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SkyRide to Mt. Washington
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Hubble Eye In The Sky - 4k
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Climate Change NOW
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Seeing Inside the Sun
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Tugo Run
Tugo Run Pred uro
Andromeda Galady
Andromeda Galady Pred 2 urami
I will win
Chris Hutson
Chris Hutson Pred 2 urami
Ha ha, it said James Webb Space Telescope would launch in 2014 or 2015.
Davy Erni
Davy Erni Pred 4 urami
Larger than a pair of net stockings :0) according to the Law of Things that are bigger than Life itself .
De Co
De Co Pred 4 urami
Australia: "Adios"
Ignacio Pred 4 urami
Is this video about someone mom?
Princess ella and the stephanie show
And why would this happend I think cuz the rings faster and noise why
All Good
All Good Pred 5 urami
Far out!.. imagine seeing the Surveyor right in front of you!
Qin Shi
Qin Shi Pred 6 urami
BlueGamer2010 Pred 7 urami
Now am Scared of Space and immature Change my Wallpaper
Stephen Garling
Stephen Garling Pred 8 urami
Earth: Saturn, why the f**k did you make theia!? She crashed into me!!! Saturn: High pitch demonic screams 100000 times over
Stephen Garling
Stephen Garling Pred 8 urami
Eh, I’m more into titan and Venus EM, but I am also into this
Fehhh Pred 10 urami
Don't got Brazil, so u r going to brazil
Jah Senor
Jah Senor Pred 10 urami
Oh I thought this we're about Black Women.
James Mills Books
James Mills Books Pred 11 urami
Do you REALLY think that time will end? Really?!
Nishant Salam
Nishant Salam Pred 14 urami
Where is 🇮🇳India🇮🇳 and 🇷🇺Russia🇷🇺??😢😢
Etegra T
Etegra T Pred 15 urami
. . .
The Friendly Philippines
eh? why i dont see me?
Hussein Sig
Hussein Sig Pred 16 urami
Mr fear is now the sun😂😂
To Serve Man
To Serve Man Pred 17 urami
Climate change hoax.
CLAM CLANG Pred 18 urami
Lmao earth 50 years from now will be destroyed because of human shit
Denis Levashov
Denis Levashov Pred 18 urami
Great movie! Thank you! I just have two questions to address 1. Where did the first gravity forces came from to collect hydrogen into the stars after big bang? 2. Then what makes us confident that expansion of space we see now is the whole true universe and not just the result of one of the massive black hole explosions which we call big bang and created our local area we call universe?
James White
James White Pred 19 urami
Not sure, but if its big as were told, better get a big can of bug spray.
Stupid Cat
Stupid Cat Pred 19 urami
Can we stop looking for our countries? And appreciate the video?
Rehan Dhul'Qamryn
Rehan Dhul'Qamryn Pred 19 urami
No-one to see them , those stars. You're stupid, God never do funny things. The God, Allah RabbulIzzat created everything for some reason
O'clock Pred 20 urami
Saturn = Realm Of Satan
Brian Nundahl
Brian Nundahl Pred 22 urami
Time stops when you die and in a instant after that the universe will be gone.
Denny Smith
Denny Smith Pred 22 urami
Debussy seems so restrained for accompanying the wrenching migrations of planetary crustal plates. I bet Sibelius could evoke glacial majesty. And Stockhausen could cast an alienating angst over the scene. But no, it must be Xenakis-calculatingly nihilistic. He’s someone with a sense of doom multiplied by stochasticity, and divided by inaccessibility. Xenakis is post-metaplexive recursion, for the autodidactic automaton. He can and did capture the aimless drift into meaningless consignment that Heidegger, Lacan and Derrida were all too endearing to pull off. Xenakis once actually rotated Antarctica by 34 degrees with a special performance of a new work on July 20, 1969. But, of course, everyone was looking up, not down, that day, so no one noticed. The end of destiny itself was at hand, with a mass the size of Europe grinding on its polar axis like a merry-go-round for the Titans. Oh, but all the usual “apocalyptees” were watching tv and guzzling Tang for the day, wondering if they could ever buy a ticket to Disney Terra Luna.
Seattle206723 Pred dnevom
Its all fun and game till you you hear this: *We are the Borg, We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own, Your culture will adapt to service us resistance is futile.*
Seattle206723 Pred dnevom
Well at 11:14 The Road Back to Harare or the Congo looks good! At least for a few years.
chris I
chris I Pred dnevom
Saturn reminds me of a eye.
Toniko2029 Pred dnevom
Why was I scared when I watched this when I was 6...
Peter Berzek
Peter Berzek Pred dnevom
With all this transgender stuff going on can I consider myself to be “trans dead” and stop paying taxes ? 😳😆 💰
If you think about it the fact that a circle’s circumference goes on forever it makes perfect sense because a circle is round and it’s continuous, it’s really incredible how the math reflects that, I find myself believing more and more that we’re living in a computer simulation, the math is just so convincing.
Yo FlaKFrmDA910
Yo FlaKFrmDA910 Pred dnevom
screen mirroring that's what's happening on the ☁️
McCoy BYZ Pred dnevom
Wow this all looks earily familiar, like all those recent UFO videos!
Houston Ridgeway
Houston Ridgeway Pred dnevom
Fyi, I'll be truthful about a black hole.we of gods call them s funnel.phone forsey old story is it'll compress you till your light goes pop.but actually truth is it's a gateway into other seperated universe there's big story for that an infectious one. it to became a way for family to have their own universe effects rather than a planet to rule. Also fyi on worm holes simple think pages 300 pages of universe stacked devouring my power., so I we I should say, git rid of most of them. Worm hoke is a entry point between pages much like you've seen examples in animated or tv explination. Anyway it's the truth as money say. Trust in Gods. Actually what caused war of hevan a theif stole worlds from God and hide out via worm holes but we got it and now war just about over think of what a planet or sun is a carbon ball.with iron.. FYI I'm awaiting a hotel.on the moon hope soon and use halo pelican transports soon as you get msgnajet motor.. fyi
leighatkins22 Pred dnevom
Propaganda... But if they let all the data be brought forward and presented for actual constructive discussion and debate, we'd all know this. The fact that they won't even permit this makes a person ask "why are we being bailed up and forced to follow your agenda without question?"... reminiscent of not being allowed to read the bible 200 years ago...
Eric Pham
Eric Pham Pred dnevom
The only thing we know for certain is that individual is insignificant but we are saved only by our own faith and how strong is our devotion to our principle that God gift inside each one of us
Kobil Shakur
Kobil Shakur Pred dnevom
Is that the guy from scishow space?
Hallucinati Pred dnevom
Click on video. Saw how may commercials ther were. Opened comments to say this. First commercial came on before i finshed typing. Stopped watching.
Kate art
Kate art Pred dnevom
DINIL RAJ Pred dnevom
where is india brww i watched full video to see india but why
VendantTuber Pred dnevom
Am I seeing things or did Philippines teleported to the outer boundaries of America near Republic Dominican it did America just agreed with Asia to switch sides?
dentomov Pred dnevom
See you in year 100002021 Greetings from human race of 2021
Sempre quando você ler os comentários eu estarei lá
Australia je joined with Asia
Sempre quando você ler os comentários eu estarei lá
2:30 That's a lie, and where is Australia?
colan powel
colan powel Pred dnevom
MOON LANDING WAS FAKE. Now NASA has a rover on Mars sending us pics size of a penny. When NASA sends a rover to our moon and when we see the remains left by Apollo's astronauts that is when everyone will no longer have a reason to disagree that the moon landing was true. What are you gonna say now?
Akash raj
Akash raj Pred dnevom
Where is india?
Pikachu Pred dnevom
Omgg I remember watching this when I was a kid... Memories 🥺
Internet code
Internet code Pred dnevom
And today we have the first pic of black hole
Santosh Das
Santosh Das Pred dnevom
😄But miss USA competitors
filipe beat
filipe beat Pred dnevom
im d one lmao
Zach Pred dnevom
Stanley Kubrick didn’t have the moon studio ready yet.
allbert carpio
allbert carpio Pred 2 dnevi
Sun:my childs Merc:fine Venus:need more fans Terra:playing with rockets Mars:nothing Jup:*strugles* Sun:why son Jup:hes at it again Sat:reeeeeeeeeeeee Uranus:*fart* Neptune:*sleeping* Pluto:...
Kazuki Pred 2 dnevi
But what happen with the super massive black holes in the centrum
rorykay7 Pred 2 dnevi
This idiot forgot Australia😠
Kat Johnson
Kat Johnson Pred 2 dnevi
Pokémon Pred 2 dnevi
Eurasia is a dino head
Craizy Dash
Craizy Dash Pred 2 dnevi
Am I the only one who realised that the Philippines and Japan are both in the Atlantic ocean 100 Million years ago?
Michael Hendsbee
Michael Hendsbee Pred 2 dnevi
If the universe is expanding as if the galaxies were raisins in a loaf of bread, wouldn’t the galaxies that move fastet away from the Milky Way galaxy be opposite the direction of where the “Big Bang” occurred? The galaxies which expand away from the Milky Way at the slowest pace be in line with the the direction of the location of the “Big Bang”. I wish I knew Brian Cox personally, he’d know the answer to my questions
mrburns barrett
mrburns barrett Pred 2 dnevi
Wait there is no sounds in space so Saturn just broke the laws of physics
Manoochehr Ghanbari
Manoochehr Ghanbari Pred 2 dnevi
Antonio Jimenez
Antonio Jimenez Pred 2 dnevi
Jupiter what’s wrong wit ur child sun Sun nothing ain’t wrong wit my chiled
José Dário Freitas Paulo
Quando não é em português, eu excluo o vídeo na hora , fui !
fart butt
fart butt Pred 2 dnevi
0:05 i see titan
firoz osman
firoz osman Pred 2 dnevi
Cici Alycia
Cici Alycia Pred 2 dnevi
Its note israil its pilastin
laeeque nadvi
laeeque nadvi Pred 2 dnevi
CHRISTMAS SPIRIT SHINES AMID COVID GLOOM Happy Merry Christmas to all around the world Even though the pandemic has its impact on the usual year end party scene on .... this year, lights and decorations have kept the spirit high. Many people walked and visited the streets and markets to soak in Christmas spirit and beat the Covid blues.
Kean Pred 2 dnevi
2:34 is it me or does it look like philippines got moved to america
Eri Pred 2 dnevi
0:16 isn’t that the tornado from Blown Away?
Sierra Catlin
Sierra Catlin Pred 2 dnevi
Play this for your dog 🤣🤣🤣
J. Woodhouse
J. Woodhouse Pred 2 dnevi
Future cosmologists will have some answers and a lot more questions.☑️
romiejen The water melon
2:37 philippines: yay finally im in America America's: wait what why you here Asean: we miss phil
Chonsey Sangma
Chonsey Sangma Pred 2 dnevi
Such a strong typhoon🌀
Hoshico Duckie
Hoshico Duckie Pred 3 dnevi
2:35 uh is this an error?
MythicalWolf Pred 3 dnevi
2:34 looks like the Philippines ended up close to North America
Ichrab Ali
Ichrab Ali Pred 3 dnevi
Universes gonna be big crunch BUT new time starts with rezaraction and day of judgment come everyone front of his ( her)creator. Everyone judge with own actions (good or bad)..after that going to paradise or hellfair. That's it. So prepare for That's day. No one can escape from this day. Whatever you believe or none believe.