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Manchester City reached the Carabao Cup final for the fourth year in a row after beating Manchester United 2-0 in an entertaining Manchester derby at Old Trafford.
John Stones steered in Phil Foden’s free-kick to give Pep Guardiola’s side the lead early in the second half and Fernandinho fired in a 20-yard volley to seal a deserved victory and our place in the final, where we will meet Tottenham Hotspur.

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7. jan. 2021

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Man City
Man City Pred 3 meseci
Another trip to Wembley. What are some of your favourite Wembley moments?
Maggie McGarry
Maggie McGarry Pred mesecem
You’re the best
Football Lover
Football Lover Pred mesecem
@Ahmad Irsyad forever blue? 🤡
Ahmad Irsyad
Ahmad Irsyad Pred mesecem
@Football Lover lol 🤡, Manchester is forever blue, no doubt
JUNSHEN PLAN Pred 20 urami
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Jessica Laurent
Jessica Laurent Pred 5 dnevi
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Slytech Pred 5 dnevi
SN, Augusto
SN, Augusto Pred 6 dnevi
Gabriel jesus fraco banco para sempre
TNT _ ARCTIC Pred 8 dnevi
Get in city Stones: scores one own goal and one in the right net
TNT _ ARCTIC Pred 8 dnevi
Morgan Stance
Morgan Stance Pred 12 dnevi
Man city tuko juu
AFNAS APPU Pred 12 dnevi
മലയാളി 🖤
aamir hussain
aamir hussain Pred 22 dnevi
Also upload when they thrashed you back in the derby at your homeground.🤣🤨.ended your winning streak
Im Friendly
Im Friendly Pred 20 dnevi
@aamir hussain if he did I would be acting like you
aamir hussain
aamir hussain Pred 20 dnevi
@Im Friendly and Wayne Rooney haunts you
Im Friendly
Im Friendly Pred 20 dnevi
Balotelli haunts you in your sleep
Symbe Anna
Symbe Anna Pred 22 dnevi
@aamir hussain based on what metric? Bragging rights that’s all ... and if it’s so shambolic then does every derby need to end in a draw? At the end, it is just another game and only one team can be the victor and the better team wins on the day.
aamir hussain
aamir hussain Pred 22 dnevi
@Symbe Anna you may not win a trophy but losing a derby is shambolic
NONO NONO Pred 27 dnevi
Lets gooo
Fake Account
Fake Account Pred mesecem
Dan Asahi
Dan Asahi Pred mesecem
How the tables have turn
Martin Štálnik
Martin Štálnik Pred mesecem
Fake Account
Fake Account Pred mesecem
@Muhammad Adrio mu klub lawak degradasi aja
Muhammad Adrio
Muhammad Adrio Pred mesecem
aris sudrajat
aris sudrajat Pred mesecem
the last match versus MU upload please
lutfi 123
lutfi 123 Pred mesecem
Gk nyangka ternya justru yg bisa numbangin man city yg lagi on fire di kalahkan oleh mu yg bermodal kalah dan seri #fans mu
Surya WiraCahya
Surya WiraCahya Pred mesecem
Fake Account
Fake Account Pred mesecem
Mu klub lawak degradasi aja dek
Vince-Rhys Nkoua-Mackyta
Who's here after Man Utd Just beat Man City 2-0?
Toufik Bekhat
Toufik Bekhat Pred mesecem
Jésus, sterling , gundugan out !!!!!!!!!!!! And selfish
Jiselle Hesse
Jiselle Hesse Pred mesecem
Gundugan was literally your player of the month for February
Toufik Bekhat
Toufik Bekhat Pred mesecem
listen manchester it's marez and silva, phoden that's all, jesus, gundugan, sterling so selfish they prefer their teams to fail, damn marez begs gundugan to pass him the ball to the left elder at 18, he refused repeatedly, What is this?
David Burton
David Burton Pred mesecem
Fake Account
Fake Account Pred mesecem
Hahaa idiot
no haha
no haha Pred mesecem
L4NDH3NK V4N PRIGI Pred mesecem
Pep harusnya di emyu
Jade Le Saint
Jade Le Saint Pred mesecem
Super Football 2021
Super Football 2021 Pred mesecem
Jr Kh
Jr Kh Pred mesecem
Lionel H
Lionel H Pred mesecem
Manchester is Blue!!!!
Muhammad Adrio
Muhammad Adrio Pred mesecem
Lionel H
Lionel H Pred mesecem
@adam adamiec no lol
adam adamiec
adam adamiec Pred mesecem
you are from 442oons?
Anjar KakMimi
Anjar KakMimi Pred mesecem
faiz hamza
faiz hamza Pred mesecem
I just hate pep and city because they beat very good teams in the prem
Jeffrey Jeffery
Jeffrey Jeffery Pred mesecem
This is why Man City are the biggest Club in Manchester. 💙
Yeet_ReaperX7 A
Yeet_ReaperX7 A Pred mesecem
Ederson is the best keeper in the world rn
Lilian Tan
Lilian Tan Pred mesecem
This Derby is the best in English football.
Collins Wangira
Collins Wangira Pred mesecem
Now gurdiola we need ucl plz these season
Teuku Muds Sulistiansyah
Im an man united fans feel sad not to go to wembley again, Congrats City wins against man utd, Congrats too City goo to Wembley again🙏🙏👍👍😁
Andre Wijaya
Andre Wijaya Pred mesecem
Stones, please comeback to Everton 😂😂😂😂
Andre Wijaya
Andre Wijaya Pred mesecem
@parker parker Bro, how old are you? Please correct your sentence first before you type it down 😂😂😂😂
parker parker
parker parker Pred mesecem
Serious, what's nationality are you.. have you done many man city fans in your country
Faaz Arshad
Faaz Arshad Pred mesecem
No Comment
Kevin Kris
Kevin Kris Pred mesecem
united sucks
Ashfaq Byraub
Ashfaq Byraub Pred mesecem
Ibrahim Alyousifi
Ibrahim Alyousifi Pred mesecem
i love him also
syariv Tirtayasa
syariv Tirtayasa Pred mesecem
Nice coach
Candra Sijabat
Candra Sijabat Pred mesecem
Pep Guardiola is the best.👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏
hazim izmer
hazim izmer Pred mesecem
Joseph Annobil
Joseph Annobil Pred mesecem
I love city so much
Zeyad Adel
Zeyad Adel Pred mesecem
Come On City! 💙
mithun sarvesh
mithun sarvesh Pred mesecem
Only Manchester City get a bad print of the game, and Manchester City's highlight on SLtv lacks clarity.
Alistair Newton
Alistair Newton Pred mesecem
I guess that they have binned that man u sanctioned banner at the stetford end . :)
ملك الساحة
ملك الساحة Pred mesecem
3:44 6:16
KRB Pred mesecem
5:54 he said marTial
kelvin van kofie
kelvin van kofie Pred mesecem
Manchester is red not blue
Shakil Mahmud
Shakil Mahmud Pred mesecem
That 2nd goal was not a great goal. Really man United's gk substitute is not a match for de gea😕😕
FELIX TABUCHE Pred mesecem
When Foden scores even if it's an offside🤓🤓I count "a win"😘
Cucuraki Pred mesecem
"Maybe, you gonna be the one that saves me, and after all, you are my wonderwall" - Charles Bukowski
Yasin Hasanov
Yasin Hasanov Pred mesecem
Hello . Man city 🤗😍 ENGLAND
Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy Pred mesecem
Harry A.P.S
Harry A.P.S Pred mesecem
GG City
Tor Hallvard Aarhus
Tor Hallvard Aarhus Pred mesecem
manchester city is best
True Sures
True Sures Pred mesecem
4:22 that tackle..woo
عبدالله العنزي
Samert pep ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
Arunava Roy
Arunava Roy Pred mesecem
1:11 1:36 2:40 2:07 2:22 4:36 5:16 6:14
Feri Nuryanto
Feri Nuryanto Pred mesecem
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General Jax RX
General Jax RX Pred 2 meseci
Man city fans:oohh john stones...I bet he will make blunder again... John Stones:NOT TODAY YIIHHAA...🔥🔥
Jane M
Jane M Pred 2 meseci
Outstanding goal by fernandino
Ishmel J Kebbie
Ishmel J Kebbie Pred 2 meseci
One of my best league cup match
Teassica Williams
Teassica Williams Pred 2 meseci
Zeded Pred 2 meseci
Thibaut Pred 2 meseci
Not a real club
CAP Cutting Art Pringsewu
We are you city we do..we are you city we do...
Muhammad Hazel Khansa
Muhammad Hazel Khansa Pred 2 meseci
4:22 its very clean tackle Amazing!
Im the cityzen from Indonesia
zKAKØsz十 Pred 2 meseci
Ya no son los partidos como antes antes se gritaban mas #aguanteelkunaguero
Kenny K
Kenny K Pred 2 meseci
How nice for the first offside goal by Gundogan if Foden straight away first time pass the ball to Gundogan instead of controlling the ball first, then only pass to Gundogan who is already offside by then.
Trên cả tuyệt vời Mcty
Menji Boys
Menji Boys Pred 2 meseci
Bro I started liking man city on 2018 but now I love them! Destroy everybody pep
stifler vibez
stifler vibez Pred 2 meseci
First Time beating the reds in years
Olubiyi Blessed Oluwatoba
City for live
J. Banana
J. Banana Pred 2 meseci
Man fuckin united
Ilham Nur
Ilham Nur Pred 2 meseci
Love Man City ,, ,,, ,,,,
Maxamed Xuseen
Maxamed Xuseen Pred 2 meseci
Somalia all togather he my life samali s3cknsn
bobby fauzi
bobby fauzi Pred 2 meseci
Manchester is BLUE
Muhammad Adrio
Muhammad Adrio Pred mesecem
Seshvir Seodutt
Seshvir Seodutt Pred 2 meseci
Carmen Leroux
Carmen Leroux Pred 2 meseci
Man utd 😡🤬💔
Torik da silva
Torik da silva Pred 2 meseci
2:22 look that shoot 😯
hasan asnafi
hasan asnafi Pred 2 meseci
0:56 sir Alex Ferguson
Galvin Bhullar
Galvin Bhullar Pred 2 meseci
Is that Alex Ferguson
Cẩm Ly 700K Vào Timbanvn xyz
05:30 Anh muốn gửi tin nhắn này đến em hôm nay vì hôm nay anh cảm thấy yêu em nhiều đến ” bất thường ”. 👏
Mr Skyz
Mr Skyz Pred 2 meseci
i never see Man city defence like this even with Kompany (best epl defence) . I mean combination Between Dias & Stones is so Amazing.. so Solid and i never imagine man city defence will be like this. Enderson can sleep well..
parker parker
parker parker Pred mesecem
Serious, what's nationality are you.. have you done many man city fans in your country
Tựu Trần
Tựu Trần Pred 2 meseci
Ruben Dias
Top Streamer Gems
Top Streamer Gems Pred 2 meseci
Great Video!
Player Santuy
Player Santuy Pred 2 meseci
5:02 phill foden Tackles GoalKeeper
Muhammad rifki ridhani
Manchester is blue
Dani.P Pred 2 meseci
Were is Ferrata???
Xuân anh Cao
Xuân anh Cao Pred 2 meseci
Đoi bóng tôi yêu Manchester City Thecityzens
고도리 Pred 2 meseci
perfected game
Anom Wiradanu Winata
Anom Wiradanu Winata Pred 2 meseci
Stonesta x Maldias
Pascal Bouzkaria
Pascal Bouzkaria Pred 2 meseci
Mahrez good
Delite Wetiko
Delite Wetiko Pred 2 meseci
"There is a contagious psychospiritual disease of the soul, a parasite of the mind, that is currently being acted out en masse on the world stage via a collective psychosis of titanic proportions. This mind-virus─which Native Americans have called “wetiko”─covertly operates through the unconscious blind spots in the human psyche, rendering people oblivious to their own madness and compelling them to act against their own best interests. An inner cancer of the soul, wetiko flavors and manages our perceptions by stealth and subterfuge so as to act itself out through us while simultaneously hiding itself from being seen. Not constrained by the conventional laws of third-dimensional space and time, this ‘bug’ in the system deceives us by working with the intrinsic projective tendencies of our mind so as to appear external to and other than ourselves, utilizing the seemingly outside world as the canvas for its full-bodied revelation of itself. Wetiko nonlocally in-forms, gives shape to and configures events in the world so as to synchronistically express itself, which is to say that just like in a dream, events in the outer world are symbolically reflecting a condition deep within the psyche of humanity. Drawing on insights from Jungian psychology, shamanism, alchemy, spiritual wisdom traditions, and personal experience, author Paul Levy shows us that hidden within the venom of wetiko is a revelation as well as its own antidote, which once recognized can help us wake up and bring sanity back to our society. How wetiko manifests─will it destroy our species, or will it catalyze a deeper process of global awakening?─depends upon recognizing what it is revealing to us about ourselves." -Dispelling Wetiko ,Paul Levy Wetiko psychosis is at the very root of humanity's inhumanity to itself in all its various forms. As a species, we need to step into and participate in our own spiritual and psychological evolution, which means that we must focus our attention on and contemplate this most important topic before this virulent madness destroys us" --Paul Levy
ЗУЛКУМАР Акимжанова
Ман сити чемпион
Zeded Pred 2 meseci
KDB has shown penaldez his place lol😂
Diogo Apolinario
Diogo Apolinario Pred 2 meseci
From Brasil,I love Manchester City ❤🔥
js ludwig
js ludwig Pred 2 meseci
Man city go on and on my best team i am 13 yrs old
pida siouy
pida siouy Pred 2 meseci
i watched it three times
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Pred 2 meseci
The Resurrection Stone.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Pred 2 meseci
Martial team is manchester city. Amazing kkkkkk
This Made W2S Nearly Cry...