send a large module to mars it would land send out 5 smaller rovers collect samples the rovers come back load the samples on the module the module seperates and sends it self to earth
Adam Haspel
Adam Haspel Pred 6 dnevi
that would be really hard, also nasa doesn't have that technology or budget
Easton Facer
Easton Facer Pred 10 dnevi
The next Mars Rover should be called creativity
Hamidminer Pred 10 dnevi
I was watching this Video to see For some extra information on perseverance, and i wanna be the first human to be on Mars so badly this video has encouraged me even more coming from someone who acctually made something that went there
Juhani U
Juhani U Pred 10 dnevi
What we learn from this? Start making SLtv videos and maybe You will vain a history of being brilliant NASA expert.
Dkelleher kelleher
Dkelleher kelleher Pred 10 dnevi
he shook so much! but I don't blame him.
Alex bartu timur
Alex bartu timur Pred 10 dnevi
apa saja
apa saja Pred 11 dnevi
but the moon
First Last
First Last Pred 11 dnevi
And this guy likes meat .....
ur mom
ur mom Pred 11 dnevi
rest in peace mark's mom. i bet she is super duper proud of you and all that you have accomplished!! she's watching over you, now and forever ❤
Vincent Bezzt
Vincent Bezzt Pred 11 dnevi
Mark rober more like mark rover
Shlomper Pred 11 dnevi
@MarkRober where would you like to live earth, mars, the moon, Venus, or just floating around in deep space because I want to live on mars or just float around in deep space.
Adam Haspel
Adam Haspel Pred 6 dnevi
you can't @ someone, this isn't discord
Pivot pictures
Pivot pictures Pred 11 dnevi
Mark is one of thr greatest people on earth.
Very ripe Banana
Very ripe Banana Pred 12 dnevi
every body gangsta until the rover curiosity got the knife and walks up to the cat
Moody_ Moon _Wolf
Moody_ Moon _Wolf Pred 12 dnevi
congrats mark you are a very smart man who i look up to
Flame Destroyer
Flame Destroyer Pred 12 dnevi
14:20 Mark's shoulder and hands are shaking
Rodney James
Rodney James Pred 12 dnevi
Hey do work with me make robot do I send you robot ok you tell them how they work
Reagera PåAllt
Reagera PåAllt Pred 12 dnevi
vem är här efter lokals vedio
Reagera PåAllt
Reagera PåAllt Pred 12 dnevi
vem är här efter lokals vedio
steven orr
steven orr Pred 13 dnevi
Gee those last 7 minutes were intense
YellowNote89 Pred 13 dnevi
Maybe Perseverance will be able to give a bit of its energy to Opportunity, because its last message was "My battery is low and its getting dark."
Izaac Bamback
Izaac Bamback Pred 13 dnevi
That’s weird that the to rovers are named curiosity and perseverance
Adam Haspel
Adam Haspel Pred 6 dnevi
there are 5 rovers (not counting ingenuity)
Rhys Marshall
Rhys Marshall Pred 13 dnevi
finding even moss on mars is bad as it is means the end of the human rase is coming
Adam Haspel
Adam Haspel Pred 6 dnevi
how, it's just moss
NovelBlue Gaming
NovelBlue Gaming Pred 13 dnevi
2:39 unless you're mark's son
Barry B. Benson
Barry B. Benson Pred 13 dnevi
I don't understand any of this but I'm excited
The Dead Prince of Troy
Every video, every one of them gives me either goosebumps or makes me emotional. Thank you Mark
DodgeThePews29 Pred 13 dnevi
you know what's sad? it's that we are not gonna live long enough to go there :(
Rosalie Brady
Rosalie Brady Pred 13 dnevi
I wanna watch that live stream but I’m too late to see it live
Skyless Pred 14 dnevi
My aspiration to become an astronaut was only reinforced by mark saying the first person to step foot on Mars might be you :), thank you
Chinmay Dwivedi
Chinmay Dwivedi Pred 14 dnevi
Thehaha Gamer
Thehaha Gamer Pred 14 dnevi
6:42 hey look Rhett and link
Bette Boo
Bette Boo Pred 14 dnevi
Make a rover called the mark rover
otheragee Pred 14 dnevi
Mars rover? Sounds awfully similar to somebody I’ve heard of. Hmmmm
Adam Haspel
Adam Haspel Pred 6 dnevi
@LoL bor r/woooooosh
LoL bor
LoL bor Pred 13 dnevi
Lol mark rober
ronin gaming
ronin gaming Pred 14 dnevi
Mars rover more like *MARK ROBER*
Zachs POVs
Zachs POVs Pred 14 dnevi
Mark rober? More like mark rover!!
Connor Bena
Connor Bena Pred 14 dnevi
I watched it live, just awesome
e ,;0_0,;
e ,;0_0,; Pred 14 dnevi
We don't know if planets are really there you know we dont know we've never been there
Jacabo Blanco
Jacabo Blanco Pred 14 dnevi
My grandpa helped build the Hubble, and my Father, who just retired, has worked for a decade on the James Webb telescope. I love Nasa!