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This Changes Nothing
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This Will Never Happen Again
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HomeSlice 8
HomeSlice 8 Pred 10 urami
A good reminder that you can be black and racist. You can also be Asian and racist. {ANYONE} can be racist
G.A GAMING Pred 11 urami
Man!You are like one of the most hard working guys I have ever known in my life spending that many hours just o make some amazing content for us bless you bro all the best!!!
Blade Runner 732
Blade Runner 732 Pred 11 urami
Jordan >>>>>>> curry
Ding's Burner's Burner
Now you got the Nets. James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant.
Busby Piano
Busby Piano Pred 11 urami
Ok so Steve Nash should definitely be at least tier 5
Jack Wilber
Jack Wilber Pred 11 urami
Orlando in 5 in 2025
Matthew Withroder
Matthew Withroder Pred 11 urami
theyd probably be getting paid more if the nba didnt already have to hand the wnba money on a yearly basis just for it to survive
Moves Booze
Moves Booze Pred 11 urami
The WNBA still exists?
moov100 Pred 11 urami
I love your videos but how can you say D Rose wasn't the best player of 2009 draft. It's wrong and it's direspectful!
moov100 Pred 11 urami
Seeing it from now he was not the best pick but he definitely was the best player.
VibeFu Pred 12 urami
I was able to guess the coin wrong 8 times lol
peevlit Pred 12 urami
those clips of kevin garnett live in my head rent free
Kincaid McGinnis
Kincaid McGinnis Pred 12 urami
Flight watching like, where’s curry man 👁👄👁
Frozen Rope Photography
My favorite player all time from the Bulls is Scottie Pippen.
Roni Smith
Roni Smith Pred 12 urami
who's better Duncan or Kobe
ITZ Thiron
ITZ Thiron Pred 12 urami
Who's watching in 2021 and showing that its not true
JOHN B Pred 13 urami
Solar Workouts
Solar Workouts Pred 13 urami
Can you make a video on Shammgod?
Spike Hopper
Spike Hopper Pred 13 urami
Ya think?🙄
Wet Water
Wet Water Pred 13 urami
Can I get a rip in the chat for Kobe
Anton Göthe Larsson
Anton Göthe Larsson Pred 13 urami
quavo is the only one i really know
Death From Above
Death From Above Pred 13 urami
These charts don't start at 0 so they are extremely misleading to the actual gap.
Dane Scott
Dane Scott Pred 14 urami
I have to be completely honest, I have been watching every video you have put out for almost 2 and a half years now. Prior to watching your videos I did not like basketball but seeing how you display information is honestly unbelievable. It gives me a greater respect for the superstar dominance on the court and really brought me to the game of basketball.
Josh Rodney
Josh Rodney Pred 14 urami
My vertical jump is 28 inches and im 5’7 at 13 (i know it’s not that good)
UnknownElite305 Pred 14 urami
RIP Mamba
Random Palmtop Gaming
Random Palmtop Gaming Pred 14 urami
Man, that basketball camp footage though. Pure gold. Kids today tend to think basketball camps exist since like shortly before LeBron showed up, but this should provide them some reality check.
Muse Elk
Muse Elk Pred 14 urami
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Simo El 123
Simo El 123 Pred 14 urami
Maaaan every time i watch one of your videos i feel like im ready to go on a debate on espn against stephen a smith and win it hhhhh keep going G love the channel
Joe Andrew
Joe Andrew Pred 14 urami
Watching this during the time US is trying to confront the rising China.
Anayo Amaefule
Anayo Amaefule Pred 14 urami
Goat by decade 1960s- Bill Russell 1970s- Kareem 1980s- Magic Johnson 1990s- Michael Jordan 2000s- Kobe Bryant 2010s- LeBron James Now take those six a list the 1-6 1. Michael Jordan 2. LeBron James 3. Magic Johnson 4. Kobe Bryant 5. Kareem 6. Bill Russell Second best players by decade 1960s- Wilt Chamberlain 1970s- Walt Frazier 1980s- Larry Brid 1990s- Hakeem 2000s- Tim Duncan 2010s- Kevin Durant Now take those six a list the 1-6 1.Tim Duncan 2. Larry Bird 3. Hakeem 4. Kevin Durant 5. Wilt Chamberlain 6. Walt Frazier Add together 1. Michael Jordan 2. LeBron James 3. Magic Johnson 4. Kobe Bryant 5. Kareem 6. Bill Russell 7.Tim Duncan 8. Larry Bird 9. Hakeem 10. Kevin Durant 11. Wilt Chamberlain 12. Walt Frazier
braaitrash Pred 14 urami
ur telling me this mans HEAD was ELEVEN FEET IN THE FUCKING AIR
Ke Hubbard
Ke Hubbard Pred 15 urami
pandabearmadness Pred 15 urami
I know at the time shaq downplayed yaos greatness but when i hear him talk about him now I feel like he really loves and respects him very much
Djāngo Brāzy
Djāngo Brāzy Pred 15 urami
You ain't have to do Simmons like dat 😭
Jason Wickramanayake
Jason Wickramanayake Pred 15 urami
1:39 wtf was that, looks like a t-Rex running lmao
Andrew Davaris
Andrew Davaris Pred 15 urami
the fact that now curry is alone and he is carrying the warriors makes this video much better
v_Xotiic Pred 15 urami
Feel like ad should be there ngl
MyNameisBrowl Pred 15 urami
A factor to that decreased viewership could also due to the politics surrounding the NBA, MLB, and NFL and the many people who just decided to stop watching it altogether. NOT JUST ELECTIONS, but rather BLM.
MyNameisBrowl Pred 16 urami
Heat were a great team just unfortunate that Bam and Dragic were both injured. This doesn't take away from what the Lakers deserved or won, but rather it would have been fun to see if they could have taken it to a game 7 if they had those two players. I mean they did go to a game 6 without them.
Luke Dormer
Luke Dormer Pred 16 urami
Melo has something very special and understand the game so well. Another 5years watch
Mars Tardo
Mars Tardo Pred 16 urami
new logo kobe super awesome!
Collins Johnson
Collins Johnson Pred 16 urami
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Collins Johnson
Collins Johnson Pred 16 urami
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Kevit Pred 16 urami
Has Lavar ever lost in the playoffs, regular season, preseason? GOAT STATUS
Kobe Bean The GOAT
Kobe Bean The GOAT Pred 16 urami
I would give up my house to watch this man ball again.....for real
Ayre Josse
Ayre Josse Pred 17 urami
Pls make a video that time MJ played PG in 1989
philip rovan nakila
philip rovan nakila Pred 17 urami
I just want him to stay healthy. . Lakers vs nets 2021 NBA finals would be great. .probably the greatest NBA finals ever. . 😁😁😁
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Pred 17 urami
Mark Jerome Official
Mark Jerome Official Pred 17 urami
4-0 in the finals wohohooooo
Jr's_ Dubs
Jr's_ Dubs Pred 17 urami
What happened to ramel loyd
Jay Matos
Jay Matos Pred 18 urami
1- Michael Jordan 2- LeBron James 3- Kobe Bryant
Stacyon Hair & Beauty Consultant
Lakers still going to best them. Might be able to predict a Lakers vs Nets finals. All 3 guys love the ball let's see what happens
Wing Demon
Wing Demon Pred 18 urami
I hope Giannis is up there one day
Franz Gerard S. Dela Rama
LMAOOOOOOOOO SAN MIGUEL BEER MEN IS HEREEE very unexpecting seeing a team of my country's team in there
Politicus Rex
Politicus Rex Pred 18 urami
No the couldn't. Learn the game
CroPETROforeverNBA Pred 19 urami
Sorry but this is BIAS towards Jordan.
prison mike
prison mike Pred 19 urami
i guess the question wasnt "who is most likely to get points for his team when going against you" (which would include assists) it was about who is most likely to score on you 1v1, because otherwise its lebron. this list is just the best scorers
prison mike
prison mike Pred 20 urami
giannis will go down as the best regular season player that never accomplished anything in the playoffs. without a shot its too easy to stop him in the playoffs.
prison mike
prison mike Pred 20 urami
players get more talented every year because of more advanced training methods, you can put any top 10 player from today and put him against prime jordan and he would win, its how it is in every single sport. also higher pace. if you combine that with the fact that basketball is a game in which great offense beats great defense and you can see why the scoring goes up every year.
Steph Warriors_30
Steph Warriors_30 Pred 20 urami
Whatever they say....overall😘it's definitely Michael jordan..period....
Black Dot
Black Dot Pred 20 urami
westbrook is already skillcapped. while luka is still leveling.
Ayrton Ong
Ayrton Ong Pred 21 uro
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TVguy9999 Pred 21 uro
Yo Jimmy! Were either of your parents athletes growing up?!?!? Great video.
Saaki ganesh
Saaki ganesh Pred 21 uro
being a curry fan this made me tear up bruh
Robert Tavares
Robert Tavares Pred 21 uro
Perhaps they were talking about the physical toll of the defensive back then compared to. Seems to be what they are referring you
Andrew Hmar
Andrew Hmar Pred 21 uro
Kyrie always tryin to be so unique with his thoughts, actin hard to stand out huh?
ice cold706
ice cold706 Pred 22 urami
You forgot about that magic game in the playoffs when ol boi miss them free throws
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Pred 22 urami
istportzone upload this video to facebook and got a million views
mark ian Luluquisin
mark ian Luluquisin Pred 22 urami
Lol on Hawks stat info before then and now😂
Reuben Hayward
Reuben Hayward Pred 22 urami
That Lebron stat was cold af man
Siegfried Anton
Siegfried Anton Pred 22 urami
WNBA is the most irrelevant thing i ver heard of.
NoSwxsher Pred 23 urami
Ok Shaq definetly didn’t regret shit 💀
✯RedStar✯ Graal
✯RedStar✯ Graal Pred 23 urami
Damn Luka Is 17?. In a nBA
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Pred 23 urami
wow did you predicted it
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Pred 23 urami
Yulin Wang
Yulin Wang Pred 23 urami
This is just a trick, should start all the charts from zero.
john weak
john weak Pred 23 urami
Where's the fake goat..the first player who almost trade half of the roster in his team.
오민재 Pred 23 urami
dan gilbert's curse was true for one year tho lol! karma really did bite lebron in the ass during the finals against dallas...(remembering the mock-coughing and "real world" interviews and then choking in almost every 4th quarter of the finals) its a good thing lebron cleared things up with cavs fans by returning and getting them their first championship!!
오민재 Pred dnevom
but you do have to understand those cavs players interiewa tho...it would be bad for chemistry if you went on and stated that a highschool kid was way better than the player starting next to you every game during the season! even if you believed lebron was better, it would take big balls to admit that publically in front of your current teammates...
circaNINETWO Pred dnevom
Doncic is a bad bad man.
Road To Williamsport
Bro needs to delete this video it’s gonna look horrible in a few years