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Vandal Savage
Vandal Savage Pred 17 urami
As a true dubs fan ja morant and James wiseman are my two favorite young rising stars to watch in this league .but Memphis is going to give up that 8 spot in the west to my dubs and not even the spectacular ja morant can stop us ,I hope ?
Mike James
Mike James Pred 17 urami
Cornflake lookin !!!
Don Julio
Don Julio Pred 17 urami
We need the real tnt crew on Tuesdays this is not good
TheDigitalOdometer Pred 17 urami
0:34 And Shaq is the best 7-foot Laker with a deep voice who now wears eyeglasses.
David Noci
David Noci Pred 18 urami
PG in the league my list: 1. Steph 2. Lillard 3. Luka 4. CP3 5. up for debate but I go with Murray
Hotobu Pred 18 urami
Shaq's only laughing because him and his boogers got the same amount of rings.
Thoth Of The Morning Rises With The Sun
This is crew starting to get some chemistry I like it. Can’t be Chuck Kenny & Ernie forever.
Z M Pred 18 urami
I thought this dude won another ROY by the way they titled this 😂
HollowArt Pred 18 urami
Good Old Wade, doesn't want to speak the truth and offend his friend Lebron, all about the Play In Tournament, before his and Anthony Davis "injury".
Third Eye Nation
Third Eye Nation Pred 18 urami
Reasons like this title are why I don't watch this show.
Ezekial2517 Pred 18 urami
Ernie lets Shaq say “1989” to let him feel smart for a second
Kyle Pred 18 urami
Ja, Be careful of how you land please?
Rusty Shackelford
Rusty Shackelford Pred 18 urami
That's LSU education for ya.
David Benjamin
David Benjamin Pred 18 urami
Ja is just amazing. Respect to him. Love watching him. Love his family being by his side. This guy is such a win for an already stacked league, he is something special. Cannot wait to watch him for years, don't even care about his ceiling just know every game he is BALLIN' 101. King
Gda Rippa
Gda Rippa Pred 18 urami
If Chuck was there, Chuck would be making fun of him while Kenny laughs then Shaq would get mad and ask Chuck “how many rings you got Chuck?”
tomjamz1 Pred 18 urami
All these clips make me long for the Thursday crew.
David Noci
David Noci Pred 18 urami
19/4/7 ~ video game numbers xD
Tim Snell
Tim Snell Pred 18 urami
Shaq said it best... does lebron beed all the good players to win yes lol
Yee Lahowah
Yee Lahowah Pred 18 urami
Shaq blowing the assist to his own lyrics
Flashy Flash
Flashy Flash Pred 18 urami
oh man dwayde with the paper towel!
Jack Lord
Jack Lord Pred 18 urami
He could have went to the restroom and used some tissue.
Kiwi Pred 18 urami
Video game numbers?
Michael BATMAN Keaton
Michael BATMAN Keaton Pred 18 urami
Candace can make the toughest dude blush facts
Macabree Pred 17 urami
Blush and probably fell intimidated because she's a good 6ft 5
Scotty. S
Scotty. S Pred 18 urami
Where Charles n Kenny at
Daniel Harper
Daniel Harper Pred 19 urami
That quote kyrie said about having a guy who can hit that shot just doesn't seem to be aging well 🤔
clegaainz Pred 19 urami
Play in tourney only makes sense for young teams to prove themselves not for veteran teams who are dealing with injuries all season but can still make the finals healthy
Underrated Pred 19 urami
If you under .500 you don’t deserve to be in the playoffs period play in is goofy
Reinaldo Resto
Reinaldo Resto Pred 19 urami
Lebron is a cry baby. So obsessed to Win more championships than mj that he really expects the league, the management, the pope, the president, nasa, everyone to constantly allign everything to his benefit. Jesús, looks ridícules and its denegrating. Be a pro, be a real competitor.
Hugo Contreras
Hugo Contreras Pred 19 urami
What happened to chuck, Ernie and Kenny??
They Call Me Pappy
They Call Me Pappy Pred 19 urami
I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but this crew is so dull. I wish they’d just have the original crew on every night.
Makaveli Pred 19 urami
I miss the original crew
Dylan Bryant
Dylan Bryant Pred 19 urami
The giants of the nba
Jeffrey Pillow
Jeffrey Pillow Pred 19 urami
D-Wade 9:30: "Stop talking about what he don't do. Start talking about what he doodoo."
Harley Potokar
Harley Potokar Pred 19 urami
Jokic is the MVP this year and he is humble about it. That is what I like about hum.
Ryan Brett
Ryan Brett Pred 19 urami
So excited to watch this young man grow
Bog Standard
Bog Standard Pred 19 urami
Hmmmm, long answer no. Short answer, no
Angelo Di Berardino
Angelo Di Berardino Pred 19 urami
What does the "it's a good idea" lebron think about the "it's the worst idea ever" lebron?
Markel Whitfield
Markel Whitfield Pred 19 urami
If u think the nets goin lose to the bucks. Plz just stop 4r.
BigSqueeGG Pred 19 urami
Hope Nyavor
Hope Nyavor Pred 20 urami
Giannis with *the jumper* might be scary hours 👀
Joe Bryant
Joe Bryant Pred 20 urami
Even though the Bucks look kinda dominant against the Nets in the regular season, it'll be different come playoffs. KD and Kyrie been there done that. They waiting for that opportunity
Macabree Pred 17 urami
@Todd Crabtree Record wise they are
Todd Crabtree
Todd Crabtree Pred 18 urami
Yeah you're right, they actually lost a game to the Nets in the regular season. Nets aren't even the best NY team right now.
im bobby
im bobby Pred 20 urami
Ja Morant is overrated
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm Pred 20 urami
Well THAT’S symbolic
R Courtney
R Courtney Pred 20 urami
Why does candace keep coming on😴
Elizabeth George
Elizabeth George Pred 20 urami
"Snot today" 🤣
Terrell Maryland
Terrell Maryland Pred 20 urami
They be asking some dumb questions lol
Kevin Macias Reyes
Kevin Macias Reyes Pred 20 urami
D wade with that fade almost as clean as mine
DownBoy Pred 20 urami
I like how they didn’t bring up his missed dunks we passed that
L Pad
L Pad Pred 20 urami
Don’t like the play in the tournament. It’s rewarding some very bad play and penalize teams that vastly performed better. For ex. the Blazers are 36-29 .554, the Spurs are 31-33 .484. These teams aren’t comparable. The Blazers clearly had a better season. Maybe they should make it an 8/9 play in. But year after year the 7 seed will likely be vastly better than the 10 seed.
The Bubba Continuum
The Bubba Continuum Pred 20 urami
Vegan donuts. The height of desperation.
Karlos Jeter
Karlos Jeter Pred 20 urami
🤣 Shaq is amazing 🤣
Ian Azura
Ian Azura Pred 20 urami
Lebron comment about Play in is just plain stupidity
almostbrazilian24 Pred 20 urami
Candace knows more about the league than Shaq 😂
Shawn Bhatti
Shawn Bhatti Pred 20 urami
dame curry cp3 westbrook after that its a toss up
My 2cents
My 2cents Pred 20 urami
This ain't the 1st time Shaq been caught with one hangin. Him and Hoopz at a game back in the day
Igor Ljuboja
Igor Ljuboja Pred 20 urami
No Shaq. It is time for AD to step up, like he did against Denver. The so-called 'others', kept the Lakers in the playoff picture. Would love to see Lakers-Clippers first round battle, though.
Flacko !
Flacko ! Pred 20 urami
john stockton was a dawg sheesh, 14?
Rudie Obias
Rudie Obias Pred 20 urami
The Cavs are going to be a tough team one day. That day would've been sooner if the team didn't trade Kevin Porter, Jr for nothing.
Rudie Obias
Rudie Obias Pred 20 urami
@Tiger KPJ had a lot more issues than that (problems with drugs, arrests, guns, court dates, teammates, etc.) and there was a lot of ill-will leading up to the Cavs trading him. The team should've gave him another chance, but he was traded because of his issues off-the-court.
Tiger Pred 20 urami
@Rudie Obias cavs gave away Kevin Porter jr for a bucket of chicken because they disrespected him by giving away his locker then he drops 50 🤣🤣🤣 cavs will always be a joke when lebron is not involved
Rudie Obias
Rudie Obias Pred 20 urami
@Tiger Nah you shut up bruh
Tiger Pred 20 urami
Nah shut up bruh
cc madrid
cc madrid Pred 20 urami
can we swap out wade already? he hasn't improved his interviewing and it's clear he doesn't come prepared
Adélékè Afọlayàn
Dowyane Wade!
Fred Farkash
Fred Farkash Pred 20 urami
Cool video
Julie E. Hewitt
Julie E. Hewitt Pred 20 urami
Oh D. Wade, you know what dynamic is; you just don't want to admit it.
Baby Boy
Baby Boy Pred 21 uro
He reminds me of you D Wade.
big mike
big mike Pred 21 uro
Lebron.. u need to be fired.. what a beta male🤢
jaeminsu Pred 21 uro
pls bring back kenny, EJ and sir charles!!!! Don’t want this new crew... not interesting at all..
John Nixon III
John Nixon III Pred 21 uro
Shaq: I wonder who he went to prom with? D-wade: I don't know... Prolly someone... BIG
klimundas1 Pred 21 uro
So when's harden coming back lol is he done partying
Mark Balderas
Mark Balderas Pred 21 uro
This is the worst comedy team in the NBA
N M Pred 21 uro
Can someone educate me on how the play in tournament is different from the original format? Would appreciate any input, fairly new B-Ball fan here
N M Pred 19 urami
@Dee Money208 Thanks Dee, appreciate the explanation!
Dee Money208
Dee Money208 Pred 20 urami
Before there was no play in it was the top 8 teams in each conference made the playoff guaranteed now the eighth through tenth teams in each conference have to all play in a tournament to make the last playoff spots
moza arsenal
moza arsenal Pred 21 uro
Prime shaq will break your hand like how he smash those glass when dunkin!
Eduardo Segovia
Eduardo Segovia Pred 21 uro
He looks like the wrestler colt cabana
Kay Dee
Kay Dee Pred 21 uro
They threw Candace under the bus early🤣🤣🤣🤣
helo how u do
helo how u do Pred 21 uro
Big daddy Shaq
DopeDon Juan
DopeDon Juan Pred 21 uro
Candace is so cute and dope to me
Offixial Prophecy
Offixial Prophecy Pred 21 uro
big ups Ja , 803 stand up 🌙🌴
KunSepShus Pred 21 uro
Basketball best sport in world, swear !! #KunSepShus
KunSepShus Pred 19 urami
@Tiger That’s what makes the game more finesse & skill though..Rather than just brute strength...opens up the possibilities for growth to the game
Tiger Pred 20 urami
Too bad the divas ruin it
Ivan Lara
Ivan Lara Pred 21 uro
Did he really say most clutch player 🤣🤣
Isai Campos
Isai Campos Pred 21 uro
Shaq got some work done to his grill. Look nice 👍🏼
Aisha Pred 21 uro
Shaq size boogers must be scary to sit next to
Howard Fox
Howard Fox Pred 21 uro
this is the bucks year for the east