I Took The Longest Bus Ride in America... 84HRS OF HELL 

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This... Was probably a terrible idea. We found out about this bus ride a few months ago and have been trying to find a time to do it... And the day... Was finally upon us.
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13. okt. 2019

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Pred letom
THAT... Was insanity. But also surprisingly wholesome at the end... Check out Zac and Jay for their version of the experience and don't miss miss our Seek Discomfort x Lululemon Collab!! www.seekdiscomfort.com/ Much love everyone - Matt
Nic Pred dnevom
Cool trip, guys. I rode from Oregon to Virginia and it took 3 days, except I got kicked off the bus in Denver because they found my bottle of vodka, and I was stuck there for 12 hours, and they took my full bottle. smh. Glad you guys didn't have to experience anything like that. EDIT: Although, I'm glad you got to see Oregon - such a beautiful part of this country.
Yaslina Pred 12 dnevi
@Journey Gang Dude, are you off your meds again, or did you scape from the psych unit again? Seriously, you need to go back on your meds or tell your doc to change the dosage or type of meds. See, it is fools like you who think that you can shove your religion down people's throats and people will be fine with that.
Yaslina Pred 12 dnevi
This is stupid, you meant across the US, not America. America is is the name of a continent (now divided in two, with an imaginary subcontinent named Central America) and that name was given to this continent hundreds of years before the US became a country. Please educate yourself. Yes, I do know that Unitedstatians (a real work din Spanish, "estadounidense") want to selfishly claim the name for us, but that is arrogant and stupid. Fact is that anyone born in any part of the American continent is an American. And it seeks that the world knows it. During the world Cup in Brazil, I saw an European fan (can't remember the country, I think it was Swedish) when tasked how he liked the World Cup, he stated. "I always wanted to come to America, so I am very happy to be here in America." During the semi finals as Germans were leaving a stadium after wining the match, some Germans were asked who they thought was going to win the cup. One German fan stated, "We are going to win! We are going all the way. We are going to take the cup away from America and take back to Europe." I loved watching that! Obviously those people new that they were not in the US and that the US has never won the world cup. Rather last last country to do so at that time was Brazil. Which is in America.
Leinster J Nolan
Leinster J Nolan Pred 12 dnevi
@Rodrigo Estravini b
Mike Ward
Mike Ward Pred 13 dnevi
Hey I'm new to living a life what does intercourse mean?
Eric Selden
Eric Selden Pred 11 urami
Personally 18 hours on a bus from North Carolina to Washington DC
electricYeet Pred 15 urami
When they were excited to leave Kansas, oh man i would be, too. Lived here for all my life and it's the most "home sweet home" place on earth.
Mr. NotSoCreative
Mr. NotSoCreative Pred 15 urami
17:25 princess hopped off the bus and went straight to them 😂 That was sweet
very low bloodsugar
i love how this is very inspirational, mental touhgness n stuff and the zac and jay show version is pure chaos
kyrilli Pred dnevom
14:44 what's the music?
Amirul Zailan
Amirul Zailan Pred 2 dnevi
Will miss matt in video after this
Blueglass Melech
Blueglass Melech Pred 2 dnevi
I have ridden the bus from Seattle to Amarillo along the same route you guys experienced from Denver. I never want to ride a bus again the rest of my life....I am done!
Minecraft Legend gaming YT
Whirlwind Production
So Funny: but I did Everette Washington (North of Seattle) all the way to Miami in 1992...fun times actually. Saved a guys life whom came down from Canada to commit suicide in Florida after his wife tried to take away any custody of his son. I met him day one. I think our trip was 5 days. BTW, he told me after the trip down why he came there....it was a game changer for me....all those years back then.
My Homie
My Homie Pred 3 dnevi
"The scenery has not change at all from the past 12 hours" Pffff m8, Have you ever been traveling around Saudi Arabia ? wahahahhaha
Sneha Ojha
Sneha Ojha Pred 3 dnevi
Awww I'm gonna miss you MATT!!!!😭😭😭
Teddy Hive
Teddy Hive Pred 4 dnevi
That’s what we do we hit you when we laugh 🤣🤣🥳
Ayden Welch
Ayden Welch Pred 4 dnevi
You should have drove through Nebraska, it’s all corn until you hit the Western part. Then we got a desert 😈
Ethan J
Ethan J Pred 4 dnevi
Is anyone else on a binge watching all of Matt's amazing videos after his release about leaving SLtv?
Brittany Taylor
Brittany Taylor Pred 5 dnevi
I'm only half way thru and this is funny as hell
Nicholas V.I. DelCorpo
I used to really like Yes theory but just like everyone else, with money comes corruption. Now they are a brand seeking to maximize profits, just like everyone else. Slowly but surely the good for others they do will fade into the great they do for themselves.
TheWiery322 Pred 6 dnevi
These guys know to build a brand. Their whole channel is master class in brand building.
Daniel Regi
Daniel Regi Pred 6 dnevi
Definitely need the Russian trip !
More Pred 7 dnevi
Kivi Pred 8 dnevi
like kids
B RJ Pred 9 dnevi
Please do Russia
Itala Fernanda Campolina
Omg, this bus is horrible, now I can understand why americans say here in Brazil we have amazing travel buses, close to this bus we actually have a hotel in wheels. 🤣🤣🤣
TheSupatrader Pred 10 dnevi
I once went from NY to Boston on a Greyhound. Worst experience of my life.
MJW238 Pred 12 dnevi
Maybe because I’m not from America, and I don’t travel a lot, but I would honestly love to take an 80 hour bus trip across the country.
Greyson Garrett
Greyson Garrett Pred 12 dnevi
Ready for Russia
Miguel Lagunas
Miguel Lagunas Pred 12 dnevi
I had to do something like this once but instead 3 days an half it was 4 days but it was worth it
Mike Ward
Mike Ward Pred 13 dnevi
This made me believe that covid-20 is real and not just a political.
Aiden Fred
Aiden Fred Pred 13 dnevi
so wholesome
Minlun P
Minlun P Pred 19 dnevi
Really SUCKS
HARSH SHAH Pred 21 dnevom
6:11 that was @carryminati on the phone
Tialah Harris
Tialah Harris Pred 21 dnevom
Saying your going to do Russia next year in 2019 was very smart. It means you never have to do it :)
Phil Olson
Phil Olson Pred 23 dnevi
This and the episode at Wim Hof’s house are the funniest I’ve seen
amejaremy Pred 25 dnevi
are these guy all gay?
Rasputen Borg
Rasputen Borg Pred 15 dnevi
No but California is expensive.
Zuya Isna
Zuya Isna Pred 25 dnevi
Glad you didn't wait in the Denver Bus Stop. That place is a shit hole. I had to wait there twice from 10pm until 7am for a layover, and oh boy. Still have trauma with that shit. Vowed to never again ride a greyhound after that.
Its Jbunny
Its Jbunny Pred 25 dnevi
Alexis Santos
Alexis Santos Pred 26 dnevi
Do the biggest train trip, Portugal to Vietnam!!! And text me because I'm going with you, if you let me...
Kevin Budzisch
Kevin Budzisch Pred 26 dnevi
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Kevin Budzisch
Kevin Budzisch Pred 26 dnevi
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Keif Pred 27 dnevi
20:00 Everyone who has just been through hell and then there’s that one guy that just joined them like: 👁👄👁
Bruce Maines
Bruce Maines Pred 27 dnevi
Took me 4 days from Pennsylvania to Panama city Florida. Now that about killed me. Then 4 days back on Grey hound busses
ThroughMyEyes Pred 28 dnevi
walk the entire great wall?
Sam Hansler
Sam Hansler Pred 28 dnevi
As an Englishman I loved this video, love to see Russia
Lucas Hamalainen
Lucas Hamalainen Pred 28 dnevi
If david Blaine can get electrified for 3 days straight I think you can take this bus
Mrburnsson D
Mrburnsson D Pred 29 dnevi
Que Inspirational Music Thats Slightly Sad.
zhiyi zhang
zhiyi zhang Pred mesecem
please respect other
John Ham
John Ham Pred mesecem
Amtrak. Definitely a much better ride
wisegeorge365 Pred mesecem
I bought a roundtrip ticket from Austin to Buffalo. I took Southwest home, fuck that bus shit.
DiamondOrPoor78 Pred mesecem
9:17 yooo I used to live there. Gone to that exact McDonalds
JamesTavRule Pred mesecem
2:50 it's "piqued" not "peaked".
Arif Cengiz
Arif Cengiz Pred mesecem
Jo Yes Theory, this one would be a great story for a Roadtrip Comedy Movie. You guys should aproach a Studio. Hand in the Details of all destinations bla bla bla and than try to make a funny movie out of it with some deep meaning ending. I love Roadtrip Movies. I am also in School for Film making. Germany Berlin. Lets go. Nice people you meet there.
Anonymous 666
Anonymous 666 Pred mesecem
Santiago Cardozo
Santiago Cardozo Pred mesecem
América is a continent nope a country
Lika males
Lika males Pred mesecem
Okay, now imagine driving from Jacksonville Florida to various places in Wyoming multiple times with your parents and 4 siblings. That is a couple days of travel, by the way. I would not recommend it, but when you have a family of seven who travels a lot, flying isn't necessarily an option. I a couple weeks I actually have to sit through a 10 hour car ride with six people... in a five seater car. This will be fun.
Codie Fitz
Codie Fitz Pred mesecem
Why do the...troublemakers...always sound...ya know....URban...
Camden Retter
Camden Retter Pred mesecem
Love how they pronounced "Boise" like "Boys", not even "Boizee" like people do. Its pronounced "boy-see"
snowmister2 Pred mesecem
8:35 Atlanta is not in Tennessee
Dharma Muthalagappan
84 hours isn’t even 4 days mate
Nshoobs Pred mesecem
Bruh I thought this was a gmod video from that thumbnail
Hero Of The Soviet Union
The Guy taking a Bus from Colombia and going through the Pan-American hghwy to Argentina: Noob
Georges Silva
Georges Silva Pred mesecem
So you guys are the assholes that are always talking, laughing and turning on their motherfucking lights in the middle of the night...
Under The Ledge
Under The Ledge Pred mesecem
18:29 Maybe we'll do it next year. Little did he know.
RaDa Pred mesecem
4:43 Dentis Time.
Isaac Jacobs
Isaac Jacobs Pred mesecem
Do Russia
ThePizzaNova Pred mesecem
I understand this is for "adventure" and "discomfort" but they do realize this is how a huge amount of low income america travels? Talking shit on it and acting like it's hell is pretty classist.
ThePizzaNova Pred 9 dnevi
@Zizzy Rae why?
Zizzy Rae
Zizzy Rae Pred mesecem
MTB Dooo
MTB Dooo Pred mesecem
A Roberts
A Roberts Pred mesecem
Where's my COVID19 Russian Train Ride Episode?
Bill Ellis
Bill Ellis Pred mesecem
I did LA to Philly non-stop decades ago, 72 hours, pure hell. No stops permitted because I had an interview today get to.
ANGRYMOSES Pred mesecem
as a kansas native I love it
Jack Tutton
Jack Tutton Pred mesecem
And what does the bust driver get for making that drive?
im not a simp
im not a simp Pred mesecem
I traveled 8 hours and i thought that was long lol
AlexaGodOfWar Pred mesecem
SirBeatriX Pred mesecem
that guy, who clutched the ride, is a goat.
Jastej Kaur
Jastej Kaur Pred mesecem
Loved the video ... but the thumbnail was not needed and very disturbing.....
The Duk Plays
The Duk Plays Pred mesecem
I feel you guys, my family and I moved from Arizona to Vermont by car and moving van. So yeah cool stuff :)
SleakStick Pred mesecem
i miss amar
Karl Sundbeck
Karl Sundbeck Pred mesecem
Hello I am from Sweden and if you go for Russia iam down if I get free from work.
brogie wogie muthafucka
I just did 53 hours from Oregon to Detroit, it was honestly the best trip of my life, cigarettes and weed at every stop mixed with no sleep and cool people, i’ll never forget it.
H G Pred mesecem
Fuck .
Benjamin McMillan
Benjamin McMillan Pred mesecem
Definitely. Definitely do Russia
agrenated Pred mesecem
*piqued my interest.
James Lindey
James Lindey Pred mesecem
Took a greyhound once. 2 and a half days of agony. Never again man.
Saffiyr Pred mesecem
You guys are awesome! New favorite SLtv Channel hands down!
Ihatethis Pred mesecem
I once drove from the top of Scotland all the way to london took around 14 hours then from london i took a ferry to france then from france to berlin then from berlin to germany and from Germany to poland that was the trip i took and my grand father died during it i always remember him calling me on phone and i said cant wait to see you but that was the last thing i said to him
Ihatethis Pred mesecem
Please dont like this comment it makes me feel like im using his death for attention
Kemal Farezy
Kemal Farezy Pred mesecem
I'd love to do that!!!
SpacePlayer Pred mesecem
Hell yeah Russia!
EhrgeizVR Pred mesecem
Cringe as can be.
Corey Wilson
Corey Wilson Pred mesecem
I thought 36hrs was hell and this is more than double XD
Brayan Campos-Salazar
Nice video! (: Wanna try the Sao Paulo - Lima trip (4k-ish)? Just a little bit bumpier and hilly :P
Ojutai Pred mesecem
Been trying to find the music from the start of this video, at around 0:30 Anyone know the name of it?
Никита Флоринский
Come to Russia, mates - ill help you to travel :D
Thomas Whitton
Thomas Whitton Pred mesecem
this is how people become homeless in America
Brad Forward
Brad Forward Pred mesecem
LOL, I did 4 days at age 14. And it sucked too.
חנה בולטנסקי
Playlist : "You're crazy for taking the bus"- Jonathan Richman
Ayaan Khan
Ayaan Khan Pred mesecem
wow wow wow, i'm literally in love with your content dude!!!
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith Pred mesecem
Hey! I rode from LA to DC. It was over 6 days. Im offended
Les Aventures Extraordinaires d'un Runner Ordinaire
neat one , made for this ! which singer by the way sings? thx
Walk with Sanka
Walk with Sanka Pred mesecem
Walk with Sanka
Walk with Sanka Pred mesecem
Motorboi 69
Motorboi 69 Pred mesecem
Bruh I’ve been on a bus for at most 5-7 hours I can’t imagine this shit
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