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Joe Weller & KSI, for the first time since their boxing match, discuss their beef and everything that has gone down between them. #WafflinMafia
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15. maj. 2020

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Chill With Hussen
Chill With Hussen Pred 3 urami
BobbyG Wensley
BobbyG Wensley Pred 15 urami
JJ is so eloquent and comes across as a genuine person in this. Completely different from his KSI persona. Fair play to him, Joe and Theo for this
Kael Pred dnevom
Theo came from outta nowhere
Omarxxxkiller Pred dnevom
Alon Grossman
Alon Grossman Pred 2 dnevi
Vaibhav T
Vaibhav T Pred 3 dnevi
Both of em are matured
Fermented Salmon
Fermented Salmon Pred 6 dnevi
Well in lads
Ferdo 5ifty
Ferdo 5ifty Pred 8 dnevi
I don't like Joe. He cried like a little bitch when deji didn't want to go on the podcast
Alon Grossman
Alon Grossman Pred 2 dnevi
No He didn’t
Jon Moran
Jon Moran Pred 11 dnevi
I want KSI to tear Jake Paul up, I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks this do I.?.... 🤔😬
Sam Nabi
Sam Nabi Pred 12 dnevi
This is the most satisfying conclusion and the best video I have ever seen. 2 people talking though hard times and showing true growth as men. Really inspirational video
michal jackson
michal jackson Pred 14 dnevi
how come did i just see this, good shit joe and ksi setting up to be role models for the younger ones tbh all love
B 11s
B 11s Pred 14 dnevi
Joe Weller should fight FosseyTube
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 46 minutami
@B 11s Joe Weller has retired from boxing
B 11s
B 11s Pred 12 dnevi
@The Wild Cowboy Deji would be a good fight but I want Joe get a good win because i think Deji would be too good for Joe if he would train. Deji should fight Slimm.
The Wild Cowboy
The Wild Cowboy Pred 13 dnevi
Nah he should fight deji
Mansan Khyriemmujat
Mansan Khyriemmujat Pred 15 dnevi
Like lets be honest ksi and joe weller are just cool people and they are both humble people ❤
Siddharth Burman
Siddharth Burman Pred 15 dnevi
Even though the immature videos are fun, this is really wholesome and I love that they did this.
SynerX Pred 17 dnevi
Please be friends again
MrSpud900 Pred 17 dnevi
“Beef between me and you” there was never beef that was all for show
MiguelGomes Gaming
MiguelGomes Gaming Pred 20 dnevi
Who was the 4th voice in the podcast. I heard JJ Joe and Theo, but there was someone else speaking from time to time as well
Mel Montel
Mel Montel Pred 20 dnevi
Rip Wafflin
Xloudy Pred 20 dnevi
Logan: *sneezes 3 times* UNFAIR! I DIDN'T DESERVE TO LOSE! Joe: *doesn't sleep, has a fucked up knee and throws up before the fight* Congratulations KSI Shows the difference between a man and a boy
BForFun Pred 20 dnevi
Wtf is with his hair theres like a white patch
MC Physiotherapy
MC Physiotherapy Pred 21 dnevom
So glad to see you lads finally bury the hatchet. Blessed are the peacemakers! ✌️
Ryan Morris Vlogs
Ryan Morris Vlogs Pred 22 dnevi
Why is W2S tagged in this video? hahahaha
Ben Rumbelow
Ben Rumbelow Pred 23 dnevi
Anyone rewatching this in or going into a second Lockdown I love Weller my Inspiration and KSI I grew up with I wish they would do more stuff together because it would bang imo ❤️👊🏼
Get ksi back on
Vishal Muralidaran
Vishal Muralidaran Pred 25 dnevi
I'm a ksi fan but the beef with Joe is pointless because ngl Joe is nice and a neutral person....
jensen Pred 26 dnevi
Don't know why people hate on either JJ or Weller, they're both genuine people, respect to both
JustinAllJ Pred 23 urami
@Do Nathan pause
Do Nathan
Do Nathan Pred 4 dnevi
@Fresh Ohh KSI's balls are bigger than Logan's entire testicle with or without the 15% that he lost
Fresh Ohh
Fresh Ohh Pred 12 dnevi
"JJ has no dick JJ has no dick JJ has no dick" - Logan 2019 Is why he doesent get any respect
Corpse Wife
Corpse Wife Pred 27 dnevi
5:03 Callum Smith beat JJ when they were small?😯 Like the boxer Callum smith?
Sergeant Shifty
Sergeant Shifty Pred 27 dnevi
Good to see them on good terms again
Seby Gomez
Seby Gomez Pred 28 dnevi
JJ is such a melon "It was like performing but with your fists" lmaooooo
MAD CREW GAMES Pred 29 dnevi
l People that got this recommended to them in 2020 V
Nippy Kurt Russel
Nippy Kurt Russel Pred mesecem
Never seen clickbait edits before
Zack Matthews
Zack Matthews Pred mesecem
15:05 wait where did Luke come from😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sam Farr
Sam Farr Pred mesecem
Take the loss like a man and don't blame your trainers, you didn't throw any punches on the night simple as that, white noise or one of Ksi's shite tunes aside I'm sure they told you to throw punches.
Zack Matthews
Zack Matthews Pred 19 dnevi
@Sam Farr dont cry
Sam Farr
Sam Farr Pred 19 dnevi
@Zack Matthews Fuck yourself.
Zack Matthews
Zack Matthews Pred 19 dnevi
@Sam Farr dont cry
Sam Farr
Sam Farr Pred 19 dnevi
@Zack Matthews mug
Sam Farr
Sam Farr Pred 23 dnevi
@Michael Silvestri not at all KSI is an insult to music too.
Isaac Langfield
Isaac Langfield Pred mesecem
I rate joe weller when he lost the fight he stumbled a bit but he’s really found what he’s good at and loves
Pookela Konanui
Pookela Konanui Pred mesecem
It’s amazing because I don’t think he said it but it seems like jj has the “I want you to laugh with me” rather than “cry with me” mentality. Both are fine but I can understand how jj’s positivity radiates to more people. Especially when he said, “your fans can feel that.”
snynxflame Pred mesecem
what no
Sasha Hariri Petrova
No one: Jj this whole podcast: It’s one of those things where....
Alon Grossman
Alon Grossman Pred mesecem
Charla Black
Charla Black Pred mesecem
shrtlink.ca/love1olli543xxx ඒ ගැන සිතා බැලීමට තව වේලාවක් තිබෙන්නට පෙර මම ඇඳ ඇතිරිලි ආපසු විසි කර ඇඳෙන් පුපුරා ගියෙමි කෑගසමින්ගොරවනපහර දෙමින් නිදන කාමරය මැදට වීසි වී සිටියෙමි
Shazad Ali
Shazad Ali Pred mesecem
amanxo Pred 2 meseci
now why the fuck did malfoy pop out of nowhere
Mahad Zahid
Mahad Zahid Pred mesecem
Tf 🤣
BadmanShakif Pred mesecem
It's cause he's part of the podcast as well
Dan O’Connell
Dan O’Connell Pred 2 meseci
Get JJ on a true wafflin episode where you all just have a laugh that would bang
Xavier Patel
Xavier Patel Pred 2 meseci
joe sucks
Mahad Zahid
Mahad Zahid Pred mesecem
You suck
Callum Pred mesecem
Bo Juckley
Bo Juckley Pred 2 meseci
I met joe weller today in person
amir eslampanah
amir eslampanah Pred 2 meseci
LMAO he got 19k follower on ig, i would of die instead of having 19k follower out of having 945k subscribers, omg this dude
tom t56
tom t56 Pred 28 dnevi
who got 19k followers on ig?
BadmanShakif Pred mesecem
You need to grow up if you think things like followers really matter that much
vrooming Pred 2 meseci
you probably dont even have followers you uncultured swine
Razor jaw86
Razor jaw86 Pred 2 meseci
JJ “Sore winner” Olatunji
Vaibhav T
Vaibhav T Pred mesecem
See for yourself He's not Maybe to Logan though
SHAMRON SHOW Pred 2 meseci
Apollo Creed and Rocky
CJS Pred 2 meseci
Looking forward to Joe being at the Football event with KSI
Sean Shimamoto
Sean Shimamoto Pred 2 meseci
Unpopular opinion: The sibling rivalry between he and Deji really helped to mold JJ into who he is today...flaws and strengths. The difference between him and Logan...Logan is surrounded by yes men, so he’’d say, “I BELIEVE I can win!”. While KSI’s brother and his mates have no problem calling him out on things, so he’d say, “I KNOW I can win!” Subtle, but big difference.
Sean Shimamoto
Sean Shimamoto Pred 2 meseci
ch studio They definitely have the potential to do that. But there are some who just wallow in it and feel sorry for themselves...and in those cases, they just never improve.
ch studio
ch studio Pred 2 meseci
Yeah definitely man agree with you we all need to go through bad thing's that mold us into better people.
SoggyToast Pred 2 meseci
plus his a wuss so now hes jus actin up
SoggyToast Pred 2 meseci
nd idc if they ok now pft.
SoggyToast Pred 2 meseci
I still hate joe for ksi thats called being true bruh
tom t56
tom t56 Pred 28 dnevi
thats called being a fanboy "bruh"
Daksh Senthil
Daksh Senthil Pred 2 meseci
Joe was a really good sport unlike Logan (not cursing the ref and sneezing 3times in the morning )good job Joe for not being a sore loser like Logan and
Daksh Senthil
Daksh Senthil Pred 2 meseci
And at least Joe streams good content unlike Logan filming dead bodies
Angie Hester
Angie Hester Pred 2 meseci
Jackson Tucker
Jackson Tucker Pred 2 meseci
Kitty still isn't on Apple Music 🥺
Dean Kenna
Dean Kenna Pred 2 meseci
Late to the video. I enjoyed watching that exchange, time and working through your shit really is the only true way to come out the other end more mature. Big respect to both boys for where they’ve come over the short few years of all this
Rain Pred 2 meseci
This is a big moment ahahahahaha!
Praneel Pred 2 meseci
florzy ぉ
florzy ぉ Pred 2 meseci
its kinda sad you can tell joe really liked JJ as a friend. But after the beef they have grown apart alo.
James Pred 2 meseci
ADAM SMITH is a great boxer 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Amay Radia
Amay Radia Pred 2 meseci
Jj and joe need a podcast together
Samuel Jurawan
Samuel Jurawan Pred 2 meseci
"As a winner, I love rubbing it in" fair play to JJ for straight up admitting what most winners deny
Charlie Dodds
Charlie Dodds Pred 2 meseci
8 minutes in was when I realised Theo was here
AliMahmud Akhtar
AliMahmud Akhtar Pred 2 meseci
Chris GettingFit
Chris GettingFit Pred 2 meseci
I usually don't enjoy podcasts, but 55 minutes in it feels like I've watched for 10 minutes.
Chepe santacruz
Chepe santacruz Pred 2 meseci
Both of these guys are true youtube legends! Respect both for the hard work and maturity
S E Pred 2 meseci
Clicked on this so quickly 😂
MurIcan sOLdIer reee
MurIcan sOLdIer reee Pred 3 meseci
I think joe could’ve won the fight if he could deal with being around a lot of people.
Aziz Thanawala
Aziz Thanawala Pred 3 meseci
Does that little bunch of grey hair near Joe's ear bother everyone as much or is it just me? 🤧
lewis smith
lewis smith Pred mesecem
Think it's a birth mark don't take the piss
UMAR 123
UMAR 123 Pred 2 meseci
Michael Disney
Michael Disney Pred 3 meseci
i fuckin love joe man never been more proud of a youtubers ascent
Cameron Waddington
Cameron Waddington Pred 3 meseci
in my opinion joe came out of the fight so much better
EfkaHaha Pred 3 meseci
Well this was awkward.
Ethan Jones
Ethan Jones Pred 3 meseci
Joe I love your content lad but shave that tash
venomousgamingHD Pred 3 meseci
Can you 2 do a video together??
Kainen Augustine
Kainen Augustine Pred 3 meseci
i'm happy they made up
Adam Della
Adam Della Pred 3 meseci
This is a joke how all these SLtvrs think there professional martial artists all of a sudden, flashback to 5 or 6 years ago they were making fifa videos 😂
El Padrino
El Padrino Pred 3 meseci
And here you are sitting at home still doing jack shit. Don't say "These SLtvrs" like it's something low. They can buy your house only with that fifa money without leaving a dent😂
Amy Walker
Amy Walker Pred 3 meseci
I would love to see a joe weller x ksi song
Vivienne Juma
Vivienne Juma Pred 3 meseci
say it felt better to beat logan cuz u hate the pauls ...allow it dawg!!!
Joakim Heitmann
Joakim Heitmann Pred 3 meseci
Everyone this is the real ksi. Not the SLtv donny that is toxic against the people that try to ruin his credibility. This is jj. Jj is a humble kind and a nice guy.
Epic Cools & Funnies
Epic Cools & Funnies Pred 3 meseci
This was kinda awkward
Fraser142 Pred 3 meseci
nice to see both side actually change from bitter to tasteful. Anger never lasts GG. i feel weird to say this but i think joe is alright now hes cool.
Pasha Namir
Pasha Namir Pred 3 meseci
one of the best things about this podcast is it's not an interview with ksi just answering questions it was two dudes(and theo) have had very different ups and down moments and sharing experiences and you could feel it was (maybe the wrong words but) theraputic. Keep up the good work
Kurtis Williams
Kurtis Williams Pred 3 meseci
Who else thought no fuck sake when JJ said “I’ll come on to help you out” apart from that he was class
Kurtis Williams
Kurtis Williams Pred 3 meseci
El Padrino ye apart from that part he done well but just ashame he ruined it haha
El Padrino
El Padrino Pred 3 meseci
@Kurtis Williams yeah did sound kinda cocky
Kurtis Williams
Kurtis Williams Pred 3 meseci
El Padrino right at the end
El Padrino
El Padrino Pred 3 meseci
Maddison Arnold
Maddison Arnold Pred 3 meseci
I still like when JJ said ‘thank you for having me’
Wraith YT
Wraith YT Pred 3 meseci
at least Joe honest unlike Logan when ever Jake is on impaulsive
El Padrino
El Padrino Pred mesecem
@BadmanShakifthe type of joke people with ligma make
BadmanShakif Pred mesecem
@El Padrino What kind of joke is that though
Wraith YT
Wraith YT Pred 3 meseci
@El Padrino oh I thought you were being serious
El Padrino
El Padrino Pred 3 meseci
@Wraith YT don't have humour do u
Wraith YT
Wraith YT Pred 3 meseci
@El Padrino Joe Weller who else would I be talking about
Thereal_bomberclaat Pred 3 meseci
Jj is such an amazing person if you really think about it he’s so inspirational honestly. So much respect for him
abol Kilgen
abol Kilgen Pred 3 meseci
Really great podcast interview, good to see there views on times back then and now
Mr Meme
Mr Meme Pred 3 meseci
He said he was a fighter then i go watch his old vids
SpaceMan Films
SpaceMan Films Pred 3 meseci
27:50 57:38
Pika Pika123
Pika Pika123 Pred 3 meseci
I genuinely didn’t really like KSI because I thought he was this “cyborg who always wins” persona, but this podcast has really opened my eyes that he’s a lovely, kind, feeling human just like the rest of us. Rooting for you KSI! :). Also, joe your presenting skills are out of this world, this really put my morning off to a great start, I’m so proud of your growth ❤️
4our1ne Pred 3 meseci
You’d know he’s a calm guy if you watch his videos he’s egotistical for content
Harvey Pred 3 meseci
Joe shouldn’t have stopped boxing
lewis smith
lewis smith Pred mesecem
@El Padrino Joe mamma
El Padrino
El Padrino Pred 3 meseci
Who's Joe?
KJ Ferreira-Lingham
KJ Ferreira-Lingham Pred 3 meseci
I always wonder how big Joe's channel could've gone if he didn't take a break
El Padrino
El Padrino Pred 3 meseci
Who's Joe?
klöntti Pred 3 meseci
This actually is interesting to watch
kevfriend Pred 3 meseci
36:09 I like how Joe subconsciously says “yeah” to JJ saying “fuck Jake”. We all know Joe doesn’t like Jake Paul - as he shouldn’t! Jake is a moron!
jamie bainbridge
jamie bainbridge Pred 3 meseci
“Yeah 100%”
Harry Filson
Harry Filson Pred 3 meseci
30:00 he was about to say best friends then paused rip big gibber
D and J
D and J Pred 3 meseci
Joe Weller 🤩
Ethan Matyac
Ethan Matyac Pred 3 meseci
keep the stache bro i like it
Rory C
Rory C Pred 3 meseci
4:50 Not much has changed then (I love JJ he is my favourite yter)
Alex'sLife Pred 3 meseci
Think it's really cool that they can just talk like this
Ryan Dick
Ryan Dick Pred 3 meseci
Yolo, shocking from ksi
King Samuel
King Samuel Pred 3 meseci
This is how real men handle ''beef'' the world needs to take note
Maria Taumaa
Maria Taumaa Pred 23 dnevi
This happens more often than people think it just doesn't get broadcasted everywhere
Member Berry
Member Berry Pred mesecem
I had beef for dinner last night.
Harry Filson
Harry Filson Pred 3 meseci
@ibra4mufc If it wasn't for SLtv that wouldn't even have beef
ibra4mufc Pred 3 meseci
Harry Filson if it wasn’t SLtv they would’ve squashed it in a week
Harry Filson
Harry Filson Pred 3 meseci
Only took 2 and a half years
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