Terry Rozier on LaMelo Ball, dunking on Kevin Durant and playing for Michael Jordan | Jalen & Jacoby 

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Terry Rozier on LaMelo Ball, dunking on Kevin Durant and playing for Michael Jordan | Jalen & Jacoby
Charlotte Hornets PG Terry Rozier joins Jalen & Jacoby to discuss the win over Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns, the transition from the Boston Celtics, what makes LaMelo Ball special, his dunk over Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant and what it’s like to play for Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.
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0:00 Terry Rozier discusses the win over the Suns.
1:42 Rozier weighs in on the transition from the Celtics to the Hornets.
2:34 Rozier says LaMelo Ball’s confidence makes him a special player.
4:00 Rozier talks about the moment he dunked on Kevin Durant.
5:10 Rozier weighs in on what it’s like to play for Michael Jordan.
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25. feb. 2021

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Adrian Bishop
Adrian Bishop Pred 26 dnevi
Great Interview; I always like Terry Rozier's game; & now he has a "Poster" of KD on his wall.....also, I hope KEMBA has a good season, Next Year....
Maya C. Solano
Maya C. Solano Pred 27 dnevi
So happy for Seth Curry getting some recognition.
D Southall
D Southall Pred 28 dnevi
3:08 Agreed! The Hornets are fun to watch . . . Go Wiz!
Jay Dowdy
Jay Dowdy Pred 29 dnevi
Connor Gill
Connor Gill Pred mesecem
rozier keeps using that right hand for left side layups.
Nataliya Ivanuh
Nataliya Ivanuh Pred mesecem
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Brock Lenger
Brock Lenger Pred mesecem
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Akbor Khauni
Akbor Khauni Pred mesecem
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temskee Pred mesecem
was he referring to kyrie at the last statement ? lmao
benjamin padilla
benjamin padilla Pred mesecem
Charlotte is One big man away from being legit contender. Big need a shot blocker like a Dwight Howard .
Tin Man
Tin Man Pred mesecem
Where did he dunk on Durant? 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱
Ryzha Pred mesecem
scaryterry is a walking bucket the hornets are super fun team to watch they going up n up hope they keep it going and make the post season
Elijah Cha
Elijah Cha Pred mesecem
They just need a Big man.
ali shoghi
ali shoghi Pred mesecem
sounds like snoop
Danny Roybal
Danny Roybal Pred mesecem
Next Year At This Time I Predict Rozier 26 Pts. AGame.He Has Alot Of Fun playing.What A Slammer Yo
ThatGuy Pred mesecem
Why it look like Jalen got a pony tail coming down the side, this is messing with me.
Trey MoCash
Trey MoCash Pred mesecem
Why i keep seeing DC young fly 🤣
Lerai Palmer
Lerai Palmer Pred mesecem
I wouldn’t say he dunked on KD.. KD was kinda behind him.
d jamz
d jamz Pred mesecem
W5sYS I'm off that
Jesse Hernandez
Jesse Hernandez Pred mesecem
Is just a win . They didn’t win the ring 😂
Udonkuku Sam
Udonkuku Sam Pred mesecem
This Charlotte is legit, they're full of joy and play for each other. You love to see it.
Lamin Bojang
Lamin Bojang Pred mesecem
Frantz Bien-aimé
Frantz Bien-aimé Pred mesecem
he sounds like the Answer!!!
angela sobmer
angela sobmer Pred mesecem
Why the baseball Jalen
Brandon LURENZO Pred mesecem
Lamelo was a social media star now his game backed it up he put Charlotte on the map
SÅBIO THE GOD Pred mesecem
Jaylen spitting som lil Bars ina Beginning 😂😂😂
MrDjspoon79 Pred mesecem
I predicted melo ball to be drafted to Charlotte 2 years ago
Francisco Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez Pred mesecem
I gotta say that dunk
G MAN Pred mesecem
Not really on KD but still nice
Youtube Channel
Youtube Channel Pred mesecem
Hornets are kinda missing a solid centre. I think a Richaun Holmes or Bagley could really make this a Playoff Team
Bobby Williams
Bobby Williams Pred mesecem
Is it just me dude talk just like AI...lol
SC Pred mesecem
players always keep it real (except LeBron) ...he wouldn't say that about Curry even he's not guarding him
samm my
samm my Pred mesecem
lmao come here KD
Daren Pressey
Daren Pressey Pred mesecem
Lamelo is in the right hands Jordan got him
Mr Bojangles
Mr Bojangles Pred mesecem
Long time hornets fan but this year might be the most fun to watch. Rozier looks like Westbrook out there with high FG%. Those power moves to the rack have been sensational. And the team is building chemistry. Keep it up guys!
Black Titan
Black Titan Pred mesecem
"I tried to power up"
Dustin Cobb
Dustin Cobb Pred mesecem
Wilt Chamberlain is the goat. NBA player. Meadowlark lemon is the greatest player ever. Mjs my favorite, but they always have to ruin good vids by calling the wrong person the greatest ever.
Mikey Mathis
Mikey Mathis Pred mesecem
Lamelo= The next NBA superstar
Lamar Hall
Lamar Hall Pred mesecem
Bro is so humble the ending of him calling people trash basically Lmaoo
Giacomo Capo del Lago
Dudes, why aren't the Hornets doing whatever it takes to get Jarrett Allen and secure their future?
PokeSaucee Majin
PokeSaucee Majin Pred mesecem
he didn't answer the first question at all lmao
Daddy Mase
Daddy Mase Pred mesecem
Clutch dis guy he can be on my team any day
UndeadByFate 6
UndeadByFate 6 Pred mesecem
I thought he was scary terry from Rick and Morty lol.
Alex The Rican
Alex The Rican Pred mesecem
Let’s be honest who thought Lamelo was going to be this good?
Diego Alfredo
Diego Alfredo Pred mesecem
Why is jalen holding a baseball bat
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro Pred mesecem
Babbit kornet
Blaqberry215 Pred mesecem
Idky but that bat gets on my nerves! 🙄
slammnlex Pred mesecem
One- kd came from behind lol not a poster Two- hornets have a losing record, why do they talk like they’re top team in the league lol
Richard White
Richard White Pred mesecem
I’m pretty sure lamely is way better thin his older bro ...
Bird Doe
Bird Doe Pred mesecem
is that a bust of Big Herc Freshout behind them?
Bird Doe
Bird Doe Pred mesecem
I mean its purple like Herc :) :)''''''
Brian Grimes
Brian Grimes Pred mesecem
Shading kyrieee..lol
bbyflip1 Pred mesecem
I knew lamelo was gonna be more exciting than Zo ! he’s fearless going to the basket Nd has the height Nd vision !! he reminds of a taller white chocolate j will 👀
LJ Williams
LJ Williams Pred mesecem
Who else can see Jordan coming out of retirement if Charottle builds a championship caliber team 🤣 I can def see him coming outta retire to help Melo get his first ring
SD4philly Pred mesecem
thumbs down , the " click baiting " said Lamelo dunking on KD , I didnt come here to see Terry Ro , nuttin against TR reason we watching the Hornets is bcuz of Lamelo Ball.
El SICARIO63 Pred mesecem
As a Celtic fan this pains me. Terry did so well while in green smh. Glad he’s doing great in Charlotte tho!
argonaut Pred mesecem
Terrys overall impact is better than Celts Pg ohh that Kemba
God the Father
God the Father Pred mesecem
That’s not even a way to use the word pain weirdo. Keep it natural if you’re gonna do it
Joseph Ereno
Joseph Ereno Pred mesecem
If Charlotte can somehow score Andre Drummond or some veteran center, they will be a lockdown top 8 team on the playoffs. I love seeing Charlotte getting better after so many years.
Allen Hudson
Allen Hudson Pred mesecem
TR got that aggressive Dawg in him. And with the confidence of their youngsters, and him there to push them to perform, they can be quite scary to face, come playoff time.
Alain Chong
Alain Chong Pred mesecem
Rozier mentioned the team has two all stars, I know one is Hayward, who is the other?
Brent Eversole
Brent Eversole Pred mesecem
Louisville baby!!!
David Williams
David Williams Pred mesecem
Glad to have this fella in the Queen City!
Chul Yeom
Chul Yeom Pred mesecem
The fancy stage thermodynamically deceive because manicure latterly collect sans a distinct cellar. erect, bite-sized motion
Jay Pred mesecem
He seem to be a cool dude.
Cynthia Anderson
Cynthia Anderson Pred mesecem
Congratulation Michael Jordan come retirement and Coach your own team your team need a leader to teach them your position and how to play the basketball game from your inside YouVersion they needed from you be related to them and you have a great team just like you did for the Chicago Bulls amen. 2//27/2021
Cynthia Anderson
Cynthia Anderson Pred mesecem
Michael Jordan congratulation on your young team hope that they have a successful season guide them lead them like the team that you did for the Chicago Bulls your
Ghetto-Cee Tha General G.F.M.R
Scary Terry is a beast
Lawrence Bookman
Lawrence Bookman Pred mesecem
Clayton Thomas
Clayton Thomas Pred mesecem
You guys are young. Keep putting in the work play together and you will get to the top. Never look at another player is better than you. Go out there every time and compete.
TheDistrict644 Pred mesecem
lo. A lot of guys that aren't that special. For sure!
Tori Star
Tori Star Pred mesecem
Scary Terry🎃🎃
OD WAYS VLOGS Pred mesecem
Looks like lupe
Mr Bingo
Mr Bingo Pred mesecem
Jacoby trash.
Camero Greak
Camero Greak Pred mesecem
Okay safe to say Jalen Rose has seen Rick and Morty
anthony mchale
anthony mchale Pred mesecem
Man this hornets team is special, they got so many young guys who are just so good with what they do. Lamelo, monk, bridges, Washington, and of course they got some vets, Hayward and rozier. I love this squad and if they don’t make it to the playoffs this year they for sure will next year
Andrew Robert
Andrew Robert Pred mesecem
How does it feel to be a young team with the ability to beat Phoenix? “It starts at practice”. He’s so dumb
BrookCen1 Pred mesecem
Anybody else notice Terry Rozier lowkey kinda look like Michael Jordan
TravisInTheCity Pred mesecem
Terry a star. He'll get his big day.
Manohar Rajan
Manohar Rajan Pred mesecem
Dang, Cs should have kept him instead of Kemba. Danny Ainge take another embarrassing L from MJ.
The Realest dude I know
I think they should trade someone to get Lonzo. Someone in the same caliber. It'll fit very well since they been playing with each other all their lives.
Adam Pred mesecem
Terry is the man, who could hate on him.
Rog Fl
Rog Fl Pred mesecem
Will never be as good as Steph
2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
Justin Flores
Justin Flores Pred mesecem
Jalen wack...81
MrBSHAW333 Pred mesecem
That baseball bat on Jalen shoulder looks like a ponytail😂😅😭
Macen Jendro
Macen Jendro Pred mesecem
He didn’t dunk on him but okay
Zeek THOMAS Pred mesecem
His new name is T-Roe
iFan Reacts
iFan Reacts Pred mesecem
Fun fact: MJ avg better stats than rozier and rozier is considered Ballin! which he is ... That tells you a lot about 40 year old mj ...Buzz City!
Robert Drake
Robert Drake Pred mesecem
Terry Rozier been a dog b word 💪💪💪
Flip Pred mesecem
He didnt even dunk on KD
MegaGio Pred mesecem
I’ll never forget when terry crossed over drew Bledsoe in game 1 f the first round to take the lead. That was nasty
Valentin Pred mesecem
Bledsoe didn't wanna be there 😂
ca sneak
ca sneak Pred mesecem
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Ca Sneaks
Ca Sneaks Pred mesecem
The expensive cyclone surgically rain because tile coincidentally wash out a marvelous politician. damaged, enormous interest
Valentine Tv
Valentine Tv Pred mesecem
Terry becoming a ⭐️
E W Pred mesecem
lol he said " posters" hahaha
DaughterOfZion Pred mesecem
Louisville fans still grateful!
KINGTANA KUTZ 23 Pred mesecem
Peter Chen
Peter Chen Pred mesecem
Snitchin off Kyrie really paid off for Terry.
Leonard Taylor
Leonard Taylor Pred mesecem
Youngstown Boy.💪🏿
Kendrick DAWSON
Kendrick DAWSON Pred mesecem
Them dudes our exciting to watch
Michael Fontenot
Michael Fontenot Pred mesecem
He sound like Allen iverson
I thought they were in first place the way they were talking, then at 3:49 it flashes across the screen that they are seventh place in the east. I'm like mannn what? Y'all interviewing him like he has his young team competing for a playoff spot😂 This is trophy generation gone overdose!
This Made W2S Nearly Cry...