I let my viewers buy things with MY MONEY... 

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So I let my viewers buy things with my money, and this was a horrible mistake...
TWITCH: www.twitch.tv/fundylive
MAIN CHANNEL: sltv.info
Editor: TalentLacking
Today we didn't play on the dream smp, but instead I did something unique and custom on stream as opposed to Minecraft. I let my viewers on Twitch choose what to buy, and they could use my money for free. A bunch of friends like 5up, tubbo, james, and some others came into the stream to make me buy things, and overall this was an incredibly fun but crazy stream. I really hope you enjoy this one!!




30. jan. 2021

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•Hello• Pred 2 minutami
I used to have the frog humidifier
Jeanette Pred 3 minutami
you shouldve bought a fundy bra from roblox
TPOT 187
TPOT 187 Pred 33 minutami
I love find so much ,he is so FUNNY!!!😂😂😂😃😃
Lukas H
Lukas H Pred 34 minutami
test 1 2 3
Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward Pred 48 minutami
i has been playing hollow night for 1 year now, its a fun game to play, in my opinion
Alexandra Hoch
why fundy? why? why r u wasting ur Preshes money?
William Grissom
When he uses Undertale music 😺
Seven deadly sin ready the confetti Dan
Shouldn’t have made your skin a fox
BTW pop ov
BTW pop ov Pred 2 urami
Good video but this *bruuuh* every time someone subscribes is so foocking annoying
Leon BP
Leon BP Pred 3 urami
Alternate title: The fox furry is simping hard for 5up the entire stream
Woes Godijn
Woes Godijn Pred 4 urami
Is fundy a Dutch person?
Kaylee Black
Kaylee Black Pred 4 urami
fundy: *concerned look* NO- *AD* OOOOOOOO THEIR OUT OF STOCK!!!!!
Lonciatle YT
Lonciatle YT Pred 4 urami
Fun fact : Fundy is from NETHERLANDS
tubbo stole this from you now
CataNova Pred 4 urami
at least his fans dont hate him as much as techno's fans hate techno... this wouldnt have gone so well w him lmfao
Helena Liisi Tiide
Helena Liisi Tiide Pred 5 urami
Fundy like this will be fun:) Chat not today Fundy oh s**t
Hxaunted Pred 6 urami
U fucking furry u furry u furry, the only furry i accept.
XxWolfie PlayzxX
XxWolfie PlayzxX Pred 7 urami
New sub here bro! Cuz I love helping ppl achive their dreams :>
Kuba - minecraft gamer lol?
Its now in videos
Ruben Pred 8 urami
hey man ik vind je video's echt heel leu geworden omdat ik eerst naar tommy keek en ik zag dat jij nederlands praat dus ik keek meer naar jou video's en ik vind je heel erg leuk geworden
Gaming Chocolate
Gaming Chocolate Pred 9 urami
You could just see the joy leave the mans eyes when the fursuit popped up
de musketiers
de musketiers Pred 10 urami
Woon je in Nederland
Tessa van Hoof
Tessa van Hoof Pred 10 urami
Ja Amsterdam vlg
Charli TikToks
Charli TikToks Pred 10 urami
3:36 mate you have Niki!
Priscila ortiz
Priscila ortiz Pred 11 urami
10:57 - 11:29 AM DEAD u srly cant breathe
SeanIAm Green
SeanIAm Green Pred 11 urami
what, it says this was in the nether
Dava Gilang
Dava Gilang Pred 12 urami
Fundy now is gonna be the guy in the "What does the fox says?"Music (Lmao)
funky picasso painting
Epik tom6nicole
Epik tom6nicole Pred 14 urami
u kinda sound like if swaggerz souls was a kid but still had the accent
SniperCat Moderator
SniperCat Moderator Pred 14 urami
Everyone is just: BUY IT AND WEAR IT >:(
SniperCat Moderator
SniperCat Moderator Pred 14 urami
*wheeze* maid outfit
Thatonerobloxplayer Pred 15 urami
Fundy: a jotaro heart nice me: replace jotaro with fundy
•SϋnsetMøøn• Pred 16 urami
Bruh what where you expecting
KyioKight Official
KyioKight Official Pred 17 urami
This just copied micheal reeves (joke btw)
Jonathan Brown
Jonathan Brown Pred 18 urami
The melted mallet conceptually spell because professor consistently name toward a low kilometer. lackadaisical, nice art
Cloudii Skies
Cloudii Skies Pred 18 urami
Save him from his misery
Ewing Kelln
Ewing Kelln Pred 19 urami
Post the octopus links in comments plz
AlinaYen Vo
AlinaYen Vo Pred 20 urami
lil Toki
lil Toki Pred 22 urami
no body pillows
Khang Ngọc Chung Nguyễn
I was thinking some people gonna do it lol, especially some weird ecchi dakimakura
boxed foxed
boxed foxed Pred 22 urami
i have the one at 10:32 i named her foxxi and it is the softest stuffed animal ever
MelodyOfDeath3269 Pred 23 urami
Who else laughed at the grandma shock thing
Fredrick Mcdonald
Fredrick Mcdonald Pred 23 urami
this is what happens when your icon is a fox
miami hunter-norton
miami hunter-norton Pred 23 urami
my mind during all this:dududududu
Angela Hynes
Angela Hynes Pred dnevom
Why do u hate furrys I'm a furry bully me idk I'll just ignore it
Angela Hynes
Angela Hynes Pred dnevom
It's Roblox a video game lol
Angela Hynes
Angela Hynes Pred dnevom
Furrys are not WEIRD!
A Channel
A Channel Pred dnevom
Walked right into that one
Chevalier Pred dnevom
What did you expect us to buy? None of us are good people.
Tattiesbull Pred dnevom
Leuke video Fundy 👍
itsEASYMON3Y G Pred dnevom
9:42 ok, I want that tho...
Woobi Pred dnevom
whats the song at 13:10
Zack_A_Doodle 545
Zack_A_Doodle 545 Pred dnevom
4:33, Are you cheating on dream???
Abigail Davidson
Abigail Davidson Pred dnevom
what I love is that he is mad about that it's a women one as he says there's a men's one I just start wheezing with laughter
Hemanth Kumar
Hemanth Kumar Pred dnevom
The best patt of this video ( and most prolly others too ) is that, the way he says "bruaaah", it's just sooo funny lmao
Axeius Pred dnevom
he was lucky to skip the fursuit, cus i assure you he would lose subscribers if he did (i wouldnt cus fundy is cool)
DuperNyanCat abelshausen
hey, fundy, ill buy one day for you an minecraft fluffy fox and his name will be: (my idea is: fudgy jr.)
Sara Kourabi
Sara Kourabi Pred dnevom
Well that’s just stupid lol
No one: Fundy: *If you give my cat an outfit... I will die*
•SxmplyGames• Pred dnevom
what is that noise? "uhuh"
Rxxdyz Pred dnevom
Leuk! Ik hou van de inhoud. Ik wist niet dat je liefhad in nederland. ik woon in belgie
• reese the rat •
The “BrUhHhHhHh” sound has been playing in my head repeatedly after these clips 😭
Sniperlyfe Pred dnevom
Roses are red, violets are blue, you are now broke :D
Mable Jones
Mable Jones Pred dnevom
The literate denim basically spill because raft concurringly settle past a unruly consonant. faithful, delightful mind
A_Kost Pred dnevom
6:53 below 69 it said 31
A_Kost Pred dnevom
guys the ring is not just made in the year 925 but it can hold 925 carrots so its a carrot farm too
Elliot Skjelmose
Elliot Skjelmose Pred dnevom
Werneri Heikkinen
Werneri Heikkinen Pred dnevom
gay anime memes for life noob
Fundy: not social enough Also Fundy: Creator of a socialising club 7:40
Brody Petro
Brody Petro Pred dnevom
4:44 bruh
Melanie Anderson
Melanie Anderson Pred dnevom
I love how he has no clue about like an ly sizes at _all_ I thought that was halarious as a 13 yr old and I don't know why-
Melanie Anderson
Melanie Anderson Pred dnevom
play hollow knight
play hollow knight Pred dnevom
Addison Delano
Addison Delano Pred dnevom
unicorn lover1
unicorn lover1 Pred dnevom
I love hollow night
Pug Pred dnevom
I cup
I cup Pred dnevom
MochaGoneCray Pred dnevom
Haha furry fundy go brrr
Kathleen Morgan
Kathleen Morgan Pred dnevom
Fundy: ok guys have fun 😊 Viewers : maid dress Fundy : f*ck
Isla Matson
Isla Matson Pred dnevom
omg that is the lesbian pride flag I acutely have one in my room because well I am one
Appie Stoffels
Appie Stoffels Pred dnevom
fundy waar ben je mee bezig maat 😂😂😂
CaneyYT Pred dnevom
what is wrong with you? *no one knows*
Qwakypoo Chipons Houlder
Beanie boo kiki
Jackknife'd Pred 2 dnevi
I just clicked and i'm immediately hooked with that Undertale music
Gazza Gamer
Gazza Gamer Pred 2 dnevi
UwU :3
X0leah0X Pred 2 dnevi
Nishaanie Mohammed
Nishaanie Mohammed Pred 2 dnevi
A year ago I barley knew who fundy is know im here
Kerosin Pred 2 dnevi
So when are you proposing to 5up with the ring?
•Amber_Editzz• Pred 2 dnevi
*buys fursuit* Me: g i v e . f u r s u i t .
Ruv Pred 2 dnevi
20:21 mr x suit on amazon
Manen sempo Jamir
Manen sempo Jamir Pred 2 dnevi
Chad Pred 2 dnevi
Rick rolls?
A Simp
A Simp Pred 2 dnevi
Fundy’s door rn:📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦
Whitefox riding
Whitefox riding Pred 2 dnevi
all the lies the little messages spits out especially the fundys not a furry one
Milky Way
Milky Way Pred 2 dnevi
fUnNy nUmBeR
Milky Way
Milky Way Pred 2 dnevi
Zach Watering
Zach Watering Pred 2 dnevi
Haha funny number
razieh ghahartars
razieh ghahartars Pred 2 dnevi
I have one of the reverseble octopus plushie's .
Comical_Cherry Pred 2 dnevi
A new foe has appeared....challenger approaching........... *PINK GAMING CHAIR*
DarkzPlayz Official
DarkzPlayz Official Pred 2 dnevi
Save me one too (I want nvidia geforce rtx 2080 ti
Rice Gaming
Rice Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
You in Netherlands
Eggs Pred 2 dnevi
Mr fundy I actually have the pirate ship lego set you got which is pretty cool, my brother gave it to me :D
A Random Crayon
A Random Crayon Pred 2 dnevi
u didnt anvil sound one fuck
StarApe217 Pred 2 dnevi
World’s Largest Explosion!