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Today the Eboys rate break up videos from youtubers like David Dobrik, Jeffree Star and Mike Majlak
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30. nov. 2020

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haz 007
haz 007 Pred mesecem
So they go for like a month and the best they could come up with was break up vids
Luka Havelka
Luka Havelka Pred mesecem
George has a second channel will has to other channels and James does music stfu
luke999police Pred mesecem
sltv.info/label/gK6czJHMbpmpjZo/video 🤙🏾
Abbie Johnson
Abbie Johnson Pred mesecem
Its better than nothing😂i actually enjoyed it
Joel hill
Joel hill Pred mesecem
They missed lux’s break up video
username not found
username not found Pred 7 urami
"10 tiny stupid dogs"- Will you mean ANNYANANYANAAYAN stupid dogs
Kristina Mcqueen
Kristina Mcqueen Pred 8 urami
Omg lovely you guys I laughed so hard
edieisnotokay Pred 9 urami
i made a BIG MISTAKE watching this at 1am
honiibee Pred dnevom
19:25 w.. what about jeffrey dahmer?
aria valentini
aria valentini Pred 2 dnevi
basically just baited will out for smashing coke lol
Tis I AlexaDoodle
Tis I AlexaDoodle Pred 2 dnevi
I was gasping for air throughout the whole video from laughing so hard
Jesse Galvan
Jesse Galvan Pred 3 dnevi
Hmmmm...maybe the fifth eboy will end up being @NakeyJakey
Magic Mondays
Magic Mondays Pred 4 dnevi
Some Bitch
Some Bitch Pred 5 dnevi
Alex literally sounded like Louis Armstrong
Maya Juliet
Maya Juliet Pred 5 dnevi
I am dead this channel is why I breathe
Cormac Barry
Cormac Barry Pred 6 dnevi
Me crying cause I laugh to much at Alex
Dizzaray Pred 6 dnevi
why is alex' lighting so RED
THICC4033 Thonk
THICC4033 Thonk Pred 8 dnevi
Alex looks stoned
Froggie 7515
Froggie 7515 Pred 8 dnevi
I died at “he’s definitely gay” 🤣😂
Ernie Purkis
Ernie Purkis Pred 8 dnevi
Will take one for the team and break up with your girlfriend
ShadowPlayz Pred 8 dnevi
alex looks like sapnap
The Right Quantity of Cringe
10:15 one of the best parts of this video
eva rose
eva rose Pred 9 dnevi
‘you alright’ fucking lost it
Spilled Coffee
Spilled Coffee Pred 9 dnevi
This video is jokes
Conlon Smith
Conlon Smith Pred 9 dnevi
Who’s here when that jefree and Kanye west we’re accused of doing it 🤣
bored so i make vid
bored so i make vid Pred 9 dnevi
i just had unravel playing in the background thought it was funny
Tropical Rainforest
Tropical Rainforest Pred 9 dnevi
Josh and Nessa are back apparently
Oaty Otaku
Oaty Otaku Pred 9 dnevi
If they're that upset about breaking up then why break up broo
Joshua Billingsley
Joshua Billingsley Pred 9 dnevi
Long live david and liza
Item shop guy
Item shop guy Pred 9 dnevi
im late but wheres martin?
Tie Black
Tie Black Pred 10 dnevi
This is top tier entertainment, fucking class
Zahari Burgess
Zahari Burgess Pred 11 dnevi
when i cry for 5 minutes about some little thing i look much worse than David and lisa
elizabeth miller
elizabeth miller Pred 11 dnevi
I got an ad with will on like right before this- yt be watching me 👀👀
AJ-n-Stuff Pred 12 dnevi
if they do a second part i wanna see them react to kim and kayne breaking up lmaooo
Jess Jess
Jess Jess Pred 12 dnevi
Lmao that George had to ask to be blurred
Rudy Kenyon
Rudy Kenyon Pred 12 dnevi
The eboys watch Gordie Shaw ⬇️
cheesecakes Pred 13 dnevi
why does he wear a mask
I shoot myself studios
This is like putting all the power rangers together. Useless on their own But together they make you laugh so hard that you nearly wake up the whole house
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones Pred 14 dnevi
Ricky Gervais
kurt kuchen
kurt kuchen Pred 14 dnevi
This is how you professionally get joy out of other peoples sadness
kazuichi souda
kazuichi souda Pred 14 dnevi
*David dobrik enters* "he's deffinately gay"
Phantom Craft
Phantom Craft Pred 15 dnevi
When alex shouted at the start my ears where ringing for 30s lol
Muscle karp
Muscle karp Pred 16 dnevi
So when will the eboys anime be releasing?
lil_ eilish
lil_ eilish Pred 16 dnevi
My stomach hurts from laughing so much, I’m crying from laughing so much. Well done boys, great vid.
a1phapr3dat0r Pred 16 dnevi
wait... whats higher than D?
James Doherty
James Doherty Pred 16 dnevi
15:18 a terradactile was born
ellese wilson
ellese wilson Pred 16 dnevi
her: hes probably cheating Him: doing cookie monster impressions
Elliott W
Elliott W Pred 16 dnevi
When Alex sings What a wonderful world that was jokes
Millie Bamfield
Millie Bamfield Pred 16 dnevi
Do their videos get demonetised because of drinking alcohol in them?
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Pred 16 dnevi
Well they don’t really say there drinking alcohol directly , and they blur the brand I think..
Emily Bunce
Emily Bunce Pred 17 dnevi
Beckaboo3397 Pred 17 dnevi
You missed out on prank v pranks , Jesse and Jeana. It was along time ago but it actually had me in tears. They were the power couple before David and Liza. Now as long and Jenna and Julien remain together for ever that’s all I care about , only couple on You Tube that makes me believe in real love. (So sad Jenna is no longer on it though . They are both such beautiful people.
VictoriaG Pred 17 dnevi
this is the one of the most funny eboy video that I've watch! XDD
lemon DOODLES Pred 17 dnevi
Pat and Jen breakup was hard to watch personally it's popularmmos
brodie Brocal1019
brodie Brocal1019 Pred 18 dnevi
I see trees of green 😂😂😂😂
Tobias major
Tobias major Pred 18 dnevi
We need a part 2 so they can do Jason Nash and trisha patas
amelia Pred 18 dnevi
crying at alex saying it’s not easy omg😭😭😭
Connor Parry
Connor Parry Pred 19 dnevi
I can’t be the only one who has to constantly rewatch this video just for Alex. 🤣🤣
Mr Don’t Know
Mr Don’t Know Pred 19 dnevi
u like jazz?
Freya Flack
Freya Flack Pred 19 dnevi
well he did start a fresh....with kayne 🤩
Curtis Mcgarry
Curtis Mcgarry Pred 20 dnevi
Alex looks like a Kmart kid laroi
deus vult
deus vult Pred 20 dnevi
Damn i never actually watched Jeffrey star but meatcanyon was spot on
dinosaurs, mate
dinosaurs, mate Pred 20 dnevi
cheer up
dinosaurs, mate
dinosaurs, mate Pred 20 dnevi
i think we can all agree that alex was iconic in this video
game whitme
game whitme Pred 20 dnevi
Ur litwrly buliying a dead dog stop it
Critical Entertainment
10:43 I only realised how hairy his hand is
Kawaiixx Toh
Kawaiixx Toh Pred 22 dnevi
I litrally got a wil jd add 💀
Tommyinnit Pred 22 dnevi
The fact that I got the JD willne ad before the video started
ignFrog Pred 22 dnevi
My phone fell behind my bad and I couldn’t find it but James at 4:39 helped me find my phone
Eron Welch
Eron Welch Pred 22 dnevi
this is their best video to date
spoopys jebus
spoopys jebus Pred 22 dnevi
Bro Tony Lopez break up video putting my 5 year old girlfriend up for adoption
Gibbo Pred 22 dnevi
Jeffrey - It’s 2020 I want a fresh start Me - Um well mate we need to talk
Sincerely Em
Sincerely Em Pred 23 dnevi
I had 3 of Wills ads on this video
_Deadly Donkey_
_Deadly Donkey_ Pred 23 dnevi
These kids r actual failures lmao
Nicolas Pantazis
Nicolas Pantazis Pred 24 dnevi
I got a JD ad about willne before the video
Owen Cartwright
Owen Cartwright Pred 24 dnevi
Alex’s Adam’s Apple is abnormal
Rosie Dykes
Rosie Dykes Pred 24 dnevi
do you think anyones ever called jeffrey star jeff to his face
Chl0e Ph0bia
Chl0e Ph0bia Pred 24 dnevi
I had the WillNe ads for new year.THREE-
FinDoesStuff1908 Pred 25 dnevi
11:51 “This is the worst video we’ve ever made” I have to agree
Tokyo Alexx
Tokyo Alexx Pred 25 dnevi
fun fact i was the 99,264th like
Chance Will
Chance Will Pred 26 dnevi
Jeffrey's dogs are panting so much. He needs to turn his temperature down and wrap himself up in one or two of those big pink blankets. My dog is just sitting with me and his breathing is completely normal
Chance Will
Chance Will Pred 26 dnevi
18:02 I am sorry, if he wanted my attention he should not have made the video with the dogs Not sorry at all actually
Chance Will
Chance Will Pred 26 dnevi
That one guy doing the sniffing thing reminded me of rabbits. Now I'm imagining him as a cocaine addicted rabbit
Chance Will
Chance Will Pred 26 dnevi
7:47 they both look like people I have known personally and it's scary
Salome Pred 26 dnevi
i have never laughed harder.
RIP harry
RIP harry Pred 27 dnevi
11:24 look at the state of his hair
Thomas Stands
Thomas Stands Pred 27 dnevi
the water that i was drinking went up my nose when i laughed at georges comment "to whoever these people are... ive forgot their names "
Phoenix Pred 27 dnevi
All of them were straight up F tier
NoahML Pred 28 dnevi
NoahML Pred 28 dnevi
Anna lea Humphrey
Anna lea Humphrey Pred 28 dnevi
B4 this vid I had Will's JD ad
bailey YT
bailey YT Pred 28 dnevi
Why the fuck is will in a JD ad?
RAY KEE Pred 28 dnevi
11:21 14:01
Callum Wilkinson
Callum Wilkinson Pred 29 dnevi
14:19 the man sounded like Luis Armstrong
Kam-Toons Pred 29 dnevi
Just went through my own breakup today after 10 months, fuck you guys made me feel so much better. Thank you eboys 🖤
Joe Skinner
Joe Skinner Pred 29 dnevi
What about alex and fraser?
The Tree
The Tree Pred 29 dnevi
will is a nob-head
The Tree
The Tree Pred 28 dnevi
@Will The Gamer ok
Will The Gamer
Will The Gamer Pred 28 dnevi
poo poo
poo poo Pred 29 dnevi
Alex and George need to do a break up video so they get 8 mil views
Levi Ackerman's Wifey
Levi Ackerman's Wifey Pred 29 dnevi
Just got a Willne ad before this video
Will The Gamer
Will The Gamer Pred 28 dnevi
Jason Bourn
Jason Bourn Pred 28 dnevi
i got four of them throughout the video
Alfie Harcombe
Alfie Harcombe Pred mesecem
“5 foot into the ocean that’s not very far down” why is everything George says so jokes ahahaha
Rosi Devon
Rosi Devon Pred mesecem
I got an ad with will in it b4 this video started-
Jarl Glados
Jarl Glados Pred mesecem
till this date this is the best video you guys made
Kenyan marsh
Kenyan marsh Pred mesecem
David and liza breakup has more views than your whole eboys youtube views
BigfozzyTT Pred mesecem
Will I saw ya jd add
Jude Beddows
Jude Beddows Pred mesecem
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