Returning To Norms: Biden Rips Putin In Tough Phone Call, Immediately Releases Details 

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President Biden is busy cleaning up his predecessor's messes, among them this country's relationship with Russia, and Stephen was caught off guard by the new administration's return to norms around transparency in foreign policy. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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27. jan. 2021

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Ursule Pred 12 dnevi
Biden is so senile he will start WW3 with Russia because he is still buthurt about Trump. Leftists are suicidal.😌
Big Boss
Big Boss Pred 21 dnevom
Biden and his group of clowns turned out to be weaklings. They can only bark, and when Putin invites Biden to talk openly, he immediately hides in a shell. Shame.
snickle fritz
snickle fritz Pred 23 dnevi
Sad just sad
Edward Lewis
Edward Lewis Pred 24 dnevi
2016=Russian interference 2020="you can't cheat an American election"
Sheryl Pierson
Sheryl Pierson Pred mesecem
Stephen Whats wrg with U??
Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer Pred mesecem
Mother work the poll caught me so off guard
Eugene Foster
Eugene Foster Pred mesecem
Talk about a douchbag
Fenicus Pred mesecem
Heheheh... Work the pole, Mother.
eleptheria1 Pred mesecem
weird how that ratio is the same as americas prison population..... soooo much freedom/freedumb
james eaton
james eaton Pred mesecem
What is Joe Biden doing? It's never been worse now. Good job Dems voting in someone with no clue
james eaton
james eaton Pred mesecem
Hey everyone remember when the host was funny
Suresh P
Suresh P Pred mesecem
This white comedy clown has no jokes to say without naming Trump. Used Trump for 4 years and still continues.
Hyped Grails
Hyped Grails Pred mesecem
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Bharat Shazi
Bharat Shazi Pred mesecem
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Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi Pred mesecem
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Адилет Бейшенов
Bye Trump we will not miss you
Dylan Douglas
Dylan Douglas Pred 21 dnevom
It’s ok putin wishes Bidens health
operamatt Pred mesecem
welcome to shill hour
Sow AG
Sow AG Pred mesecem
had a quick look at Colbert, hoping for something better. he's still there trading scripts about trump and pence. I live in Europe and wanted to see biden take the reigns. But I don't get this Colbert garbage.
Marcus Danchision
Marcus Danchision Pred mesecem
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Mogan Yee
Mogan Yee Pred mesecem
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Scott Spencer
Scott Spencer Pred mesecem
Lies, navalny is a western puppet it's ironic that liberals have taken a shine to navalny, he's a far right anti immigrant russian nationalist. I wonder when Steven will do an episode on Julian assange being locked up or ed snowden. And the mansion Steven showed is a hotel. It's odd that these poisoning attempts Never succeed, and the Germans are refusing to release the medical records pertaining to navalnys health. It's odd that these people upset with Russia are really quiet on Saudi Arabia and China the Arab Emirates. perhaps it's got something to do with them not making money of Russia like they do off china.🇷🇺
RightFit Fitness & Performance
Get ready for the same failures under Biden as we had with Obama: Obama/ Biden Entitlements: •Entitlement programs- Food stamp president. 31.9 million to 46 million. It went to double when he left office. •Disability president: Social Disability greatly increased. Obama made it easier to get disability. * Under Obama wealthy took home more money than the poor. Top 1% made more money. Median income declined for 6 years straight. •3 years in a row at 14% for unemployment. •Record Stimulus spending that didn’t not stimulate the economy. Just new debt from “stimulus” because money is taken from tax payers or borrowed. * Unemployment stayed about 8% for 48 months. * 1st time in 38 years that companies went under more than companies started. Obamacare and government regulations crushed businesses. * He also predominately created low wage jobs. * He was not the first president to inherent a presidency after a recession: Reagan after carter, Bush after Clinton. On average it took 22 months to return the economy to before levels. It Obama’s took a little more than 70 months.
Dennis Heijnemans
Dennis Heijnemans Pred mesecem
Tried the Egg Wizard on my neighbour, but he's still a lizard. Whatever shall I do?
l s
l s Pred mesecem
german arrowood
german arrowood Pred mesecem
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Nancy Valle
Nancy Valle Pred 2 meseci
This fool will never live right again.
sarah martins
sarah martins Pred 2 meseci
Cheating is a deal breaker for me , I always told the previous women I've had relationships with, the moment you are unfaithful is the moment you end our relationship. If I've ever felt so disconnected from my partner that I have felt myself drawn even into a hypothetical affair in my mind, I end the relationship. I've been in many abusive relationships (that I ultimately ended) but never once have I been unfaithful. Why? Because no failing relationship is worth sacrificing my morals and integrity for. No matter how it unfolds with a partner, there should be a base level of respect and empathy towards them as a human being. A failed relationship will not pollute your mind and foster insecurities anywhere near as as being on the receiving end of adultery. I didn't know what was happening all along for years that he's been cheating until I met RELIANCEDECK.COM
Setareh Greenwood
Setareh Greenwood Pred 2 meseci
i love this show but whoever does cbs’s captioning needs to have someone monitoring their work :/
Jenn Hambran
Jenn Hambran Pred 2 meseci
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Michael Raad
Michael Raad Pred 2 meseci
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John Smith
John Smith Pred 2 meseci
Despite his Trump success, it's been a tough couple of years for Putin. First there was the crumbling of the oil market. Then there was Covid and the failed Russian vaccine. Then he got caught hacking. Now there's Navalny & Biden. That all is what you'd call a problem for Vlad from which he probably won't survive. Everything Trump touches, dies. Everything.
Tiia Mannix
Tiia Mannix Pred 2 meseci
9:56 I haven't laughed this hard in a while
Anthony hau
Anthony hau Pred 2 meseci
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erika flores
erika flores Pred 2 meseci
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Паша Club
Паша Club Pred 2 meseci
маловато просмотров, го репостнем пасаны!
Scott Hafele
Scott Hafele Pred 2 meseci
The tiny catapult is awesome i want at least 2
Cosmoevents21st Pred 2 meseci
Yes and Putin is shaking in his boots. Lol!!!
clark loeffler
clark loeffler Pred 2 meseci
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justin castillo
justin castillo Pred 2 meseci
Just throw the catapult. Destroying notes? Lavish life? Is that Putin, Trump, or David Miscavige? Makes no difference.
zepptar Pred 2 meseci
Biden is about as tough as mr magoo
pkreschishin Pred 2 meseci
From Russia with LIKE!
Where are you living we need job's not stimulus money
Where are the job's
Name Last name
Name Last name Pred 2 meseci
Wonder what returning to norms for Colbert is?
Darric Pred 2 meseci
Lmao @ people thinking Biden is an improvement. Yikes!
cannibalbananas Pred 2 meseci
I hope all the people involved in the 23 year old CEO scam face some kind of charges 😠😡
James Vandorpe
James Vandorpe Pred 2 meseci
Please give up the drinking thing.
Alex B
Alex B Pred 2 meseci
dont worry about the budget for said catapult stephen: bring it in to another youtube video D&D campaign with Matt Mercer :)
Mary Zheng
Mary Zheng Pred 2 meseci
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Chase Emery Davis
Chase Emery Davis Pred 2 meseci
"Thank you... citizen" hahaha I'm done! Brilliant!
Camp Smith Media
Camp Smith Media Pred 2 meseci
Steven has to make fun of Trump even after he’s gone to have anything to say.
Camp Smith Media
Camp Smith Media Pred 2 meseci
Worried about China not so much Russia.
Aperture Michelle
Aperture Michelle Pred 2 meseci
that shake weight gif was a masterpiece XD
Mik Moen
Mik Moen Pred 2 meseci
I use a MyPillow though...
Officer Stompahoe
Officer Stompahoe Pred 2 meseci
Colbert sounds like every other crazy liberal without an audience.... Hell he sounded like that with one.
Nath Henn
Nath Henn Pred 2 meseci
It's kinda weird that he thinks the normal was gas going up over night and war in the middle east, it just sounds regressive to me but whatever
Schindlersfist Pred 2 meseci
Putins Palace is like a James bond villains Lair
Elizaveta Eliska
Elizaveta Eliska Pred 2 meseci
Thank you for telling about Navalny! But your missed aquadisco at Putin's palace! How could you?!?!
Jackie371 Pred 2 meseci
Most people would see the Q-anon crap as the same as the "Toastinator" ad, but not Trump supporters.
zepptar Pred 2 meseci
Lefties quote more q crappola than any trump supporters I know
Handy Cap
Handy Cap Pred 2 meseci
Where is your mask? U are spreading covid.
Darren Nicol
Darren Nicol Pred 2 meseci
While the US cerebrates getting rid of Trump, New Zealanders celebrate Steven never getting real NZ citizenship.
Erik Stigter
Erik Stigter Pred 2 meseci
The USA has pretty normal statistics with regards to covid. Also, wearing a mask is still being debated with the majority of experts saying it doesn't have much of an impact and that ventilation is far more important. It's fine to dislike Trump, go ahead.. but you could be more accurate or at least honest about the subject matter and not try to shove all the blame, maybe now it is time to look at what this president is doing that might be worth discussing.
Anthony Michael Lipetri
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Elaine Primo
Elaine Primo Pred 2 meseci
Is this guy not afraid his nose get longer in his Sleep? Hope his story telling get sold.
Ruby Sultra
Ruby Sultra Pred 2 meseci
Welcome to why transparency works :D
Dustin Hunt
Dustin Hunt Pred 2 meseci
Also returning to norms.... Biden restricted travel from China. Something that he called xenophobic when Trump did it. It’s hilarious how often the left does the very same things that they say the right is wrong for. Lol
amy joy
amy joy Pred 2 meseci
russia was kind enough to get t****** elected as our president...we would be happy to show the russian people how it all worked out...storming a capitol, or storming a multi-billion dollar palace...the russian learning experience can be as golden as the one they showered upon the american people...
news buster
news buster Pred 2 meseci
This is so cringe. Anyone who believes Biden has anything to bring on Putin needs a brain transplant. Putin probably had a good laugh, if this conversation even took place at all. Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated.
Anthony Divitto
Anthony Divitto Pred 2 meseci
I was going to comment on how ridiculous this is but honestly any one who still actually watches this unironically is far to much of a sheep to even attempt to understand why. Enjoy your echo chamber while it lasts.
Ryder Scheeren
Ryder Scheeren Pred 2 meseci
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Martin Kruze
Martin Kruze Pred 2 meseci
its not his palace its his summer vacation houe btw...
JJJ ABOTULE Pred 2 meseci
How is this guy so left if Biden has lost 140k jobs already and prices for gas went up.
sdfs sds
sdfs sds Pred 2 meseci
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T D Pred 2 meseci
The writers are wonderful. This stuff is gold.
LukeTalks Pred 24 dnevi
Steven writes most of his own stuff
Lauren Elizabeth Johnson
I love Stephen. He’s like the cool PTA dad that lets his kids and their friends drink beer just as long as he’s in the house.
Earl M
Earl M Pred 2 meseci
Hey seriously, hire some new writers. The ones you have really suck. They are making you look stupid instead of funny.
Gregory Holman
Gregory Holman Pred 2 meseci
Mr right
Mr right Pred 2 meseci
I did not supported Trump but you americans might got even worse... Most of the world laughing at USA politics, got grandpa for your president, who only was rased to beat Trump as priority, not to help American people... Presidents should prioritise their tasks to helping people not beating somebody in the election. And that is very very sad...
Fe Simco
Fe Simco Pred 2 meseci
Does Colbert think it's pronounced "Amplitheatre"?
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez Pred 2 meseci
Looking to wash more money .
Tigerlilly Pred 2 meseci
WHOEVER granted the PA CONTRACT to the 22 year old CEO= GO TO JAIL. STRAIGHT TO F****KING JAIL
Antis14CZ Pred 2 meseci
"I can think of thousands of guys who want to hang with Mike Pence." BRILLIANCE! XD
Mike Horton
Mike Horton Pred 2 meseci
Panties and all
Mike Horton
Mike Horton Pred 2 meseci
Pride boys 💞🌈 They stormed the White House looking for him like he was gay elvis
Michael Mally
Michael Mally Pred 2 meseci
You haven't seen me at work. Lol
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell Pred 2 meseci
man goes in to rob a bank well the mask on his face fell off but he quickly put it back on. he asked the teller. " did you see my face?" she says yes he shoots her. goes to the next teller. " did you see my face?" she also says yes and he shoots her then he eventually gets to the teller at the end he asks her. " did you see my face?" She says to him. " no I didn't but my husband did." Now the point of this story is that masks don't really do a goddamn thing to protect people from anything. Bang Bang Bang Bang!!!!!!! guns are no exception folks enjoy the madness of what is going on.
Al Po
Al Po Pred 2 meseci
Who's looking to buy that consumer data?....you genuinely play dumb? How much money can you get to play dumb on TV? You're praising a phone call and calling that "victory"? Dumb again!
gableshawn Pred 2 meseci
Shameful what a terrible person Colbert has turned into! He should be ashamed of himself🙏🤡
P Gal
P Gal Pred 2 meseci
Wait...didn't the new savior say we have enough vaxxs for 300 Americans?
Dennis Leon
Dennis Leon Pred 2 meseci
When are you going to talk about the Biden Crime Family?
Adrian Åslund
Adrian Åslund Pred 2 meseci
This is the drunkest Ive ever seen someone be on their job.
Simone R. Dugay
Simone R. Dugay Pred 2 meseci
Then you need to watch more shows 🤷🏼‍♀️
Aidan Aidan
Aidan Aidan Pred 2 meseci
Does anyone actually think this is funny?
Wickem Pred 2 meseci
Obviously yes. If you don’t like it then don’t watch lol it is that simple.
Burch Michaud
Burch Michaud Pred 2 meseci
TheBigBadHateGuy Pred 2 meseci
Still HOOKED on Trump? Absolutely pathetic. Colbert, time to give up. Your just not funny anymore.
App Racing Legend
App Racing Legend Pred 2 meseci
Isn't that weird how all the Republican Governors that didn't believe in the virus and call it a hoax are now complaining that they're not getting enough vaccines?
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Pred 2 meseci
Does Stephen keep saying “amplatheater” or is it me?
Elizabeth Pred 2 meseci
Yes he was, it bothered me too lol
Brad Hartliep
Brad Hartliep Pred 2 meseci
#REPUBLICANS - #USAirForce #Veteran, Protector and Defender of our Nation's Constitution, and 42-year #Eisenhower #Reagan #Republican #BradHartliep is launching a NEW #RepublicanParty dedicated to upholding the #Revolutionary, #Patriotic Values of our #DeclarationOfIndependence , our #USConstitution, our #BillOfRights and the Rights and Freedoms of our poor, our Working Class and our Middle-Class, with Economic Reform that creates and builds Economic Growth for the 90% of Americans being screwed by Rich Elite and Politically Out-Of-Touch - RINO #Democrat #DonaldTrump has been attempting to destroy those values and the Strength of our Constitution for more than 5 years and we must stand up, as a people United, defend our Nation, defend our Constitutional Protections and expunge #RINO #Democrat Donald Trump and RINO Democrat Donald Trump's Supporters from our Republican Family and from our Election Process, forever .. Donald Trump and Donald Trump's supporters believe in an ideology that is completely in opposition to the Republican Values of our Founders, the Republican Values of General #Eisenhower and the Republican Values that still exited within our Republican Party under Ronald Reagan. We must return to those values if we are to #SaveAmerica and restore Hope and Equality and Justice and Freedom to the Poor and to the Middle Class and to the Working Class that kept America growing strong and building Civil Rights and Equality among every Social Group in America. Obama and Trump weakened our Military Capability and destroyed the International Respect our Military earned and our Military Deserves. We know Biden and Harris will continue to weaken and destroy our Military. And we know China and Russia are waiting for the just the right opportunity to attack and destroy America - and our Allies in Taiwan, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Japan, India, the Philippines, Ukraine, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Biden is a terrible, horrible choice for President. We know that. We've known that for decades. We know he would have never become President against any other Candidate. He didn't "win" - the Majority of the America People voted 'Against Trump', not 'For Biden'. They voted for what they mistakenly thought was their "only other choice". But we know this not true. The run for President is not a two-person race. The people have a right to vote for a third Candidate. And Blue-Collar Republicans and Red-Collar Democrats have much more in common with each other than the Violent, Far Left "Socialist-Progressives" seeking to establish a Marxist-Communist White House and the Equally Violent UnAmerican, Anti-Republican, Far Right Nazi-Fascist Trumpeters seeking to turn Donald Trump into the next Adolf Hitler -- and their actions over the last 5 years proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that that is exactly what they are attempting to do -- there is no question about it -- Donald Trump has followed in Adolf Hitler's footsteps at every singe action and speech and rally he's taken over the last 6 years .. Adolf Trump's and Adolf Hitler's rise to power are nearly identical - they are even using the exact same symbology .. and the words that Donald Trump uses are virtually identical to the words that Adolf Hitler used .. the comparison is undeniable .. but our Republican Founders would have never supported Donald Trump - they would have laughed him out the Republican Party .. they would have Tarred and Feathered him and dumped him in the English Channel and told him never come back to America .. Benjamin Franklin would have skewered Donald Trump and exposed him for the Fraud and the Tyrant he is .. Abraham Lincoln would have had Donald Trump arrested and charged with Treason .. and Dwight David Eisenhower would have arrested Donald Trump and him punching rocks at Leavenworth for the rest of his life .. Donald Trump does not belong inside the Republican Party .. he's a liar. he's a con-artist. he's a criminal. he refused to serve our nation. he sold himself to the Russians. he's loyal to Vladimir Putin. He's not loyal to our US Military. And he's not loyal to our US Constitution. And he's not respectful to the Men who died defeating Adolf Hitler in World War 2. Nor to our POWs in Vietnam. General Eisenhower was a Great Man. He was a Great General. He was a Great President. And he was a Great Civil Rights Leader that Protected our Weak and our Less Fortunate Citizens. And he protected the Civil and Equal Rights of Americans who were not White, Anglo Saxon, Middle Class Protestants. He despised the Ku Klux Klan. And he despised the Nazis. The Republican Party must return to the Republican Party, and the values that existed within the Patriotic Republicans of America that stood with General Eisenhower , and Men and Women of World War 2, in defense of the Equal and Civil all Americans and all people around the world .. ~ Join #BradHartliep in attacking the threat from #RINO #Dictator Donald Trump and his White-Sheet Trumpistas that are attacking Our America .. Join The #RepublicanParty and Elect #BradHartliep2024 as your next Republican President of Choice as we rise to stop Extremist Fascism and Extremist Communism from attacking and Destroying our Constitution and Our Nation and our People ~ #BradHartliep #LaunchAmericaForward ..
Dianne Cheek
Dianne Cheek Pred 2 meseci
Cobert is as sick as his jokes There is nothing even remotely funny about his sick humor.. And YES! I am a die hard President Trump fan.
Mount Morris
Mount Morris Pred 2 meseci
No wonder why Trump cult GOP has absolutely no comedians that can humor reality Bunch of tools..
erti Pred 2 meseci
Please tell me this is a Joke, no adult would believe a robot person like biden would be able to even try something with ex KGB Putin lol
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Pred 2 meseci
I wasn't ready for the egg whizzard 🤣 lord!
CrystalFox25 Pred 2 meseci
You know what I can’t get over? Republicans constantly scream about communism. They are obsessed with it. Yet when it became public knowledge that an ex-communist country that they hate interfered in an election, they were nah that’s okay because he’s someone they liked. Like invertebrates have more backbone than hypocritical republicans.
CrystalFox25 Pred mesecem
@Robert Juzefski You keep skirting the question. I agree communism is bad and has never worked out for the people it was supposed to help. So why weren’t they more upset upon finding out that their leader was willing to get help from a dictator? You can’t tell me that they didn’t realize that, that meant he could be compromised. That he could be asked to do something dangerous to return the favour they did for him.
CrystalFox25 Pred mesecem
@Robert Juzefski So why weren’t the republicans disgusted when it became public knowledge that they interfered in an election? That’s the problem.
G. Andaluz
G. Andaluz Pred 2 meseci
Steven, it's disingenuous to blame Philly's issues on college students. Not only is that a disservice to kids, but these people are adults, and responsible for their behavior. Treat them like the shitbags they are. There are plenty of "college students" who have contributed greatly in ways that benefit people.
Eric Hanson
Eric Hanson Pred 2 meseci
As a registered Democratic party voter, I really wish Stephen Colbert and the Late Show more generally weren't such partisan hacks.
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