Biden Victory Cold Open - SNL 

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Joe Biden (Jim Carrey) and Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) give speeches after the conclusion of the 2020 presidential election.
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7. nov. 2020

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Built-Not-Bought Pred 2 urami
God I hate politics.
American Citizen
American Citizen Pred 4 urami
Biden will be President for all Americans who are not conservatives.
American Citizen
American Citizen Pred 4 urami
Don't get too happy... it's going to be a long and brutal four years.
hockey legend50
hockey legend50 Pred 4 urami
"they started wittling them away until there was only a wittle bit weft"
Mr. Guy
Mr. Guy Pred 5 urami
Bruh Why the hell does Jim carry sound exactly like Biden
Aaron Atherton
Aaron Atherton Pred 7 urami
Saturday Night Biden Ford skit.
No Limit Hold Em'
No Limit Hold Em' Pred 9 urami
Biden has bungled the distribution of our vaccines we have thousands out of work on the pipeline and the wall Chinese war ships are circling Taiwan thousands of illegal immigrants are ready to cross into our country and my friggin gas prices are up why don’t you report on this the real news
SelfOverCome Pred 12 urami
And in just 7 days after the inauguration over 11,000+ people out of union jobs. Great work people!
Muhammad Azam
Muhammad Azam Pred 13 urami
Jim Carrey is my number one actor
I have fallen and i can't reach my keg
I did not know Hillary 2.jOe BinLaden is Canadian.
Brian Mcknight
Brian Mcknight Pred dnevom
Know one cares ...........
landon Pred dnevom
so totally unfunny
Sdenek Smetana
Sdenek Smetana Pred dnevom
judeodemokracja psuje świat.ai
Big R
Big R Pred dnevom
After hearing “lew-who, za-her” we need Ace Ventura 3 now
MrGrim19 Pred 2 dnevi
Haha Biden won Trumptards . . . .
Story Master
Story Master Pred 2 dnevi
Hahahahahahahahahahahahah kamala lmao
Donnie Calabrese
Donnie Calabrese Pred 2 dnevi
Lmao these people voted for biden are gonna see who they really voted for lmao
Holen Minjarun
Holen Minjarun Pred 2 dnevi
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no namerequired
no namerequired Pred 2 dnevi
Can't wait to see you guys go as hard as you went on the last administration on this one! It's gonna be hilarious! Never any softballs from you guys. The new health secretary is gonna get roasted! lol.
Jordan Grant
Jordan Grant Pred 2 dnevi
This is insanely out of touch. SNL continues to slip...
4:38 It should've been Despacito
J A Pred 2 dnevi
Jenni Seven
Jenni Seven Pred 2 dnevi
A Sting tantra joke in 2020? I’m almost amazed by that reach across the great expanse of time...
An0nymous_L0gic Pred 3 dnevi
Whenever I see Jim Carrey I wonder why people don't care that him and his then wife championed the death of children
2012enpassant Pred 3 dnevi
Can’t go to a 7 11 without a slight Indian accent. Said he wasn’t kidding. Liked Obama because he is clean & articulate. Tells voters: you ain’t black if you don’t vote for him. Tells minorities he knows about roaches & likes when kids touch his leg hair. The devout catholic persclaims palmist readings from a palmist. 2021 has turned into a sap-ocrisy
Wanda Romain
Wanda Romain Pred 3 dnevi
It was FITTING that Jim Carrey ended his Joe Biden run with his Ace Ventura LEWWWWW-ZERRRR line! You know -- 'cause 45 was the LEWWWWW-HEWWWWW...ZER-HERRRRR. Special Nod to Maya Rudolph for holding it together when I'm sure she wanted to LHAO. "LEWWWW-ZER" was a WINNER!
Alan Cassell
Alan Cassell Pred 3 dnevi
John sudeikis... Let king John return as joe biden
JohnnyFin Pred 3 dnevi
Anita hall
Anita hall Pred 3 dnevi
Also so happy to see that everyone is happy that a man who was mentored by a KKK member has “won” the presidency.
Jim should have gone back to Canada instead of complaining about trump for all this time. I’m sure he can make a living doing lifetime movies🤣🤣🤣🤣And Maya is untalented and unfunny.
future1997 Pred 3 dnevi
They cut my local news for this, after a football game ran late. I was very surprised
Marta Ramos
Marta Ramos Pred 3 dnevi
The saddest part about Trump losing this election is not seeing Alec Baldwin’s impression of him 😂
Rameez Bhatti
Rameez Bhatti Pred 3 dnevi
Lahoooozaherrr hahahaha
joe gruszka
joe gruszka Pred 4 dnevi
Jim Carry is still doing impersonations at almost 60 years old, Joe Biden is president at almost 80 years old, and SNL still lives at almost 50 years old. Just goes to show, COVID can not push us around, we still rock in 2021, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
Dj for The present
Dj for The present Pred 13 urami
1:57 ironic
Tatum Hildebrand
Tatum Hildebrand Pred 4 dnevi
I can’t imagine being happy Biden is president
Official Elon Musk YouTube Channel
Does anyone remember a time when SNL was actually funny? I genuinely can’t
Marie Jean-Pierre
Marie Jean-Pierre Pred 4 dnevi
I’m gonna miss Alec Baldwin
ghettoyeti50 Pred 4 dnevi
Do a skit on biden locked out of whitehouse. Hilarious
Kate Walker
Kate Walker Pred 4 dnevi
Jim Carrey the most annoying
Richard Spencer
Richard Spencer Pred 4 dnevi
Raine L
Raine L Pred 4 dnevi
They can’t keep the real joy off their faces
Ryan Bromfield
Ryan Bromfield Pred 4 dnevi
I can’t believe ppl r trying to cancel snl for this like grow tf up
David Maione
David Maione Pred 4 dnevi
Mr. S
Mr. S Pred 4 dnevi
first day on the job and he's already cost thousands of jobs...wonder how many are going to still be able to still laugh during the next election.
Tom Fortuna
Tom Fortuna Pred 5 dnevi
This comedy skit to show truth about the corruption of Trump and many republicans and the truth about the election and Biden as a civil president for all people was one of THE BEST hysterically funny skits that SNL ever did ! Great job and congratulations with all of us celebrating better things to come now.
fresh air
fresh air Pred 5 dnevi
Jim nailed it👍👍
Jayda Knight
Jayda Knight Pred 5 dnevi
So Great
massh0le3 Pred 5 dnevi
@alekbaldwin whats hillarie think?
Frankie Lo
Frankie Lo Pred 5 dnevi
And now SNL is boring again
AquaticOwen0178 Pred 5 dnevi
Tbh Jim looks more like joe than joe does
Spencer McCoskery
Spencer McCoskery Pred 5 dnevi
I’m excited to watch snl make fun of a shitty president after all the trump hate I hope Jim Carrey comes back not to mention his impression was way better than the trump ones
Yari Pred 5 dnevi
This is even funnier now, 👍🥰❤ yayyy biden❤
DarthOhm Pred 5 dnevi
Man these to really nailed baiden harris together wish he would have stayed on to do it
Texas Honey
Texas Honey Pred 5 dnevi
In one day, The Farewell Address of President Donald John Trump got 6.1 million views, 242k likes and 20k dislikes. In one day, The Inauguration of the 46th President of the United States (Joe Robinette Biden) got 406,196 views, 4.1k likes, and 28k dislikes.
Texas Honey
Texas Honey Pred dnevom
@retnavybrat We already agreed that Bernie Sanders has more popularity than Biden. Biden supposedly got more votes than Trump and Obama, yet look at his first few weeks as president, his ratings are low. So low infact that the media, who usually sides with the Liberals, has now been calling him out for the lies he's been caught in. Also BLM has called him out for using them to win the election, they still have yet to have a meeting with them. He used them for political gain, and now they are yesterdays trash to him. Trump supporters warned them that the Left uses racial protestors every 4 years at election time, but y'all didn't listen. He lied to BLM, refuses to meet their demands, now they are crying on social media wondering how this white man could betray them. Y'all called Trump racist, then y'all vote in a true racist. Biden supported segregation in schools, and said he didn't want his white kids to go to school in a racial jungle, meaning he wanted white only schools for his kids. I'm glad segregation ended. It was wrong and racist, just like our current president Biden.
Texas Honey
Texas Honey Pred dnevom
@retnavybrat Oh, your obsession on likes, wow. It seems like you try to redirect the conversation back to the topic we have already covered. By the way, what did you think of the video?
retnavybrat Pred dnevom
@Texas Honey Okay, you're nowhere near the topic I have been trying to discuss in this thread. Either I haven't made my point clear or you're refusing to address it.
Texas Honey
Texas Honey Pred dnevom
@retnavybrat This SLtv video shows how people who voted for Biden are regretting it, including BLM and other organizations: sltv.info/label/gpuqsdbNpKypp64/video&t Tons of people saying Biden has betrayed them, dude, Trump supporters warned ya! We told you so!
Texas Honey
Texas Honey Pred dnevom
@retnavybrat I do agree Bernie Sanders is more popular than Joe Robinette Biden, but you have to admit, Twitter lost millions of dollars the week they banned Trump. Trump makes big tech tons of cash. Bernie, he's good for a gloves meme, but let's be honest, how long is that going to last? You make a very good point, if Biden is really more popular than Obama and Trump, then why did less than half a million people watch his inaguration, and those who did view it focused on Bernie more than Biden? It's laughable how much of an embarrassment he is 😂
laced michey
laced michey Pred 6 dnevi
When joe came out to speak doing the whole sharp shooter pew pew, i was gone😂😂😂😂
Juan Jimenez
Juan Jimenez Pred 6 dnevi
I love her @ 7:30 she almost lost it did u guys see her eyes? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zachary Williams
Zachary Williams Pred 6 dnevi
She makes me hate kamila Harris so much more than I already do.
Devyn Wiesner
Devyn Wiesner Pred 6 dnevi
Trump 2024!!
Auroraa Aurora
Auroraa Aurora Pred 5 dnevi
Gotta beat his impeachment trial first.
Synethia Lyons
Synethia Lyons Pred 6 dnevi
"...been so long since something good happened..." Hot damn I felt that💯🎤
MrDjugashvili Pred 6 dnevi
Yeah, after Biden done, you also will call him loser and so on. At least Trump got balls to tell the truth.
Auroraa Aurora
Auroraa Aurora Pred 5 dnevi
Maga tears💦
MrDjugashvili Pred 5 dnevi
@Dylan Broomes STFU fake news idiot! 😆🖕
Dylan Broomes
Dylan Broomes Pred 5 dnevi
Trump? Truth? Don't make me laugh
Conor Macgregor
Conor Macgregor Pred 6 dnevi
Anyone watching this and smiling after the inauguration???
Conor Macgregor
Conor Macgregor Pred 3 dnevi
@HarleysRuleMetricsDrool if I had pound/dollar for every time I hear this....😂
Conor Mcgregor lost last night at UFC 257. Got knocked TF out.
gonçalo nuno durao
gonçalo nuno durao Pred 6 dnevi
Ah ah. Jim Carey always impressing me with his great impressions . I don't know if Carey looks like Biden or Biden like Carey.
Desiree Butler
Desiree Butler Pred 6 dnevi
Desiree Butler
Desiree Butler Pred 6 dnevi
I can’t wait for the new SNL on Biden & Harris
pam majidy
pam majidy Pred 6 dnevi
is that the bunk'd girl?
markotep Pred 6 dnevi
RAIYAN AHMED Pred 6 dnevi
Alec Baldwin was great as Donald Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
LorBar Pred 6 dnevi
dizzy borden
dizzy borden Pred 6 dnevi
live from new york,its the end of the united states!
dizzy borden
dizzy borden Pred 6 dnevi
7:12 unlike president trump,we want to see this country self destruct in a bloody civil war.
dizzy borden
dizzy borden Pred 6 dnevi
2:49 ya and mya and harris are fine as fuck.
dizzy borden
dizzy borden Pred 6 dnevi
0:49 booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Linderman Entertainment
Who’s here after the inauguration?
Ganime Ozcay
Ganime Ozcay Pred 15 urami
it’s a good day to be living in the 21st century
Jeff Pryce
Jeff Pryce Pred 4 dnevi
Sup? 😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Angelica Espinal
Angelica Espinal Pred 5 dnevi
Linny Crocus
Linny Crocus Pred 7 dnevi
I'll never forget this day. Finding out he won. Banging pots outside my window, going to celebrate with my small Queens neighborhood in the park and coming back home to watch this slightly drunk blown away how they even got Kamala's suit right the same day. I was watching history being captured before my very eyes. SNL is unique in that way.
Cozma Roberto Cosmin
Pathetic lmao
Adrastos Pred 4 dnevi
Then everyone in the neighborhood started clapping
Rae Pred 7 dnevi
Omg the end will never get old. I love Jim Carey, he’ll still got it
Troy Friedman
Troy Friedman Pred 7 dnevi
So great watching this after today!!!
Ashley Rosa
Ashley Rosa Pred 7 dnevi
Tell me why he is using the Horton hears a who voice
Michelangelo's afterDavid
It's official. Today is 1/20/21. Excuse me while I do my happy dance. Oh wait I'm stuck in this famous pose.
SuperMario101 Pred 7 dnevi
FNM Retro
FNM Retro Pred 7 dnevi
U mad ?😂
Kenna Thomas
Kenna Thomas Pred 7 dnevi
Watching this on Inauguration Day and I’m very happy
Leo Price
Leo Price Pred 7 dnevi
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some dude with a YouTube channel
*After 4 agonizing years, we finally kicked Trump’s ass out the White House.*
Matt 88
Matt 88 Pred 7 dnevi
How were they agonizing?
who here after Biden's Inauguration?
d v
d v Pred 4 dnevi
@Matt 88 STFU. You lost get over it
Matt 88
Matt 88 Pred 7 dnevi
@d v ohhhhhh nooooooo 😱😱😱😱
d v
d v Pred 7 dnevi
@Matt 88 is that a threat? I flagged you for that.
Matt 88
Matt 88 Pred 7 dnevi
Who's hear after his death?
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Pred 7 dnevi
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Trump is no longer president. Today is great.
Dylan Broomes
Dylan Broomes Pred 5 dnevi
@Matt 88 lol
Nida F
Nida F Pred 7 dnevi
Yasssss sir!
Matt 88
Matt 88 Pred 7 dnevi
Mark Younker
Mark Younker Pred 7 dnevi
SNL is horrible lol. Their little coastal cuck live audiences makes you realize we're doomed as a nation.
Mark Younker
Mark Younker Pred 7 dnevi
@eshswam It's kinda like group think. i used to love SNL, most of the players were mid-westerners and there was as everyman kinda vibe. Now it seems to be much niche-ier and it very much has this coastal leftist vibe that's offputting. Even down to the live audience. Like they have this new "democratic" president and all a sudden they don't make fun of presidents anymore? They need to be relentlessly mocking of Biden too. There is at least as much if not more to skewer about BIden as there was about Trump. But I'm sure they'll be just like the MSM and heart eye emoji every single thing he does and give him a pass. And that's the exact kind of shit that made everyone go "Fake news" to begin with! There's a lot of truth to the "Fake news" phenomenon.
eshswam Pred 7 dnevi
Explain please. I just want to be hear from your perspective why.
Alex Haynes
Alex Haynes Pred 7 dnevi
Click LIKE if u're watching this after the Inauguration of President Joe Biden!
Prudence Harmon
Prudence Harmon Pred 7 dnevi
*HOTSLUT.LIVE* بۈركۈت 「そのうちにまた電話して誘っていいかな?」と彼は言った。「君と話ができて楽しかった。僕にはまともに話をできる相手があまりいないんだ。君さえかまわなければ、近いうちにまた会いたいんだけれど。いいかな?」اور E 'ngoe! ngaka ea meno e ile ea bula lemati la ofisi mme ea bonesa meno a eona ka mokhoa o hohelang. Sebete! உணர்வுகள் בואו שיחת לו כאן הוא סיפר אירינה. התקשר אליו על התא , שבו זה קרה מה ? יש לי , ואת עצמי , אבל המספרים שלו לא יודעים. மனிதன் கீழ்படிந்து வைத்து மீது அவரது கழுத்தில் பஞ்சுபோன்ற தாவணி , நறுமணமிக்க மென்மையானது வாசனை மற்றும் தேய்த்தார்கள் மீது அவரது மூக்கு.
David Spencer
David Spencer Pred 8 dnevi
bye bye alec baldwin
David Spencer
David Spencer Pred 8 dnevi
she looks like gladys knight
David Spencer
David Spencer Pred 8 dnevi
well done .. jim carrey
Nick Durst
Nick Durst Pred 8 dnevi
Bring back Sudeikis
Matthew McNees
Matthew McNees Pred 8 dnevi
Who else is here on Inauguration Day?
GS Pred 2 dnevi
Jokes on you, I watch this every day.
Jnet Egiziaco
Jnet Egiziaco Pred 4 dnevi
I hope they make a skit of the inauguration
Jeff Pryce
Jeff Pryce Pred 4 dnevi
Yo. 😎🇺🇸
First Dyad
First Dyad Pred 4 dnevi
Day after
Sara Booth
Sara Booth Pred 5 dnevi
I came by late but still laughing at this...what a sweet victory!
Joshua Alexander
Joshua Alexander Pred 8 dnevi
We did it Joe
sydney Pred 8 dnevi
Came back to this on January 19th 2021 just before his inauguration.
Rachel Meier
Rachel Meier Pred 8 dnevi
watching the trump part after jansix is really disturbing honestly
Jessica Clemons
Jessica Clemons Pred 8 dnevi
Night before inauguration 🥳
Haywire Nightingale
Haywire Nightingale Pred 8 dnevi
Fermin Jimenez
Fermin Jimenez Pred 8 dnevi
Had to watch it again on his inauguration eve!!! God it feels so good
Matthew spalding
Matthew spalding Pred 9 dnevi
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Amayazing Floofer
Amayazing Floofer Pred 8 dnevi
@Haywire Nightingale I'm scarrrred
Haywire Nightingale
Haywire Nightingale Pred 8 dnevi
This comment gave me a seizure.
Amayazing Floofer
Amayazing Floofer Pred 9 dnevi
I have no idea what you just said •-•
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