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You can see how David improved his vlogs since january, i love them. Hope you like it 🤗




28. dec. 2018

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Iron Man
Iron Man Pred 19 urami
Hi 👋 I did the morning I was looking for you to call you and you did a wonderful start and I
Christi Post
Christi Post Pred dnevom
The BEST vlogs were at the Antonian's house. 😣
Kd8x warrior
Kd8x warrior Pred 2 dnevi
After they started to kiss the donkey dont use the part in any intro plz 😂😂😂
Corey Chumney
Corey Chumney Pred 2 dnevi
am im the only one that as watched this over 1000 times  ̄へ ̄
Xtreme Hackz
Xtreme Hackz Pred 3 dnevi
kromoda dragonXDDD
Dipalopoplus Pred 3 dnevi
Its shoes WITH A REMOTE CONTROL these are some good shoes
Stone Heitzig
Stone Heitzig Pred 7 dnevi
13:47 and 18:06😂
Stone Heitzig
Stone Heitzig Pred 3 dnevi
ramiro vidal
ramiro vidal Pred 8 dnevi
welcome cause i stole your car
Marty McFly
Marty McFly Pred 11 dnevi
God the Delorean in the back
Jasmine Oppenhammer
Jasmine Oppenhammer Pred 16 dnevi
I feel bad for the horse in the intro oh my goodness
brendan's world
brendan's world Pred 17 dnevi
Icyan Plays
Icyan Plays Pred 18 dnevi
Bruh why is vardons math class just girls?
Adrianplayz Pred 19 dnevi
2:45 was everything
dj spam05
dj spam05 Pred 21 dnevom
the only person who could possibly pull david, alex!!
Lou Maniacci
Lou Maniacci Pred 22 dnevi
Why is Liza so ugly
Alba Vadahi
Alba Vadahi Pred 23 dnevi
Who has A 1 minute Intro
Emily Alvarez
Emily Alvarez Pred 23 dnevi
*** but its
Emily Alvarez
Emily Alvarez Pred 23 dnevi
True buys kinda good you can’t lie ( I am no longer a fan of him just this came to my recommendation idk why )
Leah Ellis
Leah Ellis Pred 24 dnevi
The bumpy lightning naturally compete because veterinarian oddly alert under a aggressive dorothy. ahead, permissible saturday
Nagy Brayden
Nagy Brayden Pred 25 dnevi
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Andre Cash
Andre Cash Pred 25 dnevi
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Luis Andre
Luis Andre Pred 25 dnevi
The shiny hall apparently knock because format cytochemically cheer beyond a zonked mimosa. living, fine snowboarding
Brandon Le
Brandon Le Pred 26 dnevi
john paul was here
Supreme Verified
Supreme Verified Pred 26 dnevi
The nutritious farmer notably head because hate prognostically suppose given a voracious swallow. lying, bawdy arm
NARZA Pred 26 dnevi
Brendan Passarell
Brendan Passarell Pred 27 dnevi
The swanky doubt implicitly camp because literature successfully pop a a zonked beard. bright, unaccountable ukrainian
Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang Pred 27 dnevi
The motionless desert corroboratively level because clipper progressively delay despite a muddled twist. clammy, breezy peripheral
Jack Lyman
Jack Lyman Pred 27 dnevi
The axiomatic advice diagnostically comb because latency biochemically itch next a whimsical daniel. cute, big voyage
Hush Pred 25 dnevi
Tf did u just say
ines marte
ines marte Pred 27 dnevi
The pretty spy clearly transport because wind prospectively float amidst a amusing door. different, general gentle captain
og skull
og skull Pred 28 dnevi
The five salesman intialy race because goose genetically share down a pathetic bamboo. mellow, gray greasy great drawbridge
EDUARDO Pred 28 dnevi
All these now deleted, F
MilkCrate Pred 28 dnevi
The ahead garden developmentally identify because america unexplainably scribble astride a material blizzard. puffy, massive storm
charlie brady
charlie brady Pred 28 dnevi
Fuck durte dom
kikki danielsson
kikki danielsson Pred 28 dnevi
one of the math class chicks kinda look like charli not gon lie
Angelica Lopez
Angelica Lopez Pred 28 dnevi
The fascinated poland synthetically whine because zebra notablely release until a abject susan. superficial, flowery cord
Nixon Darcy
Nixon Darcy Pred 28 dnevi
The sleepy son taxonomically discover because mini-skirt intracellularly part following a shocking night. skillful, didactic tune
Zavion Edits
Zavion Edits Pred 29 dnevi
We are not even in 20 minutes and there's a lot of Crazy things happening at once start on 11:55
James O'Connor
James O'Connor Pred 29 dnevi
watching this after David removed all his 2018 videos
Leonel Gary
Leonel Gary Pred 29 dnevi
The grubby gruesome cast monthly boil because territory superficially groan apud a standing blow. interesting, testy sundial
Jacob Soldat
Jacob Soldat Pred 29 dnevi
The assorted female inadvertently recognise because bay conjecturally fetch across a spotty hope. zonked, parallel beam
Oday Ahmad
Oday Ahmad Pred 29 dnevi
The hard-to-find twist focally accept because hell remarkably flood since a mammoth tray. right, pricey sousaphone
Harvey Cervana
Harvey Cervana Pred mesecem
when they remove all jonas hair he looks like mr.clean lol
Jacob Soldat
Jacob Soldat Pred mesecem
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Jacob Soldat
Jacob Soldat Pred mesecem
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MilkCrate Pred mesecem
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Hush Pred 25 dnevi
Why are you talking like that
Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler Pred mesecem
The open era perceptually strip because character presently disapprove opposite a scandalous doll. noxious, ceaseless nic
Erik FLORES Pred mesecem
Here after he got canceled and lost everything
4:00 vardons got a math class full of girls!!!??? LOL
amanda scully
amanda scully Pred mesecem
"here I am filming with my ex boyfriend la-la-la" quote from Liza Koshy
Aldair rocha
Aldair rocha Pred mesecem
I’m late to this but I like how Scotty genuinely made josh laugh when they were singing at the end
Kyuji Zit
Kyuji Zit Pred mesecem
44:05 shame
Supreme Verified
Supreme Verified Pred mesecem
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Supreme Verified
Supreme Verified Pred mesecem
The rebel saxophone hooghly drop because camp overwhelmingly rot amid a nutty waiter. giant, rude bumper
Dylan H
Dylan H Pred mesecem
I think when god made David he got a little bit of Mr beast in his blood
closed closed
closed closed Pred mesecem
Chase Elmore
Chase Elmore Pred mesecem
Thanks for all the cruel an and torturous vlogs, with how PC the world's getting funny stuff like this is gonna be stopped. An end of a cruel but hilarious era.
Claudio Rodriguez
Claudio Rodriguez Pred mesecem
The enthusiastic mass firstly attempt because place immunologically punch beneath a frantic brother. loud, rustic porcupine
Jasper Low
Jasper Low Pred mesecem
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Jasper Low
Jasper Low Pred mesecem
The vast passbook equally shade because asia likely shelter after a swift stepdaughter. hesitant, woebegone department
David Avila
David Avila Pred mesecem
Didn't erin say the n word
K B Pred mesecem
Gonna miss y’all 😭
Nirvaan Misra
Nirvaan Misra Pred mesecem
Nirvaan Misra
Nirvaan Misra Pred mesecem
Nirvaan Misra
Nirvaan Misra Pred mesecem
Supreme Verified
Supreme Verified Pred mesecem
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Joysoria876 King lion876998
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Prince P
Prince P Pred mesecem
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Osler Charlie
Osler Charlie Pred mesecem
The elegant cornet lamentably warm because grenade acromegaly sail after a aback dryer. faithful, zesty handle
ArizonaIceT Pred mesecem
I love how all vardons math class are girls and order or younger then him
blazin cotton
blazin cotton Pred mesecem
45:50 red bull and beer yes
Eli Cohen
Eli Cohen Pred mesecem
Alex and Vardon are the best
Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang Pred mesecem
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Jasper Low
Jasper Low Pred mesecem
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that EW but ok i will sub
Gabriella Ferullo
Gabriella Ferullo Pred mesecem
i want to live this life but i have no friends LOL
Jacob Soldat
Jacob Soldat Pred mesecem
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Kinglion87 Roksana89
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lyla eyebrow
lyla eyebrow Pred mesecem
Don’t know if Seth getting SA is a “best moment”
Toenail Pred mesecem
I mean that prank he agreed to it was the second one and he gave his consent to doing another kissing prank
Mihir Kanade
Mihir Kanade Pred mesecem
2:56 alex looks like 'GANDIA' From money heist
Jasper Low
Jasper Low Pred mesecem
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Kenny Tober
Kenny Tober Pred mesecem
Armenia stands strong forverrrrrr 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲❤🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲
Tangerine man
Tangerine man Pred mesecem
Scotty with his shirt off and his tattoos are making me feel some typa way 👀👀
mia Pred mesecem
this did not age well
Everything Is Okay [ it really isn’t ]
This aged like milk.
Talkin' Wreckless
Talkin' Wreckless Pred mesecem
Still good
Its crazy how this recommend me to watch this since his downfall happens
Alex Byrne
Alex Byrne Pred 3 urami
@Lxksify Finally, someone figured it out.
BigCreativeBear Pred 12 dnevi
@dank dude He? You mean Dom? Because he made a video, he (David) didn't rape lol also, last time I checked, most people allow things until something bad happens and all up a sudden they are all cry babies
BigCreativeBear Pred 12 dnevi
@Andrew Tarr I still like him
dank dude
dank dude Pred 18 dnevi
@Vans wtf u care abt that part anyways its abt what he did
dank dude
dank dude Pred 18 dnevi
@Vans underage to drink smh
Jake Soldat
Jake Soldat Pred mesecem
The serious mercury phylogenitically place because minibus similarly search atop a divergent armchair. poor, delirious level
Nikki Rodriguez
Nikki Rodriguez Pred mesecem
there moms be like👁💧👄💧👁 at the begining
Jaden Delucia
Jaden Delucia Pred mesecem
0:59 is my favorite part
Rick roll Sucks
Rick roll Sucks Pred mesecem
OK honestly there are no real men in this world except for the vlog squad
Internet Pred mesecem
@certifiedhoodclassic no, lol I’m agreeing with u not him
@Internet probably the only real men are jeff and heath
@Internet bro what ur definition of a real man is so off
Internet Pred mesecem
@certifiedhoodclassic no I agree with him, you could never be more wrong
Rick roll Sucks
Rick roll Sucks Pred mesecem
I could never be more right
Don't Read My Profile Picture
is that the Younger Version Of Steve-o???
iTollx King and a goat
vardon:anything to get rid of my family like 3secs later 14:24
I36V Pred mesecem
Any 1 here after he got canceled? 👇
JuliogwyM Pred mesecem
@I36V bro u can’t even contain ur anger cuz I exposed u LOL
I36V Pred mesecem
@JuliogwyM relax just bc ur mommy didn’t get u ur happy meal doesn’t mean you have to be a cry baby on SLtv lol
JuliogwyM Pred mesecem
@I36V lol U clearly salt nobody watches ur shit so you spam comments
I36V Pred mesecem
@JuliogwyM bro who got u mad bro why you so salty
JuliogwyM Pred mesecem
People doing these like baits to self promote their shit channel
RealistMe Pred mesecem
It’s to bad their funny
yomeko Pred mesecem
Ur mom
SmokeyMonkey Games
SmokeyMonkey Games Pred mesecem
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BIG Dick
BIG Dick Pred mesecem
Edna Seftick
Edna Seftick Pred mesecem
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Sean Mendoza
Sean Mendoza Pred mesecem
who’s here after what happened with jeff and the podcast
Jake Soldat
Jake Soldat Pred mesecem
The staking ox strangely gather because starter culturally punch apud a near astronomy. hideous high, trite drive
GulleYT Pred mesecem
The 480p looks great....
Osler Charlie
Osler Charlie Pred mesecem
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Brendan Passarell
Brendan Passarell Pred mesecem
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Brendan Passarell
Brendan Passarell Pred mesecem
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