Using Numbers To Find The Most Difficult NBA Championship Ever Won 

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17. okt. 2020

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Fatir Yamin
Fatir Yamin Pred 4 urami
Daniel Lowery
Daniel Lowery Pred 10 urami
I hate to say it but the reason why it was easy was A because they are a 1 seed so they only had to play the 8 and 4 seeds right off the bat and B because the Nuggets and Heat made it farther than expectd.
Thekkomaster Pred 15 urami
2016 chip was the hardest change my mind
Trent Cato8
Trent Cato8 Pred 18 urami
I’m not a lakers fan but I don’t agree with this because it’s going based off regular season which would make the heat look bad but they was the best team in the east
David Damasiewicz
David Damasiewicz Pred dnevom
somebody ever wondered how MJ only made it 6 times to the nba finals ?
Bálint Szabó
Bálint Szabó Pred dnevom
Very interesting and great video!
Its ya boy jay
Its ya boy jay Pred 2 dnevi
Bruh the 80s Lakers was getting free rings
Rodzilla Pred 2 dnevi
This passes the sniff test. The Lakers had to go through some phenomenal teams to win in 00-02. (And some will say some help from the officials, cough cough).
Magic Transistor Radio
If anyone wants to use this chart to say Kobe is better than Michael, we have to remember that Kobe wasn't even the best player on those early 2000s Lakers!
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Pred 2 dnevi
This is one of the most comprehensive and objective looks at NBA greatness I've ever seen.
blind screen
blind screen Pred 2 dnevi
2011 Dallas Mavericks run was the most dificult
Shane Johnson
Shane Johnson Pred 3 dnevi
The thing that this video leaves out is how good was the team that won the championship, compared to the teams it faced. So in a team argument, that doesn't matter, but in the GOAT debate it does. According to this list, the 2017 and 2018 warriors had a pretty average path to the finals, but we all know KD had an easy path to the championships because his team was so stacked in comparison to its competition
Zachary Lewis
Zachary Lewis Pred 3 dnevi
We just ignoring Hakeem’s 24 SRS?
Tzu-Yu Huang
Tzu-Yu Huang Pred 3 dnevi
So this basically means, the champion team is not that great because the other better teams lose to the worse teams. It kind of make sense but at the same time it doesn't make sense.
Jan Binas
Jan Binas Pred 4 dnevi
Wait... So the SRS stat measures how good a team is in the regular season?
Stann Diego
Stann Diego Pred 5 dnevi
Imagine lebron drafted by lakers, team up with shaq and 4 years later coached by the greatest of all time.
Adam Lancaster
Adam Lancaster Pred 5 dnevi
The measure doesn’t compare teams across eras though. So who is better, 2016 Warriors or Spurs from 2008 ? How do we know The “easy” teams in 2020 are not better than the “hard” teams in earlier eras?
Ahmed King
Ahmed King Pred 6 dnevi
There's no path, easier than the 90s.
Ahmed King
Ahmed King Pred 6 dnevi
You can't measure this, this is stupid. Because the 80s were the toughest decade, doesn't matter if it was just 23 teams. Don't believe me, just ask Jordan. He couldn't do anything for 7 years against those teams. A number one team in the 90s or 2000s, would've been an 8th seed in the 80s which is why this is stupid.
Ahmed King
Ahmed King Pred 6 dnevi
And I want yall to know something. I grew up in the 80s and 90s. The 80s was the toughest era of basketball ever. And the NBA was sorry in the 90s. The competition on both sides were weak at best. Jordan face 1 maybe Hall of in 3 of his Championship runs and then he 2 hall of famers in 3 of his Championship runs. None of the teams or players had ever won a championship that Jordan played and beat in the finals, except for the Lakers. Who comes up with this BS. Just another way to devalue his accomplishments
funyppl Pred 6 dnevi
This analysis just doesn't make sense to me. First, it won't take into account things like injuries to either the championship team or their opponents, which could make their run easier or harder. Second, it doesn't take into account how strong the championship team itself is. A strong team should have an easier time against strong opponents and a weak team should have a harder time against strong opponents. Thus, "cinderella" and dark horse runs are weighted exactly the same as all-time great teams. You can't compare the 2011 Mavs with the Shaq-Kobe Lakers like that. Finally, with regards to this year's Lakers, SRS won't take into account the bubble and the pandemic which undoubtedly played a huge role in the playoff run. Overall SRS just feels super hand-wavy and flawed when it comes to judging playoff runs like this.
Mackman Theman
Mackman Theman Pred 6 dnevi
That list is bullshit, that 2013 championship was hard as hell and they have it nearly at the bottom
Billy L
Billy L Pred 7 dnevi
Every single one of your videos are so good
Moshe Pred 7 dnevi
Get this man a job on fox
mYu uym
mYu uym Pred 7 dnevi
I like the video but I still think you can't compare every year exactly as it is. If in one generation the teams are not that good then automatically even an average team can have an higher srs then a good team in another year. And in my opinion the average teams today are better then then the average teams in the 90s for example.
Dylan F
Dylan F Pred 7 dnevi
"It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning's winning." -Dominic Toretto
INA Basketball 2
INA Basketball 2 Pred 7 dnevi
Nice video Jimmy
Eli Malek
Eli Malek Pred 7 dnevi
Bruh the 2016 Cavs went up against literally the best statistical team ever.
wilson yan
wilson yan Pred 7 dnevi
This stats seems wrong is some way, not lakers fault when the bucks or any high srs rate in the east this year lost to a low srs rate heat
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown Pred 8 dnevi
How u gonna say 2008 Celtics had it easy with LeBron and the Cavs Josh Smith and the Hawks and don't forget Kobe and the Lakers for gods sake they had it rough even with the big 3
Yossi Yaari
Yossi Yaari Pred 9 dnevi
I like. I would add some metrics to the results of the playoffs themselves. A) a sweep is more convincing than a 7th game win B) to the Sixers example - if they beat 3 teams some with stronger SRS, then they should get some of that as "virtual SRS" points.
ICE_Godzillasoup Pred 9 dnevi
This system is crazy flawed. U don’t actually know the skill of the team it’s just all relative to the teams that season.
Crying Jordan
Crying Jordan Pred 10 dnevi
Coming from a Jordan fan, y’all will do anything to discredit Lebron. Why can’t we appreciate greatness while it’s here instead of taking it for granted?
Chaz Johnson
Chaz Johnson Pred 11 dnevi
This SRS stat is trash because it does not take into account the fact that the Lakers beat the teams that beat the teams with the highest SRS, Heat beat bucks Denver beat Clippers Lakers beat them both so how do you factor that in , you play the team that is in front of you this video is trash and is a LeBron hater video
Marcus Johnson burner Aka mr clean
I’m the real Marcus Johnson
Marcus Johnson burner Aka mr clean
I’m the real Marcus Johnson
miguel panta
miguel panta Pred 11 dnevi
dirk nowitzki, amazing💪☺️
Sislovesme Pred 11 dnevi
I mean we all human...that’s probably a reason why the two best teams don’t make it to the finals...
Alejandro Lozano Aguas
The only issue I have with this is, as always, referring to these as "Kobe's championships." He was the second banana for 3 of them, and advanced metrics place him at the same level of importance as Pau Gasol for the latter two. If you want to say that any championship is X player's and player X is the best player on team, then three of those "Kobe championships" are really Shaq's.
TITAN DMC Pred 13 dnevi
Contradiction u just said how easy Brons path was then highlight had bad the Cavs were total foolishness.The 80s were entirely toucher in the sense that u had 2 of the greatest teams ever against one another in Lakers vs Celtics.Now lets really talk the bad boy pistons clearly had the hardest championship runs having to go through Boston and the Lakers are u kidding the EYE TEST wins again.
Jackson Huang
Jackson Huang Pred 13 dnevi
This kind of analysis is simply not informative. Sum of a series of scores does reflect some properties of a set of data, however, not all of them. More importantly, the properties that summing cannot represent are actually very crucial on evaluating the difficulty of a championship. One of these properties is the difference between the highest score of the opponents that a championship team beats and themselves. Another one is that how good the league is at that specific year. The reason is simple, ask yourself, will 2017 GSW win the 2020 title with the same difficulty if we swap them with 2020 lakers? Think about it, what the probability is for 2018 Cavs to beat a team with 2 all stars, one of which is a superstar, and what the probability is for them to beat a team with 4 all star, two of which are superstars, and a bunch excellent role players. The probability for a specific team to beat another team that is superior than them is significantly smaller than he probability for them to beat another team that is not obviously better than them. For example, suppose there is a team with SRS of 7, to win champion they need to beat 4 teams with SRS rating 4, 5, 6, 7 respectively (summing up to 22). Suppose the chance they beat a team that has the same or less SRS is higher than 50% (which is a fair assumption). Then, the probability they win a champion is the probability they beat all 4 teams, which is at least 0.5^4 = 6.25%. However, what if the four teams they have to beat have SRS rating of 2, 3, 4, 13 (again, summing up to 22)? What is the probability of team with SRS of 7 beats a team with SRS with 13? Did anyone think there is at least 6.25% chance for 2016 Cavs to beat 2016 GSW when they were down 3-1? In conclusion, what I am trying to say is that simply summing up the SRS scores to evaluate the difficulty of a champion is nonsense. You cannot say because Kobe & Shaq in their 3 peat had the opponents with some of the highest sum of SRS scores, their championships worth more than Lebron, Kyrie and Love's title in 2016. You did not even consider that fact that Kobe & Shaq's Lakers were consider to be the obviously better team in two of their three championship runs, whereas 2016 Cavs were on the opposite side. In the history of NBA, the team that was considered better usually wins the title (if not all). So the titles which were won by the worse teams will always be more valuable than those won by better teams. Period.
KEG 90
KEG 90 Pred 14 dnevi
Jxmy "I saw that jon bois video with all the dots and I'm STILL recovering" Highroller
Arexis Ghastly
Arexis Ghastly Pred 14 dnevi
How tf does LeBron have the easiest championship runs? In the finals, 2020: fair enough. 2012, they faced KD, Westbrook, Ibaka and a bunch of solid role/bench players. 2013, they faced the Spurs dynasty that's considered one of the greatest teams ever. 2016, they came back 3-1 (never been done) against 73-9 Warriors (greatest finals in history). That doesn't make any sense. Kobe's first 3 chips don't demand that high of a difficulty level. His last 2 on the other hand were very impressive, especially with the team he had. MJ's first 4 chips weren't as difficult as shown in the graph. His last two against the Jazz are definitely up there. Overall, this graph makes zero sense.
Arexis Ghastly
Arexis Ghastly Pred 14 dnevi
@Estarlin Castro KD was still a beast. 30.6 PPG on 55% FG. Westbrook 27PPG on 44% from the field. Ibaka was an elite defender too. That Thunder team weren't no cakewalk.
Estarlin Castro
Estarlin Castro Pred 14 dnevi
Bruh he beat a baby Durant and a James harden coming off the bench.
sam sparks
sam sparks Pred 14 dnevi
what I was thinking what was the srs of the loosing teams in the finals cause for example the 2018 warriors against the Cavs where the Cavs prolly didn't have a very high srs same goes for teams like the Mavericks when they beat heat in the finals. but the one thing that's wrong with this stat is this only factors in regular szn so say I'm the 1 seed and I clinch and rest my star player for the last 2 weeks and we get blown out that srs will drop significantly from those 2 weals and this also doesnt factor in injuries either cause say 2019 raptors without facing kd or klay their srs isn't nearly as high as it was before. and this also doesnt factor in regular szn injuries either cause without injuries blazers would have most likely been a 3-4 seed and their srs would have been wayyy higher. overall this is a good graph and shows how good each teams was each year but their is also a lot of cons to this graph as well.
leonard Pred 15 dnevi
the 2004 PIstons should have been in the TOP 10 at least
Denien82 Pred 17 dnevi
This makes no sense for so many reasons. SRS seem to imply that regular and playoff strenght are the same (ask D'Antoni about that XD ). So, for example, if you consider Heat's SRS I'm guessing is pretty low, but if you consider just the playoffs (before meeting LA) that would be astronomical. Also, it is true that this Lakers faced a weaker opposition than past teams, but it's not their fault Clips, Celtics and Bucks crushed and burned.
motobasfan Pred 17 dnevi
Rockets 6th seed winning. Beat n3 seed,n2 seed and n1 seed to get to the finals. Insane.
Dar Eus
Dar Eus Pred 17 dnevi
Bro this metric aside just consider the injuries from the first round all the ways to the finals this 2020 championship wasnt just easy it was a cake walk and it apparent because see the type of players they looking to trade for because the real competitors KD, kyrie, Steph, Klay etc are back next season the cake walk is over media fanboys and Lebron's fan base have them as the favorite but they know it's a toss up all the BS they talk about Steph and KD they know how lethal these guys are at shooting the ball
Jumis Ramen
Jumis Ramen Pred 18 dnevi
Hardest has to be The Mavs championship run in 2012 that ring is crazy
azan kutso
azan kutso Pred 18 dnevi
Lol did the SRS calculate covid and BLM issues wow...🤔
Ugly God
Ugly God Pred 19 dnevi
I would compare the other teams srs as well cuz the heat went up against insane teams aswell (I didn’t watch the full vid yet so idk)
Bebe Kilabot
Bebe Kilabot Pred 19 dnevi
Lebron has the skills and era luck for easy championship. He should have at least 2-3 more championship so that no one will argue his greatness.
Rawsome Awesome
Rawsome Awesome Pred 19 dnevi
What I learned is the Shaq and Kobe Lakers are the best team of all time. Also, isn’t it kinda odd that the 76ers ruined their playoff streak when it was literally AI by himself
Marvin Jean
Marvin Jean Pred 21 dnevom
Are you gonna tell me the 2018 warriors didn’t have a easy path
Radomir Pred 21 dnevom
Dont agree at all, a championship is a championship, nuff said!!!
Quincy Lockett
Quincy Lockett Pred 22 dnevi
If you real B ball fan we all have to shit up because if our city would have won it we would have been happy....so let's not Hate and Let them be Happy!
Quincy Lockett
Quincy Lockett Pred 22 dnevi
But if thats the case then why LeBron...I love Our King but I am hometown first 🤘🏿town 🚀s all day oooooh And we have the Hardest 🤘🏿🤘🏿
Shreeyans Bhavaraju
Shreeyans Bhavaraju Pred 22 dnevi
This doesn't mean anything. This doesn't account for the virus, the loss of Kobe, being placed in a bubble and having to go through teams that were all supposed to beat the Lakers. There was the bubble Blazers, the small ball Rockets, and the 3-1 Nuggets. This doesn't actually determine how easy/hard the championship was.
Ryan Ruiz
Ryan Ruiz Pred 22 dnevi
I think the most difficult one has to be magic and bird's Era
Testsubject Pred 22 dnevi
Being known as Lebron fanboy but still being this honest gives you all time high cred and respect Jxmy
Elmo Roman
Elmo Roman Pred 22 dnevi
Lebron sucks
Jorge Reyes
Jorge Reyes Pred 23 dnevi
Shaq and Kobe showing their greatness, with their 3-peat all in the top 5
awaaljowder Pred 23 dnevi
Your voice is sooooo smooth jimmy boy 🙌❤️
Crown Ary
Crown Ary Pred 23 dnevi
My guess is Dirk Nowitzki’s ring.
Tom Gerbic
Tom Gerbic Pred 23 dnevi
The Cavs 2016 has to be the hardest considering they were down 3-1
Pedro Augusto Costa
Pedro Augusto Costa Pred 8 dnevi
It's not only the finals, it's the full playoffs, and the series doesn't matter, if you sweep or won in 7 its just not change the SRS, and by the eye test, team record and SRS, so the 1995 was the hardest and greatest title ever.
Cris Marte
Cris Marte Pred 24 dnevi
"Rarely that the best 2 teams ever met in the finals" This statement helps Kobe's case in the goat debate tremendously imo. Coz 2 out the 3 championship run he had with Shaq, Kobe was arguably the MVP against the best overall team they faced in the playoffs. Based on their SRS all the teams they faced in the Western Conference Finals were far better than who they faced in the NBA finals. No one in their right mind would argue that the Pacers, Sixers and Nets were a better team than the TrailBlazers, Spurs and Kings in those particular years. Plus Shaq having the much more favorable match ups against guys like a 33 yr old Rick Smits, 34 yr old Mutombo and a role player in Jason Collins favored him to put up bigger numbers which secured him as the 3x FMVP during those runs, while Kobe were matched up against Miller, Iverson and Kidd. The average fans wont even look at these details, and jump in that "Shaq carried Kobe" bandwagon. This disrespect need to stop!
Pecker Doodle
Pecker Doodle Pred 24 dnevi
So... Kobe’s the goat? 👀
Anthony Samuel
Anthony Samuel Pred 25 dnevi
Thats why Kobe is my GOAT
Greg Ostertag
Greg Ostertag Pred 25 dnevi
So the team record of your opponent is an indicator? What if 12/15 teams in the conference are bad....won’t the top 3 teams have a great records? In which case, their record is no indicator of their talent. Ie Reggie Miller and Patrick Ewing are somehow superior to Kareem, Magic, Worthy, Dumars, Thomas, Malone, Dr. J.....yeah, gotcha. Anybody who thinks the 84 road the Celtics took is easier than the any year the bulls won is a fucking moron
Greg Ostertag
Greg Ostertag Pred 25 dnevi
It’s a bullshit list and exactly why stats/numbers don’t mean shit. The 1984 Celtics had one of the easiest roads? Jesus Christ
JZA Pred 25 dnevi
LeBron made the East finals on a weak East 3 seconds later.... Lakers had the easiest pass on the West. Is there something to be said about how dominant this guy was instead of saying how easy this guy had it? Whats the difference? Is like arguing that LeBron is not a good player because he shut the other team down by the 3rd quarter so he never faced a challenge.... is a huge double speak.
JZA Pred 25 dnevi
I can see how that graph will give it to the laker, but that said, there is a different graph that says that many top heavy teams got beaten earlier. Like Bucks and Clippers. IF the heat would have beat the lakers in 7 I think they will be close to the 95 Rockets. Same thing with the Raptors last year which had to beat Bucks and Sixers in close series.
austin Towns
austin Towns Pred 26 dnevi
This whole video is a well thought out opinion but their are clear flaws in srs.
What's the word ya'll
What's the word ya'll Pred 26 dnevi
Honestly seems super flawed. A lot of teams turn it up in the playoffs, but their srs is low because they chilled in the regular season.
Parsa Shobeiri
Parsa Shobeiri Pred 26 dnevi
No matter the difficulty or the numbers, the 2016 Finals were the sweetest for me personally. I’m glad I was able to watch it.
Kayden Davis
Kayden Davis Pred 26 dnevi
Kaedon Halliday
Kaedon Halliday Pred 27 dnevi
Early 2000s basketball was not competitive. Look at the east . It’s a lot worse than it is now and people say the east is weak now
marksdad10 Pred 27 dnevi
Great video. I love it
FBI AGENT 02 Pred 27 dnevi
So injuries are not taken into account?
Martin Liu
Martin Liu Pred 27 dnevi
these championships just built different
Carlsbad Mountain Biker
Good one Jimmy! Keep it up.
nineseven Pred 27 dnevi
shows how mentally weak today players are compared to LeBron James and company....
SummerAwe99 Pred 28 dnevi
This just goes strictly by team record... no unmeasurables like no fans causing underdogs to play better, reduced travel etc.
N8 DAWG #BARR-NONE Pred 28 dnevi
It was fixed like all of em rip nba rip Kobe!
Nat Turnr
Nat Turnr Pred 28 dnevi
People are too easily fooled. When the conversation comes up about Lakers winning the most difficult championship, it's only on the mental aspect, not the teams they faced. Trying to give Bron credit, while underhandedly h8ing on him at the same time. Sheesh! Ignorance has to be bliss, and jelousy and envy, must run extremely deep!
Dhea Algani
Dhea Algani Pred 28 dnevi
hey bro, can you make a video talking about lebron james prime year? he's 35 and still dominating nba since 2007
My Interesting Facts
My Interesting Facts Pred 29 dnevi
the 2016 cavs should be on the number 1 because they made the toughest comeback in nba finals history
Daniel Cruz Music
Daniel Cruz Music Pred 29 dnevi
I'll remember not to watch videos from here again. Whew! yeah i get it, its jordan and kobe yeah its them alright no one else so yeah
Marshall Gelder
Marshall Gelder Pred 29 dnevi
Hey keep making these awesome videos man. I love how you study the game.
Cole Pred 29 dnevi
One stat just ended all bron fans
Yuval Zemach
Yuval Zemach Pred mesecem
Where would the heat rank if they won?
Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Spice Pred mesecem
I wanna know the SRS ratings of the finals that Lebron didn't win. And did he not win them because they were difficult or was it something else?
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred mesecem
said 16-1. The lakers actually did go 15-1 in the playoffs that year, as first round series were best 3 of 5 until 2003
kolim jone
kolim jone Pred 29 dnevi
Too many numbers
Denpamori Pred mesecem
Didn't know Kobe first 3peat with Shaq was a hell of a journey
darealcdj Pred mesecem
espn need to hire this dude
Jay Pred mesecem
It ain't the Lakers fault that the Bucks and Clippers lost in the 2nd round! Heart and chemistry don't show up as stats!
xMusic Pred mesecem
Another proof that LeBron, doesn't even deserve being talked as goat. MJ,Kobe where much greater at there time than the 3rd guy.
Bam Adebayo
Bam Adebayo Pred mesecem
Calling me easy to beat
Braedon James
Braedon James Pred mesecem
Is there any way to take into consideration the ability of the team winning the ring. Not just the ability of the opponents. Bc I feel like by this measurement, a college team and the all-star team could play a random team as be given the same SRS score to add to their total.
Ruigan RD
Ruigan RD Pred mesecem
Which nba finals was the hardest?
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