Girl Gets Fired For How She Dresses 

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23. nov. 2020

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Andrew Laird
Andrew Laird Pred 23 minutami
They aren’t even going to pay attention to the clothes they wear it’s the presentation they will pay attention to
Janet Delatado Nuñez
BEALE SHANNON Pred 2 urami
bruh what does he mean not everything is not about work you can get money and you will be able to live and you can get a new home if you dont work you will be poor and homeless
Makenzie Baca
Makenzie Baca Pred 3 urami
What going on in my mind as I'm watching this: what is happening!! What the h**l is going on here!?!?
Lara's life
Lara's life Pred 5 urami
Okay there is a wrong thing in this sentence, it's not she s gonna be doing the presentations no . She is the presentation 😆😆😆 she is presenting the company and the money
Qusai Gaming
Qusai Gaming Pred 6 urami
This presentation is terrible
Gisele Souza
Gisele Souza Pred 7 urami
Hahaha this killd me
Azmeer's Gaming Hub
Azmeer's Gaming Hub Pred 10 urami
Genji I see you mate
Moonstone Studio
Moonstone Studio Pred 10 urami
"looks are everything" me: YOU SON OF A- youtube: >:( me: -WITCH
Prayathna Premkumar
Prayathna Premkumar Pred 11 urami
ya I love your like this vid
• Simply •
• Simply • Pred 12 urami
Terry:*Shocked :0 walks up to them and pretends that is his employe* Me:Go confront him Greta😎😎(7:07)
Jena Templin
Jena Templin Pred 12 urami
Grace 987
Grace 987 Pred 13 urami
I love you Sssniperwolf ❤️
AKA Kalo
AKA Kalo Pred 14 urami
can someone tell me the name of this business
Lara Safwat
Lara Safwat Pred 14 urami
Literally fashion is in the thing in the whole entire world
The DD Techs
The DD Techs Pred 16 urami
Dhar Mann videos are made to learn something not to react
Kelly Gergely
Kelly Gergely Pred 19 urami
My name is Greta too
Bill Adrian Galacio
Bill Adrian Galacio Pred 19 urami
Terry looks dirty greta looks cute
Jakeda Martin
Jakeda Martin Pred 21 uro
This is the first video that doesn’t have “you see” and “so,you see”
GrimScrap Pred 21 uro
im your new subscriber
Marvin Andraws
Marvin Andraws Pred 21 uro
when he said my ming is made up after that i said of trash get it my mind is made up of traah
Zaid Al-omari
Zaid Al-omari Pred 22 urami
I notice the guy who said appearance means nothing, is the guy who was dressed poor at the car dealership, but was a millionaire.
Zaid Al-omari
Zaid Al-omari Pred 22 urami
That’s why they don’t need skill. Lmaooooooooooo!
Zaid Al-omari
Zaid Al-omari Pred 22 urami
They work for McDonalds.
Nsamba Rashid Bukenya
Nsamba Rashid Bukenya Pred 23 urami
Elliot Cardoza
Elliot Cardoza Pred 23 urami
She looks amazing
Hishaam Mahmood
Hishaam Mahmood Pred dnevom
Emily Loios
Emily Loios Pred dnevom
Malak Nassif
Malak Nassif Pred dnevom
No one: Actually no one: SSSniperwolf: GIVE HER A JOB
Eloise Ecclestone
Eloise Ecclestone Pred dnevom
SniperWolf: Ward work is gonna equal success Me: on animal crossing 24/7 still not being able to buy a nook miles ticket 👁👄👁
Matteo Hanna
Matteo Hanna Pred dnevom
def ur most funny vid ever
Little Pebbles
Little Pebbles Pred dnevom
At 8:23 its like what siri say Im sorry i dont understand haha
AM Solutions
AM Solutions Pred dnevom
I love you and your hard work to make me smile everyday
Samantha Wright
Samantha Wright Pred dnevom
o ma gosh she 24 million subs
reem Pred dnevom
so you see
rainbow _ squad
rainbow _ squad Pred dnevom
Plzz make more
結城 Pred dnevom
Jason: I'm jason Me: jAsOn dReUlO~
Gaming Jacob Playz
Gaming Jacob Playz Pred dnevom
Isabelle Wyatt jones
Dhar Mans key words are “so you see”
Sudan Sikder
Sudan Sikder Pred dnevom
shh axsthetic
shh axsthetic Pred dnevom
4:14 im dead lmfaoo
Kalina Pred dnevom
Fidgets Fiasco
Fidgets Fiasco Pred dnevom
Could you make more dharman videos 😍 I love them
Avani Arjaria
Avani Arjaria Pred dnevom
The purple light reflection on her glasses are like Kawwai Cheeks 🤩
Megan Cudal
Megan Cudal Pred dnevom
Isn't that Ashley???
Erik Steenkamp
Erik Steenkamp Pred dnevom
I am not impressed with the way reny is dressed and he is sketchy and dogy like wear something reaviling like how unprefsional
Sun Somanich
Sun Somanich Pred dnevom
My boss: WEAR A DRESS Me: im wearing a dress long skirt tho
Jorge Rativa
Jorge Rativa Pred dnevom
Do you know why she got fired for just wearing some nice clothes
Bernadette Domjancic
Terry really be lookin like my 4th grade teacher😂 he got that bald spot and everything🥸
Nicole Velazquez
Nicole Velazquez Pred dnevom
Me if I was in fortnite and I saw him: snips* GOTEM!!!!!!
Renee Chrys Galvez
Renee Chrys Galvez Pred 2 dnevi
I swear I don’t those types of clothes... I wear PJ’s
turtle lord
turtle lord Pred 2 dnevi
excuse me... *the second-hand embarrassment got to me fam*
The Smith family
The Smith family Pred 2 dnevi
Hello ITS ME, today we can watching ............... ( I love how she does Hello ITS ME)
Hallie Taylor
Hallie Taylor Pred 2 dnevi
I got fired for wearing a 90cm scrit
Hallie Taylor
Hallie Taylor Pred 2 dnevi
No like
Phoebe Fox
Phoebe Fox Pred 2 dnevi
Wow so mean
Sleepy cayla
Sleepy cayla Pred 2 dnevi
Let's just appreciate that she laughs at her own jokes
that depressed gacha
use toilet paper
use toilet paper Pred 8 urami
@that depressed gacha say goodbye
that depressed gacha
that depressed gacha Pred 18 urami
and *so do i-*
Ariyah McCleary
Ariyah McCleary Pred 2 dnevi
Our Account
Our Account Pred 2 dnevi
i really about to say when i fired some one i was joking
Chaniese Watts
Chaniese Watts Pred 2 dnevi
Hardwork = Sucsess
Clio Duke
Clio Duke Pred 2 dnevi
I am such a big fan of you SSSniperWolf
M_Acabal, Harley
M_Acabal, Harley Pred 2 dnevi
It’s not about the look hard work means everything to get more money for ur family her saying was hopeless bhahahah this is a waste of time
as11733 Pred 2 dnevi
Niklas Rosén
Niklas Rosén Pred 2 dnevi
jason is so nice like how can he be sooo niceeee
KA WOON JOLIE MAK Pred 2 dnevi
Man: my mind is made up. SSSniperWolf: WHAT A SCUMBAG!!
tata nobit
tata nobit Pred 2 dnevi
"HARD WORK MEANS NOTHING" To me:If you work hard you will get what you deserve someday.
Evan Pred 2 dnevi
The girl with the tight dress would impress Joe Biden for sure.
xsvweetie Pred 2 dnevi
• Cuppycakes and Swirlzies •
If i was that girl i would be fine to be fired cause the boss is making me stress
Zixin Guo
Zixin Guo Pred 2 dnevi
Does he know that nobody in dhar man studios does not care about apearence
LUIS CASTRO Pred 2 dnevi
Greta looks way better then renee : I said th er e names wrong I know
Kharianna Walters
Kharianna Walters Pred 2 dnevi
It's the for Crig for me 😂
Brittana Taylor
Brittana Taylor Pred 2 dnevi
My sister name renee
Natoya Battick
Natoya Battick Pred 3 dnevi
Her name is my middle name
Olivia White
Olivia White Pred 3 dnevi
Can you please do more of these videos please?
the Boss was lieing
Randomdevilpanda Pred 3 dnevi
Is that guy simping for her!?!?!?!
Jackie Contreras
Jackie Contreras Pred 3 dnevi
When the boss said you weren't whereing something nice BOY SHE DRESSES BETTER THEN MEH 🤣😂😅😂🤣😂🤣😂
Hamster Jr
Hamster Jr Pred 3 dnevi
Me:*watching video* SLtv:*sssniperwolf uploads new video* Me:NOOOOOO IM WATCHING THIS RN :(
Evie Mwenda
Evie Mwenda Pred 3 dnevi
This is so funny
Alexis Muziq
Alexis Muziq Pred 3 dnevi
When your name is Jerry, Alexis, Renee, (or any of the other names, I’m SO SORRY... I forgot almost all the time ;w;): Yes??? Uh that’s not me... Yup, that’s me- oh wait it’s a video...
Meryem KARA
Meryem KARA Pred 3 dnevi
Instead Of Roasting People Do A Rap xD
Avnee Shah
Avnee Shah Pred 3 dnevi
Terry be like yiyeah
Clover Rosenber
Clover Rosenber Pred 3 dnevi
i’m relatable but i went to somewhere where they where tiny tiny tiny tiny short shorts
Amber Nish
Amber Nish Pred 3 dnevi
He is so mean and he can go in the trash
Ranjit Dey
Ranjit Dey Pred 3 dnevi
I just had nothing reaction but when that guy was watching renee😂😂ahahaha i hATE RENEE her face...🤮i came back from washroom dude
Defne Sapçı
Defne Sapçı Pred 3 dnevi
He be sayin wear something revealing he be wanna be s***t with that blond gurll
Defne Sapçı
Defne Sapçı Pred 3 dnevi
And my Boss be sayin yeeehheh
Defne Sapçı
Defne Sapçı Pred 3 dnevi
Roblox World
Roblox World Pred 3 dnevi
Is it a real story
Alexis Rodgers
Alexis Rodgers Pred 3 dnevi
i love dear man vids he always has plot twist that teach lessons
Z9 MALIK Pred 3 dnevi
Lmm Pred 3 dnevi
Honestly no offense Sniper wolf u runing it
Kid that is not a weeb
I’m on online school And I was kicked form meeting because I was wearing a..... Hentai shirt
Kid that is not a weeb
Shelby Thaxton
Shelby Thaxton Pred 3 dnevi
Hi, Sssniperwolf! You're my role model. I love you! You're awesome!
Kesmy J
Kesmy J Pred 3 dnevi
I love her « it is me,I am she... »😂❤️ Facts : I’m in love with wolves too though🐺and I love ya sooooooo damn much❤️
Nanette Garcia
Nanette Garcia Pred 3 dnevi
oh it was a jokee but she so cute thank u fot the vp fired her cuteness
Julia Knights
Julia Knights Pred 3 dnevi
Zaf Pred 3 dnevi
Women’s are not objects
Brittany Bunn
Brittany Bunn Pred 3 dnevi
Derpy Cat
Derpy Cat Pred 4 dnevi
I know where they’re working,hooters.
Sunny & Buddy Productions
Preesentation 😂
Login Hazem
Login Hazem Pred 4 dnevi
Gerta worked really hard but terry doesn't so he gets what he deserves
Login Hazem
Login Hazem Pred 4 dnevi
Gerta looks awesome terry on the other hand trash