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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.
Nakalema Safinah
Nakalema Safinah Pred 8 urami
@mihrilee Thanx
Wasan Wasan
Wasan Wasan Pred 8 urami
Wasan Wasan
Wasan Wasan Pred 8 urami
Fatwa Mecca
Fatwa Mecca Pred 8 urami
Don't cry anymore seher be strong for yusu😙😙
Sheriedan Hilario
Sheriedan Hilario Pred 8 urami
Now you know how it feels to be hurt by someone you love Ysman😞
Dulce Dugay
Dulce Dugay Pred 8 urami
Muchas gracias!!!!! Realmente fue una gran idea la tuya el traductor al español 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍🍀🌤️
lala 6
lala 6 Pred 8 urami
The result is 1:1....they should be 0:0 back...but king cobra still play the game...
Yasmin Deedat
Yasmin Deedat Pred 8 urami
😢I feel sorry for my Yaman. Never pays to delay the truth.
Sss Sss
Sss Sss Pred 8 urami
Muhacir Nesirov
Muhacir Nesirov Pred 8 urami
Bu dizzying çox beyendim yaaaa♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍👍👍
PamukŞeker Tv
PamukŞeker Tv Pred 9 urami
One One
One One Pred 9 urami
Seher character is a very good person. But Iqbal is an asshole, I can’t wait karma caught up to her 😡
Areti Bindusree
Areti Bindusree Pred 9 urami
Very very pain scenes.halil face expression 👌. seher speech 👏 but yaman. please everyone don't forget to vote
Dahiana Pred 9 urami
Holaaa muy triste 😞 este capítulo llore 😭😢
Dahiana Pred 9 urami
Desde colombia 🇨🇴 me encanta esta serie la amoo😢😭quee capituló tan ☹️ no veo la hora que sea mañana para verla muchas gracias por todo bendiciones desde colombia 🇨🇴
ganga athukorala
ganga athukorala Pred 9 urami
Seher.. I'm crying with you dear
Диля Мамирова
R k
R k Pred 9 urami
This scene made me cry over & over😭
T J Pred 9 urami
I loved what she said at the end "everyone else can doubt her but not him"
Zenia Hidalgo
Zenia Hidalgo Pred 9 urami
Thank you so much for translate I enjoy the series very much here from Florida usa
PamukŞeker Tv
PamukŞeker Tv Pred 9 urami
_Sen bana hiç güvenmemişsin çünkü şu kağıt parçalarına güvendiğin kadar bile_
Diamond BTS
Diamond BTS Pred 9 urami
Finally!! I was waiting for this for so long!!
Selviy Vary
Selviy Vary Pred 9 urami
Seher inandın sende....Ela’yı eski sevgilisi zannettin! Şimdi kocanla mutlu olmaya bak artık....😅🤪😜😂🤣 diyeceğim ama senin hikayeni yazan Nazmiye bu olayı en az 20 bölüm uzatır, o sırada da hasar gören İlkbali güçlendirir!
Salma Kanwal
Salma Kanwal Pred 9 urami
oh poor yaman,
Vivi Mejia
Vivi Mejia Pred 9 urami
Lo lastimó sin necesidad de gritarle ni pegarle sin maltratarlo física y psicológicamente con palabras bien dichas y directo al corazón 💓 ahora querido cual va ser tu estrategia para borrar esas heridas que le provocaste
Marisol de la T. Sánchez Montilla
La ikbal aprovechándose de la situación que vive Seher, podría tramar otro plan como ganarse la confianza de la princesa para luego hundirla. Mientras que Zuhal analiza su situación en la carcel.
Maria Rosa Fernandez Benitez
Ni Arif Baba te salvara ...😭😢😪
Salma Kanwal
Salma Kanwal Pred 9 urami
Golden words .... said by Sahrr 👌
sabrina 369
sabrina 369 Pred 9 urami
Et oui yaman c'est de ta faute tu lui as pas fais confiance .......c'est à ton tour de subir le mal que tu as fais💔😢
Silvana Naurato
Silvana Naurato Pred 9 urami
Impeccable performance by Sila and Halil 🤴👸👏❤🇦🇺
i want to know what ikbal said to seher 44:00
Angelica Torres
Angelica Torres Pred 9 urami
Una leccion de lo que es la Confianza
tarheel715 Pred 9 urami
I hope this Seher's reaction doesn't go on too long. Yaman not knowing the truth and lashing out at her lasted too long, and now I'm afraid Seher will never listen to him again until the end of the season. I know Seher is right and I agree with her anger and feelings of betrayal, but I think it's easy for her to say she would've trusted him completely because she can't fathom why someone would do anything else besides love the people they love with their whole heart. She doesn't know what it's like to realize that the people you love the most and or should be able to trust the most are capable of causing you the greatest pain. I know it's not fair for Yaman to blame her for his mother's mistakes, but we're talking about someone who was traumatized as a child and never fully processed and move pass that pain. I don't know what all Seher knows about Yaman's childhood and his mother's abandonment, but hopefully with time and maybe some wise counsel from Nadire, she'll do what Yaman didn't do, and think of things from his perspective. If Yaman had really stopped for a moment and really considered how it was not only improbable, but implausible that Seher had been scheming against him this entire time because of everything they'd been through, or at the very least just trusted her feelings for him enough to confront her and see what she had to say, particularly about the photos with Selim, which she should have told him about when it happened, then maybe all the pain and heartache they both suffered could've been avoided. Seher said Yaman never really trusted her and that's why he fell for the fake evidence, but I think the truth is, Yaman didn't trust himself. Loving and trusting someone else was unfamiliar for Yaman and he fought his feelings for Seher at first because he didn't want to be hurt, but her love, generosity and sincerity broke him down and I think for the first time in his life, Yaman told himself that he could be happy and didn't have to be afraid and then at the moment he was about to open his heart and let Seher in fully, Zuhal showed up and made him question everything and suddenly every fear he ever had about being hurt and broken if he loved someone else felt like it was coming true and he felt betrayed by himself and his own heart. I hope Seher let's Yaman make this up to her. Or maybe Yaman is going to need to let her go fully and then she can decide if leaving is what she really wants.
Carmen Mendez
Carmen Mendez Pred 9 urami
I am avid fan of this drama anthology since the beginning hoping to watch till the end of this eppisodes i love watching it
Carmen Mendez
Carmen Mendez Pred 9 urami
The Truth will always prevail
María Peisajovich
María Peisajovich Pred 9 urami
es imposible perdonar a alguien que nunca pidió perdón
Agustin Galvan
Agustin Galvan Pred 9 urami
PD Hasta mañana Buenas noches🌠💫🌟🙏🙏 Desde ARGENTINA🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 Mamá de Agustin CARMEN Mejor miro otras cosas Les recomiendo que miren y escuchen un recital del INDIO SOLARI .Se van alegrar un tema para escuchar JIJIJI nueve montañas Escuchenlo por favor👍👍👍😎😎😎
Noelia Bertone
Noelia Bertone Pred 9 urami
Y la mariposa agitó sus alas y desató una gran tormenta, era de esperar. Qué sufrimiento. 😭🙏❤
giselda casagrande
giselda casagrande Pred 9 urami
i sottotitoli per favore in italiano
música turca Pou
música turca Pou Pred 9 urami
Muy buen capitulo felicitaciones a nuestras parejas exelente actuación.
Arzu Arzu
Arzu Arzu Pred 9 urami
Helil Ibrahim cox talantli ve gozel aktyordu.
Jane Franzen
Jane Franzen Pred 9 urami
Yo estoy con los dos 💯‼️‼️que se perdonen mutuamente, Yaman también fue victima de las brujas 🧙‍♀️
Agustin Galvan
Agustin Galvan Pred 10 urami
Ya que están contenta con todo lo que está pasando que cada uno vaya por caminos diferentes SEHER que se consiga otra YAMAN que tenga otro A MOR No les parece ya que tanto se equivocó La verdad ya me cansé de tanto dolores de cabeza con esta novela nada de AMOR Solo RECHAZOS Y MALTRATOS Los DOS no se tuvieron confianza YAMAN ocultando los echos SEHER nunca le contó las cosas que le asia ZUHAL y tampoco lo que le hizo el SOPERO así que ella TAMBIEN es CULPABLE no le tenía CONFIANZA Hay que ser realistas no les parece Hay que analizar TODO No justifico los MALTRATOS para NADA Ya no miro toda la novela nada de AMOR Un aburrimiento es muy CANSADORA Bueno hasta mañana me cansé de escribir tantas pelotu
Dista Danila
Dista Danila Pred 10 urami
Sorry legend
Dista Danila
Dista Danila Pred 10 urami
Oooooh,I'm a legent
Andres uzziel Mendez Gonzalez
Y yama como siempre queriendo justificar sus malas acciones,es una persona que no reconoce sus errores e incapaz de reconocer que iso mal al jugar a serha sin pregunta ,a el si hay que escucharlo pero el en ningun momenton pregunto a serha si era verdad o no lo que le dieron .bien por ella que lo desprecie y lo haga ver sus suerte por inseguro porque eso es lo que tiene yaman inseguridad en si mismo
Fateme Barzin
Fateme Barzin Pred 10 urami
Bored, this series has no excitement, or they are ashamed of each other, or they are angry with each other like two strangers.
Sadia Hasan
Sadia Hasan Pred 10 urami
Moral of the story, if this couple have any hope in consummating their marriage then don’t prepare a bed for them, Every time they prepare the bed with flowers, something goes from bad to worst! 😂
Lene de Castro Fernandes
Rachel Chandran
Rachel Chandran Pred 10 urami
I am so relieved that Seher did not remove her wedding ring!
Noelia Bertone
Noelia Bertone Pred 10 urami
La calma que antecede a la tormenta. Ufffff. Tan lindos que se veían. Pero Seher merecía saber la verdad. 🙏❤❤
Bailey Barker
Bailey Barker Pred 10 urami
What about for Yusuf😳😳😳
Zaynab Oshxonasi
Zaynab Oshxonasi Pred 10 urami
yalan soyleme sahar olameyiz yusuf bize emanet diye diye kalirdin jsgjdjgdunxlagg
Керим Алиев
Керим Алиев Pred 10 urami
бах яман гардашым езу йыхылан хечда агламаз инди санинки аллаха галды аллах кемайин олсун ((( пермь))))
Best best
Best best Pred 10 urami
واخيرا سحر عرفت الحقيقه
Ana Vanessa Rodriguez Herrera
Y ahora qué pasará,ufff después de tantas lágrimas será que seher logrará ser feliz,,, por favor 🤔🤔🤔🥺🥺
sara jaya
sara jaya Pred 10 urami
I totally agree with seher... everyone has the right to believe even the evidence is strong against her but Yaman shouldn't cos if he knows her well then this will never happen.i like the ending part.
Rowena Andrade
Rowena Andrade Pred 10 urami
I hope there will be an English CC of this episode.
Kamalaveni Rasalingam
Kamalaveni Rasalingam Pred 10 urami
I don't understand why Yaman cannot apologise to Seher as he has done it before to the bad guys who kidnapped Seher and buried her alive.
Elda#3-7 Pred 10 urami
Do you all watch with subtitles????
tarheel715 Pred 10 urami
I totally with Seher on what she's feeling and what she did... but I'm not going to pretend I don't feel sorry for Yaman as well because when I really think about what Zuhal and Ikbal did, I think it's deeper than just slandering Seher. They fucked with Yaman on a deep, emotionally traumatized child level that was more disturbing then I've ever seen. I mean they really fucked with his head and after everything that happened with his mother and all the ways he still has not dealt with that pain in a healthy way, he was vulnerable to that kind of manipulation, Ikbal knew it fully and took advantage entirely. Honestly, I'll give Seher today and even tomorrow, but I hope by next week, she's ready to start listening to Yaman and thinking about things from his perspective. And admit to herself that if anyone had told her Selim, someone she grew up with and considered a brother, would conspire against her in this way to slander her name, how that'd make her feel or react. The truth is, Yaman deserves to feel the full weight of Seher's feelings, but he didn't deserve what happened to him regarding Zuhal and Ikbal's scheme and now he's being made to suffer the consequences of yes admittedly what he did, but also what was done to him. He was robbed of a happiness he loved and wanted to cherish and protect for the rest of his life because of their cruelty and if he's made to never recover that happiness again, that will be worse than the loss of anything physical thing or money Ikbal could have stolen from him.
ahmed tram
ahmed tram Pred 10 urami
Luz Elena Mendivil Jaime
Te fue bien Yaman, no te dijo nada que no sea verdad " No creiste en ella y aún sabiendo por todo lo que han pasado juntos, con Yusuf, contigo en la cárcel, en hospital, en su secuestro, con el loco del profesor de música, Servicios sociales, lo de Ziya siempre apoyándote y junto a ti, ella siempre había creído en ti, eras su roca y ahora esa roca se despedazo.
Nathaly Villamizar
Nathaly Villamizar Pred 10 urami
pobre Yaman intentando ganarse la confianza de ella, y buscando agradarle, y remediar lo que no hizo durante la luna de miel, desconociendo que ella ya conoce toda la verdad, pobre tipo, recibiría feliz una bala, pero lo mata el desprecio y la rabia de Seher contra él.
Paty Pred 10 urami
Va a estar de infarto el capítulo de mañana, ya lo quiero ver
rosielike travel
rosielike travel Pred 10 urami
Yaman has a short memory. He doesn t remember how Seher trusted him when he was arrested by the police back then. How can he say that if Seher saw that kind of picture of him, she would believe the pictures. Way to go Seher, make him suffer big time.
Eugenia Vasiliadis
Eugenia Vasiliadis Pred 10 urami
Sila and Halil, great performance !
Ruby Wrathell
Ruby Wrathell Pred 10 urami
I'm feeling so sad right now. My heart goes out to Seher. Xoxo
Love_Eat_Pray Pred 10 urami
Seher speech was on fire!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Mehmet Akgün
Mehmet Akgün Pred 10 urami
Harikasin ibrahim
Ilma Morais
Ilma Morais Pred 10 urami
É a Naz sabe criar uma sofrencia né quem diria que as coisasserianrealmente assim, a Naz nos surpriendeu.
ev j
ev j Pred 10 urami
After all we fans have been through..the suspense and watching episode after episode for the truth to come out...it has finally materialised... Seher threw it all back at Yaman...and both equally sad...let the anger out, so both will have peace and learn to forgivr...,
Maria Auxiliadora
Maria Auxiliadora Pred 10 urami
Quando é que esse casal vai ser feliz em sehar é Yaman 💔😭😭😭
Ilma Morais
Ilma Morais Pred 10 urami
Garotas se lebra quando ele mirou ela de cima a baixo e disse que ela era uma miseravel e que ela não ela nada falou com omaior desprezo é foi forte isso, e ele disse que ela.só ira viver por causa do yusuf ? É ele foi muito cruél agora que ele sofraaaa... Pra aprender ser homem mas calteloso com as palavras ele tem que sentir a dor tambem, para entender que ele tem que ter caltela ao falar com as pessoas, e não julgar , e não dar tiro no escuro porque ele fez isso com a Seher .😧😧😰😰
Solangel Mercado Barba
Gracias ximena dias
mAk lonG
mAk lonG Pred 10 urami
Today, you will sleep alone, Mr Yaman bey😄😄😄
Anak Kazo
Anak Kazo Pred 10 urami
Yemen why don't you hug your seher . Surely the problem is over.
Pinks Hanson
Pinks Hanson Pred 10 urami
We need the wedding song and dance right now. 😞
Helen Abelanis
Helen Abelanis Pred 10 urami
You deserved yaman the anger of seher I wish seher slapped you both side of your face 😂😂😂
Carolina Cabral
Carolina Cabral Pred 10 urami
Tan dificil es decir perdón me equivoqué, los celos me segaron, te amo.