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so im addressing my recent weight gain..theres lots of factors involved: new medication for pcos, water retention ect. wanted to be vulnerable w/ u to show ur sexy + beautiful no matter what! thx casetify for sponsoring: for 20% off use my link casetify.com/alishamarie
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29. mar. 2021

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AlishaMarieVlogs Pred mesecem
putting this out there to remind anyone that YOU ARE SEXY AS IS!! this pandemic has been hard for everyone. confidence comes from within not a magic number or size!! you’re a boss ass bitch and don’t let anyone tell u otherwise!! *med update: talked to my endocrinologist and we decided to lower my dosage of meds and that has helped the bloating immensely!!
Kelsey Tierney
Kelsey Tierney Pred 7 dnevi
Alisha & any other women dealing with unknown chronic health issues should checkout Superbloom Health!
Tim Reilly
Tim Reilly Pred 15 dnevi
Alisha I am a girl who has gained weight and honestly you are beautiful if you gain weight or not! Love ya Alisha ❤️
Molly Coyne
Molly Coyne Pred 16 dnevi
Have you tried Viome? You talked about just focusing on being good to your body and I’ve found they can really help you do that! I tested and it tells you what food is truly good for you and what foods could be hurting you without knowing it! I had so much inflammation and bloating and it helped so much. :) Also, so much more energy when I make sure to follow my lists they give.
Peqchy Pred 17 dnevi
B̶a̶d̶b̶i̶t̶c̶h̶ a̶l̶e̶r̶t̶
PassionatelyMarie Pred 23 dnevi
wait i have also gained weight and i don’t really now why. i’m super bloated all the time and feel extremely uncomfortable. even to a point where i feel sick sometimes. i don’t take any meds really well it’s supplements. i take 2 for hormones and 2 for probiotic every day. and also my birth control. and that’s it. could that be the reason why i’m so bloated or?? i drink lot’s of water. also i’ve been eating alot of pasta recently. i’ve heard pasta can make you bloated to. i have never really gained that much weight before. i always stay the same weight. and usually don’t gain weight that easy.
Kimaya Jayasinghe
Kimaya Jayasinghe Pred 3 dnevi
love yourself ppl !!!!!!!!! :)
Neeks Pred 3 dnevi
Girllll please make a video on the severe bloating tips when they come in because as soon as i put food to my mouth i get a really uncomfortable bloat
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Pred 3 dnevi
alisha, you are doing amazing!! I am so proud of you!!! beautiful inside and out 💜💜💜
Caroline S
Caroline S Pred 4 dnevi
I’m bloated like this and I’m 16😂
Niki Nicky
Niki Nicky Pred 4 dnevi
Try a functional nutritionist or functional medicine... you will definitely learn how to balance your hormones and your bloat!
Alison Heit
Alison Heit Pred 4 dnevi
girl you look fabulous! and thank you so much for sharing. i know this kind of content really helps me and so many others. QUEEN
Skyla Harrison
Skyla Harrison Pred 4 dnevi
i have the same body as you and i am in middle school and the way you are so body positive it makes me want to go out and wear aa two piece bathing suit. i love you so much❤️
Nacho Cheetos
Nacho Cheetos Pred 4 dnevi
It Dosent matter I’ll still watch YoU
Chloe Lamberton
Chloe Lamberton Pred 5 dnevi
I love your positivity, it makes me feel so good
ems m
ems m Pred 5 dnevi
if you are 90 , 190 pounds or anything above/ in between that weight remember that you are the BADDEST BISH EVER😏💕💕✨✨
Katharina Ratke
Katharina Ratke Pred 6 dnevi
maybe its better to ask the doctor, of ITS better to Refrain form alcohol etc. while taking medicine. ... *fresh air ist also very important for many processes within the body...
Katharina Ratke
Katharina Ratke Pred 6 dnevi
Go for it! You can do anything! Health is the most important thing we own. Prana breath helps to get one step back and let the stress go a little down in the short and if it is done consistently also in the long term as well as going out in the nature. It was even proven by scientist that one hour a week in the nature (with many trees, or to be correct in the forest) helps with many different halth issues as well as gives your body nature energy for a while week.
Angela M.
Angela M. Pred 6 dnevi
Try intermittent fasting, massage your stomach every night for 10 minutes with coconut oil [or other oil], and look into food combining. As we get into our 20+s our gut stops working as well as it did when we were younger. I find that when I eat carbs and meat separately - it really reduces bloat. Drink a lot of water and watch your portions - that's my hardest thing - the struggle is realllll. :D
Rhiannon De La Rosa
Rhiannon De La Rosa Pred 6 dnevi
Hello! I have a thyroid disease, so I understand how easy it is to gain weight. May I suggest drinking some super greens in the morning! It helps with bloating and giving your body what it needs in nutrients everyday. You can check out Alani Nu's super greens or 1st Phorms super greens! Ever since I have began taking these, my bloating has gone down tremendously, and now I feel skinnier each day! I also have way more energy now and I just feel great every single day!
Jenny Ho
Jenny Ho Pred 6 dnevi
We love you Alisha 🤍 you’ve become suchhh an inspiration to me Tysm 🥺
Kaitlyn Pred 7 dnevi
I have PCOS and was introduced to the cysterhood. It’s a podcast about this women who has PCOS who is a dietitian and her husband who is a PCOS personal trainer. The talk about how you can lose weight and manage PCOS symptoms like mood, weight, bloating...all the fun stuff we have to go through. I’m thankful for finding them! This sounds like an ad but literally I just hope all women with PCOS find them to find answers quicker
Delphine Leitzke
Delphine Leitzke Pred 7 dnevi
this was so genuine, thank you
Sarra Cannon
Sarra Cannon Pred 7 dnevi
You probably won't see this because there are 2k comments but I have pcos and the bloating is real! Getting rid of sugar and flour and dairy and really eliminate that but it's so hard to do! You're beautiful!
X0XjulietX0X Pred 7 dnevi
Probiotics really help with bloating issues
Kaelyn Rupprecht
Kaelyn Rupprecht Pred 7 dnevi
Green tea babes! It helps sooo much with bloating. I drink 1-2 cups a day and it shows results in a week.
Always Travelforeat
Always Travelforeat Pred 7 dnevi
I have a similar body like u, i gain weight fast and bloated often. When i feel not comfortable with my bloated, im doing intermittent fasting and ear healty for a month. Moatly my bloated will go away :)
Amelia Pred 8 dnevi
my sister had really bad problems recently and she had a bunch of tests and the doctors had no clue what was going on with her body. they finally came to the conclusion that she has celiac disease and they were right. so now she has to be very careful about what she eats but she feels so much better:) maybe ask your doctor if thats a possibility because she has the same symptoms as you do
Sheila Campbell
Sheila Campbell Pred 8 dnevi
i love how open you are with us. thank you for doing that and being REAL🥰
sohaila el hewala
sohaila el hewala Pred 8 dnevi
so so proud of you im just turning 20 this year so i basically grew up watching your videos im just so happy for you even though i dont know you personally, unfortunately, anywayss i love youu and u seriously deserve nothing but happiness and love xxx
Alexa Gavlas
Alexa Gavlas Pred 8 dnevi
PLEASE check out @jessicaashwellness on instagram. She has soooo much helpful information on PCOS/hormone healing & tangible steps you can take!!!
Tea with Abi
Tea with Abi Pred 8 dnevi
i get bloated very easily and drinking like a gallon of water or just more water completely helps and as long as u don’t drink it all at once and in portions u don’t get water belly🤍
Shelby King
Shelby King Pred 8 dnevi
This may be helpful, my sister an I have experienced PCOS related symptoms and our father is a doctor. Something within what we eat that helps tremendously is going gluten and dairy free for my sister and I. We have celiacs disease which triggers other autoimmune conditions in us like PCOS. It isn't that hard once you get use to it and for me it's 100% worth it. Does everyone need to go off Gluten and Dairy NO but, it's worth a try if you think it may help. My biggest note is find other sources of healthy nutrients you may be missing. Make sure to get in healthy GF whole grains like oats and quinoa as well as calcium through dairy free milk and yogurt I personally Love Ripple Unsweetened milk. Again just one girl's opinion but, I hope that it helps.
ANIKKA Pred 9 dnevi
We have the same body right nowwwwwwwwww and I’m working out for my own good
Ruby Jeanne
Ruby Jeanne Pred 9 dnevi
do people really talk like this? upspeak....it's so distracting from the video. I wish people would just talk in a normal cadence and STOP SAYING LIKE......god....seriously.
Diana Pred 9 dnevi
love the video but also hate that we live in a society where she feels the need to explain her weight gain :(
Brie Opocensky
Brie Opocensky Pred 10 dnevi
maybe try taking sepia for bloating, i take it to help with my heavy periods but it does help with bloating a lot
Sarah Bartholomew
Sarah Bartholomew Pred 11 dnevi
I have IBS and when I’m severely constipated or even subtly constipated my stomach looks like that. That looks like bloat, not actual weight gain. Very relatable
not a pinterest girl
not a pinterest girl Pred 11 dnevi
yes alisha WE ARE HOT ASF
Anna Shtepan
Anna Shtepan Pred 11 dnevi
love you Alisha!!
Abbey Awesome101
Abbey Awesome101 Pred 11 dnevi
My favorite meal is sandwhich and even with going on my theyroid diet Monday I have always struggled with weight and I’m losing a lot of weight I’m glad you addressed this because I don’t feel so alone with this thank you for this video keep up the great work and keep moving forward but I also have been in scure about myself and my weight I eat healthy but in my brain i feel that I am I was diganoised with mild glucose and rise in blood sugars and my family has a history of diabetes keep moving forward queen alisha
Febe Allary
Febe Allary Pred 12 dnevi
It is perfectly fine that you are bloated, this is just genetics. Some people have it a lot, some people don’t. As long as you are healthy, energised and happy, everything is fine!
Tess Pred 12 dnevi
Something I eat all the time: I cut up a bell pepper, cucumber and dump in a can of tuna and call it a salad. 😋
Mal Wood
Mal Wood Pred 12 dnevi
When she said "I've never been more confident" and smiled so big.... THAT is the energy we need in 2021. Only space for self love, baby!!!!
nina bernavon
nina bernavon Pred 13 dnevi
I love the rawness of this vlog!! Thank you for this!!!
Alivia Bruni
Alivia Bruni Pred 13 dnevi
For your stress and lack of sleep, I highly recommend seeing a chiropractor that specializes in the nervous system. Changed my life for the better and I’m living a (mostly) stress free life. Just an idea 💕
Isobel Henihan
Isobel Henihan Pred 13 dnevi
The fact you have the courage to speak about this :) go girl , probs to you!!😆😘🌼🌻
Marcela Rose
Marcela Rose Pred 13 dnevi
Alisha still rocks that bikini 💞
Tonya Graham
Tonya Graham Pred 13 dnevi
Hi Alisha! Just found your SLtv page and I wanted to say how amazing you are! One thing to keep in mind if you are taking metformin for PCOS is that it may cause the symptoms you were/are experiencing. There is another type of medication called Tirosent that you might want to look into. My insurance didn’t cover it and can be pricey something to consider if your stomach is still bothering you. Being a PCOS warrior myself I know what it feels like to gain weight and really appreciate your message. Thank you!
Ingeborg Sahlsten
Ingeborg Sahlsten Pred 13 dnevi
I feel like you and I have kind of the same body shape/bodytype and I love that you made this video because now I feel more confident.
Kayleigh Pred 13 dnevi
Alisha you look beautiful
illiniwood Pred 14 dnevi
People don't gain weight in just one place. Something doesn't look right. Please go see your doctor.
Kein Becil
Kein Becil Pred 14 dnevi
ganing weight shouldn’t be an announcement
Jessica Pred 14 dnevi
Meanwhile I’m TRYING to gain weight. But all in all, people need to focus on their own bodies. You look great, Alisha!
N H Pred 14 dnevi
lots of water!!
Madie Fisette
Madie Fisette Pred 14 dnevi
thank you so much Alisha, I have PCOS and as a teen its super hard to deal with weight and food and working out I love you sm!!
Jennifer Nicholas
Jennifer Nicholas Pred 14 dnevi
Wow I just stumbled across your channel and I’m so thankful I just saw this video! NEEDED IT more than you’ll ever know! Thank you!
Sasha Singh
Sasha Singh Pred 15 dnevi
subscribed after this video, i havent seen any videos showing the realness and struggle of the fitness journey that i really needed to motivate myself
Elie Bullington
Elie Bullington Pred 15 dnevi
probiotics!!! a lot of new meds can throw off the micro biome of your gut, so take probiotics if you feel like foods are giving you excessive bloating/gas
Gabrielle Bueno
Gabrielle Bueno Pred 15 dnevi
Babe thank you for helping me feel less alone
Christiana Pred 16 dnevi
Omgggg your skin wearing that bikini looks SOO GLOWY & HEALTHY✨
King David
King David Pred 16 dnevi
I didn’t notice the weight gain
Keira Rorabaugh
Keira Rorabaugh Pred 16 dnevi
for me personally i have lactose intolerant so i was blocked up and what i did was eat or drink things high in fiber to get my insides moving and after that i had to yk and it all just went away kind of
Bree Welch
Bree Welch Pred 16 dnevi
this is such an iconic video and I love the genuine content
Jessica Danielle
Jessica Danielle Pred 16 dnevi
Girl you’re literally stunning no matter what size you are. I know it’s a big change for you bc you live with yourself every day but to the masses you look healthy, glowing and gorgeous.
지모치 Pred 16 dnevi
thank u for being so venerable this really resonated with me!
Vanessa Guizar
Vanessa Guizar Pred 17 dnevi
I have celiac which is a allergy to wheat and gluten, every time i eat any of those things I get bloated within 1hr. Like extremely bloated, I look pregnant. I have found that apple cider vinegar pills help, but the BIGGEST help is Chlorophyll! I use the liquid chlorophyll, helps detox the body and helps bloating SO SO MUCH 🤩
maddiemay40 Pred 18 dnevi
this video really inspires me in my journey of self-love/acceptance and makes me feel less alone :)) thank you ily
Grace O'Hara
Grace O'Hara Pred 18 dnevi
I have Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome, so bloating is really common for me. (Most medications make me super bloated too) I take a Just Thrive probiotic in the morning every day and it has done wonders for me. 10/10 recommend if it doesn’t improve in a week.
Anahita Pred 19 dnevi
U know it’s nice to see other people talking about this.. I used to think so much about my weight but when I watched ur losing weight journey last year I became inspired to lose weight and the first week it was healthy then I started skipping breakfast and a month later I started skipping dinner and I used to not have fruits because they had “sugar” still and then I lost about 10 kgs but I still want to lose more and I can’t get over the body dismorphia.. I am 14 years old and I don’t know what to do.. this helped
Amy B
Amy B Pred 19 dnevi
This video is amazing but I gotta mention her left eye lash extension thing. 👁👄👁 girl she was long AND thick
Hailey Julia suarez
Hailey Julia suarez Pred 19 dnevi
Your beautiful no matter what
Hailey Julia suarez
Hailey Julia suarez Pred 19 dnevi
I don’t have a go to meal
kyra lovett
kyra lovett Pred 19 dnevi
I too have been struggling with weight gain and bloating, you are not alone. I give you all of the credit for coming onto social media to announce this. You are GORGEOUS and thank you for your courage. I hope we can start normalizing bodies and normalizing "the pandemic 15" because we all needed to focus on ourselves more than our weights.
Stacey michelle
Stacey michelle Pred 19 dnevi
in regards to the water retention issue... my advice is cutting out processed carbs and going for the lower carb fruit and veg options..when you drop carbs you drop water as there is essentially no sugar to retain it in simple terms. low carb also helps to reverse insulin resistant and it's a low spiking insulin diet. this is how I lost 90lb and by no means was I keto just low carb. and minimal processed foods. cooking from scratch where possible and intermittent fasting.. its one of the easiet ways to lower insulin.. in order to loose weight you need to lower insulin all the time insulin is high you cannot loose weight that's why it's harder for people with pcos to loose weight as there is more insulin present than should be. hope this helps.
aleksavlog Pred 19 dnevi
Pleasee please check out Medical Medium's info (books, lives, podcasts) His knowledge saves millions lifes
Rebeca Felberg
Rebeca Felberg Pred 20 dnevi
I have PCOS and it's totally fine. Just like you said, we just have to treat our body good, eat well, do Little exercises and we're Good! So happy that you're coming back on your fitness lifestyle!
Hanna N
Hanna N Pred 20 dnevi
Soon to be pharmacist here, metformin is super hard on your stomach initially. Keeping consistent with it and not missing it will prevent you having those GI side effects!
Catalina Gonzalez
Catalina Gonzalez Pred 20 dnevi
Please do this more. This helped a lot ❤
kris wright
kris wright Pred 20 dnevi
You look amazing
Andrea CHIODO Pred 20 dnevi
I know, especially for me, when you get in the right place mentally everything else will fall into place. focus on managing stress and filing your body with what it needs (e.g enough sleep, enough food and water, even going for walks will help with stress levels) you are goals and you are supported
Christina Lee
Christina Lee Pred 20 dnevi
Self love is a solid foundation to build on. I’ve been 113 lbs. I’ve also been 154 lbs. mental health trumps it all. You can’t even enjoy your body if you feel shitty about yourself. Alisha is so right! Confidence is an inside job.
Equii FiftyNifty
Equii FiftyNifty Pred 20 dnevi
I love that turquoise phone case lol I love lifeproof because it’s fully Inclosed but I love caseiftys designs
Equii FiftyNifty
Equii FiftyNifty Pred 20 dnevi
Zuppa soup 🥣 or roast with marsh potatoes w/gravy (or meatballs and gravy) , streamed carrots 🥕 or broccoli 🥦!
Potato potato Potato
Potato potato Potato Pred 20 dnevi
Omg 😱 do a salt water flush I feels disgusting but works SOO well do it on a day you aren’t going out. Just look it up
K10 Pred 20 dnevi
Look I love you Alisha and that’s why I’m going to give you real tough love. STOP MAKING EXCUSES!! It’s not healthy to avoid regular exercise. Our bodies were made to move and not sit around all day. Whenever I go to the gym, I feel MORE energized after. I feel sluggish if I don’t. You NEVER regret working out, but you can regret NOT working out. You can do it! Working out has mental benefits, on top of the obvious physical benefits. Remember that, too. Cut the alcohol! Alcohol is a depressant Alisha. I struggled with drinking for a long time, but my mental state is so much better cutting it out. Alcohol sets you back. As far as diet, I notice that you do not have complex carbs often (Ex. oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice). For example, you get a salad with only protein and fats from the dressing. I really think it’s important to have a balance of each. If I personally don’t get in enough complex carbs, I do not feel satiated and get unhealthy cravings. If you have a proper balance of carbs, fats, and proteins from nutrient dense sources of food, your cravings will decrease. Our bodies do not NEED junk food. Stop babying that part of you that says it’s okay because that part of you does not want you to be the best, happiest version of itself. Workout at least 3/4 times a week, cut out the alcohol, cut out the junk, add in complex carbs, you CAN do it!
madi reed
madi reed Pred 20 dnevi
this comment section is so nice wtf???
Emma Kloppenborg
Emma Kloppenborg Pred 21 dnevom
I have the same body type this make me feel so god❤️
Marie Heymann
Marie Heymann Pred 21 dnevom
I suffer from IVS and severe bloating and everything is due to stress. My stress hormones are all over the place and I really need to slow down and stop overthinking everything because the stress I have is self made. 👀 But I suggest yoga and moving a lot, not exercising especially but walking etc. and getting your head free from all the stuff. 👏🏻
Julia Menet
Julia Menet Pred 21 dnevom
That is what happens after diet and restrictions 😟
Danielle Huntley
Danielle Huntley Pred 21 dnevom
Me not even realizing her wait gain because ladies body change constantly 👌
leeanna lor
leeanna lor Pred 21 dnevom
Thank you for this! I’ve gained weight as well and for a while i was felt so guilty about it. We are not alone and thanks for this reminder. I was also watching @SandyDianaBang’s video and one tip she says is to constantly compliment yourself to feel more confident. Shes my fav!! Lol literally says, “Im a bad ass bitch.” Have to start on this too. Aha love u and thank you
Ashley Gentry
Ashley Gentry Pred 21 dnevom
I hate that natural human things need to be “addressed” in this society. Can we just appreciate someone for more than what they look like below the neck and above the butt?
Emilie Hafen
Emilie Hafen Pred 21 dnevom
i feel like we would be such good friends
Haley Martinez
Haley Martinez Pred 21 dnevom
Alisha saying she can't live with out her phone for a week. Me: Same girl same. Me rembering i got my phone tooken away.
Amber Stone
Amber Stone Pred 21 dnevom
glad you're still here -- love you from my 8th grade self 'till now, senior me in college
Chelsea Kunze
Chelsea Kunze Pred 21 dnevom
Girl, you look great. Are you kidding me??? I have 2 kids and walk around looking 7 months pregnant 24/7. ALL bodies are beautiful.
Adriana Granados
Adriana Granados Pred 21 dnevom
Stopped the medicine please sis
Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie Pred 21 dnevom
I really appreciate you showing us your current body in a bikini. Every other “influencer” is out there flaunting their perfect bodies and it really makes me feel like shit about myself. I like how real you’re keeping it
Mira Ruane
Mira Ruane Pred 5 dnevi
ALSO so many influencers (especially over 20) edit their pictures so much! Its so normal for women to gain weight in their 20s because of changes within their bodies and so many of them edit their pictures as if theyre petite teenagers. Its so unrealistic and harmful I saw some before and after editing pictures of these influencers and I was blown away because they actually look so normal when unedited but they make you think that youre not normal.
Kim Pred 21 dnevom
all I see is pretty and skinny
CA_Gizelle Pred 22 dnevi
I was just thinking the weight "gain" was just due to age. I mean you're not 21 anymore. And you're closer to 30 now. Your a grown woman
Roseanna Hiebert
Roseanna Hiebert Pred 22 dnevi
girl the way your explaining your health journey related to me SO MUCH, I understand the rambling!!! That is me currently
Olivia Arnold
Olivia Arnold Pred 22 dnevi
Alisha you're gorgeous girl! So happy you're discussing this openly, I feel like a lot of women deal with med weight gain/hormonal changes... plus hello? Who hasn't gained weight in the pandemic ? lol So it's really nice to hear someone with a platform discuss this, thank you! Also my cure for bloating is drinking a glass of hot water with fresh lemon juice right before bed- maybe give it a try!
Elizabeth L
Elizabeth L Pred 22 dnevi
damn this video is so much more mature than a while back when you were making a TON of weight loss videos - so proud of u the growth is great to see :)
Katie Everett
Katie Everett Pred 22 dnevi
I have IBS and experience extreme bloating as well. You look amazing! I love your confidence and aspire to be as confident as you!
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