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A free multiplayer game where you compete in Battle Royale, collaborate to create your private island in Creative, or quest in Save the World.
Kris YouTube videos
My name is TTV dark
Kris YouTube videos
I had everything in the game emote gliders wraps and every skin can I have it all back pizz
Zxulh Pred 21 uro
Anyone here in 2021? Say yes
The Black Hole
The Black Hole Pred 21 uro
i really want to chug jug with u
Micheal Malloy
Micheal Malloy Pred 21 uro
I love the insinuation that the Loopers ( yes that's what I'm calling them) are so desensitized by live events that they just fight each other while the events are happening
Death Is cool
Death Is cool Pred 21 uro
Why can’t we all just go back I want to start playing fortnite again I want to play the good fortnite the good one
Danielfoxo99 Pred 21 uro
The season I started playing on mobile until chapter 2 season 5
Jgpro 1224
Jgpro 1224 Pred 21 uro
fortnite creative destruction
0:17 Someone’s username: MommaKitten1978
Jeanville305 Pred 21 uro
“How to get the battle pass for free”
L2_limitz_ Pred 22 urami
!!FORTNITE PLEASE GIVE US server 🙏 for South Africa please
Bradley Irving
Bradley Irving Pred 22 urami
A mistake everybody forgot about...
Dradzin Pred 22 urami
Cade o neymar?*?
Michael Knight
Michael Knight Pred 22 urami
It’s a junk jet from fallout 4 good job thinking of a new weapon
MaxRavPL Pred 22 urami
I'm think this weapon is broken now
Taz D J
Taz D J Pred 22 urami
Okay so, I don't play Fortnite (my brother does though), nor do I listen to a lot of country.... But I recognize the singer, but can't place who he is, someone help, I NEED to know who the singer is!
F4 Dark
F4 Dark Pred 22 urami
Is no one gonna mention that she is holding an Xbox controller when it says pc and PlayStation
Jazz V
Jazz V Pred 22 urami
I don’t know why this is so emotional!
kunaikys Pred 22 urami
when do Fortnite was good and fun.
gr3m777 Pred 22 urami
I got this as my lobby song, still come here to bump this banger
Sam Peli
Sam Peli Pred 22 urami
This was by far one of my favorites, if not the best fortnite seasonal event ever
Tayden Hunter
Tayden Hunter Pred 22 urami
Your fortnite can you please give us three refunds again please would be so freaking cool
Gameing cris and Dylan Lopez
Loboyq plz give me boogie down plz epic
Shrexi Pred 22 urami
this is a new item I got it from a chest in the begging of the season.
Fortnite Georgie
Fortnite Georgie Pred 22 urami
Lest go
Lallys lollies
Lallys lollies Pred 22 urami
Fortnite developers I know your a Busy company but please may you bring back the fennix fox skin back to the item shop I will buy it
Gosteczki Pred 22 urami
thanks for the recomende after 7 years
xXbardia_skXx Pred 22 urami
When the OG time never come back😞
Juergen Francisco
Juergen Francisco Pred 22 urami
Haven't played in a long time lol
Ian Wright
Ian Wright Pred 22 urami
How is this better than red vs blue zero
المدون الليبي جيمر - said eljrary
واحد من افضل المواسم في chapter 2 ❤️👌
Hunterock 99
Hunterock 99 Pred 22 urami
Next Update: Realistic Graphics
FG Zeke
FG Zeke Pred 22 urami
Me: Fortnite: Let's put an item that isn't in the game in someones reccomended Me: Some day, these will be the good old days All the love you won't forget And all these reckless nights you won't regret Someday soon, your whole life's gonna change You'll miss the magic of these good old days
K1NG ZA1N Pred 22 urami
Bruh who’s here when you have to CRAFT weapons 😞
Massi 14
Massi 14 Pred 22 urami
Reject try hards and chapter 2, go back to the old days
The Egg and Bacon Bunch
if you’re wondering, the portal is just a realistic version of the map at 3:01
Jclancy_05 Pred 23 urami
I’m getting this recommended in April of 2021 this was a great season
AmmarPlays Pred 23 urami
Epic we will always know that you ruined fortnite
Craggs Pred 23 urami
I’m going to be completely honest the thing sucks
Gino Timoneri
Gino Timoneri Pred 23 urami
Please bring back recon specialist
Gonzalo flores
Gonzalo flores Pred 23 urami
This is fortnite 2019 This is fortnite 2021 competitive
mipuu Pred 23 urami
Thanks for everything fortnite.❤️
Supercat Pred 23 urami
What’s the name of the redhead?
Antonio Gudonis
Antonio Gudonis Pred 23 urami
Ad ipads to play the now Fortnite map
Antonio Gudonis
Antonio Gudonis Pred 23 urami
And iPadOS to play the now maple 🥺
godzilla gaming
godzilla gaming Pred 23 urami
pls bring back travis scott
ActorOnStage. Pred 23 urami
og days
ActorOnStage. Pred 23 urami
You never appreciate what you've got until its gone
Comrade Mat6
Comrade Mat6 Pred 23 urami
This is like the D.I.E. machine in cod
cringe man
cringe man Pred 23 urami
This just got recommended to me in chapter 2 season 6
ImSousa 22
ImSousa 22 Pred 23 urami
Pov: Trying to find a comment for 4 years ago
Joker Pred 23 urami
Fortnite should do a collaboration with persona five Just thinking it would be good...
Stepsis Aiasarat
Stepsis Aiasarat Pred 23 urami
fortnite you should add a emoticon that says sus i think it would be a hit
PPEEDDROOツ Pred 23 urami
syshx Pred 23 urami
"What was that sound 😦?"
Joker Pred 23 urami
They spittin’ straight bars
Tausif Hossain
Tausif Hossain Pred 23 urami
Wait the game existed this long?
Young g B
Young g B Pred 23 urami
Please add marshmallow because I really need marshmallow can you add it today april11
#savephilip Pred dnevom
Put the hero skin in the item shop pls
Luke J
Luke J Pred dnevom
Best. Season. Hands down.
CannedBread Gaming
CannedBread Gaming Pred dnevom
Epic can you please fix the set structures on fire challenge for week 4 it's really starting to be frustrating.
Thanasi Kosteas
Thanasi Kosteas Pred dnevom
omg I missed that
Destiny Herscher
Destiny Herscher Pred dnevom
Hey epic games can you give me some free v-bucks
عبود عبود
عبود عبود Pred dnevom
Fortnite pls old map back pls
Rock Johnson
Rock Johnson Pred dnevom
Pls skip this season im done wit it
LoadedAtom10 Pred dnevom
Can you please add the split screens back and on Nintendo switch
mo'.'mo Pred dnevom
Am I the only who think about the sound when you die in GTA ?? 1:48
Santy Jimenez
Santy Jimenez Pred dnevom
Among us 😎👌
MutantLS Pred dnevom
bring back the old map and graphics and turn off turbo building
Youtubegamerpro 5
Youtubegamerpro 5 Pred dnevom
This season ruined fortnite
Gøp-Hacker YT
Gøp-Hacker YT Pred dnevom
Hey fortnite please help me please help me find away how to get fortnite on my iPad 6 Gen GeForce now doesn’t want to work for me please I really miss fortnite so bad
CF Toledo
CF Toledo Pred dnevom
Everything is A Gold Jones Primal
عايد العتيبي
M. ÇAĞLAR Pred dnevom
miss old fortnite
jose miranda
jose miranda Pred dnevom
hola me dan pavos gratis es my cumple y si no tienen no importa
Branson Zimmer
Branson Zimmer Pred dnevom
AND your revenue continues to plummet. Who you guys plan on takeing to cort this time bec your game is complete dogwater. Steam? Allready faced and lost to Apple
Dan Sun
Dan Sun Pred dnevom
Chapter 1 season 6 just started
AxelLandaGo007 Pred dnevom
When Fortnite was funny 😭