Shaping 2000ºF Molten Glass! 

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Today I shaped forbidden honey out at KT Glassworks! Go check them out!
Seriously! Go look at his amazing art!
Twitter: ItsBryito
IG: ItsBryito
Team Edge: bit.ly/1QocbkY
24307 Magic Mtn Pkwy #211
Valencia, CA 91355
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4. jan. 2020

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OneHandedGamer Pred 12 dnevi
I saw that cut y’all did the 1st time brake when he was taking it to cook? Because the cut just saying because u said was it better then last time but yet u might b talking about the 1st time compair your ball 😝
Jack Phoenix Sean Gaming
Maybe you should learn how to forge a knife 🔪...!
XilverXoul Pred mesecem
This is so dope! I legit think Bryan could be a TV host!
Christopher Gutierrez
Christopher Gutierrez Pred 3 meseci
I'm speckles:o
Isaac best
Isaac best Pred 3 meseci
can you do a workout routean
Eleumei Emerald
Eleumei Emerald Pred 4 meseci
Y'all think this is cool we need to get Bryan to blacksmith forge his own knife
Shaik Muhammed
Shaik Muhammed Pred 6 meseci
I love this
Amina Pred 6 meseci
I seriously love this channel, its so cool!
Pablo Pred 7 meseci
1:56 cunty punty
Noreen Marie Villegas
Noreen Marie Villegas Pred 8 meseci
This is a betrayal to team edge😂😂
Abdul wase Khan
Abdul wase Khan Pred 8 meseci
Gunner 2.0 teaching bryan some glass stuff baby!!
Stephenie McVittie
Stephenie McVittie Pred 8 meseci
Thomas Haasser
Thomas Haasser Pred 10 meseci
Why aren't you in team edge anymore
Reid Rietjens
Reid Rietjens Pred 11 meseci
Proud of you Brian
Jesus Cervantes
Jesus Cervantes Pred 11 meseci
this was so cool i wish i can do it right now
CheeseyPotato Pred 11 meseci
11:03 I did not know you where will smith
Noob Destroyer
Noob Destroyer Pred letom
Me: sees this Also me: Bryancito, I'm so hungry I need a burrito, it's so dry I need an el nino
Jacey Thai
Jacey Thai Pred letom
PAPAYAAAAA! I didn't know you switched up the crazie crew!
AAA_ Batteries
AAA_ Batteries Pred letom
“Oh my goodness...IT IS HOT IN THERE..” Me:*Dies laughing*
BoilingKoolaid Pred letom
He is very supportive and patient. If I lived closer, I would sign up for classes.
C Killer
C Killer Pred letom
Wow impressive!🙀🙀🙀
Tyson Arnott
Tyson Arnott Pred letom
Anyone realise they made a bong
Storms_RL Pred letom
Bryan is my favorite youtuber EVER!!! I have been watching for a while now and I love Team Edge even more when he's in it! I wish the best for you Bryan!
Lahnden Newton
Lahnden Newton Pred letom
Bruh they kissed because they blew Into the same pipe
Cynthia Ayers
Cynthia Ayers Pred letom
When you're making glass, the ingredients are called a batch. My husband made colored flat glass for some years, it's all around the world. He was considered one of the best at the time.
GeneralStone Pred letom
I did this once.
Gvudrt Pred letom
I did one of these for my 9th birthday, and man it was fun
LG Samsung
LG Samsung Pred letom
Whos watching this in 2020. Say "BEST YT IS EXPERIOR" 😃
Patrick R Moon
Patrick R Moon Pred letom
I didn't know that you were brine from team edge till I watched the video again
Aries Pred letom
Wow but why didn't you show the results
Dapianokid Pred letom
Wow! You make banging awesome videos better than Dantdm in my opinion , but you get not many views .
Alekzander Patton
At the time 0:57 look at the window crack behind them there is a human
Billy Lin
Billy Lin Pred letom
Are we just ignoring the fact that he said “punty” XD
Geraldene Mcclean
Post more videos plz
Josh Vilchis
Josh Vilchis Pred letom
When are you going to upload
Paulie Angolano
Paulie Angolano Pred letom
Plz plz like this comet if he should do more of this stuff let’s get it to 150 likes 👍👍👍👍👍👍 thx if u do
kann Pred letom
Wow that's cool!
Graham Atkins
Graham Atkins Pred letom
That looked cool 😎😃
Ømnxs Pred letom
But gets so interested afterwards
Ømnxs Pred letom
“I’m just heating the top half of the bubble” Bryan *arms flail and walks back
Kristen Fox
Kristen Fox Pred letom
bryan looked amazed.
Kim Son Luu GS åk 7 Varagårdsskolan
is that brysan
K Smith
K Smith Pred letom
Happy Valentines Day Brian and family!❤️🥰❤️🇨🇦
come paint with me
I love this video I think it was so cool
The oil is Burning
BRYAN, why did you do a video about expensive coffee, but now a video about expensive loose leaf tea.
Infinite DragonX
Infinite DragonX Pred letom
I at first thought this would be boring but its pretty cool
Prabhleen R
Prabhleen R Pred letom
okay, I'm kinda confused. Wasn't this channel the crazie crew before. What happened to all those videos?
cranberry.juice Pred letom
At some point I thought he was making a bong
Jazmine Pred letom
I love glassblowing, it’s so fun
•{Gamer Kiwi502}•
Saw this and saw it was Bryan and said “oh yes hot stuff Bryan should so be trusted” but it’s cool
Reagan Williams
Reagan Williams Pred letom
that was so cool to watch!! I love the instructor. he seemed very encouraging and easygoing. he definitely knew what he was doing.
Sharpman91 PlayzGames
Can you make some merch I wanna get some
Naufal Hilmi M.
Naufal Hilmi M. Pred letom
Kazuki ito
Nameless Nameless
Its og bray guy
Swayed Pred letom
This is the first video I see about you and I think the channel is super cool! At first I thought you were just someone that looks like Bryan from team edge but no! It really is Bryan
Pizzaman27 Pred letom
1 mil subs go skydiving
James Torres
James Torres Pred letom
Why did you delete the crazy crew vids
Tom Deevy
Tom Deevy Pred letom
This channel sounds like a nbc show
Ricky Tran
Ricky Tran Pred letom
Is it just me or did this guy just make a bong??
Jenny piggy
Jenny piggy Pred letom
Looks nice
AK - 04SC 875375 Sir Isaac Brock PS
You look like Bobby from team age
Andrei Dulay
Andrei Dulay Pred letom
@Experior are you Bryan from team edge
Markus Lane
Markus Lane Pred letom
yes..............yes he is...........
MaiaLukas vC
MaiaLukas vC Pred letom
This would be a pretty cool field trip
Blake Brickley
Blake Brickley Pred letom
you guys should try do a surfing video just like the skimboarding videos
2ESY Pred letom
I only watched it because i love brian vids
Norman Sheppard
Norman Sheppard Pred letom
Is this brain From wait😱
Sans Rome
Sans Rome Pred letom
When he opened the door I said god
Joaquin Rodriguez
You still in team edge
Efan Tg
Efan Tg Pred letom
I love his laugh
Eisman Bassin
Eisman Bassin Pred letom
That is awesome, curious I looked on amazon and they have glass blowing stuff... Might need to try this.. BUT SAFELY amzn.to/2Te26jc
monkey 10
monkey 10 Pred letom
Wow Bryan, I didn't know you had a new channel! Good job!
Jay and The sassy seamstress
Brian + Moulton glass = Brian will be scared
braxm Pred letom
im enspired to do glass blowing when im older now but im only 9 so ill have to wait a while this is my favorate vid ever
Isabella Pred letom
I love you sooooooo much and you should do a tour in the Isle of Man
Volken Pred letom
Tsuki-Yomi Pred letom
nerd alert.... i kept thinking about Dr. Stone and Kaseki
RLEaz333 Pred letom
I kinda wanted to see the finished product
RLEaz333 Pred letom
All I'm thinking is I can make my own bong 😂😅
RLEaz333 Pred letom
Will Smith: ahhh dats hot
best of tiktok shorts
Yo, I'm a new subscriber, I love your videos
Ethan Racine
Ethan Racine Pred letom
Made in america Cofounded by China
Gage Butler
Gage Butler Pred letom
Cool video👍
Norhurst Pred letom
Woah. I just found this channel. If you would have shouted it out on team edge I would have subbed immediately. But that don’t matter I’m here now. I hope you make more videos.
Roger Gomez
Roger Gomez Pred letom
There using the same blow hole
Carlos Guardado
Carlos Guardado Pred letom
I’ve been subscribed since 100,000
8:52 that looks interesting
The besters
The besters Pred letom
420k subs, nice
Robotic Troy
Robotic Troy Pred letom
Good job on the subs
foxyboi 4500
foxyboi 4500 Pred letom
He has 420k subs
Richard Englund
Richard Englund Pred letom
Bryan is the best
Krishan Patel
Krishan Patel Pred letom
20:30 - 20:35 XD Brian: hifive dude Brian 4 secs later mkeh
Night Angle
Night Angle Pred letom
And there how weed bongs are made
Bonny Sorenson
Bonny Sorenson Pred letom
you did that so fast
Makarov Vladimir
Makarov Vladimir Pred letom
What happened to Mathias
Hello People
Hello People Pred letom
I haven’t watched your videos a long time
Pumpkin -Gaming
Pumpkin -Gaming Pred letom
Doctor stone up in here
Tucker Evans
Tucker Evans Pred letom
sub to fish kid jake
Mason Immer
Mason Immer Pred letom
Oh yeah and team edge
Mason Immer
Mason Immer Pred letom
Aren't you Brian from red Base
Axe_master_7 Pred letom
I shall call him New Bobby
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