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Starship SN15 Rollout
Pred 8 dnevi
Jorge Solis
Jorge Solis Pred 19 urami
Now, going back in time, it didn't take this long to make the Headimmburg lift up and flout..., did it?
Jorge Solis
Jorge Solis Pred 19 urami
When is it taking off...?, I assume that this one will go beyond 10 km of altitude this time.....
W Brown
W Brown Pred 19 urami
Thank you, always appreciate the information and explanation, Ian & co.
Eby Hohloskot
Eby Hohloskot Pred 20 urami
селитра наше всё !
HylanderSB Pred 20 urami
2:47 Is he waving at Mary?
Harshil Mehta
Harshil Mehta Pred 20 urami
Phenomenal pace. SN20 already halfway done.
Explorer Pred 20 urami
Looks much better than previous starships
free spirit 1
free spirit 1 Pred 20 urami
Those tall cherry pickers... So scary to be on them.
scotty moondog jakubin
so there is no sn17 thru 19 or is there ? and will sn15 get raptors numbering in the 60's ?
HylanderSB Pred 21 uro
Am I mistaken or does it look like in the segment about removing the thrust simulator at 6:25, that it was pretty much already gone. Didn't see any of the legs visible
William Leue
William Leue Pred 21 uro
That is going to be The Mother of all Concrete Pours when they pour the Orbital Integration Tower foundation!
Eby Hohloskot
Eby Hohloskot Pred 20 urami
concrete vagina ?
Pascal Arens
Pascal Arens Pred 22 urami
Memorial hospital killed my baby in a cold incubator Houston TX
John Bugbee
John Bugbee Pred 22 urami
We'll put you right here lil buddy
Ri Zathras
Ri Zathras Pred 22 urami
Raptors loose 😂
Wesley Hale
Wesley Hale Pred 22 urami
Might as well just install a kitchen sink onto the mystery structure at this point
Richard Nightcore
Richard Nightcore Pred 23 urami
13:35 made me laugh more then it was suppose too xD
Michael Zimmermann
Michael Zimmermann Pred 23 urami
AFT -FWD- DOME ... well that could've gone wrong 😅
StvnGD Pred dnevom
SN15's TPS section just triggers me, like just fill it in!
RYAN STOW Pred dnevom
Ah yes a Chick-a-FIl truck leaving is the first thing and it is amazing food.
Weather4lifeyar Pred dnevom
Lol chic fill a
Patrik S.
Patrik S. Pred dnevom
0:20 you had one job
Marcfx Pred dnevom
15:57 👋🏼 back at you 😊
JustSomeCanuck Pred dnevom
SpaceX has had their application for the launch tower approved by the FAA. It's going to be 479 feet tall (including a lightning rod). That's 100 feet taller than the launch towers NASA used for the Saturn V.
rod Hancock
rod Hancock Pred dnevom
Mary please accept my absolute thanks from Down Under. Every person employed in this endeavour is gifted with great knowledge of their craft. It is how mankind can& does great things. Also Jessie Anderson (Engineer) from SpaceX should know I have been heartbroken. 🌹🇦🇺🐨
Marcfx Pred dnevom
Thanks Mary 🥰
VonPredator Pred dnevom
Over the SpaceX PA system: “... The white zone is for loading and unloading only, thank you...” “... La zona blanca es solo para carga y descarga, gracias...” Repeat. 😏
gregridd Pred dnevom
does it rain in Boca Chica?
Patrick Baby
Patrick Baby Pred dnevom
Ya rarely during summer or winter, but this time of year it can, I mean they are right on the gulf.
Amin Pred dnevom
Watching this everyday is just like watching a show. A new episode everyday.. I hope this show never ends. What an amazing time to be alive..
Nikki Travis
Nikki Travis Pred dnevom
They say boom and wow so calmly we gotta give them props for that one
James Barnhart
James Barnhart Pred dnevom
Great camera work. Thanks.
Bo Gorham
Bo Gorham Pred dnevom
Love the sign!!! I want one for sure!
Pivot Tech
Pivot Tech Pred dnevom
Neale Scott
Neale Scott Pred dnevom
Mitch Shreve
Mitch Shreve Pred dnevom
I'm just thankful I'm living through this epoch. Never in my long life have we been able to see such a momentous development project so completely transparently.
Gary Pio
Gary Pio Pred dnevom
Are they going to flush the tanks and plumbing before the ruin more engines??
Gene Nich
Gene Nich Pred dnevom
This is a rocket not a starship. Stop promoting it as one.
Surging Circuits
Surging Circuits Pred dnevom
Those man-lifts look to offer an exciting ride. :D
Crescendo Pred dnevom
It's actually common for forklifts to get stuck 🧐
iamzid Pred dnevom
i still think the "test rig" is some sort of convoluted joke.
Patrick Baby
Patrick Baby Pred dnevom
Nope its to test max-Q on the nosecone and structure not a joke, idk if your being sarcastic or not so yeah.
LoupTube Pred dnevom
They should paint the robot blue and call it "… well you guessed it !
ItalZGames Pred dnevom
I think they will flip the nose con test rig, to test fuel movement.
VonPredator Pred dnevom
Ladies and gentlemen, 0:20 i give you the birth of a new safety/operations procedure. - “No small wheeled forklifts on the gravel for transition, loading/unloading operations. Small wheel forklifts are restricted to asphalt or concrete surfaces. ”.
Mark Webb
Mark Webb Pred dnevom
Fed up with the ad infested Vids NASASpaceflight
Ryan Spence
Ryan Spence Pred dnevom
It was 5 minutes between the first 2 ad breaks and 10 minutes between the last 2, you get to see this for free, I don’t think the amount of ads is obnoxious
Carlos Alberto Martins Junior
what is the purpose of this? 18:38
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Soldier Pred dnevom
2:46 dude waiving!
Radoslav komar
Radoslav komar Pred dnevom
13:57 RAPTORS LOOSE... :) Missing picture of raptor from jurrasic park :D
Luigi R. Bedin
Luigi R. Bedin Pred dnevom
does anyone has an estimate of the weight of the orbital-launch mount table ?
Patrick Baby
Patrick Baby Pred dnevom
No idea but I also want to know.
Grandremone Pred dnevom
With people on the pad, that is really irresponsible!
Rich Marceau
Rich Marceau Pred dnevom
Was there a point in opening with the Chick-fil-A truck leaving other than trolling? As I'm sure everyone knows, they've been the focus of political controversy that is completely unrelated to SpaceX or anything related to the aerospace industry.
Hans Pred dnevom
I think chick fil a will be the first restaurant to open in outer space or even mars. They are spacex sponsor I think
Patrick Baby
Patrick Baby Pred dnevom
Joe Can't Dance
Joe Can't Dance Pred dnevom
I love the modular approach taken by spacex. It is clearly the way forward in terms of manufacture.
Ihaddadene Samy
Ihaddadene Samy Pred dnevom
Another very good « News of Starbase » video
Boom Boom Pants
Boom Boom Pants Pred dnevom
10:50 That thing is going to space! for real!
kentonyte Pred dnevom
I'm a little skeptic about the workers security, some of them don't have helmets (lot of hight rise work) and nobody wear a high visibility vest
Patrick Baby
Patrick Baby Pred dnevom
Yeah I know for a fact its probably not elongated muskrats fault.
Leonard Pred dnevom
Seeing all of the GSE tanks in place will be one epic thing, almost like 8 Starships next to one another
Shania Monde
Shania Monde Pred dnevom
If the Raptors are loose it might explain a few of the crashes .... someone should probably tighten them up!!! :) Also I'd assume this has been worked out somewhere else before but the blunt nosecone test rig almost definately looks as though it is to push up on the 'ears' so my guess is that its being used to test if Starship can be hung by those points... so we are looking at Starship tower catching? ... or as the booster and Starship are common construction then this could simply be being used as an available substitute for booster catching. There is little to no purpose for Starship to be designed to be caught, it has to be able to land on entirely unprepared surfaces, ie Moon/Mars, the only place I can think of a caught landing for Starship would be for added precision on the oilrigs.
badri nair
badri nair Pred dnevom
Thank you Mary and the NSF team for the amazing footage. The sun rise and sun set clips with the rocket shit in the foreground make it more than just a simple video. The sound of the machines, the birds and the wind etc... it has an emotional appeal to it.
philman Pred dnevom
What’s up with sn56??? Shouldn’t they be moved from McGregor to Boca Chica, not the other way round ?? Lol
JustSomeCanuck Pred dnevom
I'm guessing that means it didn't pass a test and needs more work before it can be installed on a Starship.
Squibble Pred dnevom
may a tee shirt at some point for the beware sign
Shayne Steele
Shayne Steele Pred dnevom
They had me at CHICK FIL A
Tomas Koctur
Tomas Koctur Pred dnevom
When I saw gravel on the ground I told myself that there is no way that somebody will not stuck in there with so heavy vehicles and hardware on top of it :D
Paul Barnes
Paul Barnes Pred dnevom
The mystery structure becomes more mysterious by the day.
Jim O'Donovan
Jim O'Donovan Pred dnevom
@NasaSpaceflight. Need a new t-shirt in the merch store. "No trespassing Raptors Loose!"
Johnny uk
Johnny uk Pred dnevom
Thanks Mary great video...work is going at a pace ....it must be amazing to watch the rise of Star City
Dave Cowdrey
Dave Cowdrey Pred dnevom
Do you even lift bro?
ShadowRaven Pred dnevom
A chick-fil-a and spacex collaboration announcement with a chick-fil-a rocket concept by Elon musk would have been an amazing april fools joke, "delivery within half an hour, everywhere on earth"
Tony P
Tony P Pred dnevom
Penske material!
Animais Selvagens do Pedro Têia
Deve ter outras tartarugas enterradas por lá, que só saem durante a noite 😀
flightace1 Pred dnevom
My morning rutine.Get up make coffe and watch Marys great job documenting this,
Chris Seaward
Chris Seaward Pred dnevom
Test rig could be a giant shaker for vibration and turbulence
Diego Scarpellini
Diego Scarpellini Pred dnevom
For the launch of BN2 they need to build Integration Tower or they can launch on the orbital launch pad?
István Frank
István Frank Pred dnevom
Megrogyott a kis villás
sylar2a Pred dnevom
is it me or there is more heat shield tiles on SN15 14:41 than it was few days earlier?
Collins Oju
Collins Oju Pred dnevom
I think you're right. The heat tiles were in an L-Shaped form previously, now I think I see a U-shape
Dr mosfet
Dr mosfet Pred dnevom
School buses 13:25 ?
Bill Pred dnevom
Forklift: I get by with a little help from my friends.
r e e e e e e e
r e e e e e e e Pred dnevom
0:50 Forklift: [can't move] Bigger forklift: Allow me to introduce myself.
Lex Pred dnevom
@17:34 Optimus Prime delivers
Анатолий Алеев
Everything is open to NOTHING secret !! Success, guys!
Colourmatic Pred dnevom
I’ve got an idea maybe the Nosecone Testrig is for testing of vacuum in the payload bay . I mean how it’s structurally performs when there is payload an Vaccuum