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KingDelarose Pred 13 urami
That was a good game! idc what nobody say 🗣🤝.
Dami kong alam
Dami kong alam Pred 13 urami
[ Insert dumbass comment about something obvious that no one asked for ] Carry on...
BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham
old granny what dod you do, ill foul big ears like a wolf, julia grier, john cryer but them teeth in and seline deon opens up the neon lights
JoAnn Squire
JoAnn Squire Pred 13 urami
This was the Golden Days of NBA basketball, it will never be like this again I promise you that 👍😎👌
Nicholas McLeod
Nicholas McLeod Pred 13 urami
KD sweet nice with it still got it
Foxy Barker
Foxy Barker Pred 13 urami
🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏 lakers
Lorzano, Edmar Jason C.
Imagine being a 7th seed but lose 2 games in play in tournament
Xixr Pred 13 urami
For a millisecond I thought that was LeBron..
Marcos JaLeel
Marcos JaLeel Pred 13 urami
Steph is if “give me my flowers while I can smell them” were a person, don’t take these last few years for granted
J J Pred 13 urami
Play-in is not bad IF this doesn't happen in a short season like 2021. This short season with a stressed schedule has put so many players on the injured list. Playing more games on top of this followed by Playoff? Rough... NBA is not that fun to watch if all the star players are injured 🤥
Cathlyn Cacho
Cathlyn Cacho Pred 13 urami
nuggets its ugly
Luyanda Cele
Luyanda Cele Pred 13 urami
Look at curry man
Tristan Britt
Tristan Britt Pred 13 urami
Was that Tracy Mc Grady dunking on Bradley? Oh no that's just Anthony Edward's
Arrian Dixon
Arrian Dixon Pred 13 urami
Milwaukee really played as if they were warriors in 2017 without KD #Damn 🔥🔥
h lacy
h lacy Pred 13 urami
I hope they stop playing KD so much, it's starting to piss me off. Please rest him
GamingWithLanz Pred 13 urami
it will be better if Kobe assists LeBron
Lions Michael Jackson
Lions Michael Jackson Pred 13 urami
LeBron 36 none of the star players nets get stack team don’t know how to use it they don’t want it bad enough simple
Khoa Do
Khoa Do Pred 13 urami
Big Z was Lebron's only true friend when he got drafted by the Cavs. Like literally his teammates publicly shamed and disrespected him before he even came to the team facility. They said there are plenty of better kids than Lebron and he won't last in a real man league. Shit is sad as hell that his own race didn't even accept and help him as a kid coming in NBA and a foreign player was his only friend and mentor...
3023cbo Pred 13 urami
Peep the euro at 40 seconds in.
Barry C
Barry C Pred 13 urami
MELO WAS GOING TO WORK.... good game
Russell LaValle
Russell LaValle Pred 13 urami
Breen is good but Marv was more entertaining.
Pahanin Pred 13 urami
Giannis so good his presence causes the bucks to win in blowout fashion
Jase Mayfield
Jase Mayfield Pred 13 urami
I was ready to say he still got it then I looked at the date. Thanks SLtv.
Hil Brinosa
Hil Brinosa Pred 13 urami
Comment. Sour. About. Sainyo
Joseph Castillo
Joseph Castillo Pred 13 urami
Respect to the 🐐 David Thompson for inspiring the 🐐 Michael Jordan!
Tân Võ
Tân Võ Pred 13 urami
"White man can't dunk" - stupid
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Pred 13 urami
no.8 on trending
Fane Manelistu
Fane Manelistu Pred 13 urami
Who cares? He don't make the playoffs, he don't matter.
Mistah Sweet
Mistah Sweet Pred 13 urami
All twolves fans y’all ain’t making playoffs ever!😂😂
Colt Davis
Colt Davis Pred 13 urami
They are GARBAGE 🤣🤣🤣🤣
amado Catalan
amado Catalan Pred 13 urami
I hope Edwards trade to wiseman soon to help Steph curry in scoring pls trade him to dub nation bay... 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻☝️☝️
Elvin Mendoza
Elvin Mendoza Pred 13 urami
Para q’ juegue junto con todos no todos para uno si no luego van a quemar ah sthifen curry el 30 ese q’ imbierta el dueño y gaste y. Compre otro jugador más bueno , así como lebrom jemen. Ect .
Wallie Ciechanowski
Wallie Ciechanowski Pred 13 urami
Am I the only one who hates this because a team can be 10 games ahead of a team and then miss the playoffs and they make it
Dats Pred 13 urami
I hope bulls could compete
Elvin Mendoza
Elvin Mendoza Pred 13 urami
Xq’ yo viendo esos partidos q’ juegan todos los jugadores nada más están jugando para el 30 curry el dueño del equipo debería comprar un buenisimo jugandor sentro , xq’ así no el equipo Lugo va a empezar a fracazar así como están .
50nnY B
50nnY B Pred 13 urami
Can we see more SUNS HIGHLIGHTS!!!!????
Arahan Manurung
Arahan Manurung Pred 13 urami
Toys Mastermind
Toys Mastermind Pred 13 urami
they need to fire out this bias commentator.. fucking annoying
Elvin Mendoza
Elvin Mendoza Pred 13 urami
El dueño del equipo debería comprar otro jugador buenísimo para q’ juegue bien a la par d’ todo el equipo si no al 30 d’ curry lo van a quemar x .
mark garcia
mark garcia Pred 13 urami
Clearly slipped tho
Fernando Agustin
Fernando Agustin Pred 13 urami
RIP Kobe Bryant
RT Pred 13 urami
When “lil fella” is 6’3”....
DreKKoDre Pred 13 urami
I’m a Lakers fan but Hornets will DUNK ON YO HEAD!!😳🤾🏽
Marco Pred 14 urami
when the commentator said to schroder airball "what was that" im dead hahaha
YOU Tuber
YOU Tuber Pred 14 urami
4:55 oh shoot
Larramenpa Pred 14 urami
Omg the announcers are so annoying always yelling ahahahah
mohamed elhadda
mohamed elhadda Pred 14 urami
waaaaw he always make me smile . magic passe's
Andres Pred 14 urami
This game means nothing
James Chadwick
James Chadwick Pred 14 urami
Sgt.Krakatoa Pred 14 urami
Jeanie Buss wasnt capping when she told the Nets to bring it on lmao
jon pasaway 3rd
jon pasaway 3rd Pred 14 urami
2 in a row never make it in the playoffs so sad for steph
Jeff Northcutt
Jeff Northcutt Pred 14 urami
Carmelo looks like he should be the fifth ninja turtle in the thumbnail lmao
7thDenim Pred 14 urami
Backboard is a legend. Took a slap from Kobe.
Chad g
Chad g Pred 14 urami
Worst announcers ever
O B one
O B one Pred 14 urami
We got to appreciate Jayson Tatum... at 23 years old!!!
Julio alberto Angustia
Sin lugar a dudas es el mejor tirador de la historia
Eric McFadden
Eric McFadden Pred 14 urami
Watched this game live and someone at NBA really needs to watch this game closely at 5:20 of the 4th. when Barrett steals the ball and goes for open layup and was fowled. The ball hits the backboard and does not even tough the rim "does not go in either" but score changes from 87-85 Raptors to 87-87, even the announcers of the game thought it went in as well , But 99.9% sure it did not. Emailed NBA, but did not hear back. Rewound live tv to double check 2-3 times. Imagen if that was the 2 points that made the difference in winning or loosing for Raptors. that part is missing from this video. jumps from 8:14-3:30 of the 4th. Hope someone from NBA sees this and checks this out.
Zigon Knights Gaming
Zigon Knights Gaming Pred 14 urami
I wish Warriors will lose bcoz they definitely lose to the Utah Jazz. Im a Warriors fan though lets just think about the future and getting 1st round picks
Troy Elam
Troy Elam Pred 14 urami
Are those announcers uncles’ to some of the Hornets players? Damn!
SuJu Heart
SuJu Heart Pred 14 urami
If Caruso played in the 90's, we would be wearing Air Caruso right now