I Ghost Wrote On KSI's Dissimulation 

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We back at it with the Behzinga Reddit videos, you guys have been asking for it so here it is! Hope you enjoy this weeks video!
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11. jun. 2020

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Libby Saunders
Libby Saunders Pred 9 meseci
50% of you who aren’t subscribed, sort yourselves out.
Jaden Alves
Jaden Alves Pred 3 meseci
Kiryu-San Pred 5 meseci
wxvy_adz Pred 6 meseci
@Abbie Cameron tf u callin them babe for oh boyfriend and girlfriend, right
Peginsenspad Pred 6 meseci
*N a h*
David Kim
David Kim Pred 7 meseci
Olivia Sharp and 2.1k ppl agreed with him ur just jealous cow he didn’t heart urs
Amber Smeets
Amber Smeets Pred 3 meseci
The first thing that went through my head after “I want my hair played sometimes”, think of the fanfics..
Medium Man
Medium Man Pred 3 meseci
BrankAnt Pred 4 meseci
Blue Blanket Films
Blue Blanket Films Pred 4 meseci
Reddit reddit
Lauren Crozier
Lauren Crozier Pred 4 meseci
Can relate so hard. Nearly 24, don’t have a dad, no significant other✌🏻
use dis
use dis Pred 5 meseci
the Sidemen Hot Ones has happened 🤷‍♂️
YOYO At once
YOYO At once Pred 6 meseci
Who’s here after sideman hot ones 3:19
Brayden Pred 6 meseci
Well we got sidemen hot ones
TheCluckerBros Pred 7 meseci
Glad you liked my stick figures lol
OwenWarrior7870 Pred 7 meseci
7:08 admitted he had 50,000 ,, btw loved the vid
tiani purville
tiani purville Pred 8 meseci
i’m literally crying 🥺 i wish i was ethans ageeeeee 😭😭😭
Eline Pred 8 meseci
Outro song was unexpected but on point!
Eline Pred 8 meseci
LMAO, use jideeeeee ahahaha
Zac Trenerry
Zac Trenerry Pred 8 meseci
Why does Sithan look like Josh Pieters?
Erin King
Erin King Pred 8 meseci
Just look on tic to I’ve seen about 100 videos about him and girls loving him
BradPlayez Pred 8 meseci
sab;m Pred 8 meseci
51N Gaming
51N Gaming Pred 8 meseci
Apple laptop. Downvote.
Eon.Z Pred 8 meseci
Sidemen beef in 2 minutes jj needs to react to that
Sean Messina
Sean Messina Pred 8 meseci
Man almost got that like goal
Shannel Mckinnon
Shannel Mckinnon Pred 8 meseci
People subscribe now or ur a nonce
BESTY GAMER Pred 8 meseci
*I am actually seeing BehZinga more than my friends in these days*
Stormtrooper MW
Stormtrooper MW Pred 8 meseci
Kieran Jervis
Kieran Jervis Pred 8 meseci
Do Mike Tyson’s daily routine for a week
Aisha Gould
Aisha Gould Pred 8 meseci
Omg nooo your so not tapped u adorable lil bun the right girl is out there for ur amazing person
Dion Page-dove
Dion Page-dove Pred 8 meseci
Beginner Chess
Beginner Chess Pred 8 meseci
I love your laugh mate... Keep laughing more
James GamingHD
James GamingHD Pred 8 meseci
Do a video about your running
Joycie Pred 8 meseci
Bezinga is on a gymshark add/commercial
Sterling Jones
Sterling Jones Pred 8 meseci
Kevin Rico
Kevin Rico Pred 8 meseci
Do reddit
Patrina Tee
Patrina Tee Pred 8 meseci
Your a player and sexy the nice girls see it ♥️♥️♥️
Adam Cope
Adam Cope Pred 8 meseci
Could u make a video on the petition to ban loot boxes for anyone under 18 please behzinga. You know full well with ur platform u could help it reach 100k and u know all about it because of Jcc and the lads. Would be greatly appreciated
Mkat X
Mkat X Pred 8 meseci
Just subbed ❤😍
Christopher Noel
Christopher Noel Pred 8 meseci
behz has a gf thoo right
Donny Watkinson
Donny Watkinson Pred 8 meseci
Happy Birthday
Envy Henry
Envy Henry Pred 8 meseci
Happy bday lad
TKRZ JR Pred 8 meseci
Don’t rango With the tango
Congrats on making the fitness advert lad!
Tstormer Pred 8 meseci
You wanna know why you get swipedc least more? You're too much a pervert from the get go. Gotta ease into the perv
Xenze Motomora
Xenze Motomora Pred 8 meseci
Your in a add
swazy_snipz 1
swazy_snipz 1 Pred 8 meseci
Happy birthday 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mats Mooij
Mats Mooij Pred 8 meseci
WoW wtf i just wacht a video of you 4 years ago and now this you changed SO much #respect
Daniel O Connor
Daniel O Connor Pred 8 meseci
Sidemen should do a Lego video where they get 10 minutes to make something with a bag of Lego in teams . Different rounds could be like to build a car or a building
ritchteaa Pred 8 meseci
Is he doing that transformation on the 20th
Weeguy67 Pred 8 meseci
Great content mate👍
Numpty Pred 8 meseci
Come on lads let’s get Efan some umfffff
Madeleine Pred 8 meseci
8:17 - 8:20 you could tell he was actually like hurting omg
LeagueBluelionN Pred 8 meseci
You should try "Burning 10000 calories in 24 hours in lockdown"
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy Pred 8 meseci
5:23 - It's gettin emotional out here 🚫🧢😢🤣 "Am I tapped?!" 😭Poor Behz, He's just lost for words...
ST6 Kol
ST6 Kol Pred 8 meseci
I clicked the subscribe button
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy Pred 8 meseci
Lmao you could not have done that since you can’t write 🙄 I’ve heard your bars fam
Andrew Bailey
Andrew Bailey Pred 8 meseci
Ethan’s mid-midlife crisis
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Pred 8 meseci
i wonder how ethans actually doing mentally when he reads them "no dad" memes like thats mad, imagine you not having a dad and them just reminding you you dont
Kalpesh jina
Kalpesh jina Pred 8 meseci
Harry and his incest genes 😂
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Pred 8 meseci
Your laugh was designed for subreddit videos lmao
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Pred 8 meseci
Honestly, Josh has the most underrated glow up out of all of them
No mames 420
No mames 420 Pred 8 meseci
Harry took hella ketamine before that arm wrestle
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Pred 8 meseci
Subscribe for daily cod clips
Xanz Clipz
Xanz Clipz Pred 8 meseci
Where is behz?
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Pred 8 meseci
It’s been years since i’ve seen his videos, he’s literally a changed man wtf
LordYung 11
LordYung 11 Pred 8 meseci
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue Pred 8 meseci
You dont say
BJM Pred 8 meseci
outro song?
Patrick Cotter
Patrick Cotter Pred 8 meseci
That’s not something to brag about
NELBERT kcideguh
NELBERT kcideguh Pred 8 meseci
Bruh ksi used that before in a interview of him talking about his money
Salman Hussain
Salman Hussain Pred 8 meseci
9:25 ur welcome
Elijah Fiaali'i
Elijah Fiaali'i Pred 8 meseci
man said give me 25k likes..
EdgEryder Pred 8 meseci
Bruh 25 likes gets 125k
ScubaDive Danny
ScubaDive Danny Pred 8 meseci
Just subscribed can’t believe I have scammed you for a while now 😂
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Pred 8 meseci
You having a breakdown about being tapped puts me to SHAMEEEE
Christopher Andrade
Christopher Andrade Pred 8 meseci
Lmao you could not have done that since you can’t write 🙄 I’ve heard your bars fam
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Pred 8 meseci
No he has a dad but he’s not there
kips Pred 8 meseci
Your laugh was designed for subreddit videos lmao
EEL Pred 8 meseci
Great video!😂👍
MuzManHD YT Pred 8 meseci
Subscribe for daily cod clips
Average Commenter
Average Commenter Pred 8 meseci
8:22 they removed come fly with me off of platforms like Netflix etc cause of literally that blackface
Zanzo 87
Zanzo 87 Pred 8 meseci
Can we just take a second to relize how cool bez is from when he first started to know I dont know how he hasn't got a gf he is loving caring funny and and inspiration to millions good guy bez
LILNIK0 Pred 8 meseci
You dont say
George Barry
George Barry Pred 8 meseci
I hate click bait so much
Sully Gill
Sully Gill Pred 8 meseci
felt that breakdown had many like that before
Dominic Fox
Dominic Fox Pred 8 meseci
Am i the only one who straight away thought of Emon when sithan came up
Avian W Morgan
Avian W Morgan Pred 8 meseci
9:23 is where he talks about ghostwriting for KSI
General P
General P Pred 8 meseci
I subscribed! Although tbh I’ve been watching for years.... 🥶 🥶
Ebere.chukwu Pred 8 meseci
5:19 mate you got it all wrong that’s Babatunde not JJ.
Holly Bardon
Holly Bardon Pred 8 meseci
Hands down, if you're looking for someone to play with your hair let me know
CTG cringethegamer
CTG cringethegamer Pred 8 meseci
Behzinga : I'm done sleeping with people! Me: when did you start? 🤣😏
Ninja Rev
Ninja Rev Pred 8 meseci
No he has a dad but he’s not there
FeindNation Pred 8 meseci
pointer i
FeindNation Pred 8 meseci
google poi
FeindNation Pred 8 meseci
FeindNation Pred 8 meseci
peroni tha
FeindNation Pred 8 meseci
Pog champ
Pog champ Pred 8 meseci
3:16 a coincidence I think not
Adam Cram
Adam Cram Pred 8 meseci
Hard time believing you were a ghost writer. You can't even barely spell or do math. Hahaha to be honest. I don't get how KSI does either 😂 cows drink water bro lol calves drink milk
Adam Cram
Adam Cram Pred 8 meseci
I love you bud lol don't block me. Just banter. You are massively more successful than me 😂😂
black night
black night Pred 8 meseci
Midget that no one likes
nice Click bait
GHOST Pred 8 meseci
Behz, give me a call, let me help you get a girl. I got few techniques on how to make a girl happy and want you
teddycuthbert Pred 8 meseci
Big Bozo
Big Bozo Pred 8 meseci
7:30 Americans: 😧
ItsmeXanz Pred 8 meseci
If u say crisp u start from the back of ur mouth and end at the front
FateSCRIMZ Pred 8 meseci
Stephen should be in sidemen
Kane Craig
Kane Craig Pred 8 meseci
5:50 simp
Aydin Cakiroglu
Aydin Cakiroglu Pred 8 meseci
3:30 no no *IT IS EMON!!!*
Aydin Cakiroglu
Aydin Cakiroglu Pred 8 meseci
Iykyk it is from old gta videos Was very funny
delarctica 4208
delarctica 4208 Pred 8 meseci
i liked the tedtalk part
This guy tried slewing me...
I Speedrun Minecraft
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