MLB THE SHOW 21 PLAYER CREATION & 1ST GAMEPLAY! Road to the Show Xbox Series X Ep 1 

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MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show
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16. apr. 2021

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Christian Jones
Christian Jones Pred dnevom
Dude I just thought to myself, I wonder if qjb still makes mlb vids. And here we are.
Tim Chitty
Tim Chitty Pred 7 dnevi
What stance is that?
Slick Ric
Slick Ric Pred 7 dnevi
I started watching in 2016, and then stopped in 2020, this my first video I watched since, and I love this series, please keep it going
Hypnotized Shark
Hypnotized Shark Pred 8 dnevi
12:49 I thought my mom was yelling at me
Gfunk 1236
Gfunk 1236 Pred 9 dnevi
What headset is that
TV thaGOD Pred 9 dnevi
Ima need you to grow some hair on ur chin P, can’t be out here wit the cop stache
Carl Aspinall
Carl Aspinall Pred 11 dnevi
Willy maze haze awesome mlb video
Baankrolltayy TM
Baankrolltayy TM Pred 13 dnevi
mlb 17 flashbackkss
keonte Moore
keonte Moore Pred 13 dnevi
“Bridges got swag hittin home runs out the park and they wanna be like me QJB”
Jon’Taye Pred 15 dnevi
TheMTN Moose
TheMTN Moose Pred 15 dnevi
"the freaks come out at night"
MavryTV Pred 15 dnevi
Now that he has a baseball one he needs to make a Deion sanders type career where he plays base ball and football
Kam Pred 15 dnevi
I mess with a baseball a lil bit and I collect games.. I wanted to know if it’s worth buying some MLB games to add to the collection 🤔
CHRISSOFLY • Pred 15 dnevi
Are you a Atl fan ? You always going to Atl teams lol
OfficialHooperKJ Pred 16 dnevi
I’m ready fa dat bridges got swag again 👀
Jared Winegar
Jared Winegar Pred 16 dnevi
It won’t let me customize my player it just goes straight to the thing about what team u wanna play for
Sean Rawls
Sean Rawls Pred 16 dnevi
Does anyone know if you can play catcher? There's no option for it, but maybe later in your career it gives you an option?
Chan Scott
Chan Scott Pred 16 dnevi
Your created player looks like lil nas x wack ass
Javier Raudales
Javier Raudales Pred 16 dnevi
What difficulty do you play for road to the show?
Antonio McAllister
Antonio McAllister Pred 16 dnevi
QJB why do you like dreads so much
El Muro
El Muro Pred 16 dnevi
Trent Cummings
Trent Cummings Pred 16 dnevi
Has anyone run into issues where the load out won’t change with you based on what position you’re playing. And your equipment choices will not stay the same either
Kyuan Jones
Kyuan Jones Pred 17 dnevi
How you get the arrows around the pictures box?
WordedLeopard 54
WordedLeopard 54 Pred 17 dnevi
You should try hitting with zone even though it is harder you can make contact more often
Deadboy Gaming
Deadboy Gaming Pred 17 dnevi
Come on QJB you the only black person doing the vids on a big platform don’t stop
Sublimek Pred 18 dnevi
I would like it once you get drafted they send you down to single a and work your way up from there to get to MLB at the end.
Jeremy Schiltz
Jeremy Schiltz Pred 18 dnevi
Still can’t get my hands on a next Gen console!!! I want one so bad! Anyone else having a hard time?
Ethan Owens
Ethan Owens Pred 18 dnevi
same here
2xkey Slatt
2xkey Slatt Pred 18 dnevi
Your from North Carolina ? what city
Elias Fogelman
Elias Fogelman Pred 18 dnevi
yoo i havent seen this guy since nba live in 2016 i used to love your videos
CuhrfyCool5 Pred 19 dnevi
So for the first time you Xbox people can play MLb
праолам Pred 19 dnevi
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jon doe
jon doe Pred 19 dnevi
Are they going to allow attribute upgrading by points?or it's based off experience only?starting off at 30 contact/visual/clutch/discipline blows lol
Malik Ogundare
Malik Ogundare Pred 19 dnevi
When a pitcher is playing bad and gets taken out you should bring the “hit the road jack” anthem back
SmooveTYB Pred 19 dnevi
Yessir Beast 🤟🏾
Young337Balla Pred 19 dnevi
Lets go BRAVES!!!!!!
Jayden Pred 19 dnevi
Ayyyy welcome to the home of the Braves!
Danny M
Danny M Pred 19 dnevi
I'm glad they have the new extra innings rule where they start with a runner on 2nd base. Can't wait to play this.
Trayce Williams
Trayce Williams Pred 19 dnevi
We love the mlb content
Kayleb Campbell
Kayleb Campbell Pred 20 dnevi
When the was there I was still up
College Pennsylvania
College Pennsylvania Pred 20 dnevi
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Joe Biden is a clown
Joe Biden is a clown Pred 20 dnevi
Lillian Ward
Lillian Ward Pred 20 dnevi
Take a L
Lillian Ward
Lillian Ward Pred 20 dnevi
Darrien Pred 20 dnevi
Only ogs remember "Bridges got swag."
yea I’m xiasツ
yea I’m xiasツ Pred 2 dnevi
ColeLive Pred 2 dnevi
What the
Nick Phelps
Nick Phelps Pred 3 dnevi
Hard in the paint😜
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough Pred 3 dnevi
Mr point forward and mr quad dub
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough Pred 3 dnevi
Every since 2k12
Cameron Dent
Cameron Dent Pred 20 dnevi
Let goooo I’m back ❤️❤️
Steve Covin
Steve Covin Pred 20 dnevi
The Brooklyn Bridges might be a good name for a real MLB expansion team
GsnaGs Pred 20 dnevi
watching you for over 5 years consistency kills🔥💯😉
GsnaGs Pred 18 dnevi
@NBA SENSATION yh bro thinking about making a comeback but my focus is somewhere else
Alex18 Pred 20 dnevi
I really hope that you post more in this series than you did in the others
Meenz Lok
Meenz Lok Pred 20 dnevi
I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants more of this series
Calvin Pred 20 dnevi
dudes voice is so annoying ugh
mia. Pred 20 dnevi
Gucci CEO 2k
Gucci CEO 2k Pred 20 dnevi
I like that you play from a wide variety of games, you should do call of duty
QJB Pred 20 dnevi
Thanks I do on alternate channel sltv.info
Keeys Pred 20 dnevi
Dat nathy!
Christiano Pred 20 dnevi
I heard them say "playing the hardest game there is" these guys never played soccer, lol.
Thomas Hager
Thomas Hager Pred 20 dnevi
Do you know, QJB, that you can make your OWN stadium for your comfort, on the next gen consoles? MLB the Show ‘21 has a new feature called Stadium creator. As a personal favor, at least try to create your “home away from home”, if you wish.
Nicol Bolas
Nicol Bolas Pred 20 dnevi
The boy is back!! Dat man is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥
TDOT Pred 20 dnevi
Dave Putt
Dave Putt Pred 20 dnevi
Almost had the cycle!
Havenkalyx Pred 20 dnevi
can you play nba live again?
i i
i i Pred 20 dnevi
Its kinda sad for us current gen gamers because you next gen players get everything
EpicConspiracy Pred 20 dnevi
Sucks they ruined RTTS this year.
C Pred 20 dnevi
They just had to made it available on Xbox...
GreatestJean Pred 21 dnevom
Look at QJB Mannnnnnnnn😂
BariLucky Month
BariLucky Month Pred 21 dnevom
He's only gonna post like 7 vids max, then stop again
heebers Pred 21 dnevom
Yo QJB, you think you can get a triple double without points like draymond green?
MalRulesAll Pred 21 dnevom
Jack Kiedaisch
Jack Kiedaisch Pred 21 dnevom
should I get this game anyone?
N9èls Pred 21 dnevom
Havnt seen this is in centuries
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez Pred 21 dnevom
Was that on easy I didn't see the batting aiming 🤔
Jake Broenneke
Jake Broenneke Pred 21 dnevom
Bridges got swag
PrinceKel89 _
PrinceKel89 _ Pred 21 dnevom
Been a while since I been to ya channel g. I need dis in rotation ASAP! 💯💪🏾
QJB Pred 21 dnevom
I appreciate it I’ll have more
Kenny Bernard Pesak
Kenny Bernard Pesak Pred 21 dnevom
This is amazing
Montano2k Pred 21 dnevom
Real Neal steal
Donovan Montgomery
Donovan Montgomery Pred 21 dnevom
They really got the Mississippi Braves in the game.
QJB Pred 21 dnevom
Jada Nyankson
Jada Nyankson Pred 21 dnevom
Edward Jam
Edward Jam Pred 21 dnevom
This guy's mustache reminds me of the 80s.
omkhulu ibhanana
omkhulu ibhanana Pred 21 dnevom
Brooklyn b-b-b-b-b-bridges
The Superior
The Superior Pred 21 dnevom
Get The 44 pro guards
Twan Da Don
Twan Da Don Pred 21 dnevom
Yesssirrrr he back‼️‼️‼️‼️
Lezroy Kennedy
Lezroy Kennedy Pred 21 dnevom
Qjb dunk, pick 6, and now close for homeowners. Wow 👏 talented.
_ Nunez
_ Nunez Pred 21 dnevom
Anybody know how I get early access if I pre-order deluxe physical copy from Walmart?
Daniel Dixon
Daniel Dixon Pred 21 dnevom
Let's gooo!!!! I love MLB The Show and baseball is my fav sport!!!! Keep up the great content QJB!! 🔥🔥👀👀❤️❤️👍👍💪💪
Chris Laurenzo
Chris Laurenzo Pred 21 dnevom
What is your batters view it switched mine and I don’t like it I used to have yours
QJB Pred 21 dnevom
I’m not sure I was running on the default o think but I’ll check
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez Pred 21 dnevom
G o a t R. F l. I A. F l m T e E S T
Tyler Coleman
Tyler Coleman Pred 21 dnevom
They put the modified extra inning rule in the game. Hmm
San Diego Chargers 55
San Diego Chargers 55 Pred 21 dnevom
Plz still sing the uza the uza bruh
QJB Pred 21 dnevom
😅 I gotcha
JTM Fire16
JTM Fire16 Pred 21 dnevom
How do u play this do u have to by a more expensive one?
QJB Pred 21 dnevom
The Jackie Robinson edition let’s you play early
TecHome Pred 21 dnevom
What a lazy job of programming. Tags going through players. This is next gen? Looks the same as ps3 graphic wise. No wonder there not making money and had to come to xbox
TecHome Pred 21 dnevom
Game doesn't look any better, let's get hyped for nothing.
Rahtarek Pettiford
Rahtarek Pettiford Pred 21 dnevom
He could’ve used his player but he said no ???
Basketballislife For m
Basketballislife For m Pred 21 dnevom
Great vid
Dylan Grant
Dylan Grant Pred 21 dnevom
He playin for my hometown team
Nkosana Ramushi
Nkosana Ramushi Pred 21 dnevom
Part 2 please
DaSportsKid Pred 21 dnevom
How do you play mlb the show 21 early?
DaSportsKid Pred 21 dnevom
Oh ok thanks I was just wondering
Grayson Sandler
Grayson Sandler Pred 21 dnevom
It came out today. For game pass it comes out on the 20th
vDxlusion-_- Pred 21 dnevom
let’s go
totorelo chev
totorelo chev Pred 21 dnevom
Its about time
Stephen curry’s Burner
Justin Freeman
Justin Freeman Pred 21 dnevom
We back🥶
RENATO BRETON Pred 21 dnevom
serie x?
Lil Forsaken gaming
Lil Forsaken gaming Pred 21 dnevom
Why cant I play ???
PENNYWISE Mod in Among Us
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