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Top 10 GREATEST Breakfast Cereal Mascots of All Time
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The sugary cereals we gobble up as kids maybe aren't the most nutritious, but they certainly are memorable for their iconic ...
Top 10 Breakfast Cereal Mascots
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Special thanks to our users SonicParty321, Ethan Monma, AjTheArtist, JHawkeye9000, Ridinspinaz04, Jack Napier, Jon Gordon, ...
Cereal Mascot Therapy Session
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Your favorite characters learn to think outside the back of the box. See more at www.collegehumor.com/originals Free CHTV ...
Top 11 Cereal Mascots - Nostalgia Critic
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Which Mascot made you want to buy their cereal the most? Find out on this Top 11 list. See more at our Site: ...
What Cereal Mascot Would Win In A Fight?
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This is a clip from The Pod. The Pod is released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in podcast form. Listen here: iTunes ...
Top Ten Product Mascot Revivals
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Product mascot campaigns end when their company decides it's time for change or the gimmick has ran its course. However ...
Top Ten Most Unfortunate Breakfast Mascots
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Breakfast mascots get the short end of the stick when looking at product mascots across all industries. While some breakfast ...
If Cereal Mascots Got Serious About Stealing Cereal
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For some reason, advertisers decided kids cereal mascots should constantly be trying to steal their product. Today, they're pulling ...
Top Ten Defunct Cereal Mascots
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It's a list about cereal mascots. However, many know the classics like Tony the Tiger, Count Chocula, the Rice Krispie Elves and ...
How Breakfast Cereal Mascots Brainwashed You | After Hours
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Like The Wire but everyone's Omar.
Ridiculous Cereal Mascots (Game)
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In today's game, we're guessing if these ridiculous old cereal mascots were real or fake. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the ...
The Worst Cereal Mascot
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Time for Brendell to ride or die again. Thumbnail Art by FU-DO: fudo_monsuta MERCHANDISE: ...
Funniest Crazy Craving Post Honeycomb Cereal Classic Commercials
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Advertising and marketing Originally, an animated cowboy named The Honeycomb Kid was the cereal's mascot. The cereal's ...
Food mascots I could beat in a fight
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Do you think you could beat these food mascots? Do you think you would win in a fight against me? I honestly doubt any of you ...
Which Cereal Mascots Would I F*ck?
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Today we do a tier list ranking of cereal mascots based on how much drive I have to have sex with them.
Professional Narrator Tries to Read Cereal Mascot Adult Party Fan Fiction
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This isn't GREAAAAT! Join this channel to get access to perks: ...
If Adult Cereals Had Mascots
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Silly breakfast mascot, everyone knows oatmeal is for sad adults! See more www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: ...
We Play a BREAKFAST CEREAL RPG (w/ Brennan Lee Mulligan)
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Brennan becomes a player for this grrrrreat RPG, filled with honeycomb cravings and crunchy chaos. Geek out with us.
Rating Cereal Mascots
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The time of cereal mascots just running around without consequences is OVER. It's time to rate these mascots for what they are ...
Retired Mascots
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There have been countless cereal mascots over the years. In this video I discuss a few of my favorite cereal mascots that are no ...