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B M Pred 14 urami
We don't know how to get excited. It terrifies and confuses us
accent77 Pred 14 urami
Almost no one wants to watch it anymore.
Human Prediction
Human Prediction Pred 14 urami
He is telling the truth. Lebron is my Goat mate! in and out the floor. Great role Model. :)))
David Fryar
David Fryar Pred 14 urami
Boys are scared of competition, no matter what they say, they are SCARED. Actions speak louder than words.
Rayborn Whites
Rayborn Whites Pred 14 urami
I usually don’t agree with max but he’s 💯 on this one.
Big Ken
Big Ken Pred 14 urami
Why do everyone including these haters blame LeBron when Paul Pierce got Allen and KG to beat a 22 year old LeBron!?😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️ THIS IS HATE PEOPLE, HATE!!😂😭 And what about the Bulls back then!? What about the Pistons back then too!?
Sj Rah Rico
Sj Rah Rico Pred 14 urami
Yeah that’s wack af
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson Pred 14 urami
there has to be a refund or discount for when star players just sit out. especially when healthy. just the total disrespect these guys have for fans is on another level
jso416 Pred 14 urami
Everyone must have forgot all about what happened to Jamal Murray just a few days ago huh 😄. Nets have to protect their players and make sure they’re all ready to go come playoff time. They can still win the East, but the one seed is not the top priority.
The Joker
The Joker Pred 14 urami
And the NBA wonders why its ratings are dropping..........
BigBody Gaming
BigBody Gaming Pred 14 urami
He know who A Rod is, he just felt some type of way when they asked if he was a fan. Look at his face as soon as he heard the question.
Jamal pass me the draco
Stephen A. Fax
junior Muhammad
junior Muhammad Pred 14 urami
They were strokes of luck, Mike Tyson showed on his face that he did not want to continue fighting. Tyson got very confident and lost the fight
Avery Washington Jr
Avery Washington Jr Pred 14 urami
😂u right tho
MJ is bigger than rings He's a culture
The NBA has got to fix this problem. This is ridiculous.
peter kuol
peter kuol Pred 14 urami
I think Phoenix Suns will win all the all.t S
Strip4Dre Pred 14 urami
Joshua Mcdaniel
Joshua Mcdaniel Pred 14 urami
Apparently Regular season is a joke 🤡
Shaad Pred 14 urami
SAS always speaking the truth! 🗣️💯
Molson2889 Pred 14 urami
Agree 100 with Stephen A. He sees the bs and at least he's man enough to say something
MAURICE SEGAR Pred 14 urami
Harden hurt KD coming off injury Blake & LA so, lol
Kahlil Nebbitt
Kahlil Nebbitt Pred 14 urami
I feel Stephen, but I also feel that this isn't an issue, since there are hardly, if any, fans in the seats.
Cary Longaza
Cary Longaza Pred 14 urami
they should be fined by the nba...
Darren Edwards
Darren Edwards Pred 14 urami
Stupid stuff nets....no respect...play ball....people pay to see....soft league MAN
Humming Bird
Humming Bird Pred 14 urami
This would never happen today lol Imagine rob plink trying to power LeBron or AD out of the lakers lol
Yahs Way
Yahs Way Pred 14 urami
Lmao but when kd break a leg y’all gone say he should’ve sat out lol
Mako624 Pred 14 urami
Why does Mel Kiper think we're selecting DeVonta Smith at 8? He says we should help Darnold, but the best way for us to do that is to draft a tackle. I think we should pick Slater because Pitts and Sewell won't be there at 8.
Waco Johnny Dean
Waco Johnny Dean Pred 14 urami
These two gave me a panic attack! Very entertaining though! Lol!
themadhatterxxx Pred 14 urami
David Stern would've never let this happen. They need to bring him back.
TJ Blogz
TJ Blogz Pred 14 urami
If Russell Westbrook’s stats in the regular season means absolutely nothing then he can’t be upset when players decide to load manage! People such as Stephen A set the tone. If it’s just about “Rings” don’t then cry about the consequences that come with that 🤷🏾‍♂️ - Bars Up Battlecast
Ernieern888 Pred 14 urami
nobody mess wit action Bronson...dude trash...slow media nights...ahhh..ghostface clones
Deтroιт313Daѕн! Pred 14 urami
I'm sorry but I 100 agree with Max...make it mean more
terry Davis
terry Davis Pred 14 urami
Basketball lives matter ✊🤣😂🤣
Too My g
Too My g Pred 14 urami
You see after two years they still suck?😂
Kennyy03 Pred 14 urami
I can obviously see why remember the spurs in 2012 around there they were resting I am a nets fan and rn we would've been beating em but it's aii if we really gonna surprise them like that then by all means
Jason Caporale
Jason Caporale Pred 14 urami
They are scared to lose! Now the Nets have an excuse.
Zello Davis
Zello Davis Pred 14 urami
I understand the tight schedule and Covid impacts this year, but this excessive load management has been growing for several years. The NBA needs to address it because it’s starting to significantly impact the regular season product and they still need people to watch regular season games to make money. At some point in the not too distant future I’ll drop league pass and stop buying tickets.
Anthony Duncan
Anthony Duncan Pred 14 urami
They did all that for KD'S development.
kaicooper87 Pred 14 urami
what a stupid question is this??????
Tev108 Pred 14 urami
We're gonna miss LeBron when his gone.
Jordon Kibitlewski
Jordon Kibitlewski Pred 14 urami
There is zero reason to pay a player if they voluntarily sit out.
TQ BP Pred 14 urami
Nets are purposely not showing their team until the playoffs.
Ronald Mack
Ronald Mack Pred 14 urami
Facts. And I can’t wait
Fall7Standup8 Chosen
Fall7Standup8 Chosen Pred 14 urami
ESPNs number one boot lick... 💩
Zubary Mansa
Zubary Mansa Pred 14 urami
I'm a Philly fan and I'm pissed. Once again the Nets can't seem to get their team together to get it on.
Ronald Mack
Ronald Mack Pred 14 urami
They waiting til playoffs
BC 76
BC 76 Pred 14 urami
Says a lot about this team. SMH.
Jason Williams
Jason Williams Pred 14 urami
Cowards they didn't want that work from philly
Pinkgreen190 Pred 14 urami
Lol at Ryan making it clear he doesn't think Lebron is the GOAT.
Antonio Pred 14 urami
NAH!!!!!! HTF can you be P4P when you ran from the TBE on the 1st attempt at a fight? Talking about afraid of needles!!!!!!!!!! GTFOH with that BS!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a pointless topic because we all know who the P4P King was and his nickname was Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kash Casz
Kash Casz Pred 14 urami
All I could think was all that forehead
Sean Patrick
Sean Patrick Pred 14 urami
ESPN is trash
Antonio Pred 14 urami
NAH!!!!!! HTF can you be P4P when you ran from the TBE on the 1st attempt at a fight? Talking about afraid of needles!!!!!!!!!! GTFOH with that BS!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a pointless topic because we all know who the P4P King was and his nickname was Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DMN DMN Pred 14 urami
I been called that like 2-3 months ago. KD going to respond with Twitter everyone knows that
Skrirrex Pred 14 urami
Simmons been yappin yet it's Embidd who does the heavy lifting
Daniel Kudela
Daniel Kudela Pred 14 urami
Key point: IF he can stay healthy
Sean Patrick
Sean Patrick Pred 14 urami
ESPN is trash
Rahiem Thomas
Rahiem Thomas Pred 14 urami
I agree. It is disappointing.
Night Owl
Night Owl Pred 14 urami
Who ever the Jets take will be a bust
Rocky Balboa Jr
Rocky Balboa Jr Pred 14 urami
2021 NFL QB draft future: Trevor Lawrence - Bust Zach Wilson - Bust Justin Fields - Average career Trey Lance - Back up QB Mac Jones - Pro Bowler Davis Mills - Pro Bowler
Sean Bills
Sean Bills Pred 14 urami
The guys out are genuinely hurt lol
Td Kgkb
Td Kgkb Pred 14 urami
Totally agree with SAS
Daniel Tayong
Daniel Tayong Pred 14 urami
Load management
Andrew Wheelin
Andrew Wheelin Pred 14 urami
Lilard over jokic ??
Sean Patrick
Sean Patrick Pred 14 urami
ESPN is woke Trash.
Mark Anthony Lo
Mark Anthony Lo Pred 14 urami
Idk why y'all tripin' bout Anthony Edwards not knowing who A-Rod be, cause legit close to NOBODY knows non' bout American Football or Baseball outside of USA 🇺🇸
Jessie Edmonds
Jessie Edmonds Pred 14 urami
Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson Pred 14 urami
Stanley Robinson
Stanley Robinson Pred 14 urami
That's why the NBA is a Joke, and I can't take the Nets serious, they're sitting player's until the playoffs, new school basketball is straight up Garbage
Kruise Kontrol
Kruise Kontrol Pred 14 urami
Shaq talking in what era is enough said
Daquan McDonald
Daquan McDonald Pred 14 urami
I knew leaf was gonna be on here lol
Jeremiah Neal
Jeremiah Neal Pred 14 urami
Cats be getting paid paid
C K Pred 14 urami
How bad should you feel if you were to find out that the nets are giving their employer time off time off work in respect to their religious beliefs. As humans we should recognize when folks try to put another down out of ignorance and/or inconsideration. If fasting occured during the finals the man would play.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Pred 14 urami
Making to much money to play and they don't like competition, they just want to show up and tell the other team I win without playing.when people stop watching, that's the only thing that will wake them up, cut off the money.
Roman Avila
Roman Avila Pred 14 urami
Not if they keep missing games Nets are 🤡s
Chris Fernandez
Chris Fernandez Pred 14 urami
MVP why are we not respecting Steph!?
Derek Duram
Derek Duram Pred 14 urami
I agree with Stephen A. Hate watching 2 good teams play each other without their best players on the court
Al B
Al B Pred 14 urami
It's the mentality of today. They soft and wonder why we question lebron over MJ..
Nino A
Nino A Pred 14 urami
back in the days guys use to BALL !! they didnt sit out games and "load manage"
Rodger Hughes
Rodger Hughes Pred 14 urami
If u dont know Arod i cant believe that u good enuff n baseball to go to the MLB
watz09 Pred 14 urami
If he picked Sixers And want me 2 believe The Ball dont Lie 😂😂😂
Action Basil
Action Basil Pred 14 urami
Good to see A.B. - stay healthy Brother 😎