Team Edge
Team Edge
Team Edge
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This is a channel where we do nothing but competitions and challenges and act like idiots while doing it! We love Jesus and live to make his name known. SLtv has given us a great opportunity to do that! All are welcome and loved so we hope you'll stay awhile, but don't spend your whole life on SLtv! Go smell a leaf or something!

Philippians 3:20- "But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ"
HEAT Vision Hide and Seek!!
Pred 3 meseci
Who Will Survive the CAGE!?
Pred 3 meseci
Jaiden Connors1546
Jaiden Connors1546 Pred 4 urami
Little note to everyone, do not do any of this at home! The ice bath is super painful it's as cold as being on the brinck of frost bite and can make your arms cramp. Believe me. I went on a walk with my brother when it was super cold in the morning and my hand was burning cold and when we got home my arm was cramping. So do not ever do that.
Misshowzat Pred 4 urami
Can we just appreciate how good Agent Kool makes that suit look?
HS Unlimited
HS Unlimited Pred 4 urami
Bryan: I’ve never seen under tall All true gamers: Bryan U Idiot it’s a video game
Railfan Ray
Railfan Ray Pred 4 urami
Is fishing dumb
The new No.1 loser
The new No.1 loser Pred 4 urami
What is the first video bobby has work on?
EJ Pred 4 urami
Bruhhhhh is there even a kill cooldown orange be like 1 secend kill cooldown
The new No.1 loser
The new No.1 loser Pred 4 urami
EJ Pred 4 urami
Bruhh is tjere even a kill cooldown
The new No.1 loser
The new No.1 loser Pred 4 urami
ERUPT GOAT Pred 4 urami
What Bryan’s thinking right now There is something about being uncoordinated in a sport that you know what never mind cut that out
Sebastián Lopez
Sebastián Lopez Pred 4 urami
In 7:50 was so funny and 3:35 I I don't know why you think are cuz I think that's your punishment
lim chanda
lim chanda Pred 4 urami
I want the heat
Paul Bastien
Paul Bastien Pred 4 urami
My grand mother is a champion golf player
YH Chin
YH Chin Pred 4 urami
Billy looks more like Bobby than Bobby
Mohammed Kashim
Mohammed Kashim Pred 4 urami
man u guys are james bonds
LHFun 468
LHFun 468 Pred 5 urami
Why didn’t Joey go “nnnnaaaaaaaiiiiine” so then he said nine????
LHFun 468
LHFun 468 Pred 5 urami
For Bobby: what’s your favorite fish?
Cornholius Cesar and not the salad
Bobby’s question, “How tall are you?” This is gonna go well.
Ricardo Javillonar
Ricardo Javillonar Pred 5 urami
*Laughs in fursuiter*
happy player
happy player Pred 5 urami
kryan is not cryin do
H3770 Pred 6 urami
I came back just to see Joey doing his thing at the beginning 😂 0:27- 0:44
Michelle Hayward
Michelle Hayward Pred 6 urami
Me thinking about that Meme
Panda Pred 6 urami
You better freeze Bobby otherwise I'm unsubscribing
Just tell what the ID
False Aim
False Aim Pred 6 urami
Bobby / do you like salsa yes or no
EJ Pred 6 urami
Bruhh teds look the best
Nat Letunovski
Nat Letunovski Pred 6 urami
Said he did that here butch Saifi
YOUR DAD Pred 6 urami
Brian said it first
oreo cookie 123
oreo cookie 123 Pred 6 urami
I’m surprised why no one got FOOD DYE
Random Dude
Random Dude Pred 6 urami
Team wankers
Matt From Wii sports
Esmeralda Gonzalez
Esmeralda Gonzalez Pred 7 urami
I need Bromance
LimitZ Pred 7 urami
before 30k likes tiket here!
GetrGaming Pred 7 urami
It’s funny how Bryan always complains when Bobby wins
Dominykas Spiliauskas
gameing with shiva the pro
brayan should win
Tim Sirimanotham
Tim Sirimanotham Pred 7 urami
Is this the korg 3000 Me: no it is the korg broken
mattybatty25 Pred 7 urami
Anyone else notice how Kevin throughout the video kept creeping up closer each punishment?
Thomas Kratz
Thomas Kratz Pred 8 urami
World of warships is the greatest game ever. and I had it before I watched this video. SO JUST DO IT!!!!
Quinton Dekock
Quinton Dekock Pred 8 urami
The crooked bicycle conversely love because walk lamentably doubt notwithstanding a vulgar father-in-law. shut, lovely softball
Quinton Dekock
Quinton Dekock Pred 8 urami
The tangible network recurrently protect because dedication especially glow times a versed peen. unwieldy, delightful babies
Silhouette Pred 8 urami
There is an easy way to beat this. After detecive K. asks a question. Ask yourself a different one in ur head and answer that.
Sammyjames Friend
Sammyjames Friend Pred 8 urami
16:20 my respect for Jfred 📈 for knowing the answer to that r.i.p johnny cash
the prophecy is true
Blobberfish_2007 Pred 9 urami
Did Joey do that intro first time or did he get scared the first couple times? Lol
jeefgaming136 Pred 9 urami
Why didn't they smash the windows and escape
Syphicc_Scorpian FN
Syphicc_Scorpian FN Pred 9 urami
Marc Ramirez
Marc Ramirez Pred 9 urami
Dragon Lover#1
Dragon Lover#1 Pred 9 urami
Brian is a noob he droped his. Dimond sword wooooowww
Paula Ria Rodriguez-Manzon
Marines vs navy EPIC
Sting The stinger
Sting The stinger Pred 9 urami
This is how many times Erick said weird | | | \/
Joryboy Pred 9 urami
yo i went a way for a couple of minutes and started watching again at 15:43 and thought hol up this ain’t team edge
Rorke Dedul
Rorke Dedul Pred 9 urami
Bryan: Saskatchewan is a state in what country? Joey: CANADA!! Me: Saskatchewan is not a state it is a province 🤦🏻‍♀️
roo bert
roo bert Pred 9 urami
why bobby always fell on lego
Dragon Lover#1
Dragon Lover#1 Pred 9 urami
Did peach take up vapeing loli
Aileen Erni
Aileen Erni Pred 9 urami
Joie had a konfede wake et lukt cool
Auni Syafiqah
Auni Syafiqah Pred 9 urami
Kevin: "Say it with me.." Me **enthusiastically** : *"SNIP SN-"* Kevin: *"SPRINKLE TIMEEE!!!!"* Me: oh.. @[email protected]
KingKangaroo Vlogs
KingKangaroo Vlogs Pred 9 urami
CookieMonterBoi Pred 9 urami
Vegemite is the best
Auni Syafiqah
Auni Syafiqah Pred 10 urami
no bryan!!! more KEVINNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!
Frenie Newbear
Frenie Newbear Pred 10 urami
14:53 The moment of awesomeness.
gamerswefin Pred 10 urami
J-fred should be a stand up comedian
Coolgamer _74
Coolgamer _74 Pred 10 urami
Thanks for taking my mind off of my cousin getting into a reck 😊
Noel Giachino
Noel Giachino Pred 10 urami
Wait! Brayan Is left handed?
Avant Smith
Avant Smith Pred 10 urami
Delta MS
Delta MS Pred 10 urami
Excelent host! He went all out!
Shreya Dangwal
Shreya Dangwal Pred 10 urami
U people make very nice videos
Daniel McCrea
Daniel McCrea Pred 10 urami
Fletcher Bielefeld
Fletcher Bielefeld Pred 10 urami
I mean are you short
Fletcher Bielefeld
Fletcher Bielefeld Pred 10 urami
Bobby’s short
Vadyn Moodley
Vadyn Moodley Pred 10 urami
Bobby's question how big was your smallest fish
MagMa Pred 10 urami
7:35 Bobby was speaking in Hieroglyphics
drake chesser
drake chesser Pred 10 urami
I hope we get more of these
Epic findsYT
Epic findsYT Pred 10 urami
Do a snakes and ladders
Agent - Gamer
Agent - Gamer Pred 10 urami
K for kobi
Ashtoncranks 90s
Ashtoncranks 90s Pred 10 urami
Ask Bobby if he’s scared of hights
Picachki Pred 10 urami
6:47 Joey looks like he got hit by Cupid’s arrow 💘 Ps. He did! With Kelly!
Gavin Hart
Gavin Hart Pred 10 urami
Wait wait way... so I’m confused... does Bobby have a girlfriend???
Ŵow _
Ŵow _ Pred 11 urami
The true Endeavor.