The Truth About my Son 

Mark Rober
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Now that you've met my son, please consider sharing and donating to impact his life and so many others like him.
Livestream link (April 30th- MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW!)- sltv.info/label/a61m1salcH6SaKY/video
Learn more about the charity NEXT for Autism here- www.nextforautism.org/current-events/color-the-spectrum/

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16. apr. 2021

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Mark Rober
Mark Rober Pred 21 dnevom
If I look younger here it's because this video is actually 2 years old and it's just taken us this long to feel comfortable releasing it since this is the internet. So please be kind and please consider sharing and donating :)
Emtube Pred 2 dnevi
i know mine is not as bad as you really sweet son but i have dyslexia and get made fun of for it and i have depression and anxiety and i love your son that he gose through that and it makes my day to see that he can make it through that and if he can go through that than i can to. Yall macke my dad
Alex Nedolast
Alex Nedolast Pred 11 dnevi
Most wholesome video ever. Even Mark himself started to get sad and studder.
Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends
I actually didn’t even notice. I thought it was just a different haircut 💇🏻‍♂️
Landon wright
Landon wright Pred 19 dnevi
I just need to say I'm autistic and one year our house burnt down and I went crazy with the noise of the fire trucks my mom and dad and more so don't judge
Slimy Gamez
Slimy Gamez Pred 3 urami
Hey just wondering is it harder raising a special kid because now I want a to have a autistic kid now
WWM Pred 4 urami
If you didn’t cry watching this you’re not human.
That One Girl
That One Girl Pred 4 urami
i am a big fan i love your vids
Guido de gamer
Guido de gamer Pred 4 urami
idk what- your saying but some of the things your saying is not i dont have that and i have autism tho i just hate myself lol
Braiden Shaul
Braiden Shaul Pred 4 urami
i cried watching this
Ken Lenois
Ken Lenois Pred 5 urami
Mini Moll
Mini Moll Pred 5 urami
Don’t worry we will all support you
Imagine games
Imagine games Pred 5 urami
I understand how hard that is and I loved the way you said it!
Nischal Gembali
Nischal Gembali Pred 5 urami
in my school we watched this and i am in 3rd grade and just to make it clear thr girls cryd
brenden street
brenden street Pred 6 urami
I really love this! We are all supporting you mark!
Bailey Harris
Bailey Harris Pred 7 urami
This is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing this. I work with special needs and my heart just exploded with love and happiness 💓
Mykenn Aplaon
Mykenn Aplaon Pred 7 urami
I personally don't leave a comment, but I have to say, I love that you did this. Yes the world is scary, but even as human beings we need to be aware of the things we don't know. The world lives in fear and is easily scared of what we don't know. Thank you for all the knowledge you can offer. It doesn't matter how big or little the problem is, we should stay motivated to be more optimistic of our surroundings and learn from it. Together we can make the world a better place for your son, and kids just like him. So that someday when my son is older, he will approach kids without judgement and get along with eachother. Once again, thank you for this.
Buddy Bruh
Buddy Bruh Pred 7 urami
Bro why are 6ou being so harsh to your neices and nephews
Andrew Heard
Andrew Heard Pred 7 urami
Your sons a legend
Preston Black
Preston Black Pred 7 urami
I literally cried
b vlogs
b vlogs Pred 7 urami
I was born on 5/26/2006 lol
Rokas Sabaitis
Rokas Sabaitis Pred 7 urami
and who asked?
EZ_ Clapz
EZ_ Clapz Pred 8 urami
Mark the way you put this made me cry because I have autism and the way you explained it with the fluency you did it with actually sums this disability up in a nutshell
Arc Angel
Arc Angel Pred 9 urami
Love this video
ImSooRandy Games
ImSooRandy Games Pred 9 urami
I’m autistic and I know why you did not let him on screen. I was bullied at school for being autistic and being a red head.
Adrian Pilbeam
Adrian Pilbeam Pred 9 urami
I can only but apologise for not seeing this and thus missing the live stream. I work with Special Educational Needs Children and have grown up with ADHD myself. What you do is amazing and your son is amazing. Thank you for sharing him with us.
Medhansh Shekhawat
Medhansh Shekhawat Pred 10 urami
Ure awesome
Nifty RR
Nifty RR Pred 10 urami
i hope you care about your nephew -_-
Jellekehh Pred 11 urami
no hate, Am i the only person that thinks he looks like nick from big mouth?
Vivek Mishra
Vivek Mishra Pred 11 urami
Hey, India is facing serious problem due to pandemic. Because of this seriously ill patients need oxygen, as our country has huge population, we need ample amount of oxygen and there is scarcity of this my request is you make a video how to make oxygen concentrator.
Misc Mitz
Misc Mitz Pred 11 urami
Thank you so much for talking about this and accepting him as he is. As a "disabled" person raised in foster care, that was not the case for me. I don't "people" well and it was not until later in life I found out why.
Patrick Chang
Patrick Chang Pred 11 urami
I'm autistic and I just think too much
Priyansh :D
Priyansh :D Pred 11 urami
what song is it at 3:54
emmaiunu Pred 12 urami
Autistic and special needs people are easily the nicest people in the world. Period.
Joshua Lawson
Joshua Lawson Pred 12 urami
My brother is special needed
FIRE GAMEING Pred 12 urami
i have autism and so is my sister
Straw Hat
Straw Hat Pred 15 urami
I think its a little screwy to profit off your own sons disability. But aside from the money how is this kid supposed to live a life where he thinks hes normal like everyone else when his own dad is labeling him as disabled to the world.
ultrapowered beastlock
Your son is awesome and yes autistic people make the world such a great place
krishmas Pred 17 urami
he quoted the giants song from league of legends at the end of the video
Jasmine Tun
Jasmine Tun Pred 17 urami
I am autistic what the f why u think I am gonna be mad at my own kind?
Lebron James Manansala
i saw him in your snowball gun video
777 777
777 777 Pred 20 urami
My oldest has downs syndrome and my youngest has autism... no one ever asks what is it like. Even family.... it hurts. I am so scared for my kids.
Jimmy K
Jimmy K Pred 21 uro
I found out ur son was in one of ur videos 5 years ago in the egg drop video
Finn Moran
Finn Moran Pred 21 uro
I’m same like your son
XD_zappa_1235 Rust
XD_zappa_1235 Rust Pred 21 uro
My brother is autistic this is the best vid ever also what can’t you do
Manxx 132
Manxx 132 Pred 22 urami
After this sounds you put at the park but I can still fucus on your voice........ So autistic ppl don't have noise cancellation
MaKu In Japan
MaKu In Japan Pred 22 urami
It's beautiful that you shared this story. By letting our lights shine, we subconsciously give people permission to do the same. You come across as a wonderful, fun, smart person and I can tell you're a great dad. Wishing you many happy returns and future happiness.
Krish Dhirawani
Krish Dhirawani Pred 22 urami
Could see you cry at the end. SO MUCH LOVE
Andrew Setala
Andrew Setala Pred 22 urami
This video made me cry on the inside with joy and every thing ells.
Steampunk Gaming
Steampunk Gaming Pred 23 urami
My little brother has adhd, and while not exactly the same, I still relate to many of the points you made.
Grace T.
Grace T. Pred 23 urami
ExyloX Pred 23 urami
All people deserve love especially ones who have disabilities and people who are in need of help
Samantha Bee
Samantha Bee Pred 23 urami
"iM aUtIsTiC mYsElF " knowin more than half of you arent is scary
EthanPlaz YT ._.
EthanPlaz YT ._. Pred dnevom
Abracadabra Big boi
That amazing kid of yours, has the brightest most sweet smile I have ever seen in all my life. Tell him to have an awesome day for me. Thank you for this great video!!!!
Viola Reiman
Viola Reiman Pred dnevom
Hes so kind
Jacob Cruz-Zavala
Jacob Cruz-Zavala Pred dnevom
Father of the year
Jacob Cruz-Zavala
Jacob Cruz-Zavala Pred dnevom
Isabel full respect for this kid
Christopher Vasquez
wow mark 3.2 mil holy dang
24g0ld Pred dnevom
Southeast Cup Series
I’m pretty sure I have a mental illness. I get easily distracted but enough about my mental state people really should help this people. They can make everybody so happy in many ways and they deserve to live in this planet and have fun. Thanks for making this video to bring more light to the situation
TwelveInks Pred dnevom
Truly wholesome
CreativeStarCafe Pred dnevom
someone in my family is autistic so its really cool to be able to understand him more.
Walter Thomas
Walter Thomas Pred dnevom
This just made my day
As an autistic person, I absolutely love this!!! I'm not always open about being autistic because I have been treated differently for it. I sincerely hope that is never the case with your son!!!
crimtain guy
crimtain guy Pred dnevom
Magical Cat
Magical Cat Pred dnevom
This is sweet
Casey Family
Casey Family Pred dnevom
Mark you are indeed a mad lad
zants Pred dnevom
lol @ how all of the traditional celebrities made it but some of the SLtvrs didn't (schedules change and it probably wasn't intentional, but still something I thought was funny).
Warren Best
Warren Best Pred dnevom
What do you do with the money you raise? Do you donate to other autistic children and adults.
olivia frassanito
olivia frassanito Pred dnevom
umm like i almost cried during this video
Theo Karigiannis
Theo Karigiannis Pred dnevom
Thank you so much for sharing this. Your son is so special and heart warming.
Studly Vlogs
Studly Vlogs Pred dnevom
You are my FAVORITE SLtvr so I would love to learn from you so just a week ago I saw about your class and I wish I could have joined so I was wondering if you could please do the class again thanks!
Gracie Caldwell
Gracie Caldwell Pred dnevom
my little sister has autism
Mynameisanonymous Pred dnevom
This video is really sweet
Blake Minkler
Blake Minkler Pred dnevom
Mark Rober is going to go so far in this world I'm calling it now mark my word.
E Pred dnevom
Finding a hate comment here is like searching for water in a desert. What a community.
HaeMBe Pred dnevom
I never thought I would cry at a Mark rober video. Thanks for the awesome video.
Gabe Termine
Gabe Termine Pred dnevom
May 26 is my bday
Shadow Reaper TMD
Shadow Reaper TMD Pred dnevom
7:06 that clip alone has just made my year
Chloe k
Chloe k Pred dnevom
This is genuily the best video I have ever watched it has tought me so much
Clipped Pred dnevom
Fredrik Ankarås
Fredrik Ankarås Pred dnevom
Your son seems awesome!
Awesam Mlg
Awesam Mlg Pred dnevom
I know it’s hard but well done! I’m so happy for you and he’s got a great family
Poison Dart369
Poison Dart369 Pred dnevom
It’s so amazing to see how supportive people are towards you, your family and your son mark. You have made such an amazing community, I hope you know that you have an amazing son, no matter of what needs he has. It shows how special needs aren’t bad things as they can make such an amazing boy. He obviously cares about the people he meets and that is amazing. I am 14 and usually I don’t pay attention to new people, I think lots of people, ESPECIALLY TEENAGERS need to take things from your son. Lots of people need to not push aside people who have autism and other special needs, and we need to learn from them. Thank you so much for creating this video and sharing your experience with us and showing us what an amazing person your son is. THANKYOU!
Dynasty Pred dnevom
A Cat's Life
A Cat's Life Pred dnevom
I understand what he goes through because I’m at autistic spectrum
Elias Mikkelsen
Elias Mikkelsen Pred dnevom
your son is so nice
kirishima._. gurl
kirishima._. gurl Pred dnevom
i wishi could donate
YNL Breezy
YNL Breezy Pred dnevom
My little cousin can also tell the day from like the year
YNL Breezy
YNL Breezy Pred dnevom
Mark Rober backround music is just wanted
The Stanimal
The Stanimal Pred dnevom
Brilliant video 👍 You made this stone hearted bastard almost tear up! Your son is a credit to you, hope he's doing well 🙂
Ayden Tye
Ayden Tye Pred dnevom
Why was this in the comedy section for me
지루함 Pred dnevom
i want autism so i always find things enjoyable.
ItsYaBoiAlex _
ItsYaBoiAlex _ Pred dnevom
What 🤨
Fiona McNally
Fiona McNally Pred dnevom
Fiona McNally
Fiona McNally Pred dnevom
Sir you are amazing
Blubus Pred dnevom
Beautiful video Mark, thank you so much so sharing
Sondre H Dyrøy
Sondre H Dyrøy Pred dnevom
i miss him
Sondre H Dyrøy
Sondre H Dyrøy Pred dnevom
my friend has autism and haven`t been in my class for 4 years
Omar Kassab
Omar Kassab Pred dnevom
dude u can make an adult cry this is so heart warming my guy and this lets people see human beings with autism in another way keep it up
Meme Monsterrr
Meme Monsterrr Pred dnevom
I have 3 autistic friends, it’s fine, don’t worry!
Sachin Rane
Sachin Rane Pred dnevom
Even if you are autistic and fat or anything you are a human
Hectic H
Hectic H Pred dnevom
i cannot explain how upset i am to have missed the live stream
Paolo Boyvadaoglu
Paolo Boyvadaoglu Pred dnevom
@MarkRober I could realise his amazing smile out of a whole crowd! (He is amazing!) P.S He really makes a world a better place! :^) ❤️
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