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viisaus #shorts




5. apr. 2021

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SipuLIT Pred 7 minutami
En kyllä oottanu tätä 😂 luulin et kääntää jokski thaimaaks sen sanan
Jason Timmons
Jason Timmons Pred 13 minutami
It's the Universe brother, telling you that you are on the right path.
N1ghtm4r3461 Pred 19 minutami
Hey, Wisdom, Micheal here
Keuli Pred 21 minuto
Torille :D
XaS 43
XaS 43 Pred 26 minutami
V is sus
ErkkiTheEpicGamer Pred 34 minutami
Suomi perkele🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮
Wumpus 123
Wumpus 123 Pred uro
Keuli Pred 20 minutami
? What are you talking about
Marc BM
Marc BM Pred uro
Michael: names Finland Every Finnish in youtube: PERKELE
Keuli Pred 20 minutami
:D kyllä
nande Pred uro
Vsauce? More like Vsus
Stun V
Stun V Pred uro
Too Kool 🤌🏻
This guy is creeping me out...
no -_-
no -_- Pred uro
I have deen called
tannerfani91 Pred 2 urami
Jeremiah Ashby
Jeremiah Ashby Pred 2 urami
Sooooo Vsause= Wisdom
Iván Hernández Flores
Sounds like idubbz saying vausce
Dank_Obama 69
Dank_Obama 69 Pred 2 urami
No perkele sitten
Jannah Sorrell
Jannah Sorrell Pred 2 urami
Who are you so wise in the way of wisdom?
Draken Kartikay Kaul
I wanted to give myself a nickname and I just wrote Draken out of nowhere. I put Draken on google translate and found out it means Dragon in Swedish. I love dragons so it fits.
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Pred 2 urami
Oh, never new that finnish means smth similar with Finland. Just want u to know, from ukraine, not very smart eather, so be it, at least ukraine counter isnt 0 in comment section for now thats all folks lazyyyy
EIDmitriy Pred 2 urami
Dude! I got email box wisdom555@rambler.ru I've made it in 2003! So, it is my word)) And weisheit555@yandex.ru (wisdom on dutch) is mine too)
ThatOneSomeone 0
ThatOneSomeone 0 Pred 3 urami
The finnish population: So u have summoned me?
Colonel Custard
Colonel Custard Pred 3 urami
Confirmation bias
Carcinogenic Thalidomide
Mentions Finnish All of Finland: Motherland has called.
Mr.lockzy Pred 3 urami
How old are dude?
Αλευράς Θεοφάνης
this came up when i was wtching the series Sorjonen. (and im not even finnish!)
ZWIEBEL _LOL Pred 3 urami
Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
John Saba
John Saba Pred 3 urami
V Sus
As a human I can comfirm he is a human.
KCG - Kodie Collings Gaming
• DEVIL• Pred 4 urami
minä en oikein ymmärrä
ELI WILCOX Pred 4 urami
I felt a sense of wisdom instilled in me when I finnished this video.
Commander Cody
Commander Cody Pred 4 urami
as a finnish finnish blah blah blah
mcko 999
mcko 999 Pred 4 urami
It is true we planed it from the start
Sooraj Ms
Sooraj Ms Pred 4 urami
That's a wonderful coincidence...... or os it?
Taigavarpu Pred 4 urami
I am waiting in the market. There are thousands of people all ready here, and as we speak, busses are dropping thousands more.
Gavin Pred 4 urami
Torille perkele.
Sus Doctor
Sus Doctor Pred 5 urami
Viisaus Wisdom . Vsause Wiisome
Proxytale 101
Proxytale 101 Pred 5 urami
You can never trust google translate
Cathartic Muffin
Cathartic Muffin Pred 5 urami
Finland Mentioned? Must comment.
AkuFinland Pred 5 urami
As Finnish I can say that its true
Björnborn Pred 5 urami
Who dares summon me!
turpasauna 273
turpasauna 273 Pred 5 urami
Suomi mainittu perkele
Mogar Is Ready
Mogar Is Ready Pred 5 urami
I had no clue. I'm Swedish and wisdom in Swedish is "Visdom" (pretty similar to English) or "Vishet". Visdom almost sounds like viisaus, almost
Oldle Peng
Oldle Peng Pred 5 urami
i like vaching viisaus
AHHH- ugh *give up vote* (get the meme?)
daz cam
daz cam Pred 5 urami
As an Australian living in finland learning finnish language.. I will never forget the word for wisdom 🤓 Kiitos paljon
hayool phazai coooll • 13years ago
Now that you used fake name generator does that mean your fake 😲 Vsauce lore
The Wolpertinger
The Wolpertinger Pred 5 urami
dude thats insanee
Generic Terrorist
Generic Terrorist Pred 6 urami
I seem to have entered a strange realm where Finnish people exist
ii omqfaderz
ii omqfaderz Pred 6 urami
Maksim Drobysevskij
Maksim Drobysevskij Pred 6 urami
After watching this video I have a lot of vsauce
Brayden Holden
Brayden Holden Pred 6 urami
English People: Vsauce Finnish People: Literally Pure Wisdom Vsauce Fans: I have Never Been SO Happy about something I 100% agree with
Imas Pred 6 urami
Im from Finland😃
Palaneet Leivät
Palaneet Leivät Pred 7 urami
Super Sazz
Super Sazz Pred 7 urami
Suomi perkele!
neku1022 Pred 8 urami
I genuinely thought thumbnail said "Visus" and now i hate myself
David S.
David S. Pred 8 urami
I can't see anything. Thumbing down
Shepuz Pred 8 urami
as a yet another Finnish person, I have been summoned from my winter slumber to comment on this video and fulfill my obligation as Finnish person.
Erdoğan Bal
Erdoğan Bal Pred 8 urami
chipped tooth
chipped tooth Pred 8 urami
this doesnt look like it was filmed in 2021
Antti Kivivalli
Antti Kivivalli Pred 8 urami
Well as you can hear from Google, we Finns pronouce all the vowels ([a] and [e] in this case) as they are, so "viisaus" is [vi:saus] and not [vi:sɔːs] like your channel - except in Finland, we easily prounounce it [ve:saus], [vi:saus] or [ve:sause]. :-)
ChimoZ Pred 8 urami
Vsauce? more like Vsus
Miähinen Miäs
Miähinen Miäs Pred 8 urami
Finland mentioned we'll meet at the marketplace
MNIrfan Bachtiar
MNIrfan Bachtiar Pred 8 urami
Or is it?
Jonny Jonjon
Jonny Jonjon Pred 8 urami
Vsowce ni**a
MetaSlasher Pred 8 urami
Vi *sus*
Whiplash Pred 8 urami
Saus litterally means sauce
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Pred 9 urami
Nuoruus ja hulluus, vanhuus ja Vsauce. Tieto tulee, mutta Vsauce viipyy. Vsauce asettaa rajat tiedollekin. Perkele.
Lorenz Nicolas
Lorenz Nicolas Pred 9 urami
I just got back from doing my homework, and yes im a finish
Luka Taguchi
Luka Taguchi Pred 9 urami
When the myth of finland gets too serius
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Pred 9 urami
I'm not Finnish but TORILLE!!
Jimpula -
Jimpula - Pred 9 urami
Im finland i speak finnish👌😎
im 16
im 16 Pred 10 urami
Vi saus
woosh me if ur lgbtq
woosh me if ur lgbtq Pred 10 urami
you mentioned my country. I have come out of the woods like little goblin.
Antonio Elg
Antonio Elg Pred 11 urami
Huonta mitä ukko
Antonio Elg
Antonio Elg Pred 11 urami
Suomi perkele
Jonas Väänänen
Jonas Väänänen Pred 11 urami
All your finnish fans, including me, are going crazy in the comments
The comments looks like it's been populated by fairies and elves
Abdulgader Al-Aydaroos
Minecraft Pro
Minecraft Pro Pred 11 urami
Hmm... I wonder why wisdom means Vsauce... *OH*
Tintin And Snowy
Tintin And Snowy Pred 12 urami
As my national law, once someone mention ”finnish” we are summoned, maybe not all of us, but a lot of us
KJ Gangster
KJ Gangster Pred 12 urami
Bruh i thought it was uploaded by some other channel
Swapnil Soni
Swapnil Soni Pred 13 urami
That domain got purchased
The Good Pilgrim
The Good Pilgrim Pred 13 urami
I'll meet you in the marketplace.
Sajjad Mirza
Sajjad Mirza Pred 13 urami
Hello vi saus I hope you having a good day
Doodle Hobbo
Doodle Hobbo Pred 14 urami
"Hmmm Vsauce" - Buddha Monke
Tojota_30 Pred 14 urami
Hello Yes finland has been mentioned I have arrived.
Thus spoke Rafael.
Thus spoke Rafael. Pred 14 urami
I'm not Finnish but TORILLE!!
Ammar Dhamiri
Ammar Dhamiri Pred 14 urami
Kinda sus
Saku Virkkala
Saku Virkkala Pred 14 urami
Tisisrealnow Pred 15 urami
You are wisdom, you are viisaus
Soham More
Soham More Pred 15 urami
Sir could you make a video about titles
Woof Woof
Woof Woof Pred 16 urami
Glade Air-freshener
Glade Air-freshener Pred 16 urami
vee swauws
Gavin The Crafter
Gavin The Crafter Pred 16 urami
As a Finnish person, I’m lying about my nationality
LIL_J_HILL Pred 16 urami
His name is V-saoce
Atomfurz00 Pred 16 urami
fúck sweden. all my homies are finnish
MrEetu Pred 16 urami
Suomi mainittu!
palikka mies
palikka mies Pred 16 urami
What can I say finish language is retarded
Jussi Raitoniemi
Jussi Raitoniemi Pred 16 urami
A cruel joke on the world
Uxvellda Pred 16 urami
It's a great "coincidence", right...? Or is it?
DustMug Pred 16 urami
Perkele säkkijärven uraliin taa Suomi Simon haya