Automatic pool stick vs. strangers 

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An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...

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15. feb. 2021

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SmarterEveryDay Pred 2 meseci
Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: www.patreon.com/stuffmadehere/ )
AnhThy Nguyen
AnhThy Nguyen Pred 10 dnevi
Do you have the link for the pool table? Thank you.
Martin Croft
Martin Croft Pred 12 dnevi
yes, but can he get the ball to go supersonic?
yaldram muqadis
yaldram muqadis Pred 13 dnevi
Destin knows so much yet he's still surprised by literally everything he sees
Moonlight Gaming
Moonlight Gaming Pred 14 dnevi
I KNEW I recognized you in the video
Aravind kumar s
Aravind kumar s Pred 15 dnevi
Axel Foley
Axel Foley Pred 49 minutami
This fkn guy's brain humbled the hell out of me! 😖
vad199 Pred 55 minutami
Какая бесполезная херня :)
Axel Foley
Axel Foley Pred uro
5:09 😆😆😆😆
T Bow
T Bow Pred 5 urami
Does anybody ever notice the 3rd monitor on the top alway has something funny/random?
L S Pred 6 urami
Wife: "The robot is not your kid. We've talked about this..."
Alaric Hanson
Alaric Hanson Pred 6 urami
What are your computers specs?
Seannie Trent-Cannon
The microcenter ad was amazingly surprising. I didn't expect them to do this! When I worked for them, they never did advertisements.
Robert Vosburg
Robert Vosburg Pred 13 urami
Mark Rober enters chat
Fiyak Hue
Fiyak Hue Pred 17 urami
I honestly wanted to see the pool stick making insane shots in this video, (Longer demonstration of the stick working). I feel like most of it was just explaining the pool stick, and not showing it work.
KwikDraw 35
KwikDraw 35 Pred 18 urami
crazy video glad i found this
tev Pred 10 urami
1 like yet 4th comment down cause youre verified bruh
SuperPro Cz
SuperPro Cz Pred 21 uro
Wow so genious👏👏👏
SuperPro Cz
SuperPro Cz Pred 22 urami
What app are you using for that drawing?
Mark Panya Wienands
Mark Panya Wienands Pred 22 urami
This guy in another different trip than the rest of us.
Joe Salmi
Joe Salmi Pred 23 urami
Attach the auto cue to the robot arm and have it play you...
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis Pred dnevom
If Bill Gates was 21 years old….
TheBronf Pred dnevom
imagain going to a real tourament and bringing this to it. your still using skill. just your brain power skill.
Jon Masters
Jon Masters Pred dnevom
Your videos are inspiring and wonderful
Anshaj Shukla
Anshaj Shukla Pred dnevom
This is the best thing I ever got before pursuing my Engineering
RectalSniff Pred dnevom
Crazy idea have everyone in the crowd aim a shot and take an average of them all and that's the crowds shot
Alex Uhrin
Alex Uhrin Pred dnevom
so much respect for you man, I know how much pain is it to program something but this is on entirely new level. It is something I would never be able to do myself so big up man.
Tonton Gahu
Tonton Gahu Pred dnevom
Overengineering pool just the right amount 😂
Ashley Walls
Ashley Walls Pred dnevom
Achitha Kithsindu
Achitha Kithsindu Pred dnevom
She don't appreciate your knowledge... Why is she don't care about you ?
ZombieMayhem53 Pred dnevom
"I want to enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played." *Builds robot pool cue*
Roee Almog
Roee Almog Pred dnevom
Just Amazing!!!!
Ian Naschke
Ian Naschke Pred dnevom
Punch yourself in the face for 5 days? Just blame parents.
dpsay pisr
dpsay pisr Pred 2 dnevi
it can be a great business if develop in a single normal size stick but yes no one wants to involve robot in their own entertainment but maybe people like it!
Dennis Aguilar
Dennis Aguilar Pred 2 dnevi
Most stupid invention in history of universe
Unspeakable Minion
Unspeakable Minion Pred 2 dnevi
Wonder how much he could charge for tutoring lessons? With his skills, a private lesson/session would be hella expensive
Max Dax
Max Dax Pred 2 dnevi
9:02 - this is some highly complex project, every little thing here matters. interesting.
Abhinav Bommareddy
Abhinav Bommareddy Pred 2 dnevi
next time VR instead of a projector
Abraham Elder
Abraham Elder Pred 2 dnevi
I really enjoyed this, even though at my skill level I couldn't develope 1/20th of this. Thank you for showing it to me. It encourages me to pursue robotics and STEM for the pure sake of enjoyment.
Samuel Southcombe
Samuel Southcombe Pred 2 dnevi
I'd love to work for you man you're work is awesome I'm a qualified builder in New Zealand love you're content!! What did you do basically ,,course wise,, to acquire these skills?
Slyger Pred 2 dnevi
or you could attach it to a robot arm
Romarain public
Romarain public Pred 2 dnevi
This is one of the greatest video I've seen since months. The guy is so smart and talented that I can't barely believe what I see. There is many technologies involved here, and how many hours of hard work ? Jesus. If I had a friend like him, I would spent all my free time conceiving stuffs to change the world. YOU SHOULD MAKE A WEBPAGE with all the programs you used, all the softwares (the one with graphs and simulations). How can someone visualize the camera lense deformation like he did, and make the appropriate algorithm (based on maths) to recompose the true image ? You should work with NASA or Elon Musk or Boston Dynamics. Hope you're enjoying life, you diserve it. People like you are so valuable.
ltmesq Pred 2 dnevi
7:17 had me cracking up - “I want to be unencumbered. I want to enjoy the game of pool the way it was meant to be played.”
Phyzxengr Moore
Phyzxengr Moore Pred 3 dnevi
Now build an overhead turret robot. This was done in the movie Silent running.
The C. Tyson Synopsis
I feel like a dolt after watching this guy's videos... Absolute Genius level skills.
Yedy Booz
Yedy Booz Pred 3 dnevi
I want to face you in pool
Adam Jonsson
Adam Jonsson Pred 3 dnevi
the automatic side chaining on the music is harsh, man very clever though.
Copy Caleb
Copy Caleb Pred 3 dnevi
Make a pineapple that senses people walk though your door
Rico Pred 3 dnevi
I agree, building a robot is about as hard as labor
Magsons Investments Ltd Mil
The world needs you to create prothesis, your amazing man...so amazing
Akshai Pred 3 dnevi
11:09 👌 Sometimes it's best to move on: why quitting is nothing to be ashamed of Noted 👌🙏
Mathiassss Pred 3 dnevi
Have you considered the element Chaos? What happens if force provided exceeds table capacity? It doesn't how much you calculate, because it will always leave the table F-
shane Christopher Perkins
Steve Hartley
Steve Hartley Pred 4 dnevi
icy hot
icy hot Pred 4 dnevi
sounds like a good idea to just use the software to calculate the shots and just hit it with regular pool sticks. it sure would make a great trainer for people.
JMUDoc Pred 4 dnevi
Microcenter spot. *cries in UK.
Rachit Kumar
Rachit Kumar Pred 4 dnevi
As a nerd I find this so funny and satisfying, really made my day. :) Thank you.
wayne berry
wayne berry Pred 4 dnevi
I bet this dude never misses the g spot. Does a quick formula... BOOM! *edit* Why on earth would anyone dislike this video?
Joseph Le May
Joseph Le May Pred 4 dnevi
We've talked about this.
Samridh Tuladhar
Samridh Tuladhar Pred 4 dnevi
destin vs. big brain algorithm full video pls
Вова Янчич
Вова Янчич Pred 4 dnevi
This guy should be secured by UNESCO.
Elliott Gorrell
Elliott Gorrell Pred 4 dnevi
You could use this program software to be the finger of a robotic hand. ❤ love your success and struggle.
Declan Wittkowske
Declan Wittkowske Pred 4 dnevi
also havent considered ball jumping either, in essence u hit the bottomof the cue ball with a lot of force and it'll hop over or jump which makes moving over other people's balls a lot easier
matraxs Pred 4 dnevi
wowww amazingggg
Darrin Brewer
Darrin Brewer Pred 4 dnevi
You are slick slick!!!
Amber chawla
Amber chawla Pred 4 dnevi
@stuff made here , please share your educational background and how you got to make such amazing stuffs , like what path you took to become what you are today ? , Please share this. 🙏🙏🙏
fatihalt Pred 4 dnevi
The amount of effort people put in to cheating... It would be easier to go pro at the game I guess
S Patgiri
S Patgiri Pred 4 dnevi
Bro he is big big brain
Jeiverson Christian
Jeiverson Christian Pred 4 dnevi
I would like to see you challenging the "Baianinho de Mauá", the best Brazilian snooker player.
ishan khan
ishan khan Pred 4 dnevi
Fuck this guy is smart as Fuck,
Monster Hunters
Monster Hunters Pred 5 dnevi
Dude that Awsome the Cue was cool but im more intrested in the projection on the pool table can this become a software that i can have a Camera that reads the table and projects the possiable shots on to the table Alone that i can use a Real Cue with ????
Farhan Kheirnia
Farhan Kheirnia Pred 5 dnevi
Dude i love your brain! If u wanna get a boost of viewers i think u should try using this cue against some pro pool players..those who do impossible shots and make videos u know...u compete with them doing those shots and both of u post the video and mention eachother...i think it'll work so good for u...in case u see this comment
Christian Pred 5 dnevi
Does anyone know which theme he is using for PyCharm? It has a Monokai vibe (maybe it's a version of that) and looks really nice!
Kuei James
Kuei James Pred 5 dnevi
It takes a lot a time for most people to just come up with one good idea and try to realize it, he came up with multiple good ideas and achieved all of them in a few weeks just for this one idea.....If that's not genius, I don't know what is lol
Morgan Thunder
Morgan Thunder Pred 5 dnevi
After taking it this far it kind of seems like you have to mount the cue on another large mechanism hanging above the table so that it can place itself anywhere on the table. Then people can really play each other online with no human slave necessary. Do THAT and I MIGHT hit that like button... too much hassle to drag the cursor up there for now.
wingrovedl Pred 5 dnevi
Minnesota Fats . Move Over !
afnan tariq
afnan tariq Pred 5 dnevi
I see mark rober has some company.....
Dan Smith
Dan Smith Pred 5 dnevi
"I want to enjoy pool the way it was meant to be" Builds most complicated, automated pool cue ever Amazing work!!
Brandon Rasco
Brandon Rasco Pred 5 dnevi
Bro, 9 ball is where it's at for the predictive technology. Sure, you can do it with 8 ball, or Snooker; but 9 ball would exponentially reduce the mathematical burden on the engine. Because it's literally numerologically dictated. You must hit the lowest numbered ball on the table, the rest is mere subsequence. Just a thought...
Jostein Heiden
Jostein Heiden Pred 5 dnevi
pause at 7:44
Declan Keegan
Declan Keegan Pred 6 dnevi
I dont question why his videos take so long to upload, I'm kinda Suprised that he can upload ever few months with the stuff he does
Krimi Pred 6 dnevi
I came here just to dislike this so that youtube could step recommending me this trash
F_T_F The Journey
F_T_F The Journey Pred 6 dnevi
Is there any problem this guy cant solve? Damn impressive
PaulsPalace Pred 6 dnevi
I want to enjoy pool the way its meant to be played. *Makes a robot that plays pool for him.*
Pyrectic Williams
Pyrectic Williams Pred 6 dnevi
Super! Actual genuinely super!!!
MD SAAD Pred 6 dnevi
Bro why don’t u join ELON MUSK OR STEVE JOBS
frecky fluff
frecky fluff Pred 7 dnevi
how is this guy this smart what degree and education does he have wow
Turbo Pred 7 dnevi
"machines work long hours for no pay" electricity: am I a joke to you?
Justine Kyle Orquin
Justine Kyle Orquin Pred 7 dnevi
work at nasa bro
Jes Cruz
Jes Cruz Pred 7 dnevi
What about the friction? Is the friction constant?
Rad Shiba
Rad Shiba Pred 7 dnevi
Geoffrey, break out Lucille.
Christian Abela
Christian Abela Pred 7 dnevi
How have I never stumbled upon you on youtube!!? :) This is awesome. Keep it up. I wish I was still into electronics engineering as I would have jumped all over a project like this...
{}[] Pred 7 dnevi
This video makes me feel stupid
udinulis Pred 8 dnevi
are you wizard?
Ibnu Kawiswara
Ibnu Kawiswara Pred 8 dnevi
No matter how smart it is. That i learn from this video is never stop trying.
Neil Woo
Neil Woo Pred 8 dnevi
Hi Have you put any thoughts on this system to become a teaching aid in the game of pool? I have see a fella in Canada trying to develop a system like this. Talk to the APA Pool league they might be able to help you market this unit.
billwild65 Pred 8 dnevi
My wife and I really enjoyed watching this and look forward to watching more this evening. Great plug for Micro Center. Unfortunately, the closest one is 7 hours away so a trip there isn't going to happen until we can get away for a few days. From what I saw of the store on your video, its probably going to take that long for my wife to drag me out of there 😂
Branden Lumley
Branden Lumley Pred 8 dnevi
"I want to enjoy the game of pool the way it was meant to be played"(using a high tech, never miss pool que)
Mr_ Mc11
Mr_ Mc11 Pred 8 dnevi
once its near completion, you should add a "tip conditioning function" like a small box you can place the tip in before you take the shot to chalk it to the desired amount, this will go great with getting exact "English" and spin control.
Clay Tune
Clay Tune Pred 8 dnevi
Truly amazing - The patience and determination is enviable - Humble and down to earth husband and wife...I had given up that such people existed - I guess they are all in their basements creating robots...:)
Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet Pred 8 dnevi
IQ 2000 here
Justin Tilley
Justin Tilley Pred 8 dnevi
To many fucking ads
LEÃO DO PROERD Pred 8 dnevi
Único taco capaz de vencer o Baianinho de Mauá
TheLongWind 1984
TheLongWind 1984 Pred 8 dnevi
Your videos are great and you are obviously a crazy smart guy. My big question is...."How often do people ask/mistake your wife as your sister/relative?"
LARAUJO Pred 8 dnevi
Ok now do this with a golf club
David Peterson Harvey
Your wife is a fun addition to your videos. I know she really supports your efforts behind the scenes. I'm fortuto have a wide that's supportive as well. Keep rocking it with the great videos!
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