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Corridor Crew
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We run a production studio based upon ingenuity, hard work, and friendship. Watch our ups and downs as professional creators!
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Why I Left my Dream Job
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Joe D
Joe D Pred 10 urami
my two fave YT channels. more collabs pls! 🤝
Avinash Kambala
Avinash Kambala Pred 10 urami
We need a VFX React of GODZILLA VS KONG
Avinash Kambala
Avinash Kambala Pred 10 urami
Avinash Kambala
Avinash Kambala Pred 10 urami
Miguel Marques
Miguel Marques Pred 10 urami
When it comes to airsoft, D is the fucking legend. Just sayin'.
Zachary Cox
Zachary Cox Pred 10 urami
I cant be the only one who thought D started node
TheBitterLime Pred 10 urami
LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO! I hope Brandon comes back :/
Argon2020 Pred 10 urami
Kinda disappointed that D turned out to be such a D
Keith Johnson
Keith Johnson Pred 10 urami
namakudamono Pred 10 urami
17:43 is Anthony using Paint Shop Pro 5?
Robert Ogura
Robert Ogura Pred 10 urami
I love deluxe paint 3 more than most similar programs.
Alexander Liong-A-San
Alexander Liong-A-San Pred 10 urami
I first discovered ya’ll with the D&D videos. Keep more of them coming!
h Pred 10 urami
Alim Reyes
Alim Reyes Pred 10 urami
How much RAM do you guys have
Guillermo Vaccarezza
Guillermo Vaccarezza Pred 10 urami
I take these guys are vaccinated against covid hence no more social distancing nor masks? ha
Lskufly Pred 10 urami
Node is my childhood hero
Killy Pred 10 urami
Glad you guys worked this out.
Alok Thapliyal
Alok Thapliyal Pred 10 urami
Wren got wrobbed just becuz of the final round
Mos Baked
Mos Baked Pred 10 urami
Legendary colab
Chasten Roberts
Chasten Roberts Pred 10 urami
Let’s go I’m so hyped I’m going to watch some old videos now bye
Shwetanshu Shukla
Shwetanshu Shukla Pred 10 urami
Love from India.
K _ D
K _ D Pred 10 urami
MS paitn but worse
Clyde Drexler Bravo
Clyde Drexler Bravo Pred 10 urami
Kong Vs Gojira
sebastian day
sebastian day Pred 10 urami
Narinjas Pred 10 urami
I was on NODE before I knew Corridor Di. existed.
Didney Prinses
Didney Prinses Pred 10 urami
Noah Thompson
Noah Thompson Pred 10 urami
Please react to this video sltv.info/label/od2syZSzfmRsqGs/video
Carl Siemens
Carl Siemens Pred 10 urami
Now will you guys react to The launch scene from _Apollo 13_ ? The VFX supervisor, Rob Legato, discussed that scene in his TED talk.
Andre Luis Ramachandran
wheres brandon?
Archer Scoville
Archer Scoville Pred 10 urami
Long time fan, super excited about Node, and glad I found Cerberusarms because I missed D, and it was good to see him again. Node videos made me grow a pair and try Paintball, and I loved it. Super fun videos, looking forward to it!
orionriftclan27 Pred 10 urami
My favs are TTT and Pubge
kshamwhizzle Pred 10 urami
oh jesus I had one of them that was 30 years ago shiiiiiiit I'm old.
Death corps Of krieg
Death corps Of krieg Pred 10 urami
When you said that you didn’t know that much about the war hammer I was like hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
mlp unplug
mlp unplug Pred 10 urami
Would you guys do that because that would be cool 😎
Logan S
Logan S Pred 11 urami
Is Brandon back?
Lucas Blankley
Lucas Blankley Pred 11 urami
Like an old, wise hermit, I kept my subscription to NODE. I knew that in time all would be well again soon enough.
Zbionix / Caleb H.
Zbionix / Caleb H. Pred 11 urami
remember when this wasnt the main channel :(
Deramus Higginbotham
Deramus Higginbotham Pred 11 urami
2k people thumb down every video. I thumb down those 2k people.
Alexander Breeze
Alexander Breeze Pred 11 urami
Just millionaires doing millionaire things.
dragade101 Pred 11 urami
Over 3 million subscribers isnt exactly small, even by YT standards.
LWLman Pred 11 urami
Let’s gooooooooooo! Tbh kinda skipped the node videos recently. But now that d’s back and it seems like it will return to form, I am definitely gonna watch every upload now
Rem C
Rem C Pred 11 urami
Can we just all appreciate how corridor make all their sponsor segments enjoyable. I legit watch them every time.
Jacob Allison
Jacob Allison Pred 11 urami
Been almost two years and y'all still haven't done a live action anime with him.
Charles official
Charles official Pred 11 urami
Freddie have new hair cut
Alok Thapliyal
Alok Thapliyal Pred 11 urami
tom cruise would actually shout out of the way in his shrill voice and wave his hands as he sees the construction worker
mlp unplug
mlp unplug Pred 11 urami
OK I think you guys should leave a marker behind so in the future they’ll find The time capsule what do you guys think
howitzer551 Pred 11 urami
In honor of the old days "If ya didn't Node, Now you Node!"
Sam N.
Sam N. Pred 11 urami
I’m so happy to see Speed Racer
Ash Lyons
Ash Lyons Pred 11 urami
what happened to Nat? I thought they were going to be Node showrunner?
Jordan Marshall
Jordan Marshall Pred 11 urami
Wow was hoping you guys would do something like this.
Ryan B
Ryan B Pred 11 urami
This does put a smile on my face
Samuel Cole
Samuel Cole Pred 11 urami
The legend returns
OP Sports
OP Sports Pred 11 urami
I read in class 4 and can still ride 24t bicycle without both hands
Severinus Dewantara
Severinus Dewantara Pred 11 urami
As a designer, watching this video is sure hell of a revelation. Photoshop has improved miles away since the beginning, but I took it for granted. Sure today's Photoshop has its bugs, but looking back, it's still a great software that help me become a profesional designer since I used the first CS version.
aznneozanet Pred 11 urami
D&D w/ D
Sourav Shaw
Sourav Shaw Pred 11 urami
Linus looks exactly like New Zealand Cricket captain Kane Williamson.... check him out on google.
First Last
First Last Pred 11 urami
I've been subbed to Node since it started, though I'm pretty sure I haven't seen a video show up on my sub page for at least a year.
_Nimrod_ Pred 11 urami
Play Spyfall again!
Philippe Gaboury
Philippe Gaboury Pred 11 urami
I worked with Photoshop 2.0. Layers came with version 3.0.
Matt Felts
Matt Felts Pred 11 urami
Always liked Node videos. But also never really understood who ran it. Excited to see what happens!
Michael keaton
Michael keaton Pred 11 urami
What the fuck is minting?????
TheBet Pred 11 urami
Node is literally some of my best childhood memories, and D is one of my favorite content creators. Can’t wait for this.
Justin Bilodeau
Justin Bilodeau Pred 11 urami
Guys Do a reaction of Tony de peltrie (1985).
Michael Macal
Michael Macal Pred 11 urami
In 1994, for that same Mac you could plug in an ADB Wacom tablet, use Photoshop 3.0 that came out that same year with layers. You could import scanned photos at high resolution but you would not get vector tools for about 5 more years. There were other drawing and painting apps available, each with a niche feature that would set them apart but Adobe Photoshop was the primary tool. On essentially the same hardware that same year, I made a 3D campus model of my high school in addition to editing portrait photography scans to remove blemishes. As far as I know though, I may have been the only student 94-95 that knew how to do either of those things because I was the only member of our computer club that would tinker with the servers after school. We can probably do much more now on a phone.
Desmond Nel
Desmond Nel Pred 11 urami
Did you guys do Ong Bak 2? Every time I watch it I get blown away.
Vighnesh Ganage
Vighnesh Ganage Pred 11 urami
Y'all could ask the guys at Blender to make a Lo-Fi version of blender to use on the Macintosh and see what best models renders you can make out of that
MadDok M
MadDok M Pred 11 urami
D's statement on "keeping Node what makes it special, good friends hanging out playing games having a great time and sharing it." nails it. Your group of friends have always been a blast to watch and the editing is always on point. Look forward to seeing new videos!
Tanjirou Kamado
Tanjirou Kamado Pred 11 urami
if they bring back the aot game i will be so happy
Yusuke Urameshi
Yusuke Urameshi Pred 11 urami
I think sam was in it a little too much, it was kind of distracting
Carlos CV
Carlos CV Pred 11 urami
I am so excited for the news about the channel! I can't wait to enjoy all the the new stuff but specially that DnD campaign more because i started play last year and i really love to roleplay 😆
TeApexWalrus Pred 11 urami
Stuntmen React request. “How the West was Won” final train robbing gunfight has some really good stunts and really bad stunts interchangeably.
Ian Gabriel
Ian Gabriel Pred 11 urami
I miss you, D, so much! Glad to have you back!
Joel Joelerson
Joel Joelerson Pred 11 urami
When D said airsoft I got soooooo excited
JosQuelqu1 Pred 11 urami
Oh yeah! Nerf stuff plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Mikeyboy86 Pred 11 urami
Looking forward to it.
Onarew Zangan
Onarew Zangan Pred 11 urami
Anurag Dutta
Anurag Dutta Pred 11 urami
Plrase react to jalex rosa
Mike Guido
Mike Guido Pred 11 urami
Node was great. I'm glad it's back, especially with D.
Vincent Ortiz
Vincent Ortiz Pred 11 urami
I unsubscribed and then subscribed. Screw the algorithm
thefliplife1 Pred 11 urami
4:23 I thought he was gonna say, “At the end of the day... it’s all about the game.” - Principal Calhoun