NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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Videos produced by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NASA's 'Flying Saucer' Tech
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hey, skratch....
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by the way
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thats fine
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:highly unlikely
Rale af Barsind
Rale af Barsind Pred dnevom
An illegitimate President, a NASA changing old temperature data to achieve a false temperature rise (Chapman and his astronaut pals complained about it in 2012), and "scientists" using non-functioning immigrant masks (SARs CoV 2 is about 100 nm in diameter). What has happened to the western world?
Airbus A380-800
Airbus A380-800 Pred dnevom
Hettie Fernandes
Hettie Fernandes Pred dnevom
Postponed flight ! Failure after failure!
Yousaf Khan
Yousaf Khan Pred dnevom
Tracy Redwine
Tracy Redwine Pred dnevom
Never A Straight Answer this is what they mean??
Tracy Redwine
Tracy Redwine Pred dnevom
With the technology we should be able to have a visual as we are landing and so on!
Tracy Redwine
Tracy Redwine Pred dnevom
WTF is this ???? Another NASA show that pisses on our shoes and tells us it's raining?? Again!
Troy Kaz
Troy Kaz Pred dnevom
Yeah it's so much harder to land a remote-controlled Rover because of Corona!!! 😂🙄
Troy Kaz
Troy Kaz Pred dnevom
What a fake joke
Richard Spiegelmacher
ist das hier Real?
Imalittleidiotontheinternetwhocantspell Andiam
0:33 is that a man or a woman?
Aziza Dahdouh
Aziza Dahdouh Pred dnevom
Impressive 👍
Sir Baron Von Count
Jose Lozada
Jose Lozada Pred dnevom
How can you turned Mars to Earth 🌎 environment?
Pablo Esteban Bottini
Más fake
Pablo Esteban Bottini
Fake . Más lies
Anuki Liyanage
Anuki Liyanage Pred dnevom
So proud of NASA, and all of the people who helped make this happen. Truly a historic moment, can't wait to watch it! We were here, a part of history ❤️
Ronald Belken
Ronald Belken Pred dnevom
Well doc im thinking the majority of the population don't believe the photos from the rover are authentic and genuine in color and contrast because what I've been seeing and they are saying don't match up in in my pea of a brain I have unorthodox question that would make Eisenstein say I never thought of it like that
KathyPapineau Pred dnevom
NASA....Never A Straight Answer...
Billy W
Billy W Pred dnevom
Roses are red, Violets are blue, NASA is lying, That’s the only thing true
Cashboijay Pred dnevom
*Not everyone can do this but glinsnetwork1 did m¡ne at 1G*
emit Pred dnevom
Whats the carbon foot print Nasa dose to polution leves to the Earth
Cashboijay Pred dnevom
*Not everyone can do this but glinsnetwork1 did m¡ne at 1G*
pop playz
pop playz Pred dnevom
At 3:29 did he say falcon heavy, the rocket made from spaceX or elon musk, that had elon musk red roadster?
Matthew Maxcy
Matthew Maxcy Pred dnevom
Houston.....we have a problem..... I'm seeing life moving around Uranus..
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred dnevom
I appreciate😊❤ your hard work 🇺🇸🚀NASA.
LOGY POP Pred dnevom
Me encanta el video excelente tecnología
Stream Games
Stream Games Pred dnevom
Such a feigned garbage horror!
Tripp Canada
Tripp Canada Pred dnevom
NASA losers. Satanic.
Müller Volker
Müller Volker Pred dnevom
"Wright's brothers moment"? Why? Did there fly another powered aircraft before ingenuity? Gustav Weisskopf is asking
riley long
riley long Pred dnevom
I've been following this project since day one and and this is the first time I've been able to ascertain the size of the rover and helicopter. Surely I missed something.
Lucy specialbrew
Lucy specialbrew Pred dnevom
Fake fake fake fake, you have to be dumb to believe this rubbish.
Mirco 007
Mirco 007 Pred dnevom
Is fantastic while the science evolving
Archie Sketcha
Archie Sketcha Pred dnevom
Ya ya to all who made it possible to b part of such historical moment ✊✌🤠👋
Eddie Bowman
Eddie Bowman Pred dnevom
why go to mars waist all that money for what . we were prob already there millions of year ago .they should be worrying about the nuetron star out there instead of going backwards !!!! better off going to the moon
Keep Looking Up
Keep Looking Up Pred dnevom
Why didn't NASA use SpaceX's Falcon Heavy to launch Perseverance to Mars.
Paul marsh
Paul marsh Pred dnevom
I think that girl got lost on her high school field trip and they're letting her play with the control board, Can I get a cool shirt like all the crew has and I can tell everyone I work at NASA?
Paul marsh
Paul marsh Pred dnevom
5356 Wow their internet speed is like fast, wish I had their ISP
Faisal Sajjad
Faisal Sajjad Pred dnevom
I have question there is no air in space? So how a helicopter CAn flie
Paul marsh
Paul marsh Pred dnevom
BooooRRRRing!!... When does this video game start??
Oleg Panchenko
Oleg Panchenko Pred dnevom
Colonel Angus
Colonel Angus Pred dnevom
There are millions if not billions of people on Mars, Phobos, these cocksuckers lie about everything. Yes, for over 70 years.
Snill mann
Snill mann Pred dnevom
На 1:55 растения или мне показалось?
Cristina D
Cristina D Pred dnevom
Tom Space
Tom Space Pred 2 dnevi
sltv.info/label/nJqilszCoGirong/video The ELEMENTS in six dimensions, arranged by volume periods of nuclide mass averages
Charles Carr
Charles Carr Pred 2 dnevi
POV your here because of ELA in remote lerning
Aaron Poole
Aaron Poole Pred 2 dnevi
The Earth Is Flat.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred dnevom
Boogie Man
Boogie Man Pred 2 dnevi
I don't know what you guys are pretending to control - you're not going anywhere, launching or landing anything. Get outta here with that. Nobody believes you but your parents!
naveen kumar
naveen kumar Pred 2 dnevi
Nice prank guru ji
JD Russell
JD Russell Pred 2 dnevi
No Good. Obsolete now. Air pressure drive huver Craft will utalize the Entire Payload, from the parachute,heat shield,landing rocket assembly. ALL THAT Combined into a multi purpose mars flying machine.
मनोज कुमार यादव
Nest of luck Nsa .You are best👍
Elianedra Pred 2 dnevi
Respect the cameramen that film this.
Brett Naugher
Brett Naugher Pred 2 dnevi
An associated division of the theater is labeled EM (Electromagnetic) Propulsion Laboratory that provides for hyper electronic propulsion. There are many programs underway in the revelationary power systems.
drmr miah
drmr miah Pred 2 dnevi
Effect of Coronavirus Worldwide through Misusing of Wireless Sensor Networks Corona is a non-communicable sensor disease spreading worldwide through misusing of processed radio frequency. So far higher authorities of health services are facing the undesirable escalating causes of coronavirus towards human beings as a very scientific puzzle comprehensive issue. The study shows the effect of processed sensor nodes among individual’s body organs to compare with the existing environments. The study illustrates all individuals suffer from sensor disease due to reflecting of wavered sensors at open eyes sights with high speed electromagnetic-radio tracking systems. The overweight and obesity patients are sick from corona disease at less sensor time in a dark environment than that of light conditions. These findings replicate the severe global one health security that the expert provides in active eyes within geographic locations. Systematic healthcare awareness is essential for treatment with medical technological devices but such consciousness is poorly recognized and medication supports are still below par. The study suggests upcoming healthcare paths of a new dynamic alternative approach to promote global public health security concerning Sensor Health Policy and Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Source: article.sapub.org/10.5923.j.bioinformatics.20211101.01.html article.sapub.org/10.5923.j.fs.20211101.01.html article.sapub.org/10.5923.j.ajbe.20201001.03.html Regards, Dr. Md Rahimullah Miah Head, Department of IT in Health North East Medical College affiliated with Sylhet Medical University South Surma, Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Pred 2 dnevi
Are yall gunna capture it like when you captured perseverance landing? Cuz that will be sick
Tsasoni Tsamiwas Wilu
So silly its sad..
James Hewitt
James Hewitt Pred 2 dnevi
space news, quality question sir
James Hewitt
James Hewitt Pred 2 dnevi
more dumb reporter questions. this press conference was not great
akram shahzad
akram shahzad Pred 2 dnevi
It is just a desert of Earth
James Hewitt
James Hewitt Pred 2 dnevi
some dumb questions by reporters
James Hewitt
James Hewitt Pred 2 dnevi
I fast forward to the 3rd speaker - sorry mimi
La Quita McCullough
La Quita McCullough Pred 2 dnevi
That picture explains my feelings exactly. He will touch the stars one day. Little astronaut!!
D. M. Ball
D. M. Ball Pred 2 dnevi
Here's hoping it works, but let's remember it took the Wrights four years of experiment and research, and hundreds of test glides in their first three full-sized prototypes before their airplane got off the ground.
jupiter rules
jupiter rules Pred 2 dnevi
its devon island
jupiter rules
jupiter rules Pred 2 dnevi
NASA is scam entity. Faking mars with Devon Island images. First rainbow is lens flare now its fake image. That image cant be faked. adobe photoshop shows rainbow not lens flare.
vgfx_labs Pred 2 dnevi
we won't land there. mmm.. looks like it's entirely made of gold. mmm, maybe, we can land there . ok hold our beers.
pon2oon Pred 2 dnevi
Why destroy it? That sucks.
Captain Charisma
Captain Charisma Pred 2 dnevi
How do you explain the bird flying in the background... lol 🤣
White Knight
White Knight Pred 2 dnevi
We have bases on Mars, moon, and moons of the outer planets, we have for decades! SSP 20 and back, Solar warden hack exposed non-terrestrial officers within NASA. All flying Triangles are ours, TR3B, TR6B, Aurora, etc.. The big secret is that we are on the inside, not the outside.. My uncle (high military rank) WW2 R.I.P, told me many “secrets” before he passed! SEEK THE TRUTH WITHIN YOURSELF, TO UNLOCK THE “SECRETS” OF THE UNIVERSE!
Christine Vincent
Christine Vincent Pred 2 dnevi
Trevor Lee
Trevor Lee Pred 2 dnevi
You sheep will fall for anything. How can any free, critical thinking individual, still believe this ridiculous nonsense.
Gomes De lima
Gomes De lima Pred 2 dnevi
Jesus Christ is my God To the glory of the Father
Hay! Do something over there!
Leaders France
Leaders France Pred 2 dnevi
Harald Hjelle
Harald Hjelle Pred 2 dnevi
Well, this is actually not the first powered flight om another planet. What about the lunar landing and take off vessels ? Or the two Space Cranes that landed the latest Rovers. They did actually fly by their own power... Or what is the definition here?
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