LaMelo Ball's FLASHY 2021 Highlights - Rookie of the Year? 

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2. feb. 2021

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TR Zepzy
TR Zepzy Pred 2 meseci
Pin this if you love your fans ❤️
John Swain
John Swain Pred 11 dnevi
@Golden Hoops Ugh - look what you've encouraged. Now there will be comments saying "Pin this if you love your fans" all over SLtv.
TITO Pred 12 dnevi
Elgin Skates
Elgin Skates Pred 16 dnevi
Gigi Castanares
Gigi Castanares Pred 28 dnevi
He got Kyle Lowry Kyle thikkems get out of here body get out a here
Kamdyn Rory
Kamdyn Rory Pred mesecem
@Jared Bentlee Damn! It took about 15 mins but it reallyworked!
Southern California
Southern California Pred 2 dnevi
My man, Lemelo Ball rules, when he he plays it looks effortlessly, but it took a lifetime. His the real deal, he will stay healthy, he works out hard. He will finish with 24 years of NBA service, he will be the first player to earn 1 billion feom just plsying. He will make 6 billion on adverting. And he will have a 1/2 billion shoe contract. And his has yet to be seen, it hasn't been charted yet. When Lemelo arrived, you can look at it as changing of the guard. You can either let Lemelo carry you a d have a seat. Players now are picking their game up, to keep up. I wish you the best of luck. You also have a great family
Winter Pred 3 dnevi
From my calculations after this he's gotta be a superstar 3 94 overall 98.7% to elite 1
J.J. Wallar
J.J. Wallar Pred 3 dnevi
He’s going to make players have to go back to the basics. Imagine one he gets confident driving the lane and making jump shots like MJ
Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan Pred 3 dnevi
Say what you will about lavar but.. this kid can play, simple as that.
ayen machlean vicente
Why didn't Lamelo had a signature shoe with Jordan brand.... Cuz It will be Called "Air Ball" Just kidding I love Lamelo Ball's game
dud Pred 7 dnevi
Who's here after he got injured?
296 idiots
Frank smith
Frank smith Pred 10 dnevi
Lamelo will be one of the best NBA players💪
Curt S.
Curt S. Pred 12 dnevi
Lonzo WHO?
chase evans
chase evans Pred 14 dnevi
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Joel Pred 15 dnevi
He just passes
Peter Zhang
Peter Zhang Pred 15 dnevi
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Lamelo Ball
Lamelo Ball Pred 16 dnevi
I deserve ROTY
Bread & Butter
Bread & Butter Pred 16 dnevi
What’s so special about this ?
TheSkyline5467 Pred 18 dnevi
My favorite thing about Lamelo is watching him pimp a perfectly normal pass that's just fundamentally correct and nothing more.
Doctor Birds
Doctor Birds Pred 19 dnevi
1:13 *thinks* maybe 2k isn't that far off
Daniel Good
Daniel Good Pred 21 dnevom
Julian Newman's strength should be defence, pass, 3 pointers @ least 45% if he wasn't such a show man he would actually be good and the aggressive dribbling was unnecessary
PrisonCipher Pred 21 dnevom
He's making more points at the paint than at the top of the key......and winning. Its not a 3 point game, its a game wherein 3 pointers are left uncontested.
Ante Šućur
Ante Šućur Pred 22 dnevi
jordan finaly scored
Ante Šućur
Ante Šućur Pred 22 dnevi
Fe Olit
Fe Olit Pred 23 dnevi
Im watching a future superstar👌
Tobias Boon
Tobias Boon Pred 23 dnevi
I am a fan of artichokes
Jest3r Bobo
Jest3r Bobo Pred 24 dnevi
someone give me the song music name? thank so much.
Mike Topps
Mike Topps Pred 24 dnevi
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julian roby
julian roby Pred 24 dnevi
Melo, Miles and Hayward are getting fantastic synergy together.
Edward Damons
Edward Damons Pred 25 dnevi
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joseph dennany
joseph dennany Pred 25 dnevi
Hornets....rise....we bringin it...
MR. OAT GAMER Pred 26 dnevi
LaMelo Ball is a player who can make his teammates better.
Colten Pred 26 dnevi
2:00 wtf
Jesse Aguilar
Jesse Aguilar Pred 27 dnevi
Great ball feeder
SlickWilly Pred 27 dnevi
He's the only Ball son thats succeeding
Drxppy Demon
Drxppy Demon Pred 27 dnevi
Just imagine LaMelo ball and Donovan Mitchell
Andre Exilien
Andre Exilien Pred 27 dnevi
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Moshpit Moshpit
Moshpit Moshpit Pred 28 dnevi
Lamelo different
V Vel
V Vel Pred 28 dnevi
Someone needs to tell us how many dunks #0 has, because I feel like its about 50 a game
killsfish1 Pred 28 dnevi
Somebody get Lonzo a tissue, STAT
nivac Pred 29 dnevi
Bro once melos teammates start getting used to these instinct passes from melo it's OVER
PooBlock Pred mesecem
This kid definitely lived up to the hype
LoveTheHighlife27 Pred mesecem
Came into this thinking it was going to be nothing but Flashy.. All I see is a phenomenal Shooter/ even better Passer. Great Player.
Phone & Gaming
Phone & Gaming Pred mesecem
Of course he gonna be ROTY, no doubt about that. He is the best rookie this year by far and he is clearly the future of nba.
Manhua lair
Manhua lair Pred mesecem
What people don’t realize is this team has such a good team chemistry all the players that receive lobs from melo are already getting ready to jump before he looks for the lob they are all on the same page to another level
Jonah Srulevich
Jonah Srulevich Pred mesecem
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Daniel Mezemir
Daniel Mezemir Pred mesecem
love how this guy knows how to pass
LAWN BOYZ Pred mesecem
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x_x Pred mesecem
Imagine lamelo and Zion on the same team just imagine it after watching this video Zion should go to Charlotte that would be a serious problem for every other team if that happened without Charlotte getting rid of Hayward and Rozier and Bridges
Owen Wade
Owen Wade Pred mesecem
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Law Ram
Law Ram Pred mesecem
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Noah Caillouet
Noah Caillouet Pred mesecem
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Gerardo Arzola
Gerardo Arzola Pred mesecem
It’s refreshing to see a selfless player! I feel like he’s well balanced too!
essj essj
essj essj Pred mesecem
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Sed lbj Robbcx
Sed lbj Robbcx Pred mesecem
Charllote is back!!
NMA_ YT Pred mesecem
Melo to miles Zo to zion
Gracchi Pred mesecem
Melo got that OP build
PRIME BALA Pred mesecem
Man i was invested in this guy even before the ball in the family show.. i knew he was going to be a great star.. if he keeps this up.. in 5 years he will be one of the best
EASTPHOTOZ Pred mesecem
Imagine playing these guys on 2k and then beating them in real life
Gracchi Pred mesecem
Melo got that OP build,lol
Jordan Weyrauch
Jordan Weyrauch Pred mesecem
melo and KAT would’ve been so fun to watch
Keynan Oliver
Keynan Oliver Pred mesecem
I allready knew he was about to go crazzy when he get use to the speed of the NBA
Weapon_AOW Pred mesecem
Better grab yall popcorns, cuz its showtime baby
vince lawrence
vince lawrence Pred mesecem
Sex across the rail road tracks is paying off dearly , mama said knock them out.
Spaceship Hf
Spaceship Hf Pred mesecem
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Whats the name of the beat
Tashi Dorjee
Tashi Dorjee Pred mesecem
He is the shit!
Brian Shanklin
Brian Shanklin Pred mesecem
Rozier with the Candy Yams on KD 🔥
DaDog90 Channel
DaDog90 Channel Pred mesecem
Made Chris Boucher look silly and got dunked on😨
oreo cookie of the year
Jonathon Gentry
Jonathon Gentry Pred mesecem
love ya shit man keep it up
mei. Pred mesecem
bruh i dont even watch basketball but i watched this entire thing
Richard Prindle
Richard Prindle Pred mesecem
Not even close
Charles E. Morris, III
Searching for words and indescribable comes to mind
Gabriel Yuda
Gabriel Yuda Pred mesecem
He's not shining alone,he makes the hole team like a bomb!!! i'm happy he's not going to gsw,he's not gonna play the way he play right now in hornet if gsw take him
Marcus Pred mesecem
I don't like how miles brdiges lands on the oop dunks. reminds me of drose landings
Syn CS
Syn CS Pred mesecem
3:34 the dudes face in the background kills me 😂😂
Aries B
Aries B Pred mesecem
melo to bridges, lonzo to zion
A W Pred mesecem
Alex Paz
Alex Paz Pred mesecem
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searock888 Pred mesecem
Warriors made a mistake...😢😢😢
iLLu killa
iLLu killa Pred mesecem
Coming new ERA
Pranav Akella
Pranav Akella Pred mesecem
He's going to be one of my favourite players if he keeps playing like this
J.J Kid
J.J Kid Pred mesecem
This ball brother is probably being trained by MJ himself
James Riggs
James Riggs Pred mesecem
I just love that he not a ball hog
Weapon_AOW Pred mesecem
that's how superstars are
Life With J. Rob
Life With J. Rob Pred mesecem
Still got the same jump shot 2:06
crispy b
crispy b Pred mesecem
The talented brother, became a ball hog and started chucking up shit shots, got humbled and look where he’s at now? Completely unselfish with the ball
Ian Orbs
Ian Orbs Pred mesecem
Their dad is a shitty talker but cant deny how good his kids are. So calm and just let their game speaks for themselves..
Dumb Thicc Julian
Dumb Thicc Julian Pred mesecem
He’s everything we thought Lonzo was gonna be
Natasha Rachel
Natasha Rachel Pred mesecem
And so much more.
n n
n n Pred mesecem
Literally i already knew when from his highschool days his football passes are sum diffrent dnt get enough love and hes been doing them for the longest the accuracy is crazy bru
Zetsu Pred mesecem
He will definitly be the rookie of the year 😈
Amiri Lorenzo
Amiri Lorenzo Pred mesecem
Lmao remember when they compared him to newman
pagefour Pred mesecem
That white kid is pretty good.
Nehemiah Mcdonald
Nehemiah Mcdonald Pred mesecem
Lavar Ball looking alot less crazy and a lil bit more like genius. if he could have held the big baller brand together it would have been super marketable with the season Melos having.
Uchikito Moto
Uchikito Moto Pred mesecem
Reminds me of Jason Kidd
kim grenke
kim grenke Pred mesecem
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Damarcus Mitchell
Damarcus Mitchell Pred mesecem
Mudy Pazaulan
Mudy Pazaulan Pred mesecem
The league is indeed in good hands n the next few years.
caleb monti
caleb monti Pred mesecem
This will be a championship team
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Pred mesecem
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Fijija Uxg
Fijija Uxg Pred mesecem
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tony sisson
tony sisson Pred mesecem
player of the year.
Rowelyn Leron
Rowelyn Leron Pred mesecem
nice game Lamelo Ball!
Leroy Heckaman
Leroy Heckaman Pred mesecem
Try t tested Y y you guy ty
Palm Productions
Palm Productions Pred mesecem
0:18 Opponent's bench's reaction lol
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