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Welcome to my channel, You might know me as the one that flexes in the Sidemen. However get involved with the channel and find out what it's all about. You'll find entertaining content ranging from Fitness, Lifestyle \u0026 Fun with friends all in the aims of sharing my journey with you guys.
Why Talia Mar Hates Me
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This Video Is Doomed
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Telling The Truth With Elz
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I'm The Real KSI...
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Sidemen Diss Track Season 2
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Finding My Look A Like...
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sinko Pred 15 urami
doritos and nutella :)))))
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez Pred 17 urami
What did Tobi said in 5:59
Sarah Pred 17 urami
do pregnant cravings
Eleanor Unwin :3
Eleanor Unwin :3 Pred 18 urami
Please do weird pregnancy combos
SynthDemon XL
SynthDemon XL Pred 18 urami
That recipe looks nuts gonna do that with the broski next time he stays
Shd Pred 18 urami
If behzinga doesn’t reply he likes Lauren alexis and elz the witch
Bloody FitNerd
Bloody FitNerd Pred 18 urami
Joseph Stevens
Joseph Stevens Pred 18 urami
Is it just me who has watched this 100 times and still watching Hahaha
Paulfighteronline Pred 19 urami
Great content!
Keeenex Chore
Keeenex Chore Pred 19 urami
I love how Simon has the same chain but his title was $10,000 and Ethan’s is $20,000
Hugo Brännlund
Hugo Brännlund Pred 20 urami
Kaviar and cheese
Stacey Larkin
Stacey Larkin Pred 21 uro
One thing that's been bugging the shite out of me since I saw this. Why is the chilli heatwave bag orange? Over here in Ireland it's red 😅😂
Emily An
Emily An Pred 21 uro
"I think it needs a drink to accompany it, like an orange juice" Tobi - I can't believe you've done this
anonymous viewer
anonymous viewer Pred 21 uro
Gerardo RuizAngel
Gerardo RuizAngel Pred 21 uro
Gerardo RuizAngel
Gerardo RuizAngel Pred 21 uro
Gerardo RuizAngel
Gerardo RuizAngel Pred 21 uro
Gerardo RuizAngel
Gerardo RuizAngel Pred 21 uro
Gerardo RuizAngel
Gerardo RuizAngel Pred 21 uro
Gerardo RuizAngel
Gerardo RuizAngel Pred 21 uro
Gerardo RuizAngel
Gerardo RuizAngel Pred 21 uro
Gerardo RuizAngel
Gerardo RuizAngel Pred 21 uro
Merjem Duderija
Merjem Duderija Pred 21 uro
I like my bacon non-existant
Kimberlee D
Kimberlee D Pred 22 urami
Your so inspiring! That took a lot of courage to be so honest. It is heartbreaking to know you have felt like that 🥺💕
Oscar Fogg
Oscar Fogg Pred 22 urami
Mayo and cookies
Neuro Pred 22 urami
Nutella and Marmite... I personally like this combination...
Emily An
Emily An Pred 21 uro
That's not the only white substance which has been on those scales
Omaramer22 Pred 22 urami
me watching this during ramadan
Big Tingz
Big Tingz Pred 23 urami
Big Tingz
Big Tingz Pred 23 urami
gus f
gus f Pred dnevom
what fitness app do you use?
Rayyan R
Rayyan R Pred dnevom
Make a lettuce coriander seed and mayo burger
ItzNathz Pred dnevom
Do a hairline shot
Alix Paton
Alix Paton Pred dnevom
It's not eggy bread it's french toast
Nikhita Dass
Nikhita Dass Pred dnevom
We need another cook off btw Calfreezy amd Behzinga
Abdul Haji
Abdul Haji Pred dnevom
Yung Mogli
Yung Mogli Pred dnevom
Lucas Pettersson
Lucas Pettersson Pred dnevom
Bacon should be crispy and little burnt
RedHawk 727
RedHawk 727 Pred dnevom
When are we gonna meat Charlie???
Reegs G
Reegs G Pred dnevom
American fairs have donut burgers 🤠
Jacob Brettell
Jacob Brettell Pred dnevom
little late to the comments here, but a cool video would be make food for one of the sidemen's background, so for example make vik Indian food and have him judge it. Idk just a vid I would personally watch
Rexxyfn Pred dnevom
1v1 wager me at cooking
CosMilk Pred dnevom
I'm here to say jake paul vs behzinga
annag cocl
annag cocl Pred dnevom
Big man just told us he was a criminal😂
TKM Pred dnevom
Adam Elkiki
Adam Elkiki Pred dnevom
Going strong looking for more motivation. Lost 36 pounds in just 3 months and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!
Ciaran Cleary
Ciaran Cleary Pred dnevom
in other words 'I use express vpn because i'm a criminal" -behz
Ethan Williams
Ethan Williams Pred dnevom
That's not the only white substance which has been on those scales
Cairn Lynch
Cairn Lynch Pred dnevom
Behz tries a master chef challenge??
Jude Adjetey
Jude Adjetey Pred dnevom
What an energetic intro
diamontesterICE Pred dnevom
Tbh I thought doritos chilli heatwave were red not orange( the packet)
diamontesterICE Pred dnevom
@annag cocl what?
annag cocl
annag cocl Pred dnevom
Ketchup and cucumber
Musa Ahmed
Musa Ahmed Pred dnevom
Your probably not gonna see this but why not try I think u should test viral Tik tok food hacks and see if they work and are nice
HT MUSIC Pred dnevom
anyone else clock he didnt wash his chicken
Burnit Pred dnevom
Why am I watching Ethan’s video but then I get an ad about how I shouldn’t exercise? 🤔
More its Jayden
More its Jayden Pred dnevom
Trying new things can sometimes be *epic*
Jaydon Sexy
Jaydon Sexy Pred dnevom
lettice and squashies
Yourenotcool Jk
Yourenotcool Jk Pred dnevom
5:14 wtf are those noises
HAZZA Pred dnevom
this video is golden
Katie Watson
Katie Watson Pred dnevom
cornflakes and nutella slapsssss
Brandon Aguilar
Brandon Aguilar Pred dnevom
are you gay or no
Sadie Harrison
Sadie Harrison Pred dnevom
bruv those r not chilli heat wave that’s tangy cheese 🤧
MR Eyaan
MR Eyaan Pred dnevom
How to get hungry when fasting 😂
Marshmello Family
Marshmello Family Pred dnevom
Where is all my fellow Mellos At >>>>>
diamontesterICE Pred dnevom
Not here fr 😭🤣👋
MR Eyaan
MR Eyaan Pred dnevom
Here and first 😂
SNAIL 4000
SNAIL 4000 Pred dnevom
2021 anyone
KJ 82
KJ 82 Pred dnevom
Do vegan. Whole food's plant based for a day.
misolou fout
misolou fout Pred dnevom
“It’s you in a sandwich, it’s shithouse” 😂😂
Ismael Baller
Ismael Baller Pred dnevom
the weirdest food combination is pepper spinach and peanut butter
Zoojie •
Zoojie • Pred dnevom
Ketchup and cucumber
theangrygamer Pred dnevom
We need a chef chunkz and chef behz collab
THE GAMER Pred dnevom
They don't need tiktok complilations....they need to stare at each other...
Max Prior
Max Prior Pred dnevom
Dunk ya monster munch in ya bru
misolou fout
misolou fout Pred dnevom
You should swap diets with someone!
Certified Pure
Certified Pure Pred dnevom
I like my bacon raw mate
Con1606 Geor
Con1606 Geor Pred dnevom
Ham with nutella
Bartosz Grabowicz
Bartosz Grabowicz Pred dnevom
Chefs tip : crack the egg on the flat service if you ever do get piece of shell in the bowl use the very shell to take it out
Adam Reeve
Adam Reeve Pred dnevom
Look at him in 2016 v now. Amazing
mark foshci
mark foshci Pred dnevom
That pillow on the sofa as he’s speaking so seriously
Ben Lunn
Ben Lunn Pred dnevom
Put a tablespoon of sugar on a slice of cucumber it’s well nice🤤🤤
PR Pred dnevom
Why didn’t he just use the bottoms of the doughnuts so there was no sprinkles 😭
J4YR1XH Pred dnevom
Deep fry a McDonald’s Big Mac
Gerardo RuizAngel
Gerardo RuizAngel Pred dnevom
Angel17 👔👖🥼🧨🎉
Pharrell Omar
Pharrell Omar Pred dnevom
I beg you make egg fried rice so you could be in an uncle roger video