Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Beloved "Saturday Night Live" personality - and the longest serving anchor on the show's wildly popular "Weekend Update" - Seth Meyers takes over as host of NBC's "Late Night," home to A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy and the best in musical talent.

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The Most Average Gamer
Shep got the step. Like as boss
Mark Woods
Mark Woods Pred 6 urami
I don't tend to make Corrections on your Corrections but I do think that this one got you close to perfect I will say your Shoemaker impression needs a lot of work
Josie Pred 6 urami
Re: "make my brother and ME," I'd venture a foolhardy parry that the object being a full clause warrants "my brother and I." Pretty sure I'm wrong, but an aggressive grammatical litigator might be able to pull this into territory similar to the collective noun swamp. Oh picture this: Allitigator 😄 Finally, you may enjoy a book called Miss Thistlebottom's Hobgoblins.
sophia lange
sophia lange Pred 6 urami
This show isn’t funny anymore :(. The laundry list intro of every segment is such a downer and the obsession w trump reveals how dependent the show was on him. You complained about people saying the jokes write themselves when trump was in power - well they did because now the show is mostly a drag. Seth is still the best late night interviewer in my view though!
LoganBluth Pred 6 urami
2:05 - I love how the "smile and nod" turns into a "shaking head, sad face" as he reads the room. 🤣
janga75 Pred 6 urami
More Rudy, less Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson
Eric Miller
Eric Miller Pred 6 urami
It’s two factor authentication, that’s another one.
Iroxinping Pred 6 urami
7 to 9 percent in a week..... over the year? Yup exponential growth.... this is nothing to them
For Freud's Sake
For Freud's Sake Pred 6 urami
Aaaaah... CORRECTIONS...🥰🥰🥰 😏😏😏
Mai Márquez
Mai Márquez Pred 6 urami
Grohl is such an amazing talent and comes across as such a genuine cool guy. 😎
nikshmenga Pred 6 urami
This pap is strictly for the birds
Swilko Barfington III
Cumin is pronounced "COO- min" not "CUE- min."
liczba pojedyncza
liczba pojedyncza Pred 6 urami
Fav segment ever
Lem Gibbons
Lem Gibbons Pred 6 urami
What the hell happened to you foo fighters? Last two late night songs are a lil on the stinky side.
Mann Down
Mann Down Pred 6 urami
The pharmaceutical company may have done well with the covid vaccine but they are still the scourge of the Earth!
Dredge Rivers
Dredge Rivers Pred 6 urami
0:26. '....Major had the Mariachi nuggets..."
* BeckStar *
* BeckStar * Pred 6 urami
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ It's actually not Sleeping Beauty. She is Princess Aurora. Your slipping Seth!!!
Cailan Smith
Cailan Smith Pred 6 urami
Seth, your eyes scare me a little ngl
Laurel Robbins
Laurel Robbins Pred 6 urami
I’m disgusted at the stockholders who made the stocks go down at the thought that people might be able to defeat this pandemic. Inhumane jerks who don’t care about their fellow human beings.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Pred 6 urami
Seth’s pirate is damn good. I am hoping Jack-o-loons takes off so we can hear more of it.
Mariana Alex Ferreira
Did anyone else notice he changed the text on the paper from "This area has been cleaned & disinfected" to "This area has been covered in germs"? 😂 7:46
Edgar Carrazco
Edgar Carrazco Pred 6 urami
I was literally playing Pokémon GO while watching this and dyed laughing
Theodore Lutjen
Theodore Lutjen Pred 6 urami
Jim Jordan looks the other way at gym.
Joost Adorf
Joost Adorf Pred 6 urami
Guiliani: 'New York was the first capital of the United States'. Was it? Not if you count July 4th 1776 as the start of the USA and most do. Yes, if you say 'with Congress under the Constitution' and that was March 4, 1789. So, is he right or not?
Douglas Allen
Douglas Allen Pred 6 urami
trump's own fake news big pharma if you say it enough it must be true? DeSantis and trump clear and present dangers to the democracy.
thexalon Pred 6 urami
"Do you think we're stupid?" "Well, you work for a guy notorious for never paying his bills, so yeah."
Skyler Marshall
Skyler Marshall Pred 6 urami
This guy is the best
Dermatillomaniac Pred 6 urami
I love that they have the headspace to do these segments now that Biden's in office!!!
big_6pat Pred 6 urami
The video is exactly one second under ten minutes. It doesn't look like a coincidence) 3:40
Matthew Owens
Matthew Owens Pred 6 urami
Let’s hope Giuliani really has those receipts.
Lincoln Lawyer
Lincoln Lawyer Pred 6 urami
Everyone in both screen shot of the signing on Fox where white. They couldn’t find one Latino or person of colour to fill in. Really, not one ☝️. Wow.
Annie Pred 6 urami
DeSantis signs voter suppression bill into law on Fox to show he has chest hairs. The GQP is digging their own graves.
Theoriginalmew Pred 6 urami
Sooo I did...I had the 2008 charizard... so close ;-;
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee Pred 6 urami
Somehow they lost their unique sound.
EmilyB Bernard
EmilyB Bernard Pred 6 urami
We're barreling towards fascism. Someone call intervention on these cult creatures. Florida's senile drivers looking for a drop box while bus riders walk for miles in the heat...if they're not working. Maybe this will effect republican voters and level the playing field 🤔
Mr. Divery
Mr. Divery Pred 6 urami
Someone ask the judge if we can write SUPER GUILTY as an option.
Rod Turner
Rod Turner Pred 6 urami
Dave Grohl does rock star right!
wgooetrik Pred 6 urami
Gym Jordan go back to watching kiddos
seph Pratt
seph Pratt Pred 6 urami
Every week, I now look forward to a Disney+ release and a corrections segment. 🤣
Ethan Nie
Ethan Nie Pred 6 urami
“Jerkson and and jerkson” A family company
Les Pred 6 urami
Shortly after the 2024 Republican primaries: A mom is taking her son to a mall for his birthday. They pass a disheveled figure slumped in a doorway, randomly mumbling and crying in an alarming way. The little boy clings to his Mom and asks why is the man crying like that? 'Don't get too close', she says, surveying the dark stain spreading on his lower garments 'I think he has had an accident'. 'Shouldn't we call some help Mom', 'It's OK, see those men nearby, they are his special force officers, they are looking after him'. 'Wow, Mom, he has real G men, who is he?'. 'Well you may be too young to understand, but in our country we have people who decide on our laws, to keep us safe'. 'Every few years a leader has to be chosen, in case the old one can't do his job any more'. This time, the leader they chose was a woman, they did that because she saw that he was having difficulties, in his head, he kept saying he really won the last election when really he lost it'. 'It badly affected him and he had done something very naughty to try to change it, but like most very naughty things, it did not work and he got caught'. 'But why did he do that?' 'Oh so many questions darling'. 'Well, if a Mom and Dad don't show they love their little baby, the little one can grow up with sad ideas in his head, and he tries and tries to find that love he never had in other ways'. 'Sadly they never can find any comfort and though they get older, much older, inside they stay like that infant; you know how your baby brother can be when he is scared or unhappy'. 'Well Mom, who was the lady they chose for a leader, was she a good person or did she want to do naughty things?. 'She was a good woman, she was the only one who could see that his bad thoughts were hurting people and she told him off, he didn't like it one bit, but eventually they saw that she was right. Soon all us Moms and Dads get to choose who will be the leader for the whole country'. 'Gosh, I wonder if she will win'.
Bonghune Zhou
Bonghune Zhou Pred 6 urami
1) no FEWER than 500 ('less' would refer to intangible stuff, e.g. space and time) ~ 2) ONLINE digital exclusive (as opposed to the less specific...) ~
JustinCredible Pred 6 urami
Corrections should be a spin-off show or podcast
San Sik
San Sik Pred 6 urami
Ashleigh Nelson
Ashleigh Nelson Pred 6 urami
Cumin is the better spice anyway. 😁
Theodore Lutjen
Theodore Lutjen Pred 6 urami
He had Ivanka buy a casket company then ignore that there's a pandemic coming by his staff we are heels
Amy Schoe
Amy Schoe Pred 6 urami
I was today years old when I learned that tumeric was pronounced turmeric.
Mongji Park
Mongji Park Pred 6 urami
this is the highlight of my week
Theodore Lutjen
Theodore Lutjen Pred 6 urami
He always tells flipping lies. He's a liar and is more likely filling his pockets cause he owes more money than you can imagine.
John Knox
John Knox Pred 6 urami
I'm with you on sub-stan-tive..
Ellie McCarthy
Ellie McCarthy Pred 6 urami
I’m watching USA politics because you have got a brilliant new president whilst we still have our version of flump -Boris
Hey Katt
Hey Katt Pred 6 urami
Please keep doing this bit. It's the best type of dry funny.
Fo'i Meleah
Fo'i Meleah Pred 6 urami
If I hear John or Amber laugh during corrections I know it’s going to be a good weekend.
Dinosaur 49
Dinosaur 49 Pred 6 urami
How come you have a cold, when you recently stated that because of mask wearing as something we should keep, you haven't had your usual crop of infections for a year? As for correct pronunciation, you've got no chance with so many differences between US and UK. Keep up the good work, though. Great segment. Thanks to youtube we can get this in UK.
miloallerton Pred 6 urami
Breyers technically isn’t “ice cream” Seth.
rainygirl 911
rainygirl 911 Pred 6 urami
We love u too Seth!
Andrew Nachtigal
Andrew Nachtigal Pred 6 urami
Keep the cold.
D. Rayven Spencer
D. Rayven Spencer Pred 6 urami
Seth...watch it. As a born and raised Milwaukee kid who went to every home Brewer game for most of the early 80's...we don't stand for picking on Rollie and the stache...🤣🤣🤣
Sabrina S
Sabrina S Pred 6 urami
THIS IS AWESOME, NO correction to the format/set up, please keep it up! Loved the “VT would *never* give a hard working NH kid a flavor. Kim Jong Ch’ill. A Closer Lick,”
Mai Márquez
Mai Márquez Pred 6 urami
I love this segment... 🤣. Hearing Amber laugh in the background makes me smile (I'm not sure why). 😁
Livin' My Jeff Life
Livin' My Jeff Life Pred 6 urami
How did Seth know that I don't normally watch these?🤔
Thomas Belknap
Thomas Belknap Pred 6 urami
Can we get Mikey the Shoe on screen, please? I feel like we've heard enough, now we need to see what this package actually looks like.
Ancient Mysteries & Modern Innovations
People still watch this?
Common Sense
Common Sense Pred 6 urami
74 million out of 330 million, that's still less than one-third. That would be the tail wagging the dog and the cart pushing the horse. That's a minority really majority from Joe's era. Here's another, Jim Jordan is too stupid to pour cold piss out of his boot.
Johnnie P
Johnnie P Pred 6 urami
"I'm on you side for now...I think!" 2021
Charles Ardinger
Charles Ardinger Pred 6 urami
I'm sure I'm not the first, but no *fewer* than five hundred said, "My brother and me."
waqar khan
waqar khan Pred 6 urami
I thought he gone say the head hunch of CBS have sent they might need to rethink about your contract with the CBS
Werbna Right
Werbna Right Pred 6 urami
Cumin isn't turmeric...
Josie Pred 6 urami
This is officially my favorite segment now😄 btw almost everyone mispronounces turmeric, incl me... b/c the correct pronunciation is indeed uncanny valley unsettling. I mispronounce substantive the same as well.
Leigh Colby Greenwald
Mikey the Shoe had me dyinggggg
Natalie Brown
Natalie Brown Pred 6 urami
Literally eating Ben and Jerry’s whilst watching this. Also in Australia we pronounce Turmeric the same way Seth did…
Wolfe1138 Pred 6 urami
IKR I've never heard it pronounced with the R.
K Pred 6 urami
Maybe I'm too stoned but that last joke about the writer's parents making him and his brother drink a full bottle of wine is DARK. Seth chooses a very serious, vulnerable tone when delivering that bit; the contrast is a mile wide. Is that writer OK? Is someone else seeing this? Reach out to me man! Your pain is so intense!
NotoriousCRG27 Pred 6 urami
Spoiler Alert: Pacey Witter wins at the end
David Ogden
David Ogden Pred 6 urami
Verification code 677494 Now what happens?
Cancun771 Pred 6 urami
Thumbs up for the Amber cackle
Randall Holloway
Randall Holloway Pred 6 urami
"And she blind" ⚰️
Pablo Mera
Pablo Mera Pred 6 urami
Did you mean to say Two-Factor Authentication?
hope gomes
hope gomes Pred 6 urami
Yipee Ki Yay... ... ... thank you =)
Pale Blue Geek
Pale Blue Geek Pred 6 urami
are you doing the DC version tonight?