The David Dobrik & Jason Nash Episode - Frenemies #19 

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2. feb. 2021

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Lauren Blanchard
Lauren Blanchard Pred 2 urami
i love them both so much but Ethan always reminds me of the seagull from nemo
CheesecakeLasagna Pred 4 urami
Shit. It's been 3 months since SOPHIE died? I still can't even grasp that she's gone.
CheesecakeLasagna Pred 5 urami
51:52 That's straight up not even a Japanese snack. smh
CheesecakeLasagna Pred 5 urami
I remember that time where Trisha brought that one of David's friends is dating a minor. And the guy's defensive response video (the girl is with him) was very telling.
CheesecakeLasagna Pred 6 urami
*"You exaggerate, you distort, but you don't lie."* 11:15 lol
Rose Lopez
Rose Lopez Pred 9 urami
Pred 15 urami
Ethan had the better cake and he was ROBBED!
Pred 16 urami
You can tell all the fried food is taking it's toll on her complexion. She is so beautiful no matter how she looks. Love you Trisha!
Pred 17 urami
Trisha talks as fast as I do. I thought I was the only one that did that.
Dekka Pred 18 urami
There's some deep shit in these comments but I'm not gonna lie Ethan 100% won the baking competition
Pred 18 urami
I love Trisha's cosplay. The way she said Konichiwa was so cute and when Ethan said it right after was so cool. I like the way he supports her.
Madison Miller
Madison Miller Pred 20 urami
my one flex is that I never liked David Dobrik
RedDolphin St.
RedDolphin St. Pred dnevom
Ana Maria Cratib
Ana Maria Cratib Pred dnevom
i need that jacket. hila... youre amazing girl
Spooky Kitten
Spooky Kitten Pred dnevom
I like Ethan's cake better.. no hate to Trish bcuz I love them too
alexia smith
alexia smith Pred dnevom
oh my triggering when he said the thing about the 17 year old girls😅 i love trish for holding strong on her views on that
Yas Pro
Yas Pro Pred dnevom
The dog won, hands down
kayla Pred dnevom
RADBeet Pred dnevom
Ethan’s cake was sooo much better
Ame Gonzalez
Ame Gonzalez Pred dnevom
Maelynn Benson
Maelynn Benson Pred 2 dnevi
i think jeff and jason were laughing ab getting shot bc the video jeff caught of himself getting shot was pretty funny in an ironic way.
Moon Pred 2 dnevi
At 1:11:30 Ethan gives David slight credit for not doing his vlog during covid. Now we know why he really stopped hahaha that didn’t age well
Lilya Davis
Lilya Davis Pred 2 dnevi
I don’t like how Trisha like Logan :/ (I still love her buttttt)
Ally Bailey
Ally Bailey Pred 2 dnevi
People love to bring up Trishas age and that they need to stop getting involved bcuz they are in their 30's... But i see Trisha as the only one coming out against all these predators on social media. And u can tell that Trish is really serious about minor abuse.
tossread Pred 3 dnevi
Omg pleaseeee I totally wanna buy the sweater and socks! Can you add the teddyfresh bear to the sweater design? A small on in the center of the sweater? Its super cuteee and I am excited for the release!!!
Mellow Nello
Mellow Nello Pred 3 dnevi
Trisha is lumpy space princess
Nopixel Tea
Nopixel Tea Pred 3 dnevi
Trishas cake definitely wasn’t it😭 I’m so sorry, & I would 100% say if Trisha won but her cake was literally unidentifiable lool
Nopixel Tea
Nopixel Tea Pred 2 dnevi
@Ally Bailey got it👍🏼
Ally Bailey
Ally Bailey Pred 2 dnevi
@Nopixel Tea trisha goes by they/them/their not she/her
Nopixel Tea
Nopixel Tea Pred 3 dnevi
@Ally Bailey ?
Ally Bailey
Ally Bailey Pred 3 dnevi
* their
Las Personas
Las Personas Pred 3 dnevi
ts true that the david dobrik shit is like a cult
Jojoe Harper: Re- Imagination
Man I “dated” a 23 year old at 17 (which is technically legal in the US state I live in), and that clip of Lacey saying Brandon is good in bed actually really kind of triggered me. Holy shit, I thought I was over this...
Amy Berg Art
Amy Berg Art Pred 4 dnevi
I agree I have the Lady Gaga Oreos when they first came out they're disgusting
bisky Pred 13 urami
@Amy Berg Art his use?
Amy Berg Art
Amy Berg Art Pred 4 dnevi
It's weird going back n watching Ethan his use have changed so much and newer episodes it's so weird
Bless Serene
Bless Serene Pred 4 dnevi
i'm at 53:47 and i'm like wow trish is actually one of the most badass feminists.
Jazmine Juarez
Jazmine Juarez Pred 4 dnevi
Ethan won because it looks more like the picture, trish needs to imagine buying a $75,000 purse and only getting the front side, but no back, you have to represent the whole item, I know it's for fun, but that thinking is hilarious
Mr. Sparklebutt
Mr. Sparklebutt Pred 4 dnevi
I liked ethans cake AFTER he smashed it
Jane Pietruszka
Jane Pietruszka Pred 6 dnevi
This is one of your best episodes ... thank you icons. Love u guys a lot
Pingu 17
Pingu 17 Pred 7 dnevi
Ethan happy dancing after eating the fondant is hilarious and reminds me of when a toddler gets to eat something they love
valley180 Pred 8 dnevi
I love that dog cake 😂
Ilja Butterwick
Ilja Butterwick Pred 8 dnevi
The fat-shaming by Jason Nash is disgusting
Alli Lee
Alli Lee Pred 8 dnevi
bisky Pred 13 urami
Alli Lee
Alli Lee Pred 8 dnevi
trisha. i love you so much. i am also BPD so i understand sometimes it’s hard to realize when someone ur close to isn’t who they say they are. so realize i am telling you this info bc i love you, and i know you are genuine and would want to know. you are speaking on how david and jason are predators, and then plugging ur vid w adam and lena. Adam has a plethora of accusers, many underage, saying he raped/coerced/tricked/groomed them. He even openly posted on a blog at one point bragging about how he would travel across the border to canada on several different occasions to have sex legally with a 16 year old. Which is actually a US federal crime. Please please. if you don’t believe me, i understand. but please look into it. he is disgusting and an abuser. I know you are genuine, and loyal to victims. All the evidence is out there and ready. I love you so so so much trisha. You have completely inspired me these last few months. i don’t want to see another predator lie to you and take advantage of you.
Lily Ann
Lily Ann Pred 8 dnevi
the fact that trish didn't think she was getting a cut makes me sad
Ally Bailey
Ally Bailey Pred 3 dnevi
* they
NyNj XoXo
NyNj XoXo Pred 8 dnevi
Ethan won! Looks more like the photo
BlackRoseAssassin Pred 9 dnevi
1:01:28 MY favorite part in this where Trisha says how they got naked so they wouldn't use the footage and Ethan's like high-key impressed and shocked at the same time.
Omar Ors Aguado
Omar Ors Aguado Pred 9 dnevi
1:14:09 phonie
arsonist chair
arsonist chair Pred 9 dnevi
trisha sometimes sounds like planet sheen and i love it
JoAnna Galbo
JoAnna Galbo Pred 9 dnevi
Trisha implying that lil huddy is dating both Charlie and Dixie is sending me
Megan Ziggler
Megan Ziggler Pred 9 dnevi
misopaste27 Pred 9 dnevi
Trisha has worked as a chef? What has she not done lol
spookyfish24 Pred 10 dnevi
That gargoyle cake tho.
Abbye Amerman
Abbye Amerman Pred 10 dnevi
Jason should give the same “I’m desperate” apology James gave
Francheska Exists
Francheska Exists Pred 10 dnevi
Heyyo. I'm a foot Soldier and I wanted to tell you about me. I'm an addiction counselor and recovery coach . I'm a secretary for a non profit that helps people find and hold down jobs and schooling!
mia Pred 10 dnevi
trisha looked so cute in this her hair is so cool
Angela Desjardins
Angela Desjardins Pred 10 dnevi
It’s so sad that Trisha did not see and still doesn’t see a problem with being left in the car.
Jessie t
Jessie t Pred 10 dnevi
Trisha is blessed with some new good friends now. I wish I had some good friends too.
morgan zell
morgan zell Pred 10 dnevi
omg watching this now after the jeff thing. trisha literally predicted it
Lmaofmn Pred 10 dnevi
lil Spookz
lil Spookz Pred 10 dnevi
i LOVE trisha, but ethans cake is ugly and adorable at the same time
Kinger Pred 11 dnevi
Eathen wins
Chantal Da Cruz
Chantal Da Cruz Pred 11 dnevi
I’m seriously not into Podcasts but y’all are greatttt 😭😭
Extraordinarily Ordinary
Both of those cakes were awful, but I agree I like the branding and colors on Trish’s. lol
daniel smith
daniel smith Pred 11 dnevi
I've never looked at a woman's hair and thought that looks cool, but Trisha's hair is awesome man 👌
Polly F.
Polly F. Pred 11 dnevi
Ethan won! 100%
Urmita Chowdhury
Urmita Chowdhury Pred 11 dnevi
the beginning of the end lol
Norry Angel
Norry Angel Pred 12 dnevi
imagine getting cash for being triggered!!!
beetle juice x3
beetle juice x3 Pred 12 dnevi
i love how ethan asks trisha if it’s okay to watch a video of jason fat shaming her, in case it triggers her he genuinely respects her and her triggers
NinjaOutfitInTheWash Pred 12 dnevi
I can’t stand David dobrics fucking laugh.
Kelsey gretchen
Kelsey gretchen Pred 12 dnevi
I’ve never gotten merch from anyone but I neeeddd this merch all of it lol
Eric D
Eric D Pred 12 dnevi
I love how frenemize exposes douche bags like this🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 we love to see it
John Jacobus
John Jacobus Pred 12 dnevi
It's really nice to see two disliked SLtvrs come together and bring out the best in each other.
PugThug09 Pred 13 dnevi
Trisha looks so cute in this episode :3
Loops FourTwentyThousand
Both your cakes sucked
Jocelyn Tsoodle
Jocelyn Tsoodle Pred 13 dnevi
ugh wtf that’s so mean I hate that rat Trisha Like tf 😂
Miss Mallow
Miss Mallow Pred 14 dnevi
I am a "Trisha"...and looking at this combo gives me hope to find my "Ethan".
Nadine Edwards
Nadine Edwards Pred 14 dnevi
Jason Nash is an OLD CREEPY ASS MAN.
hbh Tcr
hbh Tcr Pred 14 dnevi
Oh god not Jason’s “look!!! I have two black friends watch me brag to them about how I’m saving their lives!!” So fucking cringe and not to mention WRONG.
NotSoRealistic Pred 14 dnevi
Is it just me or is ethans Tourette’s more intense now
Rosie Laton
Rosie Laton Pred 14 dnevi
I would have voted for the dog
Iva Doran
Iva Doran Pred 14 dnevi
Ethan is very correct about the definition of the P word because legally yes it is relations with an under 18 year old, but the definition is someone who is attracted to children as in prepubescent children! It isnt p3dophillic to be attracted to a minor that presents adult but its still definitely wrong, disgusting and illegal but its not the P word.
lane darling
lane darling Pred 14 dnevi
love this 30:00 Trish asking Ethan that’s growth 🌱 32:12 wow, that’s sad All the standing up for Trisha H3 has done and Ethan gets crickets from her Like, well damn i never notice David’s laugh like that but it’s pretty genius for him to create his own laughing track 34:24 that face lmaoo 😂 1:33:08 that’s what I’m saying 1:40:22 why is it that them fighting about butter is everything lmaoo 1:40:40 don’t act relatableee ☠️ it’s funny cause the way Trish flaunts her money you would think she’s the one with butlers and maids 1:41:13 that’s so sweet of Ethan to ask it’s really refreshing 🍃 seeing them having just a normal conversation 1:49:51 that’s a cute smile
Abbi Bryant
Abbi Bryant Pred 14 dnevi
PLEASE Ethan laughing like the vlog squad
R K Pred 14 dnevi
god i love her hair so muUCCCHH
Willow Fitzgerald
Willow Fitzgerald Pred 15 dnevi
i literally started this video the other day and watched a few seconds bc my attention span is shit then bought the lady gaga oreos at the store yesterday thinking it was my idea i am so behind on frenemies aghhhh
lizzie w
lizzie w Pred 15 dnevi
she's so strong talking about her trauma if that was me i would have been in tears
Melanie Cardenas
Melanie Cardenas Pred 15 dnevi
Im sorry Trisha but ethans cake wins 😭
emily diaz
emily diaz Pred 15 dnevi
i’m sorry trish but ethans was sooo cute
Cameron Filyaw
Cameron Filyaw Pred 15 dnevi
Alfredo aligned the table and curtain !!
Laila Martinez
Laila Martinez Pred 15 dnevi
Aubrey Glenn
Aubrey Glenn Pred 16 dnevi
Ok but it’s so annoying when they’re talking about other creators making racist jokes and specifically Ethan normally will say oh this wasn’t a big deal it was just in poor taste, they were just joking etc. trying to downplay it, when it really isn’t his place considering he’s whites and so is Trisha so he doesn’t listen to her telling him it’s not ok. Trisha at least acknowledges it’s wrong and something serious especially when it happens repeatedly I think she just doesn’t know how to explain it the best. He can’t really tell black people and other minorities what is offensive or acceptable when the “jokes” are not directed towards them.
Kuein Pred 14 dnevi
yeah and the fact that no one is talking about it. they literally made a joke out a racist stereotype and black face so it irked me that ethan was saying it wasn’t a big deal when it’s shit like that that lets people get away with it
Vale Abarca
Vale Abarca Pred 14 dnevi
I completely agree, this is such a big problem in the world where other people will tell others what’s acceptable or not or also in apologies accepting them when they aren’t directed towards them. Racist comments are disgusting and shouldn’t be downplayed because of when it happened or how many times it happened. (Not sure if that made complete sense, English isn’t my first language)
natalia Pred 16 dnevi
did everyone forget about that bit that jason and david did? the one where they pretended that jason was a registered sex offender and they went to houses letting them know.. 💀 i haven't seen many people talk about. i just think it's ironic
jade short
jade short Pred 16 dnevi
Every time Ethan says "Hey Google" mine goes off too!
Francesca Kovach
Francesca Kovach Pred 16 dnevi
im sorry ethans cake is so much better
Tiffany Rock
Tiffany Rock Pred 16 dnevi
The 🐕 for me
Taraland Gallagher
Taraland Gallagher Pred 17 dnevi
Trisha, I think that it’s very showing of your creative side as an artist to put your own unique spin on the subject of your piece. unprompted may I add. Ethan. You couldn’t make brown. Trishas the winner!
Bella Anderson
Bella Anderson Pred 17 dnevi
Y’all always attack Trisha for how she treats Ethan. But she has asked Ethan multiple times if it’s bothering him or if she upsets him and he says no ofc not the comments always over react
Bella Anderson
Bella Anderson Pred 17 dnevi
The fact that she gets so happy over them doing small things for her and remembering things about her shows how poorly she has been treated in the past
Madi Morgan
Madi Morgan Pred 17 dnevi
With love and peace... Ethan hands down won that competition
Kameryn Heidrich
Kameryn Heidrich Pred 17 dnevi
Wait I’m sorry I came to this podcast only knowing trish and so my opinion is rlly unbiased and ethans cake was way better I’m so shocked everyone said hers LMAO
StargazingDragon Pred 17 dnevi
I thought both cakes were a great effort and I agree Trish should get bonus branding points. Why are these two so funny together?
Reymazing Pred 17 dnevi
Ok his cake was objectively better I’m sorry
Savannah L
Savannah L Pred 18 dnevi
Trisha looks so cute
Brian Viera
Brian Viera Pred 18 dnevi
In a million years I wouldnt have thought I would have liked this chick. She is fun and exponentially better than his old lady, IMHO of course.
The Hero Tik Tok Needs
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