Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: Problems Solved! 

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Galaxy S21 Ultra: All the right tweaks in all the right places.
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Phone provided by Samsung for review.

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21. jan. 2021

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smooth m
smooth m Pred 6 urami
This phone 📱 in the UK 800£ very expensive it is like my monthly rent 😄
G Money
G Money Pred 6 urami
Watching this on my note 5. I'll wait till the next one. 😁
Aron Womack
Aron Womack Pred 15 urami
Great video man, that phone is second to none. The RAM part kinda sucks, If I heard you right, my stylo 6 has a lot more. That's not a big deal though, it has more internal memory I would imagine, idk if you mentioned that or not. And does it have any new development mode features? I always turn screen animations and transitions off. Kill apps and other stuff that gives more power to the GPU when it needs to and it makes videos so much better sometimes. Games for sure, but I only 0lay poker really lol. How much internal memory does it come with? And I know I could google it, but I'm beta testing like 5 apps right now, and google is one of them, so I only spend a certain about of time using chrome. Idk when they're gonna do the actual update on Google, but there are some cool features and more focused searches and other things. Plus since it's not 100 percent ready, it crashes at least 5 or so times until I uninstall and reinstall it. It's still worth it to be able to talk to the devs. The new digital wellbeing app from google is gonna be pretty handy. Tells you everything about what you do and it's worth using it. Sucks when you see you spent 9.5 hours one day on your phone though haha.
Bo-Laurids Jähde
Bo-Laurids Jähde Pred 18 urami
For me this is the world's best phone!
Debopop Or hypersaiyan idc
The MKBHD studio is in NYC? Woah
Tracy Filosa
Tracy Filosa Pred 21 uro
I just picked mine up yesterday :) Thanks for this video 😁
Sebastian Adlercreutz
Sebastian Adlercreutz Pred 23 urami
This hack phone is a piece of ¤"#%, it constantly submits endless amounts of telemetry data, and just the fact that you can't remove crap apps like Facebook is reason enough for me to say... NEVER again a Slamsung.
Jacob Spencer
Jacob Spencer Pred dnevom
I know I'm a little late to this video.. BUT would you pick the s21 ultra or the note 20 ultra?
Fyber Spammz
Fyber Spammz Pred dnevom
My brother got ine
King Sargon II
King Sargon II Pred dnevom
Guess it's icon skins for life now.
Ady Pred dnevom
I cannot understand Samsung they give us crazy 8k and remove the SD card there also no factory screen protector to go with the rest of stuff they removed I don't care about the charger I have many but no factory screen protector very tight Samsung are getting as bad as Apple. my note 20 ultra is shocking for the price 2 hours its lost half the battery at 7:30 am it was at 97% at 10:30 am it was at 53% not in use and after 5 days it showed 3890mah that'smah
Luken goz
Luken goz Pred 2 dnevi
Im happy sitting here with my s9 with a glass back that is falling apart and my 1 hour battery life that dies at 20 percent
Luca Magro
Luca Magro Pred 2 dnevi
Hi marques, really confused weather I choose the 12 pro max or the s21 ultra. What do u recon ?
Eric Tuilaepa
Eric Tuilaepa Pred 2 dnevi
Can finally afford a Samsung s5
Taslim Torabally
Taslim Torabally Pred 2 dnevi
What's your view on the fact that it doesn't have a jack to plug an earphone. That's terrible for who love to plug in an earphone to some discreet listening experience without actually disturbing people around them.
Anjana Choudary Majhi
Why is he not talming about overheating?
Sevastian Gomez
Sevastian Gomez Pred 2 dnevi
I mean I have a Samsung Galaxy A10E. Should I upgrade and save up?
lee eric photography
Been using the Samsung A6 for years now. Finally dropped some dollars for this one. See you in another 5 years.
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson Pred 2 dnevi
Just got mine yesterday still not using it until the case and screen protector come in
Clayt Alien
Clayt Alien Pred 2 dnevi
S20 ultra better
Clayt Alien
Clayt Alien Pred 2 dnevi
Finger print reader probably wont work with gloves on lol
Clayt Alien
Clayt Alien Pred 2 dnevi
S 20 ultra tho
Randy Pred 2 dnevi
Props on using Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
Irfan Moktar
Irfan Moktar Pred 3 dnevi
3:12 i just realised he used an iphone wallpaper on a samsung phone 😂
Treyon Baird
Treyon Baird Pred 3 dnevi
You trying so hard to find something bad about that phone just stupid of u iPhone wants nothing to do with this phone nothing at all
A Frog
A Frog Pred 3 dnevi
6.8 inches *is* stupid big lol, but to cram in all the functions and have any kind of operational time, it needs to be. Now, someone make something with half the specs, single front, single back cameras, huge battery, rubberized backside and 4.5 inch screen. There is ONE option that isn`t far above 5 inches and that`s the iPhone SE, which is 4.7 inches, 0.1 more than the Xperia X Compact, which you can no longer get. ..... CAN SOMEONE JUST MAKE A DECENT COMPACT SMARTPHONE ....
Arham Chaudhry
Arham Chaudhry Pred 4 dnevi
I'm watching on my s21 ultra
Cute Guy
Cute Guy Pred 4 dnevi
Awesome video. Very concise & informative. -Great job. :-)
Nicholas Washington
Nicholas Washington Pred 4 dnevi
I got the s20 ultra....I'm content.
Zackary Solimeno
Zackary Solimeno Pred 4 dnevi
the only reason the phone is good matt black the rest of the phone crap
Sam Ndirangu
Sam Ndirangu Pred 4 dnevi
No headphone jack still?
Zuhair Reza
Zuhair Reza Pred 5 dnevi
"... the whole reason they do what they do is to offer as many features as possible". YES!
Pickaxe 87
Pickaxe 87 Pred 5 dnevi
Is the camera ACTUALLY fixed tho. I have the 20 Ultra and it's ridiculous. I have to scan paperwork to an app for work, and I've resorted to using my backup phone for that bc the 20 Ultra camera is so bad I can't get it to focus at all. I've given up on this camera, and it's really ruined the experience of this phone. I'm not sure if I want to buy the new one unless I can be 100% certain that it will do what I need it to do. And, I feel like Samsung needs to do something for S20 Ultra owners to make up for this. For such an expensive phone that was mostly marketed for the insane camera, it's pretty awful and I definitely feel lied to, cheated and robbed. All that money and I'm still having to use my Pixel camera for work bc this one sucks.
Ashik Ibadullah
Ashik Ibadullah Pred 5 dnevi
I love the music at 0:11 . I listen this everyday. When I buy Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra(If the *NOTE* does not come in 2022), I'll make the video wallpaper and the music will my ringtone.
Toycelica1 Pred 5 dnevi
Zack Keneth
Zack Keneth Pred 5 dnevi
Im waiting for Vivo x60 pro plus
gmilzli Pred 5 dnevi
@Marques Brownlee between Samsung s21 ultra and OnePlus 9 pro , which to choose ? Thanks
Nic Tube
Nic Tube Pred 6 dnevi
why i hear something when i shake my s21 ultra
Jerry Ber
Jerry Ber Pred 6 dnevi
Ended up getting the s21 ultra Matte black, galaxy buds pro, galaxy watch 3, and the s7 tablet for less than 80.00 altogether for their promotions. Best ever!
Thomas Wellington
Thomas Wellington Pred 6 dnevi
I always remember the day I contacted Dr Osaoji on SLtv that cured my herpes virus with his herbal medicine.
Rukn Pred 5 dnevi
Weird thing to say dude
Fil Sapia
Fil Sapia Pred 6 dnevi
In the UK you can get the S21 series of phones (including the Ultra) for £500 off if you trade in any Galaxy newer than the S8 series, massive reason to upgrade if you ask me :)
Jay&Jay Pred 6 dnevi
And here I am still chilling with my Galaxy A50😎
Ayaan Al Amin
Ayaan Al Amin Pred dnevom
Same bro..I might upgrade to a71
LEEJ Pred 7 dnevi
Where you get your orange face mask from
Vishal Dinde
Vishal Dinde Pred 7 dnevi
Song name?
Brajesh Sahu
Brajesh Sahu Pred 8 dnevi
No SD card extension.. That was the only selling point for Samsung
Dakota Sutsko
Dakota Sutsko Pred 8 dnevi
I feel like an orange background with blue icons skin would look pretty sick but that’s just me
Tiafighter Pred 8 dnevi
Does the skin work if I put it over a tempered glass protector?
KING GC Pred 8 dnevi
I need expandable memory, aux jacc and a charger in box. All these companies now cutting bacc on shit and charging more?? Fucc that
Gospod Nadskof
Gospod Nadskof Pred 8 dnevi
Payed review. Otherwise you would mention that Android Auto is not working,...that fingerprint sensor works every third time,....that wireless Samsung DEX has half of second of lag,....that it does not charge if you are using it at the same time,....that S-Pen works extremly poorly to the point that is useless,........
Erdem Ali Odemis
Erdem Ali Odemis Pred 9 dnevi
Im just sad I cannot buy the snapdragon version. Otherwise I love this this
Ian Pred 9 dnevi
Samsung really improved this year no doubt
Fortnite Gamer
Fortnite Gamer Pred 9 dnevi
I m from 2100
Bradley Prater
Bradley Prater Pred 9 dnevi
He likes it
Marvinthecat 20
Marvinthecat 20 Pred 9 dnevi
Jesus I remember owning an s10 when it first came out and it ended up getting stolen so I forgot about Samsung for years and had and iPhone and I now see an s21 while I have my iPhone 11 Pro Max and tbh the s21 looks cool as hell
Jeremy Delgado
Jeremy Delgado Pred 9 dnevi
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Sauron Baggins
Sauron Baggins Pred 9 dnevi
"my car. Probably my most precious possession". Dude
Phillip Lemmon
Phillip Lemmon Pred 9 dnevi
All they had to do was put in the sd card and I PROBABLY would have given this second look, but ill stick with the note 20 ultra.
lux Chhun
lux Chhun Pred 10 dnevi
This design structure will get boring very fast…
lux Chhun
lux Chhun Pred 10 dnevi
Look like S21 design train get off the rails of equal, Semetrical, Simple, basic scales/Styles… Man! look a bit ugly and boring, this design is very old samsung, remind Me Over 10 Years ago before they learned and copy simplicity from Iphones, now Look like Samsung is going back to Flashy korean Trends,
regie paclar
regie paclar Pred 10 dnevi
LG was the first to utilize the back of smartphone for buttons...
Christian Sjunnesson Dybro
What about shutter speed? Or shutter lag? Reviewers rarely touch upon this subject with Samsung phones. I believe Samsung still has issues when trying to capture moving objects such as children or animals in photography.
Nick's Vlogs
Nick's Vlogs Pred 10 dnevi
Horrible review because of the wallpaper on the S20, absolutely horrible! JK!!! Gotem.... Naw bro great review of the phone, your reviews of phones and stuff are absolutely something else. I can't even describe words. I don't know if my iPhone 7 Plus will last longer because of this phone. It still works good, but it's getting outdated. I want a newer phone but my mom always has to get the older phones from 2016/ 2017. Can't get anything newer because all she cares about is her top of the line crap. Anyways great video
From Florida with love
s21 vs note 20 ultra
patrick kelly
patrick kelly Pred 10 dnevi
Nice colour.. And then you put a case on it and nobody sees the matt blk!
Walter Cagnina
Walter Cagnina Pred 10 dnevi
C'mon Marquees, you are not the only reviewer out there...
guky667 Pred 10 dnevi
No mention of the s-pen support? :D
boombapboom Pred 10 dnevi
i'll stick with the Pixel 5.
Sanketh Ks
Sanketh Ks Pred 11 dnevi
I have 1 request for you which may help me to customise my samsung galaxy s21 ultra I request you to make an video about What's on my phone 2021 Samsung s21 ultra Same as last year you did for samsung s20 ultra So this year i need the same type of video for samsung s21 ultra Thank you Your follower
Patrick C
Patrick C Pred 11 dnevi
it overheats with a camera on for 25-30 min ! what a lie !!!! The whole point during covid is conf calls that are sturdy. Crap....
Toylo Pred 11 dnevi
Finnally we can see ufo videos in 480p instead of 240p
ItalianGal89 Pred 11 dnevi
I'm still happy with my s10 + I've had almost two years :) Still great. Just hate all the updates. How do I stop them?
Priyanshu Pred 12 dnevi
Just put OnePlus oxygen os in it and it will be the final one
Keith Hogg
Keith Hogg Pred 12 dnevi
I have iPhone 10. Been waiting for the iPhone 13. But i think you might have me convinced on the S 21 ultra. Is it waterproof?
Billy Hughes
Billy Hughes Pred 12 dnevi
Is there a compact digital camera that has this good of a camera or better that also has the same and more features as the s21ultra camera
Lord Frunk
Lord Frunk Pred 12 dnevi
Why are no reviewers talking about the difference between 12gb and 16gb performance? I need to make a decision can someone help PLEASE? Also are the 512gb not being made anymore? I hear verizon is telling people it was a promotional model that they wont carry anymore?
Rodney O
Rodney O Pred 12 dnevi
That Tesla is clean tho!! Also, I like my Ultra but still like my Microsoft Duo better (minus the bad camera)!
Karicat Watts
Karicat Watts Pred 12 dnevi
Nobody seems to care about the speakers. I don't need camera to be off the hook. I need to hear when I'm using speaker mode.
Kahlil Cheeks
Kahlil Cheeks Pred 12 dnevi
Just picked up a matte black S21U... loving it!
Atwood Leonard
Atwood Leonard Pred 13 dnevi
The parsimonious sofa technologically gather because cushion perioperatively place amidst a festive company. thankful, inexpensive desert
Jono Pred 13 dnevi
Love my S9+ but thinking of upgrading.
RS S Pred 13 dnevi
With that kind of price, they should include the Spen and case as part of the package. The S21 Ultra's price should be reduced significantly now it is confirmed the phone has heating issue and the adaptive refresh rate is causing startled problem. The battery life is also not much better than the S20 ultra as claimed.
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute Pred 13 dnevi
Wait, are you from Jersey??
Optimus Pred 13 dnevi
I swear this guy never combs his head knowing he's going in front of a very large audience,smh.
MexaGodTVG Pred 13 dnevi
Why did samsung have to remove the curved screen
Abdul Qadir
Abdul Qadir Pred 14 dnevi
Wallpaper link plz
Eliseo Galliher
Eliseo Galliher Pred 14 dnevi
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d bernotas
d bernotas Pred 14 dnevi
Still amoled, still burns in,nty
J J Pred 10 dnevi
Hyder Ali Himmathi
Hyder Ali Himmathi Pred 14 dnevi
Cheap phones r comming with micro photography, its bull*hit, premium coustomer service center , my experience since s7edge samsung treats its coustomer as garbage, When u first time open samsung its google sign in , why don't they give 2 years membership for google photo 1000TeraByte backup in google or in south korea, samsung runs its country south Korea , it must give back up to all samsung users. Just big big talks, zillion dollars company. Need to use phone as garbage use n throw, but backup precious data on cloud.
Hyder Ali Himmathi
Hyder Ali Himmathi Pred 14 dnevi
Samsung must launch super vanta black phone, and advancd black hole processer as galaxy phone.
CARE BEAR Pred 15 dnevi
i bought this phone yesterday, official one and phantom matte black ! 😊❤👌
Kshitij Kumar
Kshitij Kumar Pred 15 dnevi
Which car do you have?
Taj Jawan Singleton
Taj Jawan Singleton Pred 15 dnevi
Just got the s21 Ultra. I have silver. Wanted black but I'm blessed I got the phone
Mohd Farhan
Mohd Farhan Pred 15 dnevi
S21 Ultra is an awesome phone minus it feels heavy in hand / pocket.
3rdPartyOP Pred 15 dnevi
Really stuck between this one and the Note 20 Ultra. I'm still on a Note 8 but I couldn't imagine not having an S Pen, without hindering the design of the phone. Though if I'm going to update, I'd want to have the latest hardware. Especially since the Note is still a little extra and there won't be a new Note this year, more than likely.
Yug Patel
Yug Patel Pred 16 dnevi
The sounds are really good
Dhani Chalmers
Dhani Chalmers Pred 16 dnevi
Watching this on the iPhone 12 mini and holy smokes that is a big phone.
Paul GiLL
Paul GiLL Pred 16 dnevi
I just got the Phone
Skartuga Pred 16 dnevi
As anyone noticed if you dont update your galaxy air buds, Samsumg will not allow you to use them until you do the update? 😂
LBee Pred 17 urami
I don't blame them. People would use then and complain about the thing that they sent the update for....
Kalaaliuvaat Pred 16 dnevi
I got exynos....:(
Ashtien Pred 16 dnevi
12:39 Technology has made cameras more easy and small to use but wow history always repeats it self because that's a huge camera bro hahaha .
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