Bungee Cord Volleyball!! 

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Hey guys! In this challenge, we clip into bungee cords and play a game of volleyball!! The problem is, we are connected to the other team! If Joey pulls, Bryan gets pulled aswell! Who do you think will win? Let us know down below!
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10. sep. 2019

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Lidia scott
Lidia scott Pred dnevom
Who else get Netflix Adaptation of haikyuu vides
Maverick Watts
Maverick Watts Pred 22 dnevi
Y’all should do this again! This was hilarious!
Scarlet Alexander
Scarlet Alexander Pred 27 dnevi
They are actually pretty good at volleyball
Jeff W
Jeff W Pred 27 dnevi
They should do a volley ball vid where they are bungied to the ceiling of edgespace!!
Corkey Caitlin
Corkey Caitlin Pred mesecem
If it hits the line, it means it’s in. NOT OUT. So for the third point, Bryan and Kevin should have got it. Also when ever you play a 25 point match, you have to win by two. I recommend have a actually volleyball coach, player, or referee so the scoring is actually accurate. 👍🏻
Chris Larson
Chris Larson Pred mesecem
but it didnt hit the line they showed a replay and it clearly showed that it did not hit the line so it was the right call to not give them a point also this is team edge they do this stuff for fun its not serious there is no need for a professional coach
Babys Pringle
Babys Pringle Pred mesecem
Why did u guys give a point update.
im dumb
im dumb Pred mesecem
You should do a video where the net rotates around so its basically spinning
Visual Dawn
Visual Dawn Pred mesecem
Kevin look like a teacher in every challenge he participates in
Cristian Pereira
Cristian Pereira Pred 2 meseci
Kevin is the weird one.
Chris Bratten
Chris Bratten Pred 2 meseci
RAD TEAM you Mt WINS!!! 🏐🏐🏐🏐
most.popular.apple Pred 2 meseci
4:29:Marvin pulled a STRAIGHT UNO REVERSE
SAIKO Pred 2 meseci
when i stub my toe 5:50
Ianoliano Pred 3 meseci
Every single time they do one of these sports, it gets really close and then ends anticlimatically
juleean taufao
juleean taufao Pred 3 meseci
haikyuu on drugs lmao
Writer-tame 494
Writer-tame 494 Pred 3 meseci
That u for doing all this volleyball stuff I appreciate it
savage pizza121
savage pizza121 Pred 3 meseci
Score 3-0, next scene 4-5
Kenneth Won
Kenneth Won Pred 3 meseci
They’re yelling how they can’t touch the net, but every time the ball goes over the net, someone touches it
Arnav Sharma
Arnav Sharma Pred 3 meseci
Olivia Anne Johnson
Olivia Anne Johnson Pred 4 meseci
I love this kind of entertainment keep it up
Coleman Cousins
Coleman Cousins Pred 4 meseci
3:54 "KEVIN!!!" "BRYAN! YOU DON'T SAY KEVIN!!" "YES I DO FOR YOU TO DO IT" "What want me to call you Quan or something?" 😆
tena bossak
tena bossak Pred 4 meseci
Bobby: are you questning the ref Kevin and Brian: YESsss
Peyton’s and Jackson’s BB guns and fishing
What am I supposed to call u quon 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Molly Sullivan
Molly Sullivan Pred 4 meseci
If you want to be confused and laugh at the same time, watch the breaking news captions when the camera is on Bobby😂
JakeIsPog Pred 4 meseci
I know half of the comments are like haikyuu
octokw Pred 4 meseci
Mary Margaret
Mary Margaret Pred 4 meseci
They should play soccer-tennis like this
Sally Watts
Sally Watts Pred 5 meseci
Me knowing the only reason Bobby isn’t playing is because he is short 😔 ( love you Bobby!!!)
Goopy Snoopy
Goopy Snoopy Pred 5 meseci
Love the score board 4:56
Xdjohno 3
Xdjohno 3 Pred 5 meseci
Dk but do they know how to play
Morgan Zhao
Morgan Zhao Pred 5 meseci
ggggggggggGIVE gggg ITggggBackgggggggggGiveggggItggggBack
Maniacs Icon
Maniacs Icon Pred 5 meseci
So anyone still watching old vids because of sadness in growing 🥺 no just me okay
Dallas Micheal
Dallas Micheal Pred 5 meseci
U should do skiing and soccer or skiing and football
Mane Pred 5 meseci
1:33 this part confused me, cus Bryan's brother marvin sound like hime and confused the hell out of me and made thing /did he switch teams?/
Redacted Pred 5 meseci
that last round is me trying to walk my dogs
Eli Kunst
Eli Kunst Pred 5 meseci
It is funny that i can not tell what they are saying when they are having an argument. Also i thought when bryan said "what do you want me to call you juan".
Chris Thumann
Chris Thumann Pred 6 meseci
Why does Bryan get hurt by the wind blowing. So annoying.
GachaFox Xxx
GachaFox Xxx Pred 6 meseci
a lot of the points should have gone to the other team because in volleyball, you can't touch the net or the other team gets a point. Sorry I'm picky lol. I'm a volleyball manager so I can point out any mistakes xD
Beasty 90
Beasty 90 Pred 6 meseci
BRAINFART!!! rip Brain Savers mush! hey if ya reading, idea! this volleyball game, BUT!! 1, its a freefall, 2, one person has to have dizzy gogs on, one person has to have upside down gogs on, one person has to have their STRONGEST arm (if they left handed, its left that gets it, if right, same) tied to the body, the final one has the yoshi hat (just cause its a cute little hat 😊). Around round 3 (perhaps, your choice when to do it) maybe unleash a bit of trouble, say in the bow & arrow area 😉😉😈 i hope your all ok xxx edit to find out who gets to wear what, bring out the Name Wheel Of Misfortune!! lol xxx winner gets doughnuts!! as for the looser with least points, they get something spicey, no complaints or they get more 😉😉😈 xxx
Team Edge
Team Edge Pred 6 meseci
Deathbringer Pred 6 meseci
Ya know they missed the opportunity in the first phase to pull the opposite teammate to sabotage them Unless it was against the rules
GB2006 _YT
GB2006 _YT Pred 6 meseci
How has it already been a year since this video was uploaded
Alamin Alii
Alamin Alii Pred 6 meseci
Hey guys
Cool Dream
Cool Dream Pred 6 meseci
Haikyuu fans be like: *wow they suck*
Daryn Watkins
Daryn Watkins Pred 6 meseci
I'm an actual volleyball player this is my 4th year and me watching y'all is hilarious and also I am 13
Mhar Fred M. Jerota
Mhar Fred M. Jerota Pred 7 meseci
3:45 - 3:48 is that bokuto saying "Hey hey hey" in the background? Hahahaha lol I'm just kidding 😅✌️
westie430 Pred 7 meseci
Bryan's move at 5:58 is epic😂😂😂 Also, so are all of the emotional breakdowns🤣 Those brothers are hysterically competitive😁
Wendell Brian
Wendell Brian Pred 7 meseci
Marvin and Joey was winning why do Bryan and kevin got 4 points??????
Aymerik Merette
Aymerik Merette Pred 7 meseci
The game is very cool Bobby arbitrator and he gives points to two teams 😃😃😃🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦👍👍👍
John Campbell IV
John Campbell IV Pred 7 meseci
Louis Hoey
Louis Hoey Pred 8 meseci
bryan give it back give it back um I'm joe lmao!.😆
Random Guy77
Random Guy77 Pred 8 meseci
I know i'm late but... 5:48 Pokemon Sword Champion Leon's Signature pose
coolcat Ali
coolcat Ali Pred 8 meseci
RIP headphone users including me.
Puppy Dog 1909
Puppy Dog 1909 Pred 8 meseci
Why are there three Briens
Rwoarrr Pred 8 meseci
Marvin actually seems to be pretty good at playing vollyball! Idk if he ever really played before but his instincts are super good!
Slayyy Stacy
Slayyy Stacy Pred 8 meseci
At 3:45 made me laugh
westie430 Pred 7 meseci
That killed me🤣🤣 "Kevin!!"
Sydney Sheehan
Sydney Sheehan Pred 8 meseci
me: *is watching this after finishing haikyuu,,silently critiquing them in my mind*
JASON CABAEL Pred 8 meseci
Blue team got 4 free points and still lost🤣
Drake Gekido
Drake Gekido Pred 8 meseci
I feel like the crew as some genuine volleyball skills, but with these mega handicaps it's hard to tell. Thank you for the great laughs and concerns to your health lol.
Crazy Note Taker
Crazy Note Taker Pred 9 meseci
Bryan is a anime character, everytime he makes a move he screams 😂😂😂 every competition is a anime battle
Kloudydayzz Pred 9 meseci
Who else couldn't stop watching the ticket strip at the bottom during pauses
Alter Ego
Alter Ego Pred 9 meseci
I like how Joey is wearing a red shirt and blue shorts XD
Smoakin Lance
Smoakin Lance Pred 9 meseci
It pains me to watch their volleyball videos when I’m an actual volleyball player lol. What happened to net calls?
Hana Haruha
Hana Haruha Pred 9 meseci
Your videos always calms me makes me laugh and idk i just love this channel
ILLØJIKAL Pred 9 meseci
Bobby:Uhh uhh I’m gonna let that one go
KENG Jenna
KENG Jenna Pred 9 meseci
am i the only haikyuu fan here ;-;
Callen Campfield
Callen Campfield Pred 9 meseci
Devon Lee
Devon Lee Pred 9 meseci
All i can think about is Haikyu watching this😂😂
Ryder Cooper
Ryder Cooper Pred 9 meseci
Love the Googly Eyes music in the background. Love the video, but how would they look while playing normal volleyball, I wonder?
Jen Porter
Jen Porter Pred 9 meseci
Ross Durand
Ross Durand Pred 9 meseci
Me- "Why are they using a beachball?" Then I realize if they used a real volleyball they would most likely break at least 2 lights and probably Bobby's nose
Farbod Behrouzpour
Farbod Behrouzpour Pred 9 meseci
Did anyone notice the text at the bottom at commentator cam about owing people lunch and bryan owing a lot of people lunch and the other one about rousting each other about milk
Isabel Valle
Isabel Valle Pred 10 meseci
this pains me so much and i want them to stop playing sports that they dont no how to play or at least book a real reff
Ishiakis Aesthetics
Ishiakis Aesthetics Pred 10 meseci
Bobby is a bad ref
Zodiac Gaming RoS
Zodiac Gaming RoS Pred 10 meseci
They should do a series joes vs pros
Chloe Tran
Chloe Tran Pred 10 meseci
Anyone watchin the captions on Team Edge News??
Jay Fran Games
Jay Fran Games Pred 11 meseci
I love how at 4:30 Marvin blocked the shot but Joey acted like he did it
James Geraldezo
James Geraldezo Pred 11 meseci
we can understand what happens we just can't understand you boby saaaan
Kailey Pred 11 meseci
can we all please acknowledge how good joey actually is at volleyball
Austin Schaeffer
Austin Schaeffer Pred 11 meseci
Im tall when im yung and im short when im old what am i Answer a candle
John Eduard Dizon
John Eduard Dizon Pred 11 meseci
I love how they abonded some of the real rules and that is why it is a tragedy
Scott Faiivae
Scott Faiivae Pred 11 meseci
Bryan suks
yakiitoru Pred letom
NET VIOLATIO- wait nvm
apricity Pred letom
There should be a real like sand volleyball video or like a real volleyball one i would LOVE that please
apricity Pred letom
bro bryan and kevin got STUFFED that block tho
SSenpaii :P
SSenpaii :P Pred letom
Diz some Haikyuu level stuff bruh
Naomi Ruiz
Naomi Ruiz Pred letom
How did blue team automatically get four points don’t make since
Withdrawn_ Illustrator
Kevin slowly clotheslining Joey
westie430 Pred 7 meseci
I died at that part🤣🤣
Leonela Blahblah
Leonela Blahblah Pred letom
4:36 good block Marvin
Shelby Lover 15
Shelby Lover 15 Pred letom
Nobody: Marvin: Give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back give it back GIVE IT BACK GIVE IT BACK GIVE IT BAAACKKK!!!
Isabella Bisesti
Isabella Bisesti Pred letom
This is the funniest game I have ever seen on Team Edge!
Reijell Mercado
Reijell Mercado Pred letom
J-fred shouted beacause his so happy when he blocked the ball from the other team but it's not him it's marvin
Jeni Meusborn
Jeni Meusborn Pred letom
Blue team must've been.... Kryan after that loss...
Addy Schultz
Addy Schultz Pred letom
2:16 that seetttt😍
Zest Pred letom
nobody: bryan: 🕺@ 5:55
Spencer Sledge
Spencer Sledge Pred letom
What is up
Azurite Rain
Azurite Rain Pred letom
Googly/e eyes?
Alexander Hernandez
Bobby is so annoying
Bryn McIntyre
Bryn McIntyre Pred letom
Am I the only volleyball player who is cringing at how loose the net is???
Angel Guerrero
Angel Guerrero Pred letom
It hit before he went under
Mîkåÿłâ Tãÿłór
I like how they say normal volleyball rules, but then don’t count carries or net violations. 😂
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