Gender Reveal Parties Are Still Horrible 

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This is the greatest gender reveal party boxing match of All Time




17. okt. 2020

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Dr chocolate milk
Dr chocolate milk Pred dnevom
i have a idea for the craziest gender reveal party: open your mouth and tell everybody the gender, thats how everyone does it where i live, they also use the metric system so i seriously think you should follow and stop being dumb and using the fucking imperial system, sorry i forgot what i was talking about, oh yeah its a great gender reveal party it's a great success
Jayneko Pred dnevom
i dont like gender reveal parties... i dont like the the world chooses peoples gender and everyone has to go along with it...
Orrie Yarnell
Orrie Yarnell Pred dnevom
Johnathan To Err Is Me
GENDER reveal? Shoot the person who coined this phrase.
TheLockIsTheKey Pred dnevom
The true comedy of this video is that the video up next is, "Almost Burned My House Down Making Candles"
RainbowCultist Pred dnevom
Fun fact: this isn't a gender reveal but a ritual to decide the gender of the child.
Mateus Dias Romano
Mateus Dias Romano Pred dnevom
damn, i thought it was a Mutahar video, got fooled lol
Peeble Kitty
Peeble Kitty Pred dnevom
These guys rlly starting fires and shit to tell the world the genitals of their offspring Why are these a thing
YukariWillKillYou Pred 2 dnevi
Baby revel beach landing! Boys vs girls whichever gender breaks through the Atlantic wall is the baby!
Star Winter
Star Winter Pred 2 dnevi
Being so obsessed with the genitals of fetuses is incredibly disturbing honestly
Bandana Boi
Bandana Boi Pred 3 dnevi
Bro, just bake a cake.
Boba Ouma
Boba Ouma Pred 3 dnevi
First thing gender reveal parties shouldnt have something too serious and also second thing are we supposed to be at home..?
Expresso To Depresso
So is this staged or not
Linus Stocker
Linus Stocker Pred 3 dnevi
Bleach enema, not a bad idea😏
quixotic 333
quixotic 333 Pred 3 dnevi
i don't believe in gender
pyrosash Pred 4 dnevi
Exactly. People make too much importance over the gender of their baby. No one cares.
woonga boonga
woonga boonga Pred 4 dnevi
cutting a a cake and seeing if its pink or blue, thats okay setting off a blue atomic bomb to blow up the west coast, not okay
Retro Tech
Retro Tech Pred 4 dnevi
0:00 if you keep tapping your left arrow key it makes it look like he's pork!
Leni Lopez
Leni Lopez Pred 5 dnevi
BennyTheNub Pred 5 dnevi
The first one was pretty harmless. No fires, no Chernobyl sequels, and no deaths. maybe
Lily Richardson
Lily Richardson Pred 5 dnevi
I don’t even think so-called “gender reveals” (more like sex assigned at birth reveals) are even relevant anymore. They’re honestly kind of creepy, I mean, you’re broadcasting what genitals your kid has to people. Why is it necessary? I just wish they would die out.
Jazzica Pred 6 dnevi
Lmao, the unrivaled irony of that baby being trans.
JAMARI WARD Pred 6 dnevi
JAMARI WARD Pred 6 dnevi
Riot The Boohbah
Riot The Boohbah Pred 6 dnevi
its a miscarriage!!
Master chieftain
Master chieftain Pred 7 dnevi
America to China”it’s a boy”China”AAAAHHHH”
Gordon Slamsay
Gordon Slamsay Pred 7 dnevi
Imagine being that self obsessed, tho
Gamer Crazy
Gamer Crazy Pred 7 dnevi
If staypuft had children
jollygreenjeff Pred 7 dnevi
thats the best reveal party ive ever seen
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Pred 7 dnevi
Takes the phrase 'burn, baby, burn' to a new level.
Evelyn Edwards
Evelyn Edwards Pred 7 dnevi
it ain’t even a gender reveal it’s a sex reveal LMAO
Lily Richardson
Lily Richardson Pred 5 dnevi
this! ^ yay, let’s make sure everyone knows what parts our kid has! this is definitely necessary! 🙄
Aadi Pred 7 dnevi
Yes the uncle care
Calum Mccreath
Calum Mccreath Pred 8 dnevi
That burnout reveal is the car guys way of doing a gender reveal party
Love Laneonthebeat Montes
So reckless! Just fkn get an ultrasound and blow up either blue or pink balloons if you want so desperately to have a party and use the excuse of "gender reveal" as if you are somehow better than the next one! This shit drives me crazy!
Digs! CS:GO
Digs! CS:GO Pred 8 dnevi
Gender reveal parties are useless but that one was fucking hilarious
AVEN NICHOLAS Pred 8 dnevi
Joe Mit
Joe Mit Pred 8 dnevi
A new generation of boomers is being born.
Paarah Pred 9 dnevi
just another excuse to get people together to drink really, like people use to do (prolly still do who am i kidding) when they bought a big screen TV, gotta invite everyone over for a cold one and watch the game together!
Joe Papa
Joe Papa Pred 9 dnevi
I’m a month late but all I can say is that these people are Republicans winning over 75% of the US and ignored the fact that we bombed Iran because “They had bombs” I’m getting this close to turning into an adult and moving to Russia or Brazil Also I actually prefer the second one the most, even tho I could care less for both
danny 3xeer
danny 3xeer Pred 9 dnevi
If it want bad enough that these people were probably popping out children for sport, theyre one step from summoning Satan to reveal what eye color the child has.
Il Poizxn
Il Poizxn Pred 10 dnevi
i actually unsubbed when he started shit talkin the silvia s13
Im Just A Weeb
Im Just A Weeb Pred 11 dnevi
My parents did a gender reveal party, cake, some food and drinks. "It a boy"
Lily Bliblablubb
Lily Bliblablubb Pred 11 dnevi
Wtf did I just watch? What's wrong with these people?
Loki Din
Loki Din Pred 11 dnevi
Man America is wild
Anime Fan
Anime Fan Pred 11 dnevi
Elias Onzalez
Elias Onzalez Pred 11 dnevi
I don’t know why people are surprised that he was right, I mean, he is jesus
hkluv333 Pred 11 dnevi
That’s a 240sx, most people use them for drifting.
Bob Ross
Bob Ross Pred 12 dnevi
My uncle did that with his truck for their gender reveal! it was awesome!
Blue Love
Blue Love Pred 12 dnevi
You can tell those people's brains are still in the caveman phase. Who gets that excited for creating fire
OrangeRiverboat Pred 12 dnevi
5:17 what kind of car even is that? Looks like a cross between an old boxy car and a newer 23 one
Duck Smeller
Duck Smeller Pred 12 dnevi
what if your baby isn't a girl or a boy
Kristel como
Kristel como Pred 12 dnevi
It's only Americans who think of this shit.Why just stop
Agatecrane Pred 13 dnevi
i dont fucking get it whats the point its a child just guess if its a boy or girl no need to make this amazing parties that are probably a giant hazard
_lost data_
_lost data_ Pred 13 dnevi
in me state(B.C) the skys where red for 3 days
Joseph Daniel
Joseph Daniel Pred 13 dnevi
Baby boy has been training his whole life for this. Well time to give him a Netflix Originals TV show called: Baby Boys rise to glory
Jojo Lolo
Jojo Lolo Pred 13 dnevi
I Jojo
FAJNy PAWEŁ Pred 13 dnevi
Wtf is gender reveal
Troy was here
Troy was here Pred 13 dnevi
If you really need a gender reveal party THAT BADLY then do it by cutting a fucking cake not setting a state on fire
Banwae Pred 14 dnevi
Can’t wait for parents to paint the entire Amazon forest blue or pink
Rave Homard
Rave Homard Pred 14 dnevi
“Most official looking one” *Fear intensifies*
zak roland
zak roland Pred 14 dnevi
ginder reveal
Icarus Pred 14 dnevi
When more people show up to your gender reveal party than showed up to any of your subsequent birthdays
Hyperlyte Pred 14 dnevi
at 6:08 the guy with the white shirt is boutta beat some kid up
Nintendope Pred 14 dnevi
But did you guess that the boy was markiplier?
It’s xCinnamon to you
Charlie for president 2024
Pineapple Pred 15 dnevi
A few weeks ago my aunt had one of these but it was fairly normal, it was just whichever color was the cake was gonna be the baby’s gender
Robert Holland
Robert Holland Pred 15 dnevi
6:01 not nitpicking, but that design is a traditional air force thing
Oliver Gunn
Oliver Gunn Pred 15 dnevi
I don't see the point of gender reveal party's. I just find it pointless, you can just tell you're friends and family.
DreadedEspresso Pred 15 dnevi
Okay, all jokes aside, an idea for an actual wholesome gender reveal party. You get everyone together, decorate in either Pink, or Blue, and bake a cake that celebrates the gender of the soon-to-be child. Then everyone just vibes with cake and does their own thing. No crazy events, no one gets hurt, just some balloons, streamers and cake. If you feel the urge to celebrate your discovery of your babies gender, then there's a simple, well thought out template for your plan.
TheReal Keymaster
TheReal Keymaster Pred 15 dnevi
Pause at 1:20
typicalusername6287 Pred 15 dnevi
Who else died laughing at the car one
Kat A
Kat A Pred 15 dnevi
Imagine if they name the kid Blaze.
SamCovert Pred 16 dnevi
what happens you have too much freedom
John Batman
John Batman Pred 16 dnevi
the rugrats went hard tho ngl
thinkingspace11 Pred 16 dnevi
Critical sounds like a bot reading aloud a script with only 2 voice pitches with more voice pronunciation variety
Dio D Brando
Dio D Brando Pred 16 dnevi
5:35 I have an old toy car that looks exactly like this
Felippe Narciso
Felippe Narciso Pred 16 dnevi
These are nothing, gender reveal in China is way more intense
Legion pony
Legion pony Pred 16 dnevi
This video is fucking funny AF
Legion pony
Legion pony Pred 16 dnevi
LOL wtf
Hybrid Pred 17 dnevi
this is amazing
I Fucked your Mom on Saturday
what if it’s a male and the female baby thing wins ?,what? chop chop?
ianhusker Pred 17 dnevi
the first clip is how it works in the stomach
Taylor Davison
Taylor Davison Pred 17 dnevi
They should ask the Internet what they should name their baby.
KingMB XJ Pred 17 dnevi
at 6:15 i said "it looks like it's going up in flames" because of all the smoke. i am not held responsible for what happens next
TheNugget Master
TheNugget Master Pred 17 dnevi
Charlie is the only person that can talk in a monotone voice and be interesting to listen to at the same time
Jack Wagon
Jack Wagon Pred 18 dnevi
"Permission to leave the station?" "For what purpose,Master Chief?" "To throw the Covenant a Gender Reveal Party"
alex maldonado
alex maldonado Pred 16 dnevi
Permission granted
Endercow101 Pred 18 dnevi
imagine knowing your parents burnt down something to reveal your gender then you come out as trans
Triangulum Pred 18 dnevi
My family did colored helium balloons in a box and opened the box in front of everyone It was both colors (twins)
Bingles Praise
Bingles Praise Pred 18 dnevi
A baby boxing match sounds like a part of a Problem Solverz episode that show is just that fucking insane I love it it pairs well with diet root beer
kin90ftHEn00B5 Pred 18 dnevi
Sacrificing someone for a gender reveal is normal now
brim Pred 18 dnevi
God viewing emerge from the tree when a gender reveal burns a forest
Oda Swifteye
Oda Swifteye Pred 18 dnevi
Baby boxing is a little weird. I dunno I just prefer fire.
Imbi Pred 18 dnevi
Imagine after all the money being put to throw these gender reveal parties and in the future, the child just go “gender? Switch” making the gender reveal itself obsolete
Muffin Pred 18 dnevi
I have been to a gender reveal party and all we did was cut cake and it was pink that was it. And another won was with balloons and there were blue. You don't need a brawl or fire -,-
Manic Sainer
Manic Sainer Pred 18 dnevi
No one with an iq lower than 100 should be able to legally buy pyrotechnics devices
Website Commentator
Website Commentator Pred 18 dnevi
Mommy, what was my gender reveal like? Well first it began with the great war of 2077....
Gavin kulyk
Gavin kulyk Pred 18 dnevi
The #1 cause of fire deaths in the USA is Pregnancy
Hellbanisher Rockz
Hellbanisher Rockz Pred 19 dnevi
What gender reveals should be like: Mom: we’re gonna have a baby boy/girl!! Cake: has blue/pink icing What gender reveals are: Mom: Let’s set of a blue/pink atomic bomb bigger than Little Boy and Fat Man combined!!
Dragon034 Pred 19 dnevi
Im just gonna have a balloon filled with confetti and im just gonna pop it to reveal my babies gender. I dont need no pyrotechnics burning my city down all because im having a baby. BTW im not pregnant im just stating that when i do get pregnant this is how it would go down in terms of gender reveals.
Waffle Artz
Waffle Artz Pred 19 dnevi
Imagine seeing the thumbnail without context