Henrik Lehmann
Henrik Lehmann
Henrik Lehmann
Naroči 191 tis.
Visca el Barça
Ansu Fati - Record Breaker
Pred 10 meseci
Arturo Vidal | 2018/19
Pred 2 leti
Nakamura C
Nakamura C Pred 39 minutami
For shooting, villa is better than naymar
GAMER FADI Pred 9 urami
Name of music please
Lucky B Froze
Lucky B Froze Pred 17 urami
The song is cringe af
Coutinho The Goat
Coutinho The Goat Pred dnevom
Trash player
Aman Gurung
Aman Gurung Pred dnevom
every one talking bout Mbappe and Hallad Here chill Barca got Ansu Fati
md turhan
md turhan Pred dnevom
rjsmooth Douglas
rjsmooth Douglas Pred dnevom
Ansu Fati is the new neymar in the Mbappe & Halaand era............
RiswanHD Pred dnevom
Lui and Ney missed...?Then it's show time
Indraneel Deshpande
Came to watch Busquets, stayed for the Ludovico Einaudi Experience! Great video mate!
SAGAR SARKER Pred dnevom
Good old days. Apart from Messi, what a coach Luis Enrique was for Barcelona!
Loïc Bost
Loïc Bost Pred dnevom
We miss you💔
Samruddh Nikam
Samruddh Nikam Pred dnevom
I thought even this was a parody 🤣🤣
bezbed derk
bezbed derk Pred dnevom
Greatest carry in the history
Diego memes
Diego memes Pred 2 dnevi
The best 🤩
Diego memes
Diego memes Pred 2 dnevi
O melhor zagueiro da história
Rémi Balthazar
Rémi Balthazar Pred 2 dnevi
Je lui souhaite de revenir en forme après cette blessure au genou.
Infi_7 Pred 2 dnevi
This kid is my age and he plays pro soccer with grown men, im over here watching anime and playing games like a jackass.
Nurhaya Misda
Nurhaya Misda Pred 2 dnevi
Morgan Carvalho
Morgan Carvalho Pred 2 dnevi
Great choice of music. If only other creators would follow this, these types of videos would be really enjoyable. Better than those pop rap electro mainstream trash that makes videos unbearable. Classy
Luis Rodriguez Campos
JR Pred 2 dnevi
Young long haired messi gives me nostalgia and takes me to my teenage hood playing the ps3 call of duties and fifa games eating pizza with my cousins, watching leo messi and peps barca. I'm 30 now.
shaik afroz
shaik afroz Pred 2 dnevi
Let down by team mates🥺
Кристиян Петров
What a assists
I C Pred 2 dnevi
masch>pique sorry
Behar Lutfija
Behar Lutfija Pred 2 dnevi
messi es carajo in futbol
Razor Anderson
Razor Anderson Pred 2 dnevi
ansu is better option thn Dest
MESSIÉZICA6 Pred 2 dnevi
Durga prasad Paudel
Durga prasad Paudel Pred 3 dnevi
Football is not only a game It is also a art.
James Blunt
James Blunt Pred 3 dnevi
I wish verrati was at barcelona... Best in the world in his position. So, so good and creative on the ball. Almost never loses the ball, dribbles amazingly, tackles amazingly, superb vision, reads the game like very few can. Total package and an underrat genius
UZAŁ GAMING Pred 3 dnevi
Messi+ busquets = complete football team
gourav 007
gourav 007 Pred 3 dnevi
Should've played for spain
Messi is another level 🔥🔥🔥
Bryan Pastran
Bryan Pastran Pred 3 dnevi
Тимка Мага
Тимка Мага Pred 3 dnevi
4:20 rip diego maradona (
Kholofelo Joe
Kholofelo Joe Pred 3 dnevi
From south Africa he is my best player ever
בני לגס
בני לגס Pred 3 dnevi
The best right back in the world
Fin Ben
Fin Ben Pred 3 dnevi
Where did you find these videos to collect?
Kazım Eryılmaz
Kazım Eryılmaz Pred 4 dnevi
Cim bom galatasayray💛❤
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok Pred 4 dnevi
he is the Boss of the midfield
Lucky Boy
Lucky Boy Pred 4 dnevi
Messi is that player, who is best with or without ballondoer... Matured audeince will understand this... Kids will not
Rodolfo Oliva
Rodolfo Oliva Pred 4 dnevi
vi a Diego y a Messi......ya no tengo mas nada que descubrir en el futbol.....
Elmatipro Pred 4 dnevi
Es kagada
Peter Phiri
Peter Phiri Pred 4 dnevi
Sergio has got a lot of underrated seasons but I think this season is his most underrated season.
Matthias Verlinden
Matthias Verlinden Pred 4 dnevi
You know, he also played for the Netherlands, at Ajax and at NEC. Not only Barca
Ashu Yadav
Ashu Yadav Pred 5 dnevi
You can't think how big a fan of Messi I am
Emanuel Amarilla Gonzalez
Gracias por estos videos del rey🐐❤
Mateus Amorim
Mateus Amorim Pred 5 dnevi
Curly Yeager
Curly Yeager Pred 5 dnevi
ronaldo better but i love this video
Overthinking Banana
Overthinking Banana Pred 5 dnevi
He can be a great coach like Pep ngl
Nasri Jaime
Nasri Jaime Pred 6 dnevi
Todo es culpa del gordo de iguain
Ali iswadi
Ali iswadi Pred 6 dnevi
Top 2 best cdm of all time
Dayron Godinez
Dayron Godinez Pred 6 dnevi
I just want to see him play again
grimmer jxcts
grimmer jxcts Pred 6 dnevi
Ultra overrated
Landerson Pred 6 dnevi
Audio: English Subtitle: English People that don't know English: 🤡🤡
Coutinho The Goat
Coutinho The Goat Pred 6 dnevi
The worst player in our club rn
Coutinho The Goat
Coutinho The Goat Pred 6 dnevi
His defensive play was very poor with us but his link up play was good
Coutinho The Goat
Coutinho The Goat Pred 6 dnevi
I’ve hated the guy since 8-2 but he’s totally lost confidence
bachan rai
bachan rai Pred 6 dnevi
Geoffrey Sawaya
Geoffrey Sawaya Pred 6 dnevi
He will come back... And he'll tear it up
Preshy Jones
Preshy Jones Pred 6 dnevi
Here after Roberto's disasterclass vs granada
MATTI Pred 6 dnevi
Tu merecias ganar esa final...
Zekai Güz Ünal
Zekai Güz Ünal Pred 6 dnevi
5:21 its pedro not neymar xD
Jan Oblak
Jan Oblak Pred 7 dnevi
Enes Bekmezci
Enes Bekmezci Pred 7 dnevi
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 goats messı
GoW Pred 8 dnevi
Sergi Roberto is the worst footballer in the history of the game. A disgrace to football
_zaká9 Pred 8 dnevi
Ntakirutimana Namatiti
if you want to be a player you have to use your brain first i mean your mind like fati
Javier Blumenkamp
Javier Blumenkamp Pred 8 dnevi
Que animal q es Messi el mejor , le falta ganar solo el mundial aún así es el mejor d todos los tiempos
Ivan Navas
Ivan Navas Pred 8 dnevi
Soy del madrid pero jamas veremos a 2 jugadores tan magicos como xavi e iniesta. Nunca nunca.
きんぎん Pred 8 dnevi
7:31 It is like the alien
Emre Pred 9 dnevi
Messi scored against poor teams at the group stage(Bosnia,Iran and Nigeria). After group stage he didn't score against big teams.(Switzerland,Belgium,Netherlands and Germany). Finally, he lost the final game against Germany. He had 4 goals and 1 assist in this tournament. But, Thomas Müller scored 3 goals against Portugal. He scored against USA. He scored against Brazil at the semi final. And they destroyed Brazil 7-1 in the Brazil :D Finally, Müller won the final game against Messi's team. He had 5goals and 3 assist in this tournament. And, James Rodriguez.. the best player at the world Cup 2014.. He played against Greece, Cote d'ivoire, Japan, Uruguay and Brazil. He scored against all of them.( greece1, cote d'ivoire1, japan1, uruguay2, brazil1) He had 6 goals and 2 assist in this tournament(most goals in this tournament) But Messi won the best player award. Because he had most successfull dribbling in this tournament :D LOOOOL !
don post
don post Pred 9 dnevi
Vitor Oliveira da cruz
Messi best player for FIFA World cup 2014 Brazil
Carlosmen21 Pred 9 dnevi
un juego frio y tranquilo, hace que se disfrute los detalles, que grande jugador
Koesko Pred 9 dnevi
Besides the goal of eto. Messi had much impact with his assist on eto.
Rochak Rimal
Rochak Rimal Pred 10 dnevi
I am fan of espain. I proud to pique who are espain player.
Abnsdllnnlosnfd Pred 10 dnevi
4:32 LOL
Anthony V
Anthony V Pred 10 dnevi
12:36 he wasn’t even looking at the goal or ball
Chamo Garcia
Chamo Garcia Pred 10 dnevi
Awesome video, I thank God for allowing me to see this guy play during my lifetime. 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🍻🍻🍺😅😅😉
Buffalo Puppy
Buffalo Puppy Pred 10 dnevi
He’s the last of his type.