Fox News Lies About the Texas Blackouts as GOP Lies About the Election: A Closer Look 

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Seth takes a closer look at the Republican Party lying about the Green New Deal and the 2020 election as the U.S. passes a grim coronavirus milestone and Texas experiences an unprecedented power crisis.
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Fox News Lies About the Texas Blackouts as GOP Lies About the Election: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




22. feb. 2021

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Daniel Zonneveld
Daniel Zonneveld Pred 2 dnevi
Please don't try an Australian accent, we speak English not American🖕🏾
KEVIN Barry Pred 2 dnevi
Whatever about the rest they were waffling about , The dog looks like a normal happy family mut .Might not get a best in breed prize but who cares , Leave this Mut out of politics there's enough people in it who are already barrking mad !
Florian Tinschert
Florian Tinschert Pred 6 dnevi
We need a supercut of Seth's Tucker Carlson impersonations.
Janna Myers
Janna Myers Pred 12 dnevi
He still has his winter coat.
Impressive Connection
Impressive Connection Pred 16 dnevi
For people who hate Nazis, you guys surely love their policies.... 😬🔥🔥🔥
Impressive Connection
Impressive Connection Pred 16 dnevi
How do you care about minorities, and still Dont want them to defend themselves?? 😐❓
joyce harris
joyce harris Pred 17 dnevi
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Pat Cathcart
Pat Cathcart Pred 18 dnevi
Fox the disinformation station
Christoban Rodriguez
Christoban Rodriguez Pred 18 dnevi
The dog looked just fine to me. What is he diverting, er I mean, talking about?
Christoban Rodriguez
Christoban Rodriguez Pred 18 dnevi
I'm trying to laugh. But this guy just isn't funny.
Susan Carter
Susan Carter Pred 18 dnevi
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Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas Pred 19 dnevi
That dog looks just fine
klosdfe sgopade
klosdfe sgopade Pred 20 dnevi
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Bobby's Sneaks
Bobby's Sneaks Pred 20 dnevi
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Rich Gee
Rich Gee Pred 20 dnevi
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N Schultz
N Schultz Pred 23 dnevi
This is my all time favorite episode of A Closer Look.
K Bae
K Bae Pred 24 dnevi
That dog looks like the toughest one ever owned by a president. Bravo!! Don't $^#& with me OR my owner!!
DelecateDesert Flair
DelecateDesert Flair Pred 27 dnevi
Hmmmm, where do they have windmills? Germany, Holland, Denmark, Iceland? Aren't these cold countries? They don't seem to have problems with their windmills. As for the whole noise, pollution and bird killing claims; the wind farms make a lot less noise than oil fields, you've never heard about wild spills and, you know what kills more birds every year than windmills? Skyscrapers! Let's ban the building of skyscrapers and large buildings and see how fast Republicans cry about it.
C L Pred 28 dnevi
I just lose it when Seth does his Tucker impression😂😂😂
kovich Ira
kovich Ira Pred mesecem
Is this guy suppose to be funny? What a waste of 5 minutes.
AstraVex Pred mesecem
CallmeLQ Pred mesecem
This was a perfect example of why left leaning media outlets should leave jokes out of political news. None of this was funny, but it was crucial and important information in how Republicans rather make money than care for the lives of the people. I went without water and electricity for 3 days, and witnessed dozens of people suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. Makes you wanna rebel.
Mehrdad Parthian
Mehrdad Parthian Pred mesecem
7:54 - 8:52 , this part is my most favorite part of the entirety of Seth's late night show for as long as i've been watching it. OMG LMFAO
Chess (4) Rensch, Williams, Batholemew
Are we allowed to troll Seth Meyers? I feel bad I did. I hate just saying sorry but I can't exactly buy a ticket from his just right now.
Co Eo
Co Eo Pred mesecem
The Republicans are nuts but so are the Democrats
Co Eo
Co Eo Pred mesecem
You talk so much stuff about Sanders but he would've beat trump anyone except Hillary would have
BuildingCenter Pred mesecem
One time ... one single time ... in 1999, I flew into LaGuardia. One time. In the previous century. Everything Seth says or suggests now was true then.
Patrick J.
Patrick J. Pred mesecem
There are two things in the universe, that are absolutely impossible: 1. Time travel 2. A republican answering a simple yes/no question with "yes" or "no". Even something that simple is beyond their capabilities...
jflores85 Pred mesecem
I am Texan, and that "come and take it" and "dont tread on me" bs just showed how weak it is after the freeze.
David Brashears
David Brashears Pred mesecem
This idiot needs a set of solar panels in a snow storm and see how well they work. Not a very smart man, but look who he works for. Son you need to find a new profession.
Exotic_Tea Pred mesecem
i left for young women's 2 HOURS ago and i come back my computer is still running playing this guy wt heck
David Lunsford
David Lunsford Pred mesecem
I wonder if they know that there are windmills are all over the Mid West and Northern States. That get way below freezing every year and still work.
bellmeisterful Pred mesecem
Have you ever wondered how they do it? How Dem voters walk around every day thinking they are good and honorable while theyre actually frauds who watched the media and Democrats assasinate a new presidents character with nothing to go on? That it was a total scam the whole time? This is one way the Democrats started using a couple decades ago. Whatever you bad things you get caught doing, accuse the other guys of doing it. Sounds dumb but it works like a charm. In this case, its lying. Its interesting. Democrats can actually devieve us telling huge liesand they dont see, to care, Trump could say he loved baseball but someone figured out he didnt watch the World Series last year and that gets added to the list of 20,000 lies. Added bonus...They also figured out something else thats very powerful and effective. Mind you its as low as you can go but their supporters could care less. An accusation is almost as good as if they actually did the deed. LAwsuits too. You can sue someone for anything you can make up. In the news it says,Trump sued for blah, blah...and thats it. They know what effect it will have, they just need for you to see it. Republicans are like Boy Scouts compared to these ferocious imps.
Nicholas Mine
Nicholas Mine Pred mesecem
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Sue Black
Sue Black Pred mesecem
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brendy isabel santiago ullero
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Sakira Rose
Sakira Rose Pred mesecem
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Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk Pred mesecem
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Neth Winkles
Neth Winkles Pred mesecem
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Sullivan Biddle
Sullivan Biddle Pred mesecem
is it just me or does Seth Meyers have an incredibly punchable face?
WitchidWitchid Pred mesecem
You can always count on Fox for lies and stupidity.
Nick G Cisneros
Nick G Cisneros Pred mesecem
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rc beringer
rc beringer Pred mesecem
AAAhhhhh, Seth and the Gang are holding a fund raiser? Guess that New York rent ain't paying itself now that Trump jokes aren't writing themselves. What's a not very funny and ageing rather poorly (what up forehead!?) propagandist for the machine to do? Maybe Colbert's writing staff needs some help with the transition to comedy from slanderism...
barto barto
barto barto Pred mesecem
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albert mooney
albert mooney Pred mesecem
dont see gas lines and windmills freezing in north dakota.
Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse
Americans are FINALLY seeing America in the same way as the rest of the world has viewed America for decades...
Tara Mishra
Tara Mishra Pred mesecem
Could you explain? In a positive or negative light? I'm not sure... I live outside America...
Michael Miles
Michael Miles Pred mesecem
Jeez man, you must be unwell to believe that.
J.C. Denton
J.C. Denton Pred mesecem
Martin Porter
Martin Porter Pred mesecem
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Melissa Page
Melissa Page Pred mesecem
You know where else they have wind turbines? Antarctica. Know why they don't freeze? Because they're weatherized. Imagine that.
Michael Trine
Michael Trine Pred mesecem
How about you all talking about his favorite. Ice cream
Michael Trine
Michael Trine Pred mesecem
This dude is a liberal spoiled brat millionaire dude you will get urs
Alex Ortiz
Alex Ortiz Pred mesecem
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Marley Ex
Marley Ex Pred mesecem
Hating on a dog! You can't make this stuff up. 🤷🏽‍♀️
YOUNG LUCIFER Pred mesecem
You’re not funny I mean seriously do you think this is comedy you’re jokes are lame
Kenneth Miller
Kenneth Miller Pred mesecem
Thanks for the truth Seth.
Dandy Maxwell
Dandy Maxwell Pred mesecem
Katherine Gardner
Katherine Gardner Pred mesecem
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Gunt Gunderson
Gunt Gunderson Pred mesecem
As Seth Meyers lies about everything, integrity is not a quality a late night cuc- i mean comedy show host possess. Super funny seth...hilarious, enjoy your nightly pegging
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas Pred mesecem
It's crazy that people watch this lol
JC_ Pred mesecem
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pham lieu
pham lieu Pred mesecem
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Mixtapes from my late partner
Typical Republicans. Suspicious of a Turbine.
Maui Randall
Maui Randall Pred mesecem
Look how they try to so hard to turn shitting on a normal-looking dog to the people caring for it, and they think they nailed it so they're like super mean to the dog for like 10 minutes
Michael Juarez
Michael Juarez Pred mesecem
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Michael Juarez
Michael Juarez Pred mesecem
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Chad Drews
Chad Drews Pred mesecem
I remember when Seth was funny. The 2000’s were great. Now he’s just another partisan hack. What a tool.
Martha Simmons
Martha Simmons Pred mesecem
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Ant Man
Ant Man Pred mesecem
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AllHopeAbandon Pred mesecem
Meth Meyers ducks sick.
Sightmare Pred mesecem
*John Wick glares from the distance*
Darrin James Wiest
Darrin James Wiest Pred mesecem
Shaun Hannity is a lying lunatic who needs to stop relying on private energy corporations to help write his 'news' scripts... djamesW.
Torq Zebrawoody
Torq Zebrawoody Pred mesecem
It is Hilarious hearing all these republicans point at Green New Deal as the Problem, When it's ALL Republicans And their Deregulation of the Energy Supply. They Scramble & LIE! Throw Blame Elsewhere at Non existent Problems, like Windmills. And Voter Fraud. And Seditious Conspiracy.
Jigga Man
Jigga Man Pred mesecem
I'm not saying all Republicans are stupid...but all stupid people are most likely Republicans. Seriously, their logo should just be a guy punching himself in the face.
Justin Cravens
Justin Cravens Pred mesecem
the unfettered Capitalism in Texas is Libertarianism in action..
Ajax Fernsby
Ajax Fernsby Pred mesecem
What is this rambling word salad monologue. Is there a point he (can I say he?) is trying desperately to avoid? Can’t take any more, I’m out.
TheSeal Pred mesecem
Half of the comments are about the dog and I strongly agree
john john
john john Pred mesecem
I think poor Biden is still in shock that Aliens are in control: Aelon Mars and Willaelian Gatalien
john john
john john Pred mesecem
Biden forgot to feed it
john john
john john Pred mesecem
Covid not the cause
Craig Helmle
Craig Helmle Pred mesecem
The dog looks rough? Its like these guys having seen Ted Cruz, and the Trump family
Tonya Riley
Tonya Riley Pred mesecem
Am finally having twins
Tonya Riley
Tonya Riley Pred mesecem
Dr Agbi have the herbal medications to cure you Am finally cured
Jack Campbell
Jack Campbell Pred mesecem
This guy is full of crap
Poly Grip
Poly Grip Pred mesecem
Junk humor.... i feel like i got a vaccine through the eyeball🤮
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Pred mesecem
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jimmy jams
jimmy jams Pred mesecem
Up Yours too Mate! Nah only gammin, but yeah up yours mate!
Debora Nerad
Debora Nerad Pred mesecem
Well they said that the dog is like 14 and you know it's kind of like people, when you age things happen.. most older dogs get hypothyroid and kidney problems, believe me pets do a lot better than humans🐶✝️
Lisa Starke
Lisa Starke Pred mesecem
I want to know are you getting paid couple million for being treasonous? Or is it that they have something on you and are blackmailing you? Not paying taxes as so many of you democrat elites, (sorry, treasonous elites) benefit from. I want to know what it is that you have been promised to receive to turn on your country and fellow man? You are one of the worst of your kind and if your not kicking yourself everyday and asking for GOD for forgiveness everyday, I and we will pray for you. Unfortunately, you will see what you have done if you haven't already!
chisicilian Pred mesecem
This guy is such a hack clown 🤡 can’t live without uttering trumps name . Lame
Graham Kearnon
Graham Kearnon Pred mesecem
Seth, if you ever get anymore “chat” from the Aussies, just call them British, just check out who’s on their money.
malebluefox Pred mesecem
How do you say turd head,= Seth Meyers
Laura Thompson
Laura Thompson Pred mesecem
You are ignorant to reality!
Storm Evans
Storm Evans Pred mesecem
Damn is this supposed to be comedy still?
Golden nugget of wisdom
You're a comedian...when did it become ok not to be funny??
cl west
cl west Pred mesecem
These late night shows are struggling to write material that can be funny without Trump as president. It's so cringe
cl west
cl west Pred mesecem
The try to not laugh challenge is complete opposite with this guy's show. It's try to laugh with this material.
haildiscord Pred mesecem
What about "Snowflake" ? First of all, anyone that does not agree with their ideas is called a "snowflake", then the Fled Cruz abandons his dog "Snowflake"? Seriously is just a pun. Just so many ways to ways to go with that.
Cornell Hoogendoorn
Cornell Hoogendoorn Pred mesecem
Who is this guy. He sounds kinda dumb
punkinhoot Pred mesecem
When the news sound like a bunch of commentators on SLtv.
My New Favorite Hobby
Ogledi 1,4 mio.