Maraaya - Here For You (Slovenia) - LIVE at Eurovision 2015 Grand Final 

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Live performance in the second Grand Final of Here For You by Maraaya representing Slovenia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest




23. maj. 2015

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pukuwu_ Pred 2 dnevi
My favorite songs were: Slovenia Belgium France Georgia :)
Vaal Hdz
Vaal Hdz Pred 18 dnevi
The boy at the piano looks like Ricardo Margalef, a Mexican actor and comedian 😁
kos Cot
kos Cot Pred 19 dnevi
best song from slovenia !!!! should be at least in the 5 first positions
Stan Pred 19 dnevi
My fav together with Latvia that year.
Julija Pred 28 dnevi
Čudovita pesem! Slovenia bi bila lahko top 5
Joel Atkin
Joel Atkin Pred mesecem
God 2015 was good
Sebastian Spyrzewski
2015 was definitely the best year, so many good songs and this masterpiece finished 14th...
Stan Pred mesecem
My favourite off that year for certain! Or Latvia ... ? It's a tough call.
yourBae Pred mesecem
no one: me, searching for this song: Eurovision headphone
HeatherPilarMusic Pred 2 meseci
I hope you can check out my cover of this song on my channel! Thank you!
Roni Aharoni
Roni Aharoni Pred 2 meseci
Song that was need to winner! 🇸🇮
Инара Идрисова
5 лет слушаю эту песню очень нравится. СПАСИБО Славения...
Rio Nesse Roberts
Rio Nesse Roberts Pred 2 meseci
HeatherPilarMusic Pred 3 meseci
I recently made a cover of this song! I hope you can check it out!
Murat Çömez
Murat Çömez Pred 3 meseci
I don’t how but this song was on my Spotify lists for years. And I was enjoying a lot listening this song. I wanted to check the video clip on SLtv if it exists. And I saw this song is a Eurovision song. I was really shock because I never thought that I will have Eurovision song on my playlist and will listen it for years.
AlizaMayer Pred 4 meseci
Her both voice and appearance remind me of Nightcore :D
Rune Btr
Rune Btr Pred 4 meseci
thats the worst song i've ever listened to
Gay Confusion
Gay Confusion Pred 4 meseci
Any reason? Also why didn’t you just leave then?
Jan Majer
Jan Majer Pred 4 meseci
Ok it is fact. Slovenija is onr of the most underrated countries in history of eurovision. A lot of entries from our country deserve at least top 10, but there are a lot of other countries which are overated
Commentor Pred 5 meseci
Maybe if the backing lady had a real violin they would have won. "Trust us, bring a violin"
The dumb One
The dumb One Pred 5 meseci
Learn air violin with slovenia
Rozu Hanabira Project
Rozu Hanabira Project Pred 5 meseci
EBC, please make videos from newer eurovision 2016-2019 that are on youtube available to americans as well!
Commentor Pred 5 meseci
try nordvpn :)
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley Pred 5 meseci
this song is my winner in 2015 because it’s totally original and beatiful. i’m not sorry if you make fun of me or laugh at me but this is a masterpiece. loves from turkey
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley Pred 6 meseci
your taste and my taste are totally different because she was totally in my top 3
aarrgghh100 Pred 6 meseci
İntresting but i love it
Zelcow Bgs
Zelcow Bgs Pred 6 meseci
In ovaj pjesmo je lijepa , Slovenci veju napravit lijepu in pevljivo pjesmo. Mozda je najboljša od svih do sada,
Remco van den Berg
Remco van den Berg Pred 7 meseci
Bad song. Can't understand why all the reactions here are that positive. It is not really bad or awful but very average and pretentious. The stage presentation is massy and her voice is a bit annoying. Still it is a happy song a d Eurovision knows much worse songs.
Eren İŞERİ Pred 7 meseci
AirPods invented just for her after this performance
Łukasz Gagan
Łukasz Gagan Pred 7 meseci
I like her unique voice and energy of this performance. Good luck Slovenia!
fESClix Pred 8 meseci
I can't get over the horrible camera direction :(
Jānis Helvijs Jaunzems
I luv her, but did she get to sleep last night? Her eyes look tired. IMO
Murat Çömez
Murat Çömez Pred 9 meseci
Omg! This song has been on my Spotify list since don’t know when. Now Ive just found out that this is a Eurovision song. That’s the only song I can add to my playlist from Eurovision. I am shocked how it is underrated.
Rafał Wypukoł
Rafał Wypukoł Pred 9 meseci
Her voice is LP
Theo Midgley
Theo Midgley Pred 9 meseci
sorry I love this song but... why are they wearing headqhones
Marco Fernández Kosi
Marco Fernández Kosi Pred 9 meseci
This song deserved a better place
Cembri :D
Cembri :D Pred 9 meseci
At the beginning her voice and her weird accent, but now it's in my top 15 of 2015
Oyun Aşkı
Oyun Aşkı Pred 10 meseci
Amazing slovenian song thank you slovenia for best song good job...
Ayxan Quliyev
Ayxan Quliyev Pred 10 meseci
Eurovision 2015 was the best contest among all other contests with amazing songs
michael velasquez
michael velasquez Pred 11 meseci
Kevin Herrera
Kevin Herrera Pred 11 meseci
Sounds like a anime opening lol
ESC Vox Pred letom
When you're down, down low And there's no place you can go When you're down, down, love You know that I am here for you You came into my life when I was broken You heated up my heart when it was frozen And we got the flow, now it's up we go And now that it's your turn you wanna hide it A million times already you've denied it You don't have to fear, you don't have to fight When you're down, down low Sinking in the undertow When you're down, down low You know that I am here for you 'Cause I know, know baby All the hurt you never show When you're down, down low You gotta let me heal your aching soul You came into my life when I was broken You heated up my heart when it was frozen And we got the flow, now it's up we go 'Cause you released my pain, now let me take it Just leave it at the door and we can make it You don't have to hide, I am by your side Everybody else sees in black and white You look at wrong and make it right Can't I open your eyes? When you're down, down low Sinking in the undertow When you're down, down low You know that I am here for you 'Cause I know, know baby All the hurt you never show When you're down, down low You gotta let me heal your aching soul 'Cause I know, know baby All the hurt you never show When you're down, down low You gotta let me heal your aching soul When you're down, down low Sinking in the undertow When you're down, down low You know that I am here for you
buse kır
buse kır Pred letom
Music is graet but show is ridicilious
Tobias Hillinger
Tobias Hillinger Pred letom
Best one
Julian Çullhaj
Julian Çullhaj Pred letom
and here i am , years later , as if i forgot a word of this song's lyrics , naah probably even when i get old and have memory&focus issues i will still remember this song,
heiner Jimenez osorio
Amo esta canción, no la logro olvidar, saludos desde Colombia
Akka Velli
Akka Velli Pred letom
I still don't understand why she didn't make top3. It's 2020 and besides Russia (a million voices) this is the only song I remember and still listen to.
Sean Michael
Sean Michael Pred letom
Was only introduced to this song a few days ago and I cannot stop playing it. I love this song. Deserved a higher final score. The guy on piano wins the award for the coolest guy ever at Eurovision. She however needs to add some new arm movements to her repertoire.
morbidsearch Pred letom
How Netherlands won the Barbara Dex and not this is beyond me
DBBSEOK Pred letom
Such an underrated song i still listen to it till this day!!
Markus Robson
Markus Robson Pred letom
2020 and still loving this song
Néstor Flores
Néstor Flores Pred letom
I didn't know there were two finals xd (Whatch the information box)
blknex Pred letom
Anya Pred letom
I remember it was the first ESC I see, and I remember this song forever. And her headphones of course
Инара Идрисова
Rhys Benjamin
Rhys Benjamin Pred letom
"The band's trademark is they wear headphones on stage. I don't know what they're listening to, but hopefully, it's not this." -- Graham Norton, UK commentator.
D'Juna Kosmo
D'Juna Kosmo Pred letom
Her face reminds me to Lara Fabian.
So recently i was thinking of translating a line from this song into my language, Malayalam from India, so the line "down down below, you know that i'm here for you" so here it is... ഡൗന്, ഡൗന് ബേലൗു, യോൂ നോ ഠത്ത് ഇമ് ഹേര് ഫോര് യോൂ. (yeah i use google translate.. :3). by any chance you copy and paste this into google translate, make sure you hear what it sounds like and compare it with the real line in this song. (this comment is Really BORING)
julia Robert
julia Robert Pred letom
Good lyrics bad voice.
Wiesława Kuzio
Wiesława Kuzio Pred letom
Moja faworytka ,uwielbiam te piosenke 😍😍😍
mari mar
mari mar Pred letom
Też bardzo mi się podoba 😃
BLUETUBE Pred letom
2:27 😲 Beautiful part!
Alberto Martín
Alberto Martín Pred letom
One of my favorites eurovision songs
Jorge Plevachuk
Jorge Plevachuk Pred letom
her voice si so so annoying
Airell RM
Airell RM Pred letom
For me Estonia and Slovenia should've swapped their final result in the final (don't get me wrong, both are my finalists). The Estonian song, while emotional and good, was so overhyped and something heard a lot already. This on the other hand, is so much more creative and just as emotional. It's more rich in composition too. Hvala Maraaya & sLOVEnia for this masterpiece, my 4th of 2015 😍!
Matias Galarza
Matias Galarza Pred letom
Is her voice from this world? She's amazing!
Emil Kalinovski
Emil Kalinovski Pred letom
I don't know why but for me this song sounds like it came from Shrek 2 :p XD
ZugnachPankow / パンコー 行きの電車
And if she isn't dead yet, she'll raise her arm still again and again
Manuel Krupp
Manuel Krupp Pred letom
She sounds a little bit like Bebe Rexha! :O
Juan Diaz
Juan Diaz Pred letom
When I heared her in the contest I thought they must win.... I still think it. I still hear this song. A so special voice "in .... your eyes". As Thyri says "The more I listen to it, the more I like it". Regards.
PCM Shadow
PCM Shadow Pred letom
sLOVEnia 🇸🇮 is my country
PCM Shadow
PCM Shadow Pred letom
No his from Europe 🇸🇮
adam pawlak
adam pawlak Pred letom
is The Best...
Offa Pred letom
Sounds like something for Nfs
Hüdai Gül
Hüdai Gül Pred letom
Is it just me or eurovision 2015 songs were really uber super high quality?
Mema Equestrian
Mema Equestrian Pred letom
Okay actually its the most irritating song and singer ever
creative username
theory: they were supposed to bring a violin for the girl on the right, but forgot it. so they bought some weird costume last minute and made her wear it and she became an air violinist
Kalum Goncalves
Kalum Goncalves Pred letom
love it greetings from um Canada USA kind and very pg neighbor
Beau van het YouTubeKanaal Beau
When you down, download!?
Claudia Grande
Claudia Grande Pred letom
Jade Hernandez
Jade Hernandez Pred letom
Yas 💖
Pat Regnier
Pat Regnier Pred letom
june 2019
Николай Pred letom
Однозначно 1 - место .
adam pawlak
adam pawlak Pred letom
adam pawlak
adam pawlak Pred letom
pozdrowienia.z Polski.Coś pieknego.SUPER...Nuta i Kobieta... SloVenia...
Ucenec Mobilna Ucilnica
Super komad
koobyn Pred letom
i don't understand why this was the opening act, would expect it to be somewhere in 10-13
Луња Pred letom
2019.Greetings from Serbia!!!The real value lasts forever!
Arioch The
Arioch The Pred 3 meseci
2020 last days, greeting from Russia. Still can't stop rooting for THIS performance.
Tadi 77
Tadi 77 Pred letom
Fun Fact : Guy playing piano is her husband
Rafael Sabic
Rafael Sabic Pred mesecem
@namenlos40 Because maybe not many people know that dumb dumb
Umut Ali
Umut Ali Pred 3 meseci
And they are perfect match 🥰
Mr MemeBucket
Mr MemeBucket Pred 6 meseci
namenlos40 Pred 6 meseci
@Mr MemeBucket Why should this be a fun fact?
Mr MemeBucket
Mr MemeBucket Pred 6 meseci
@namenlos40 What do you mean
ma t
ma t Pred letom
This is my favorite ESC-Song of the Last 5 Years !
mari mar
mari mar Pred letom
2019 😘
zMaX Bon
zMaX Bon Pred letom
This is the most underrated country in eurovision story
Salma Pred letom
zMaX Bon spain and uk
Atlantica Tracking
0:47 2:03 2:40
Güliz Pred letom
I love this song, she is so talented, but the headphones just distract to consentrate on the music.
Dom Pred letom
I loved the headphones!
A A Pred 2 leti
De los mejores temas de la historia de Eurovision! Sin lugar a dudas....
Ander Ramos
Ander Ramos Pred 2 leti
The real winner.
MC Apollo
MC Apollo Pred 2 leti
i think her body language destroyed her song.. .. :(
Esc Τony
Esc Τony Pred 2 leti
Vesta Pred 2 leti
So no one's gonna mention that she's with a wedding dress? Just me? k, I 'll leave. enjoy the song. bye.
MeAndMyGhost Pred 2 leti
Is there a second Grand Final? Eurovision says so. Look at the description.😂
Kwesi Idun
Kwesi Idun Pred 2 leti
The Duffy sound-a-like. That's not a bad thing, though.
Luke Hull
Luke Hull Pred 2 leti
Shamefully underrated. 14th? Tssss!
MeAndMyGhost Pred 2 leti
christina economidou
Maraaya and Lea Sirk were the best slovenian entries ever
muhamed555 Pred 2 leti
How strange would Marjetka look without hair o.0
ROSÉ - 'Gone' M/V
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