Seth Explains Teen Slang: Ted Cruise, Mrs. Doubtfiring 

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Seth decodes the hot new slang kids are using, like "MILFF."
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Seth Explains Teen Slang: Ted Cruise, Mrs. Doubtfiring- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




23. feb. 2021

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Kyle E
Kyle E Pred 7 dnevi
Can't tell if the lack of laughs is from the lack of a live audience, or the lack of funny jokes.
Asrofi Isaa12
Asrofi Isaa12 Pred 14 dnevi
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kooob net
kooob net Pred mesecem
excellent jokes... mostly from the 1980s!
Musō Tensei
Musō Tensei Pred mesecem
An Online Soprano: a person who purposely turns off their video and mic halfway through a zoom meeting. Usage: Joey was fired from his teaching job when he pulled an Online Soprano and appeared to rush in to the beginning of his next class dressed as a 70 year old women which confirmed the school board’s suspicions of a conspiracy to Mrs. Doubtfire.
unintentional provocateur
I dont like this, is it using it in a sentence when you just hash tag the word at the end?
Debbie Gross
Debbie Gross Pred mesecem
I just found out I'm a gabafool.
stéfan hoïmes
stéfan hoïmes Pred mesecem
"my doink fell off."
Sue Kennedy
Sue Kennedy Pred mesecem
Talking to an empty studio...LOL!
Maria Obrien
Maria Obrien Pred mesecem
I was glad no to hear tRump mentioned in this clip. It was a breath of fresh air. Thank you.
GrayBlood1331 Pred mesecem
I think the writing staff consists of potbellies...
Gabo0n VIP3R
Gabo0n VIP3R Pred mesecem
I will eat all the chips to protect my family from Bill Gates. A man's gotta do ...
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Pred mesecem
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Trekkie Junk
Trekkie Junk Pred mesecem
Wow. I like Seth, but this was horrific. One of the worst attempts at comedy i've seen in a long while. I wish it was bad enough to be ironically funny, but it's not even that. It's just bad. So bad, it's boring. Good job, Seth.
Jeff McCrea
Jeff McCrea Pred mesecem
Wow, a hole for a septic tank mistaken for pool??? My 1,000 gallon tank occupies a hole 6' X 8' X 6'. That's an awful small pool!!! Either that tank was for a mall or the homeowner is full of horribly $hit!
Marek Lilleleht
Marek Lilleleht Pred mesecem
OK, I have to admit, Ted Cruise was brilliant. :D
Lisa Dee
Lisa Dee Pred mesecem
Really? Teenagers are very concerned about authentic fandom of an HBO series that aired before they were born? XD
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar Pred mesecem
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pop5678eye Pred mesecem
For any moron who thinks up conspiracy theories about food being used by the government to implement chips in your brain to track your every move: how about you stop posting what you are doing on multiple social media through your phone every other minute??? Better yet, turn off that g**damn thing for just a freaking ten minutes!!! Apple, Alphabet and Amazon are all laughing you blaming government for what you believe to be invasion of privacy!
Graciela Saenz
Graciela Saenz Pred mesecem
No lol
Randy A MacDonald
Randy A MacDonald Pred mesecem
I suffered a stroke the day after watching _About A Boy_... coincidence?
Levi Willrich
Levi Willrich Pred mesecem
none of these are reall but it's funny
Josh Madsen
Josh Madsen Pred mesecem
These are clever but No teenagers would know a politician let alone a movie in the 90s
Justin Acevedo
Justin Acevedo Pred mesecem
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Flo Rete
Flo Rete Pred mesecem
"Ted Cruise" aka "Cancun Cruz" aka "Ted-I-lost-my-spine-in-the-year-2016-Cruz"...
Dr. I. B. Safe
Dr. I. B. Safe Pred mesecem
Is #hashtagging something really using it in a sentence?
Chuck M
Chuck M Pred mesecem
Seth: Please add "get a vaccine" to your outro. Maybe replace "wash your hands" so it's not too long. Please thumbs up or make a similar comment so this message is visible.
tay ohh
tay ohh Pred mesecem
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Josh Anthony
Josh Anthony Pred mesecem
I love when Seth bombs! He should've been calling out writer's on some of these! These covid shows are the best.
Gail Lewis
Gail Lewis Pred mesecem
I teach in a high school. Teenagers don't even read the weather report, let alone know who Ted Cruz or Robin Williams are.
Dude, that not... true? I'm a teen, hi, what's up? I am literally using my school account to watch this, so you know I'm not lying. Take a look, I graduate in 2022.
Crystal Masters
Crystal Masters Pred mesecem
38 people think I’m in my 20’s and I’m like..no bro ..don’t know what your trying to say, I could literally be your mom 😏😂
bassofone1 Pred mesecem
Every 2 weeks, please!
JayCao Racing
JayCao Racing Pred mesecem
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I Shot My Boss
I Shot My Boss Pred mesecem
I don't know why I watch these clips, they're never any good. Bring back the sea captain.
Taylor Abrahamse
Taylor Abrahamse Pred mesecem
I'd definitely like MILFF to get popular. Parents would be very concerned - both if their child has a stutter, and presuming they want to matriculate with mothers. Edit: Hey that rhymed!
HereIgoAgain Pred mesecem
"TrumpUp" when you have to manufacture some outrageous lies to sneak out of a bad situation.
Musō Tensei
Musō Tensei Pred mesecem
Apparently the etymology for the word comes from the much tamer TedUp: to overthink things with disastrous results. People are still surprised the words a related because it is common consensus that instead of thinking Trump spews out nonsense and lies.
Jessie Ward
Jessie Ward Pred mesecem
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Stephanie Brady
Stephanie Brady Pred mesecem
I still don't know if these are real. I teach high school and never hear these, but they are SO HILARIOUS!!
Irene Max
Irene Max Pred mesecem
MDMMA is my favourite!
꧁The Commie꧂
꧁The Commie꧂ Pred mesecem
By the way Seth, it’s GameStonks, not GameStop
tHaNk YoU
insouciant rambler
insouciant rambler Pred mesecem
".....so if you have any criticisms of those.... it wasn't because it was rushed" 🤣
Violet GC
Violet GC Pred mesecem
These are obviously fake and designed for comic intent. However I want to rally around "Mrs. Doubtfiring" as a thing.
InterestWarrior48 Pred mesecem
Are...are these real?
12oshinko Pred mesecem
Ok, I didn't laugh, but that was adorable.
Rosita #end1492
Rosita #end1492 Pred mesecem
"An ignorant people are a blind instrument of their own destruction. "
Sea Kelp
Sea Kelp Pred mesecem
I have to wait three months?!?!? Who do you think you are Justin Roiland?
Peter Stathis
Peter Stathis Pred mesecem
Ugh this was a bit of a stinker guys
A Traversable Philosophy
You're in your 40s and married two kids, I know it seems that way.
oc3 Pred mesecem
Are these real? If so, I'm old AF because I'm confused listening to Seth explain wtf they mean😧
hillbournesian Pred mesecem
Tarted strong with Ted Cruise, but the last two.... Needed to be cut.
Nicholas Wright
Nicholas Wright Pred mesecem
He forgot one Jared Kush (see also J. Kush) n. - A type of marijuana that lowers your testosterone levels and self confidence to the point where you become afraid of your own existence and frozen with fear to such an extent that you more closely resemble an animated tube sock rather than an actual human being. Example: Tyler has been standing in the corner of the womens changing room , waiting on his wife to try on 30 different dresses, for so long, that he's starting to blend in with the clothes on the rack. He must have gotten a hold of that J Kush
Ambra Ramirez
Ambra Ramirez Pred mesecem
I read the mdmma part in Joe Rogan's voice
tate ohr
tate ohr Pred mesecem
The courageous kohlrabi ironically concern because drum statistically wrap for a shaky bath. nondescript, wary himalayan
Networking Folder
Networking Folder Pred mesecem
How freaking not original millennial.
Jesse Lind
Jesse Lind Pred mesecem
What did Seth mean by "Eggy" as in "That's a pretty eggy definition" ??? Serious question.
Rebecca Woolf
Rebecca Woolf Pred mesecem
There's a term called Egghead to refer to intellectuals.
Evelyn Okay
Evelyn Okay Pred mesecem
Doof (v): when you try to mansplain something to your online audience, but make a mistake so big, everyone has to mansplain it back to you. Ex: Seth really doofed his pronunciation of Doof warrior and Lego bricks
salemandreus Pred mesecem
I'm glad I finally know what a gabafool is and can start to use this frequently in sentences.
Honeyluster Alias
Honeyluster Alias Pred mesecem
Old people writing young people, it’s like ... everything else.
Maerahn Pred mesecem
Oh, for the love of... **facepalm.** I'm reasonably certain NO teens anywhere are using THIS slang. This is slang that GenX-ers invent and push on tv in the hope that teens will hear it and think "ohthat'ssocoolIwishI'dthoughtofthat!' and *adopt* it as 'their' slang. They won't. It might sound achingly cool to you, Seth, but to anyone under the age of thirty it's either "who the hell is that now?" (MRS DOUBTFIRE? THE SOPRANOS? FREAKY FRIDAY? REALLY?) or it's just an attack of cringe. And I say that with only kindness as my intent, as a fellow Gen X-er with a teenage son.
Christian Brenner
Christian Brenner Pred mesecem
Well, that's the joke...kind of. I don't find this segment particularly funny, but it's definitely intentional.
NicholasKreuz Pred mesecem
I love these so much lmao
Enki Didit
Enki Didit Pred mesecem
Dumb. It will be in three months too. It’s funnier just to hear your repartee with your crew.
paul Z
paul Z Pred mesecem
I know these are fake because teens aren't this clever
thetruerift Pred mesecem
MDMMA is just PCP folks.
Thomas Belknap
Thomas Belknap Pred mesecem
Can we get an Inside Baseball on the "My doink fell off" figurine on the desk?
DID YOU SEE THAT ! by vfirehorse
you should just make a book of these a Sethictionary ...
Alex on the Edge
Alex on the Edge Pred mesecem
Thank heavens it's only every 3 months. 0.0
Shannon J. Brooks
Shannon J. Brooks Pred mesecem
"Spliff notes" is kind of a dumb one, a spliff is a joint rolled with tobacco. I get that's a riff on Cliff Notes but still
Gu Zela
Gu Zela Pred mesecem
When are you talk about Governor CUOMO ????
Ryan Lacy
Ryan Lacy Pred mesecem
I laughed out loud for the first time in a long time at this. Thanks guys
Mr. N.
Mr. N. Pred mesecem
Regarding the Sopranos joke: wasn't there a part of the show that actually did take place in Miami - ruining that punchline? Coulda picked any other city, ya Gabafool.
I'm not good with screen names
Co-vid: when you watch something with a friend through Skype or Zoom. "Hey Kyle wanna catch some covid with me later?"
Bob Misu
Bob Misu Pred mesecem
Thanks for that. I feel like I know less now than I did before watching this video.
Anna Maey
Anna Maey Pred mesecem
Where’s Karen? And what does she know??? We need Karen!!!
grantyells Pred mesecem
wow, this is probably the least-funny bit I've seen Seth do... and he's not usually very funny, so..uh damn.
Evan S.
Evan S. Pred mesecem
“..this has been.. and has always been and will continue to be... every. three. months. ...”
A_ZeF Smith
A_ZeF Smith Pred mesecem
Def more overproduced than anything.
Delbane Ren
Delbane Ren Pred mesecem
On what crack planet are you living where kids are going to prom and making jokes about it? #pandemicdenialisreal
GiarkReleos Pred mesecem
i got to 2 minutes and 53 seconds, . . . are you craking-out? insane in the membrain?!/? what de F
colin lye
colin lye Pred mesecem
Seth mocking his writers and hearing them laugh in the background is the best
Michael Furze
Michael Furze Pred mesecem
Yea. But no.
Buzmonte Pred mesecem
HashDrag: When you can't think of a joke for your slang segment so you just end every punchline with a hashtag. Ex: Every other joke in this segment ends with a hashtag. #hashdrag Do I get job?
DANNYonPC Pred mesecem
Funny cuz Gamestop is back to 100 again
Don't SSleep
Don't SSleep Pred mesecem
I love ya Seth, but the only funny line in that whole bit was "it wasn't cause it was rushed".
Don't SSleep
Don't SSleep Pred mesecem
You honestly think any teenager in 2021 has ever seen Mrs. Doubtfire?
Decebal Alexandru Marcau
These were all cringeworthy and awful Worst bit that Seth ever did
TravelWell Pred mesecem
Adding the word as a hashtag on the end is not ‘using it in a sentence’ or is that part of the joke. 😊
VianneyCreates Pred mesecem
This recurring segment is the embodiment of trying to make fetch happen.
VoltisArt Pred mesecem
Telling a joke until it is funny was a Conan staple.
TheLadsBand4ever Pred mesecem
These would work better without the using-it-in-sentence part.
slimbocker73 Pred mesecem
Yes, all the teenagers are talking about and watching the sopranos. I'm sure that is true, lol.
George K
George K Pred mesecem
Seth, Make a book with all those, please!
torontochris9 Pred mesecem
But Seth, if you use the slang as a hashtag... you're not using it in a sentence. Do these promises mean nothing?
Nonya Bizness
Nonya Bizness Pred mesecem
i knew i was getting old when i realized my kid was too old to ask about new slang.
James Vinson
James Vinson Pred mesecem
sorry , pretty lame
Aiden Shaver
Aiden Shaver Pred mesecem
I don't appreciate Seth mocking me about the pool-sized hole in my backyard
STILL Pred mesecem
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates⭕️
Cat Jab
Cat Jab Pred mesecem
Jose Luis Ruiz
Jose Luis Ruiz Pred mesecem
I'm 38 and have 3 kids and yes I don't understand teen slang anymore. Lol!
Darth Virgin
Darth Virgin Pred mesecem
#PerseveranceRover sounds like something the Math/Science geeks would come up with.
www.oncefallen.com Pred mesecem
Adding a pound sign in front of a word at the end of a sentence is NOT using it in a sentence.
Russell Laverty
Russell Laverty Pred mesecem
Seth, it's not primer as in paint. A primer as in an educational tool is pronounced with a short i, like if it was spelled as primmer. Back in the 90's I was corrected on this by an older but smart Cambridge female leftist, and I've never forgotten it since.
Hilary Owen
Hilary Owen Pred mesecem
Creeping Jesus
Ogledi 9 mio.