The Food Theorists
The Food Theorists
The Food Theorists
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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to FOOD THEORY, where brain food is always on the menu! Are you ready to debunk food's greatest myths? Does using science to save money at your favorite restaurants sound appetizing to you? Then you are in for a treat! From the best hacks for your McDonald's fast food order to the dark history of food mascots, we cover it all! Get ready to take a big bite out of food's greatest mysteries and join the Food Theorist's community today!

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Burber Boi
Burber Boi Pred 8 urami
littlepoki81501 Pred 8 urami
Now imagine a Costco or Sam’s club
Renz Lazatin
Renz Lazatin Pred 8 urami
BRALOY Pred 8 urami
3:49 goddamn if it isn't a Brazilian supermarket
Jack Linc
Jack Linc Pred 8 urami
I also live in NC and I have never seen this but those animatronics are stupidly scary.
Sara Mathey
Sara Mathey Pred 8 urami
Okay what about how old is Barbie? (The tv show one)
Cooper Wolf
Cooper Wolf Pred 8 urami
Food theory idea: is cereal a soup
Lunar Dancer
Lunar Dancer Pred 8 urami
Probably for the rest of your life. The malnutrition probably gets you before starvation.
Tommy Coolata
Tommy Coolata Pred 8 urami
Bro look at chic fil a
Yasir Nazir
Yasir Nazir Pred 8 urami
I actually almost licked the screen when I saw the food.
Ruiluth Pred 8 urami
My only criticism of MatPat is that he treats French as if it's a respectable language. It isn't.
Daharen Pred 8 urami
I have weirdly mixed feelings about the fact that he hasn't been invited on Hot Ones yet. On the one hand, the Game Theory channel is much larger than First We Feast with over 4 million additional subscribers, and that's not counting the film theory and food theory channels as well (Though obviously there's extremely significant overlap). In that sense alone it's kind of "reasonable" to me for him to expect an invitation... But... On the split side, there are now well over 700 channels with over 10 million subscribers on SLtv. The majority of them are singers, artists, or celebrities of some form or another (Obvious if you ever look at the top 50, where really only MrBeast and PewDiePie are actual "SLtvrs"), and thus their SLtv success is more or less just ancillary to their celebrity success... But even if you eliminate them you're left with a LOT of people before you would get to MatPat. Add that to the fact that in general First We Feast tends to focus on A-List celebrities, and has really broken most boundaries in that field with the people they've gotten on the show. I mean SLtv is almost a totally seperate medium from their target in a sense, and while it certainly makes more sense to go there than say starting to invite politicians or former presidents on First We Feast, I still feel it's a long way from happening with all the A-List Artists they haven't remotely touched and that would invite far more views from the public than MatPat (Though I have to confess I find that sort of sad). Most of the people I'd love to see on there are in fact SLtvrs, like Mark Rober would be awesome too. But there's just a recognition that it's not the same thing, and I think that's kinda sad... I feel for you man.
Isaiah Tolbert
Isaiah Tolbert Pred 8 urami
Would be interesting to see how Evans health is effected by surviving of vodka and wine...
Black Skull
Black Skull Pred 8 urami
5:52 was I the only one who fought my computer screen was tipping over for a brief second Coz I swear that one scene just gave me several heart attacks
Ratchetpower2 Pred 8 urami
"Evan could live out the rest of his natural life all thanks to farming," to be fair 63.3 years is a massive chunk of one's life already. I know this was all about how long a store could sustain one person but if we're adding a story to it most likely Evan would already be dead before the store stopped supporting him. Let's say Evan was 18 years old when he started this survival adventure. By the time he could no longer just live off the store he would be 81-82 years old. Even if he was some incredible boy genius 5-year-old he would be 68-69 by the time the store's supplies ran out. 63.3 years (considering the power is out) is definitely nothing to sneeze at, a lot of people would die of other causes or just old age by the time they would die from the lack of supplies. A farm is still a great idea though.
RamadaArtist Pred 8 urami
"Not every item in a grocery store is edible," *shows picture of cilantro* This man speaks the truth!
Michael Wagner
Michael Wagner Pred 8 urami
Must of never had a expire beer they only last about 150days depends on the beer 🍺
Michael Wagner
Michael Wagner Pred 8 urami
Wait wine spoils bro use a shovel break some tiles in the store and bury the bottles so the wine stays cool and dark wine hates sun light and heat your welcome well last a preserve better then stay how grocery stores store them
Anil Kumar Ghos
Anil Kumar Ghos Pred 8 urami
Maybe the theory is not so dark. It could be that chicken sandwich guy and milkshake lady didn't get along. So after giving birth to chicken sandwich baby they got divorced.
holly Pred 8 urami
it’s so weird to think that he’s a dad, what??
David OMalley
David OMalley Pred 8 urami
I'd rather die than eat poop mushrooms
Cody Blackford
Cody Blackford Pred 8 urami
In reality any kind of store before and after is going to be ransacked and have nothing left better to be prepared before hand not to mention people will be killing each other over a bag of lays potato chips but fun ideal though well though out with the math
Leonard G
Leonard G Pred 9 urami
Wait... Did I missed the part about the water? I mean, it's recommended to drink two liters a day, which would be 46.000 liters within 63 years. Does a grocery store hold that much?
Mac Berg
Mac Berg Pred 9 urami
I’d rather die than eat mushrooms for the rest of my life
indisguise96 Pred 9 urami
Yo, I live so close to this place. Gonna try it out whenever it opens. Though if it's anything like the hy-vee that got built near me, it'll take like 2 years or more 🙄
MegSong24 Pred 9 urami
Now, do we assume we have power? Freeze as many persihables, the walk in with it. Cook off what you can't immediately freeze/use etc. Freeze those. Start with anything else perishable. Work through frozen stuff/dry goods. by myself? 6 months to a year. But I work in a grocery store. lol Without it? Maybe two weeks. factoring in campfire/curing six months. off the top. Grill//stove are gas based not electric least in my store.
MegSong24 Pred 8 urami
My guess was before watching, this is much longer than I thought!
Alejandra Lopez Montoya
Learn from school 👎 learn from food theory 👍
LJ S Pred 9 urami
So youre telling me there is an upside to cooking a whole box of pasta for the week, putting it all in the refrigerator because Im not hungry yet, then reheating it later only to forget its in the microwave? Coooool
Optimuawesome 101
Optimuawesome 101 Pred 9 urami
Yet today you might still se him see him watch cheetos, till this day
Danny Wallis
Danny Wallis Pred 9 urami
opens window for rain water instead of going out it and escaping lol
Our lady of perpetual indigestion
Kasson Beck
Kasson Beck Pred 9 urami
Same thing but What about a mall
Epicality Pred 9 urami
Crunchy or smooth peanut butter ?
Epicality Pred 9 urami
Crunchy or smooth peanut butter ?
holly Pred 9 urami
i mean it also made them vegan which is a growing trend
Matt Ellison
Matt Ellison Pred 9 urami
Former Pizza Hut GM here. You are correct that there is less cheese for if there are more toppings. If you order a cheese pizza then cheese is your topping, therefore more cheese. Long story short, if you have more toppings it affects the cooking process so as you add toppings you get less of each individual topping, including cheese. I had to warn people of this who insisted on extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra cheese. I had to limit their desire for cheese based on the crust they were wanting. Sounds silly, but go put five pounds of cheese in a pizza crust and see how that turns out for you.
Aflah Syazani
Aflah Syazani Pred 9 urami
Vote cap'n then...
BooDues Gaming
BooDues Gaming Pred 9 urami
this can all be fixed by bringing a certain amount of cash, so you can’t spend more
Bionic9998 Pred 9 urami
How Pizza Hut does it. There are different cups for cheese for different sizes and types of pizza, cheese only gets an extra half cup of cheese. That's why it weighs more. Pepperoni is meant to be 23 on a 3+ topping pizza, 46 on 1-2 topping pizza, and extra pepperoni on a 1 topping is 71. The cheese is the same. Only reason why the weights would be less than the normal pepperoni would be a store not doing their job properly or a difference in thickness for the pepperoni. Some bags of pepperoni have much thicker slices, but less slices in total. The reasoning behind less number of each topping past 2 toppings is probably money, but also customer safety. Many customers want almost every topping on their pizza, this creates a problem where the food may not cook all-the-way-trough and you'd get uncooked meats or dough, so the toppings are limited over 2 toppings. In summary the base pizza is always the allotted amount of sauce and 1 cup of cheese for all toppings other than cheese, which gets an extra half cup. All 1-2 topping pizzas get a certain number of each type of topping and all 3+ topping pizzas get about half of the amount for each topping. If you want the pepperoni pizza that'll sit like a rock I'd suggest the Large Deep Dish Pepperoni Lover's Pizza(Base+50pep+1/2chs+30pep).
TheSuperAlex249 Pred 9 urami
That's why you ask for no ice
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Pred 9 urami
Among us in real life?
Lig Ma
Lig Ma Pred 9 urami
I made the peanutbutter and honey mix and when I ate flamas doritos it didn't work☹
The Tóbynætr
The Tóbynætr Pred 9 urami
I already reheat my food over and over, thanks for validating my laziness
Erick Fruin
Erick Fruin Pred 9 urami
Can you live off pharmacy section foods/vitamins?
csi9181 Pred 9 urami
What’s a sub then
YourPalAL Pred 9 urami
Someday you won’t be able to buy food without a smartphone.
Miguel Edinger Filho
I hate pepper,and when i eat something spicy, i always eat a banana and it works
Victor Uzunow
Victor Uzunow Pred 9 urami
Wow crazy in depth video! Now do it on a Costco!
Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose Pred 9 urami
Uhhhhhh my tbell always has a line into the street 😅
Miso Pred 9 urami
That generic ketchup is called GSF ketchup aka manufactured at golden state foods city of industry. It’s basically the same as jack in the box, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, del taco, and yes even Hunts so it’s not hunts time to shine bcuz it’s manufactured from the same recipe and not even produced by hunts themselves but at this plant in cali instead. (Georgia and Texas plants as well) .. there is also NO such shortages for these restaurants even for McDonald’s I would know as I work in the plant and specifically in ketchup department. Work is going by as usual, the ketchup itself is easy to make and package, it’s also tastes terrible compared to Heinz that I myself don’t even eat it as it’s basically less tomato paste and more fructose and corn syrup... sugar water at this point.. the only difference in recipe is when it’s manufactured for outside the US where it is made sweeter because those countries like it that way (which is basically ketchup sugar water at that point)
Leah Widmaier
Leah Widmaier Pred 9 urami
I genuinely ponder this question every time I'm in a grocery store. So happy I stumbled across this video!
Dahlton Mahar
Dahlton Mahar Pred 9 urami
So in my personal pizza making experience. We would always be heavy with the cheese on cheese only pizzas. If you go that heavy with cheese when you start adding toppings you risk the pizza getting swampy and having to remake it. So generally yeah more toppings= less cheese.
Jake Boss
Jake Boss Pred 9 urami
I'm incredibly lucky I have a very supportive wife, I have over 30 (and counting) grills and smokers that i use most days out of the week all year round, winter never stops me from smoking meats up here in Michigan! The part about most Americans use their grill less than 16 times in a summer amazes me and i can't believe that, considering how much i use my grills an smoker in an entire year
Janelle Spatz
Janelle Spatz Pred 9 urami
How long could he survive if there was power
William Fust
William Fust Pred 9 urami
@the food theory/@matpat When is fitness theory coming best I want to know when the best way to get rid of the 20 pounds of bread and pasta that I earn at OG thx
Agresticality Pred 9 urami
Is this taking into account stock out the back? Haha.
Hypnotic Creation
Hypnotic Creation Pred 9 urami
best video iv seen on this channel so far
Caraholic كاراهوليك
Too much math for fast food. Just show me videos like the tiktok guy
Dog Getting Haircut
Dog Getting Haircut Pred 10 urami
This video seems oddly familiar...
Android 21
Android 21 Pred 10 urami
This video is the epitome of the I love democracy meme XD
ThatKrazyOtaku Pred 10 urami
I got a theory, is cereal a soup?
Jasmine The Liberal
Jasmine The Liberal Pred 10 urami
bro imagine if he did bojangles, they stuff them so much that there nearly spilling out
Fiona Waters
Fiona Waters Pred 10 urami
I wish I could remember what this law/rule was called, but I saw it on the Mythbuster's episode where they disprove that the moon landing was faked. When it comes to conspiracy theories, the more people that have to be in on it/keep quiet reduces the chances that it's true. Faking the moon landing would have taken 500,000 people to keep quiet, it sounds similar to this conspiracy of fake tuna!
Viktor Pred 10 urami
dip 70% of the oreo into milk then eat the whole thing, Soggy with a little crunch
Anthony GOATson
Anthony GOATson Pred 10 urami
ah yes, tidepods
Lateknight 47
Lateknight 47 Pred 10 urami
well done evan instead of making lemonade with the lemon tht life gave u made dehydrated lemons
Rick Pred 10 urami
I don't know what it is, but I know that it's fucking disgusting.
P S Pred 10 urami
Having worked for Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and Little Ceasars I can tell you that the pizzas being lighter is a cost saving measure. The "basic" cheese pizza TECHNICALLY has CHEESE as a topping. For pizzas with topping other than cheese that CHEESE topping is removed and replaced with another topping. Same goes for a x2 ingredient. If you order a double pepperoni your first round of pepperoni is for example 50 ronis, the second is only 30. This helps the restaurant with food cost. It also helps make sure that the pizza is cooked all the way through. Pizza places like these used a times conveyor to cook pizza, not an oven. The pizza is in the oven for a specific amount of time. Too many topping, aka heavy pizza, would mean that the same 10-12min run through the oven wouldn't cook the extra topping pizzas.
jbsmith966 Pred 10 urami
i noticed the other day when i went through a drive thru , they gave me ketchup packets without me having to ask. 1st time since the 1980s this has happened. WOW ! i almost cried. And it was Heinz , not just the cheapest generic ketchup they could find,
Kenna Huynh
Kenna Huynh Pred 10 urami
Your mind plays tricks to make the fruit loops taste like what you want it to be or what the supposed “color” is.
Savampire Pred 10 urami
Can you do a food theory on Lo-Carb monster energy drinks vrs monster energy drinks? I heard that Lo-Carb are potentially even more unhealthy, but im not sure...
Epc Pred 10 urami
"Educational drinkers" was unexpectedly hilarious
Brumpy Pred 10 urami
did nobody else notice the batman reference? Ramsay merely adopted cooking shows, Flay was born in them? Come on, that's Bane and Batman
CandyCudie Pred 10 urami
“The Film Theorist viewers also watch this channel” No kidding Sherlock
SmokyAce Garage
SmokyAce Garage Pred 10 urami
I mean I feel that they are about to sell at least 3 million packages now because of this video 😂
zalmangaming619 Pred 10 urami
If it were cosco you could survive 400 years
Raharu Krichevskoy
Raharu Krichevskoy Pred 10 urami
Food Theory: If you eat an average person(yes cannibalism)what parts can you eat safely and how much nutrition could you get from that? Uh.. Asking for a friend.
Gooier Tester
Gooier Tester Pred 10 urami
Reply if u like pineapple pizzza and candy corn
林笑里 Pred 10 urami
Former McDonald’s employee here - I worked front counter so I just handed out cups. If you want your best value in terms of fill percentage and ice, come into the store and pour your own drink. 😂 I did help drive thru occasionally. A machine pours the drinks for us. There’s kind of a conveyor belt merry go round of cup holders so we can do multiple drink orders quickly. So you punch in the size and the drink for the order. The machine fills it with a set amount of liquid and ice. If we tell the machine no ice, it still only puts in the same amount of liquid. It doesn’t compensate for the lack of ice. Sometimes new people who weren’t thinking would serve drinks to the drive through customers like that. But there’s a button we can press to make the machine pour a little more. So almost every time we would just manually fill more to make sure the cup was filled.
onekingdom1 Pred 10 urami