Luka Doncic tells Stephen A. he doesn't think he's playing that well | Stephen A's World 

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Stephen A. Smith has a conversation with Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic about his play so far in the 2020-21 NBA season, the Mavs' struggles, his play vs. the LA Clippers in the bubble playoffs, Kristaps Porzingis, critics of his body language, the 2021 NBA All-Star Game and his criteria for being NBA MVP.
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10. feb. 2021

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Riese 1979
Riese 1979 Pred 2 dnevi
I wouldnt talk to this guy After what He said lol. Yeah for the Suns It was ok to pick Deandre. But this dude totally dont know whats Up in the Euro League.
eldy Pred 5 dnevi
Luka: I'm not playing that well. Also Luka: drops 30-20-12 last night.
G. Mereu
G. Mereu Pred 5 dnevi
Luka is special! All the best for his career and a PO run this year.
Luka Dončić
Luka Dončić Pred 5 dnevi
We're on the 6th seed you know
eduardo rangel
eduardo rangel Pred 6 dnevi
Sass, Can't stand him ...
William Serrano
William Serrano Pred 7 dnevi
Remember when Stephen said DeAndre Ayton was better?
Roberto Marcial
Roberto Marcial Pred 10 dnevi
I hope someday americans learn how to pronounce.....
TheQuangBang Pred 21 dnevom
Stephen A. Smith wishes so much the Knicks would finally get a guy like Luka the Don.
Ana desetnica
Ana desetnica Pred 22 dnevi
Luka magic wining floater for three in last three tens of seconds against the Grizzlies. Broke Grizzlies' fans hearts.
NateAteEnchilada Pred 22 dnevi
Is the narrator pronouncing Jokic right? Sounds way different than what I've heard.
Julio José Ruiz
Julio José Ruiz Pred 23 dnevi
El puto amo!!!
Shang Tsung
Shang Tsung Pred 24 dnevi
His humility is inspiring. You can tell he don’t care about his own records. It’s about the team to him.
Ill 29
Ill 29 Pred 24 dnevi
The team Mavericks is wasting Luka talent :(
Cheeto Pred 24 dnevi
7th seed now, ayeeeee
Bird_Gang_Az Pred 26 dnevi
I think he’s upset that his team is not improving and he knows he’s the heart and soul of that Dallas Mavericks organization.
Irovic Vlada
Irovic Vlada Pred 26 dnevi
Stephen A. Idiot..... Sorry
jackie bonds
jackie bonds Pred 27 dnevi
Dolan open you piggy Bank!
Alryan Licup
Alryan Licup Pred 27 dnevi
He's saying he's not playing good probably because he knows he can do better and that mentality is whay it takes to be better
Francisco Ciruela
Francisco Ciruela Pred 27 dnevi
"Always have to believe, with 0 players or with 5 players you always have to believe"
commiebanlist Pred 27 dnevi
2:15 he wasn't wrong
Marcusht Pred 27 dnevi
*proceeds to drop 31, 9 and 9 against the jazz*
OnesPowers Pred 28 dnevi
he will go down as the GOAT
Dustin Johnson
Dustin Johnson Pred 29 dnevi
a few months ago he was a teenager.
Wu RUAI LONG Pred 29 dnevi
He’s English has improved so muchhhhh 😳
Juicer Pred 29 dnevi
The only thing Luka really gotta improve on for me is his agility. Once he has become more agile, I feel like he will dominate even more.
J S Pred mesecem
Now he’s balling
Hommy Rodriguez
Hommy Rodriguez Pred mesecem
This is mamba mentality
Tripystix Pred mesecem
2 months later Mavs on the verge of getting 6th seed with a chance to get to 4th seed 👌
Price Darcy
Price Darcy Pred mesecem
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nonchablunt Pred mesecem
he looks harmless without a ball.
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Pred 27 dnevi
He’s anything but harmless without the ball. Luka is built like a tank. He’s like a mountain. Huge. Put Boban, Luka, Nurkić and Jokić together and it’s game over - ball or no ball.
GetsumJ Pred mesecem
Love watching this kid play, he has John Stockton DNA, and the heart of Dirk. I sure hope he stays healthy.
Chad Dotdot
Chad Dotdot Pred mesecem
Only if he could've given Westbrook the same respect when he put up unheard of numbers recently. But people have their favorites.
Hansen Pred mesecem
He always stays so humble. Great player!
77 77
77 77 Pred mesecem
I like how even though he's putting up phenomenal numbers in his SECOND year, he thinks he's playing bad because his team is not winning, he even said he shouldn't be in the MVP conversation unless his team is top two at least, that's really great mentality to have, especially as an athlete. P.s notice how he said "We as NBA players we live a great life... We have to stay at hotels a lot but it's nothing to complain about" I really liked that, because many NBA players ahem Bron! Complained about playing in the bubble when they're making millions.
Richard Roth
Richard Roth Pred mesecem
Great sportsman!
Tommaso Marsiglia
Tommaso Marsiglia Pred mesecem
Doncich not doncick
Cody Michels
Cody Michels Pred mesecem
Luka Doncick
caleb dickson
caleb dickson Pred mesecem
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Faraaz Anwar
Faraaz Anwar Pred mesecem
A month later and now look how much hes improved
Julian Urbina
Julian Urbina Pred mesecem
After this video Luka has been amazing 😂
Jason Windsor
Jason Windsor Pred mesecem
He’s a good guest for sports talk hosts
Sam Sosa
Sam Sosa Pred mesecem
Jeez!! In his rookie year, I said he has an MVP season in him, and from the way he sounds, he ain't satisfied.
z z
z z Pred mesecem
"Luka how are you Sir..." omg that sounded strange
savanah weissant
savanah weissant Pred mesecem
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Kyle Gray
Kyle Gray Pred mesecem
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Igor Yuriychuk
Igor Yuriychuk Pred mesecem
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Ethan Irwin
Ethan Irwin Pred mesecem
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Kas Balasaitis
Kas Balasaitis Pred mesecem
Mavs PR department prepped him well - go Luca
Vinny Tesla
Vinny Tesla Pred mesecem
Luka: 'I'm not playing very good" ..... Stephen A: 'Did I just hear you correctly? ... you do realize that you're averaging a near insane triple-double, right?' ..... Luka: 'Yes, but my team isn't doing as well as I want, so I'm not playing very good' ........ that's called a champion athlete and a leader
Nic Pred mesecem
2:10 - Dallas player: 6 losses in a row, ya know. It's really hard. Entire Houston team: Are we a joke to you? NBA fans: welllllllllll ..... yea
Roger C
Roger C Pred mesecem
Man, it’s one thing to say the right things but then to actually go out and make them happen is another thing, kudos for him putting up better performances as the season has gone on
Scott McCullough
Scott McCullough Pred mesecem
Luka is amazing!!! Great player to watch.
Ludus Pred mesecem
Luka seems like a class act, respect
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Pred mesecem
Kudos to Steven for being a respectful and amazing interviewer. Luka is humble and great as always
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Pred mesecem
After three years He could learn to pronounce his name !
binhoviski1 Pred mesecem
Eu tenho 37 anos. Dos 11 aos 23 anos de idade, eu joguei basquete regularmente... como um louco. Depois, por conta dos estudos, eu parei. Aliás, parei com os esportes. Aos 35, retornei a jogar o Basquete regularmente... Retornei após ver o Luka jogar. Ele é inspirador!!!
RYan Thomas
RYan Thomas Pred mesecem
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Spyros Depountis
Spyros Depountis Pred mesecem
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Pred mesecem
Rick Carlisle is the main reason why this team is losing. Rick sucks! Change him as head coach!😎
Jamie Cann
Jamie Cann Pred mesecem
Good Dude...No wonder America is so afraid of whites
JanoutV Videos
JanoutV Videos Pred mesecem
That dude is 2 years in the NBA, yet he still pronounces him Luka Donchick :D
iVsry Khaos
iVsry Khaos Pred mesecem
Mark R
Mark R Pred mesecem
Luka the future 🐐! I wish nothing but the best for my Mavs!
Emil Koch
Emil Koch Pred mesecem
@ 1:00 " I'm not very good, I still have a lot to improve on". Wow, what a refreshing statement for a superstar like Luka to make. If this was a popularity contest from a social standpoint Luka would win. Luka is a very likable guy, not just on the court. He genuinely seems like a quality good human being, and it shows. He radiates Charisma. It's rare to have a really young superstar like him come along who is real humble. Luka's letting his game do the talking for him, not gold chains, or fancy cars.
Dro gon
Dro gon Pred mesecem
He calls him Luka Donchik then Luka can call him Stephen A. Smik
nike shoe
nike shoe Pred mesecem
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Did you know that Luka Doncic's father played in the same club as Vlade Divac in Serbia? The club is called Sloga Kraljevo.
Louie zavala
Louie zavala Pred mesecem
Jean Latham
Jean Latham Pred mesecem
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Kate Tase
Kate Tase Pred mesecem
dear donky - tell, why are y so selfish, is the ball is a million that y don`t give to PORZINGOD??? or are y afraid that anybody is better than y?
Ana desetnica
Ana desetnica Pred mesecem
Thomas Müller
Thomas Müller Pred mesecem
u gotta love luka. such a nice guy
Naufal Abdurrachman
Naufal Abdurrachman Pred mesecem
if sas spoke spanish he clearly will speak easily with no "i mean" "ummm"
Mr. Fibonacci
Mr. Fibonacci Pred mesecem
He’s one of the few reasons I still watch the NBA
Ahhsgs Hshsh
Ahhsgs Hshsh Pred mesecem
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Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen Pred mesecem
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Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen Pred mesecem
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Lucian Alba
Lucian Alba Pred 2 meseci
luka a real one
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Pred 2 meseci
Yup, like not even knowing his name.
8Ball Ballers
8Ball Ballers Pred 2 meseci
the peoples say Gregg Popovick or Popovic(h)?, Doncic and Popovic has the same ending..so it is not difficult to say Doncic if you know to say Popovic or Pete Pistole Maravic...or Jokic, Vucevic, Bogdanovic etc
Brian Pred 2 meseci
Stephen A. always has a way of ruining what should be a great interview.
Luis Colon
Luis Colon Pred 2 meseci
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Richard Roberts
Richard Roberts Pred 2 meseci
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Father Of Katie
Father Of Katie Pred 2 meseci
hope he and KP will make some history together, they had an unlucky ride with consequences
424 Pred 2 meseci
Lukas right. He should be averaging 30, 10, 10 on a top five team in the west
Aljosa Pred 2 meseci
When after 3 Years of Luka being in the league you still cant pronounce Dončič correctly,Stephen Donkey Smith!
Ana desetnica
Ana desetnica Pred 2 meseci
He's doing it on purpose. He's racist.
D E S Pred 2 meseci
I love this guy. So humble
Aitor González
Aitor González Pred 2 meseci
6:20 Admit it Luka, you learned that in Real Madrid. He doesn`t want to angry Real Madrid fans back in Spain, what a nice guy xD
wolcott Shill
wolcott Shill Pred 2 meseci
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Seiya Pred 2 meseci
Stephen mispronounce Doncic’s name on purpose just coz he ain’t black. Smh
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Pred 2 meseci
Yup, what a racist!
Gio Pred 2 meseci
Great interview
Trapligo_GW Pred 2 meseci
He learned to speak good English now
Aubree Emmalee
Aubree Emmalee Pred 2 meseci
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GravityTTV Pred 2 meseci
averaging 28 points a game isnt playing his best
jessi Ronquillo
jessi Ronquillo Pred 2 meseci
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Марина Костерина
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M Y Pred 2 meseci
he is humble
Keshiv Sekhon
Keshiv Sekhon Pred 2 meseci
Yes we all know he is great. Thank you for having me
folumb Pred 2 meseci
NBA SLtv is booming right now because people don't like this guy Stephen A Smith. Why on earth did he get his own show?
Joaquín Bartsch
Joaquín Bartsch Pred 2 meseci
he always talk about the team, noy just him
Peter Žel
Peter Žel Pred 2 meseci
Big love from 🇸🇮
Koral Gitmis
Koral Gitmis Pred 2 meseci
Luka "you know" Doncic
Jáchym Jelínek
Jáchym Jelínek Pred 2 meseci
"I dont know about this european kid maan" -- I still remember Stephen A. saying these shts about Luka lol