Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w15a Caves & Cliffs Split Into Two Parts (Big Announcement) 

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Minecraft 1.17 The Caves & Cliffs Update Playlist ► sltv.info/wiev/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk
Minecraft 1.17 snapshot 21w15a takes steps towards shaping 1.17 for a two part release with some generation features being turned off.
Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w14a Raw Gold, Iron & Copper (Works With Fortune)
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00:00 Caves & Cliffs Split Into Two Parts
03:29 21w15a Rolls Back Features
02:48 World Generation
04:34 Data Pack For Caves
05:43 New Goat Features?
07:16 Bonemeal & Blocks
07:43 New Raw Ore Blocks!
09:59 Smaller Changes
10:29 Technical Changes
#minecraft #twoparts #cliffsandcaves




14. apr. 2021

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Nicholas Vellenga
Nicholas Vellenga Pred 2 dnevi
the chat separator thing is for stuff like tellraw I believe, now when you use a command to /tellraw a list of entities, you can change it so instead of being separated by commas, they can be separated by different characters
Riley Pred 2 dnevi
Bean blocks
cameter44 Pred 3 dnevi
Can't lie and say it's not disappointing. I was very much looking forward to hoping on a new world with some friends this summer.
mfk12340 Pred 4 dnevi
Blocks of raw iron would make good pathway blocks.
Foxboy06 Pred 4 dnevi
Do you know when RTX will be available for Xbox Series X and S?
The JGamer08
The JGamer08 Pred 4 dnevi
0:29 time is oof
All Might
All Might Pred 6 dnevi
End update when?
Ar_ Tank
Ar_ Tank Pred 7 dnevi
Mojang seems to care way more about their employees well being than pretty much every triple a company
L00lokke Pred 8 dnevi
The raw gold block looks a bit like ancient debree
Mr. Muhammad Iqbal
Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Pred 8 dnevi
the split part is probably mojang avoiding a cdpr type of disaster.
Cathy Pred 8 dnevi
I love the raw iron. A nice looking cobblestone affect
Technopathic 759
Technopathic 759 Pred 8 dnevi
why they change the world height all the time??
Nicholas Johnston
Nicholas Johnston Pred 9 dnevi
Man I was looking forward to archeology
совьет Россия
The new textures look so ugly
Jarvis Jewett
Jarvis Jewett Pred 9 dnevi
Not impressed with the delayed release model
Pulkit Mathur
Pulkit Mathur Pred 10 dnevi
Marmanden Pred 10 dnevi
8:57 It's cobblestone, but golden
Gaming And Movie Entertainment
Victor Pagan
Victor Pagan Pred 11 dnevi
Well that sucks we have to wait longer for a smaller update. I know rushing the game is bad but like for the worlds biggest game this is disappointing. If they lack the man power should just be a bigger team then.
Cornflakes Pred 11 dnevi
*Xisuma are you okay or are you stuck in 2020*
hardik bhoir
hardik bhoir Pred 11 dnevi
it is not working pls
Diego Cortez
Diego Cortez Pred 12 dnevi
AmAkAtch Pred 12 dnevi
Xisuma is still living in 2020....like it never happened
SizzlingPancake Pred 13 dnevi
this is lame
McSenkel Pred 13 dnevi
And this is the right decision.
MatieZ !!!
MatieZ !!! Pred 13 dnevi
Raw gold = beans
John Nguyen
John Nguyen Pred 13 dnevi
then la
papa stalin
papa stalin Pred 13 dnevi
blue_n0es Pred 14 dnevi
they added beans boys *b e a n s*
NotAGoat Pred 14 dnevi
9:57 Honestly I just make sure to carry a crafting table with me at all times anyway, or at least a stack of wood so I can make one and any other wooden things I need. You never know when you're gonna need to craft something on the fly. Though I do tend to keep it in a shulker box in my ender chest once I've gotten those.
NotAGoat Pred 14 dnevi
9:08 I've found a couple of those recently. I also found a village with a cactus block on top of a bed. And a little while ago I found an enderman standing _in_ a grass block.
Cameron Warttig
Cameron Warttig Pred 14 dnevi
I'm so glad they're avoiding crunch. RESPECT!!!!!!!
Pacific Bean
Pacific Bean Pred 14 dnevi
9:11 you can see another two half-trees in the background
Graham Hill
Graham Hill Pred 14 dnevi
Ok I hate the raw material blocks lol
Vincent Bokan
Vincent Bokan Pred 15 dnevi
It's weird that the first update includes the stupid dogshit that nobody gives a fuck about, and the actual good stuff is all held until the later update
Lapis Lettuce
Lapis Lettuce Pred 15 dnevi
The split is totally understandable. I'd rather wait longer than get a Minecraft - 1.2077
Carter Fribley
Carter Fribley Pred 15 dnevi
Bdubs is going to go nuts when he gets his hands on the new textures
Radicaliti Pred 15 dnevi
Uhmm, sir I think you forgot that we aren't still in 2020
Penguin Toast
Penguin Toast Pred 15 dnevi
I can already tell the raw copper block will be PERFECT for Mediterranean roof tiles
RuthSaake Pred 15 dnevi
9:00 I noticed 2 half birch trees in the background, and then right after it cut to you showing the half oak tree haha
Luja Domesticus Frater
0:30 damn it laready came out. Time flies
BlacRoseKora Pred 15 dnevi
You mean 2021 🤡
Alex Poels
Alex Poels Pred 15 dnevi
I just wanted to play one final survival world in the summer vacation with my friends on 1.17 before we go to university :(
KianReaper Pred 15 dnevi
I hate the new ores
Aadi Pred 15 dnevi
Moose Pred 16 dnevi
Replace air blocks with blocks of raw gold and bam you made SCP1689
Ben Sims
Ben Sims Pred 16 dnevi
the ore blocks look like baked beans
skink 909
skink 909 Pred 16 dnevi
Honestly I like the previous iron and copper item looks in your previous vid about them they had suck depth and now it just feels more like a copy and paste of the gold from that vid
Revon Pred 16 dnevi
I agree I like the old ore textures
Revon Pred 16 dnevi
Sheep and goats should have a resistance to the powder snow, and sheep should get some goat behaviors, like ramming, but they should make it rarer than goats, as sheep aren't as playful
Woodys Corner
Woodys Corner Pred 16 dnevi
Will the raw ore drops be added in the first part update?
Crushermach3 Pred 16 dnevi
you'd think a raw ore block would smelt into an full metal block
WolfSnek-Emerald Pred 16 dnevi
“Pamorana” Hmm yes, English
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Pred 16 dnevi
Holiday update? Which holiday? New years Presidents dsy Valentines day St Patrick day Earth day Easter Memorial day Mother's day Father's day D-day July 4th September 11th Halloween Veterans day Thanksgiving Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa There is a holiday every month except August. Which holiday?
Texas Quesadilla
Texas Quesadilla Pred 16 dnevi
mojang really is the most respectful game developers right now. they care about their fans AND their developers
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Pred 16 dnevi
If they were so concerned about quality, bedrock wouldn't be the way it is. I think that reason is BS. I get the health and complexity parts, that's reasonable. I don't think they actually care about quality, not on bedrock, anyway.
banana 101
banana 101 Pred 16 dnevi
Dude it's been 2021 for like 4 months
Grant Powell
Grant Powell Pred 16 dnevi
how did he go below the world
Herbiik Pred 16 dnevi
The raw gold texture Is beans
INFINITY RUSH Pred 16 dnevi
ok lets wait till 2020 now
Dr Dutchenfoo
Dr Dutchenfoo Pred 16 dnevi
Tony Y.
Tony Y. Pred 16 dnevi
They should take their time
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever Pred 16 dnevi
2021 feels like 2020. In fact, it's like 2020 but repeated again so.... It's understandable
Sami Metsinen
Sami Metsinen Pred 16 dnevi
But how will we get any dripstone if only amethyst and copper are added to world generation?
Daniel Ghauri
Daniel Ghauri Pred 16 dnevi
1:54 Glow Lichen: am I a joke to you?
Daniel Ghauri
Daniel Ghauri Pred 16 dnevi
I don't play cyberpunk but what the flip are people talking about in the comments relating to cyberpunk?
Amdre Toutos
Amdre Toutos Pred 17 dnevi
That raw copper block kinda looks like those ceramic roof tile things
harrison bronn
harrison bronn Pred 17 dnevi
bedrock ion see no goats
Jeff Bob
Jeff Bob Pred 17 dnevi
Hope bedrock gets some of these
HeXil Pred 17 dnevi
I keep thinking it's 2020 aswelll
harrison bronn
harrison bronn Pred 17 dnevi
they took out the warden they are never puting it in bc of copyright
Brady Fletcher
Brady Fletcher Pred 17 dnevi
4:20 d r i p
Testy Branco
Testy Branco Pred 17 dnevi
Goats only ram things that don't move!
Testy Branco
Testy Branco Pred 17 dnevi
They were implemented though the patch notes are weird
ElioteBeats Pred 17 dnevi
I fucking love Mojang, they listen to the community, don’t do shitty updates, it’s the best
Blitznetic Pred 17 dnevi
raw gold blocks look kinda like beans
Brandon Howard
Brandon Howard Pred 17 dnevi
Ilies Ioan Alexandru
Ilies Ioan Alexandru Pred 17 dnevi
I get the friggin delay, but man, Archaeology sounded like a fun small thing to do, now it's not even in the game until probably 1-2 years more. Well this news is just a fuckin downer man
Mohamed Eissa
Mohamed Eissa Pred 17 dnevi
Mijang should add a way to farm copper infinitly Because building with ot will be very expensive
And-Nonymous Pred 17 dnevi
I liked the old raw iron texture
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall Pred 17 dnevi
Raw gold block is BEANS
nad vgia
nad vgia Pred 17 dnevi
Mmm beans and strawberries And potatos
Donna Hazel Reynolds
Donna Hazel Reynolds Pred 17 dnevi
Yes the quality is important
unfortunate astronaut
unfortunate astronaut Pred 17 dnevi
xisuma smacking his lips got me mad
Abysstoid Pred 17 dnevi
The raw ore varieties when crafted into blocks should output the corresponding type block when smelted... So a raw iron ore block should give you an iron block when smelted
Jace Lesley
Jace Lesley Pred 18 dnevi
You could literially pave your streets with gold.
DIOhydrogen Monoxide
DIOhydrogen Monoxide Pred 18 dnevi
All these comments saying "oh how good of mojank to take their time and not stress their employees :)))))" WHERE MY OFFICIAL MODDING API YOU LAZY LYING SCUMBAGS IT WAS PROMISED YEARS AGO INSTEAD WE GET PARROTS, PIGLINS AND FLETCHING TABLES
Joshua Verrier
Joshua Verrier Pred 18 dnevi
Hmmm, so with the full update taking until perhaps December what does that mean for Hermitcraft?
SimiOn Pred 18 dnevi
kh4nda Pred 18 dnevi
RoboZombie X
RoboZombie X Pred 18 dnevi
so they added terraria ores
MidKnightShade Pred 18 dnevi
so basically, all the best stuff wont be out for 9 months and I should start a new world on the latest snapshot instead of waiting for part 1.
Bruce Bivens
Bruce Bivens Pred 19 dnevi
Just start an internship program or pair up with a university and get free work from students to work on minecraft. Honestly why do updates for this game take so absurdly long. 2cd best selling game in the world and we get glow squids and geodes in a half year -_-
HK Pred 19 dnevi
waited 20 years for Berserk and 8 years for AOT, wtf is 6 more months. les gooo Mojang!
Natsu Soma
Natsu Soma Pred 19 dnevi
So basically Cliffs and caves update is coming out this Christmas
Leo Teece
Leo Teece Pred 18 dnevi
Tyler S
Tyler S Pred 19 dnevi
I think he meant 2021
Zarebear Pred 19 dnevi
ngl the raw gold block kinda looks like baked beans
Scenically TTV
Scenically TTV Pred 19 dnevi
I would rather they completely move the update release and put it out all at once.
SnowwyDaCreeper Pred 19 dnevi
I'm not a super big fan of the new raw ore texture aside from the raw gold texture, the blocks are REALLY interesting but they do remind me of beans. I think the new raw blocks kind of have a tough time because it's hard to replicate what those would look like in real life, I do like the texture of the raw iron I think it'll complement pathmaking really well.
Nightmarekid_ Pred 19 dnevi
8:30 BEANS
Contradiction Pred 19 dnevi